Chapter 51 – Helping Make A Plan (3)

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Very quickly, the secretary brought over the suit, shoes, and shirt. In addition, she put a pink card with gold edges into the suit’s pocket right there in front of Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming asked, “What is that?” 

The secretary answered, “A seat set aside for you in the Rose Garden. Five o’clock in the evening; remember to be on time.” Though Xiang Wenxun was shockingly generous to the man, she still couldn’t kiss up to that face. She left very soon after handing the suit over. 

Wang Xiaoming caressed the suit sleeve, saying with an extremely worried expression, “I hear this kind of suit needs to be dry-cleaned. It’ll burn through a lot of cash.”

Baal asked uncaringly, “You plan on wearing this thing a second time?” 

Wang Xiaoming stroked it lovingly and then suddenly looked up and asked, “Why don’t we sell it?” 

Baal contemplated and then answered, “Wear it once and then sell it. Then it would have counted for something.” 

Wang Xiaoming happily put the suit on the bed and ran off to take a shower. 

Baal stood by the bathroom door and only walked in when he heard the sound of water coming from inside. 

Wang Xiaoming was in the middle of washing his hair and hadn’t realized there was another pair of eyes in the room. He jumped when he wiped his face and was about to reach for the shampoo. “You, how did you get in here?” 

Baal crossed his arms and examined Wang Xiaoming critically from head to toe. After a long time he said, “Aside from your skin, you’ve got nothing going for you.” 

Wang Xiaoming hurriedly grabbed a bath towel and covered the lower half of his body. “You get out.” 

Baal looked at the skin that flushed red from embarrassment and, without knowing why, he wanted to touch it. 

He had always been a man of action. As soon as he thought of it, he did so unhesitantly. 

Wang Xiaoming looked in shock at the hand drawing closer and didn’t even have the courage to scream. 

Baal put his hand on Wang Xiaoming’s shoulder and then slowly moved down the back until it rested on Wang Xiaoming’s butt. 

Wang Xiaoming’s entire body broke out in goosebumps. 

The water was still running and was flowing down Wang Xiaoming’s calf. But the heat from the water couldn’t completely chase away the chill that rose from his chest. 

Baal’s finger suddenly pressed down. 

Wang Xiaoming’s butt sank and then sprang up. 

“Your skin bounces back quite well.” Baal discovered another good thing about Wang Xiaoming apart from his skin. 

Wang Xiaoming almost sobbed from the touches. 

Baal withdrew his hands and crossed his arms over his chest. He took two steps back and nudged his chin at Wang Xiaoming. “Wash up.” 

How was he supposed to shower when Baal was looking at him like that? 

Wang Xiaoming held the bath towel in a death grip and stared at Baal. 

Baal raised an eyebrow impatiently. “You’re not going to wash?” 

“Could you go out first and then I’ll wash?” Wang Xiaoming asked shakily, afraid that if he was too fierce in his demands, he would accidentally anger Baal and make him do something extreme. 

Baal answered, “I’ll see sooner or later. I have to get used to it ahead of time.” 

“… Get used to what?” 

“All the disappointing things about you that I can’t bear to watch.” 


If it was hard to watch, then don’t watch. 

Wang Xiaoming had to admit that the sentence hurt him quite a lot. 

“Am I really that bad?” 

Baal started ticking things off his fingers. “You’re too short.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at himself standing in the bathtub and then at Baal standing outside of the bathtub and fell silent. 

“Your legs are too short.” 

He had seen that already and there was no need to keep looking. Wang Xiaoming kept his head lowered. 

“And not straight enough.” Baal looked at the slightly curved calf in disdain. 

Wang Xiaoming struggled to straighten his leg. 

“You have nothing on your chest.” Baal frowned. 


Wang Xiaoming retorted cautiously, “I’m a boy.” 

“What about chest muscles?” Even the shortest dwarves had them and Wang Xiaoming didn’t. Both of Baal’s eyes were practically filled with disdain. 

Wang Xiaoming pulled the bath towel up a little bit. 

“Why do you have a scar on your thigh?” 

“I accidentally burned myself when I was little.” 

Baal remarked without expression, “The good things about your skin have now reduced by half.” 


“Your shoulders are not broad enough.” 


“Lastly,” Baal pointed at Wang Xiaoming’s lower body which was completely covered by the bath towel, “too small down there.” 


Wang Xiaoming asked in shock, “What?” 

“You’re too small down there,” Baal repeated again. 

“You mean,” Wang Xiaoming swallowed, “I’ll be number 1?” If he didn’t have to be number 1, why would he have to care about the size down there? 

“One?” Baal’s eyebrows quickly furrowed. “Do you think I lead that kind of depraved life?” 

Wang Xiaoming was even more confused. “Huh?” 

“Since I have accepted your confession, no matter how bad you are  I’ll only have you while you’re alive,” Baal answered firmly. “So nevermind number 2, there won’t even be a queue.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at him in stunned surprise. 

Baal watched Wang Xiaoming’s skin turn redder and redder and furrowed his brows. “You’re not developing a fever, are you?” 

“No, no. I’m showering, showering,” he answered and then ducked under the water spray. 

The water coming from the shower wasn’t very strong. The water trickled down his head and then separated into streams, trailing down all over his body.

It was as if his entire head were surrounded by warmth. 

