Chapter 50 – Helping Make A Plan (2)

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Wang Xiaoming pulled himself up from the floor and walked over to Xiang Wenxun, examining the script curiously. After a while, he asked, “Does Heaven’s Script have any beneficial effects like providing protection or benediction? How long does it last? Is it like in the game where it has to be rewritten every couple of days? Would a tattoo make it stick around longer?” 

Baal’s lips twitched. “No.” 

“Hah? No what?” He asked all those questions, why was the answer so simple? 

“No helpful effects.”

Since the answer to the main question was negative, the follow-up questions were extraneous. 

“Then who did you write it for?” Wang Xiaoming was utterly confused. 

Baal, “…” 

Xiang Wenxun stroked his nose and tried to make nice. “I’ve learned a lot.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked, “Oh wait, aren’t you a fallen angel? How come you write in Heaven’s Script and not Hell’s Script?” 

“Hmph, the Hell’s Script that Lucifer invented is just a transmutation of Heaven’s Script. It’s beneath me to learn it.” 

Wang Xiaoming really wanted to ask, “Is it beneath you or are you just incapable of learning it?” But at the sight of Baal’s threatening look, Wang Xiaoming decided to let that question rot in his stomach. 

“Tell him the new condition I decided on,” Baal instructed arrogantly. 

Wang Xiaoming pretended to be deaf and mute.

“Otherwise I’ll strip you naked,” Baal threatened fiercely. 

“…” Wang Xiaoming’s hands clutched at his buttons.

“And cover your body with Heaven’s Script,” the threat continued. 

Wang Xiaoming realized those elegant lines suddenly looked like caterpillars. 

“And then hang you up in front of the gates of the Silver House.” The ultimatum had arrived! 

Wang Xiaoming inhaled deeply and blurted out, “He wants me and him to fall in love as soon as possible.” Even in the face of a serious threat, he still insisted on the premise that Shi Feixia had proposed—“You love me and then I love you.” 

Xiang Wenxun lifted an eyebrow. “Oh.” 

Wang Xiaoming had originally imagined that even if Xiang Wenxun didn’t take three steps back and point a finger at him to demand what was going on after hearing that, at the very least the man would show some signs of surprise. He had never thought that Xiang Wenxun would just calmly accept it like this. But then again, aside from temporarily losing control when he discovered his younger brother had become a half-vampire, Xiang Wenxun had never lost control over his expression in front of Wang Xiaoming. Wang Xiaoming couldn’t resist asking, “President Xiang, you don’t find it strange?” 

Xiang Wenxun smiled and answered, “Mr. Baal has a reason for everything he does, right?” 

Before Wang Xiaoming opened his mouth, Baal said darkly, “I dare you to tell him about the Black Star Pearl. I haven’t even gotten you back for volunteering the information about the five meter radius without my approval.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s mouth instantly clamped itself shut tighter than a locked security box. 

“Though I don’t know why Mr. Baal wants you two to fall in love with each other, I’m happy to help.” Xiang Wenxun thought things through and walked over to the bed, took out his cellphone from his pocket, and left a long string of instructions. Then he walked over. “I’ve already put in time off for you. Tonight, you two can enjoy the services of the Silver House as much as you want.” 

Actually, getting the time off wasn’t the important thing. Falling in love was just making the best of the situation; Xiang Wenxun really didn’t have to move that fast. 

Wang Xiaoming tried really hard to communicate with Xiang Wenxun through his eyes. 

But this time, the usually understanding Xiang Wenxun misunderstood and said, “It’s early yet. Why don’t you and Mr. Baal go back to your rooms and rest? I’ll have the secretary drop off a suit later.” 

“I don’t want to go back to my room!” Wang Xiaoming declared loudly. The sound of Baal’s cold laughter, filled with some sort of hidden meaning that he couldn’t decipher, reached his ears but he pretended not to hear. 

Xiang Wenxun didn’t seem to think there was anything inappropriate with his reaction and said naturally, “Or you can watch some TV in the living room. I have to take care of some business in the study.” 

“Thank