He showered a while and only turned around when his breathing became difficult. He used his hand to wipe away the water from his face. 

Baal’s spot was already empty. 

Wang Xiaoming stood there in a daze for a moment before a sweet smile broke out on his face. He untied the bath towel and, very quietly, hummed a tune while he continued to shower. 

After the shower, Wang Xiaoming changed into the suit that President Xiang had given him and looked much more chipper. 

The leather shoes had some padding to them, which made him look extremely handsome. 

He glanced at himself in the mirror in the bedroom for a long time and only walked out when he couldn’t find any flaws. 

Baal was sitting in the living room so bored that he was moving the coffee table from east to west and then from west back east. 

“Baal,” Wang Xiaoming called quietly and then discovered his voice was trembling slightly. 

Baal turned around. 

Wang Xiaoming asked nervously, “How is it?” 

Baal nodded. “Not bad.” 

A tiny bud appeared in Wang Xiaoming’s heart and prepared to bloom. 

“It covers up your calf.” 

The bud froze. 

“And your chest.” 

The bud wilted. 

Baal waved a hand and the coffee table settled back to its original place. “It’s about time, let’s go.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked up and realized it was already half-past four. He had used nearly two hours just for showering and changing clothes? 

He sneaked a glance at Baal and discovered that Baal had actually not gotten angry. 

“Wait.” Baal suddenly stopped. “Lie down.” 


Because this had happened too many times, Wang Xiaoming was already numb and used to the command. 

Baal watched Wang Xiaoming obediently lie down and slowly put his hands on Wang Xiaoming’s chest. 

In the Black Star Pearl, Chang Haitao’s name has almost faded until it couldn’t be seen anymore. Xiang Wenxun’s hadn’t changed any, and the biggest change came from his own name. 

The black name was gradually turning gray and the font was a bit bigger than it had been before. 


What was going on? 

Baal went ahead and checked his own body since he didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. 

A calf with an entire foot appeared and the other foot already had five perfect toes… 

Baal became excited. 

At this rate, it probably wouldn’t take a year before his body would be completely recovered. 

“Is it all recovered?” Wang Xiaoming saw the obvious joy and couldn’t help but ask. 

“Not yet.” He slowly let go but the smile remained in his eyes. “You need to try harder.” He said that and happily stroked Wang Xiaoming’s hair. 

Wang Xiaoming dazedly raised a hand and touched the place where he had been stroked. 

Baal didn’t notice that small gesture. His mind was already a year in the future when he’d slaughter his way back to Hell in perfect condition and then sort things out with Lucifer. He really wanted to laugh out loud at the thought of Lucifer staring up at him in a daze as he stood there in his full power. 

“Uh, it’s almost five.” Wang Xiaoming sat up and used his fingers as a comb to brush through his hair. 

Baal set aside his fantasy and snorted coldly, “These techniques better work. If I come back to discover the Black Star Pearl has not changed, hmph, hmph, hmph.” 

So, even if it was for the sake of President Xiang, he had to get the Black Star Pearl to change a bit more? 

So, how could he love a bit more?

Wang Xiaoming’s mind was preoccupied with that question on their way to the Rose Garden. 

The Rose Garden was situated on the fifteenth floor of the Silver House and was the VIP private booth for the French restaurant. Usually, getting a seat there required making an appointment ahead of time. 

Wang Xiaoming had simply memorized that paragraph when he was trying to memorize all the information. He had never been there himself, which was why he had to let out a sigh of admiration when he walked into the booth surrounded by various colored roses. 

The server eagerly guided him into the seat with a smile that was welcoming but not oppressively so. He placed a gilded menu into Wang Xiaoming’s hands and said with a smile, “President Xiang has already ordered dinner for you, Mr. Wang. If you have no objections, I’ll bring them out.” 

Wang Xiaoming scanned through the menu and nodded. “Alright.” He had never had any of the dishes, so it was all the same to him. 

“May I inquire when the other gentleman will be arriving? Should we have the food brought out at the same time?” 

Wang Xiaoming paused, “The other gentleman?” 

The server answered, “President Xiang ordered two meals for Mr. Wang.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal who had already taken the initiative and seated himself across from him. He nodded dumbly. “Serve them together.” 

There was a silver candleholder in the center of the table with three candles burning in it. 

In the candlelight, Baal’s face shimmered with a slight golden sheen.

Maybe it was because he was in a good mood, but he looked slightly different now than he had when Wang Xiaoming first met him. 

At least, he didn’t look like a nobleman fallen on hard times, but rather like a nobleman in his prime. 

The dishes came quickly. 

Wang Xiaoming carefully used the knife and fork. 

The movie stars on TV always used their utensils so elegantly, but when it was his turn, he realized that the simpler something looked, the less simple it actually was. 

Baal crossed his arms and watched Wang Xiaoming’s clumsy movements. When he couldn’t bear it any longer, he offered some pointers. 

Having finally found a not-so-awkward way to use the utensils, Wang Xiaoming sighed. He speared a lamb chop that had been cut into a triangle and put it into his mouth. Then he asked, “Are you not eating?” He regretted the question as soon as he asked it. Probably because Baal didn’t look different from a normal human being at the moment, Wang Xiaoming had subconsciously classified him as a human. 

Baal asked with a fake smile, “How do you want me to eat it?” 

Wang Xiaoming thought seriously and then asked, “Can I burn it for you?” 



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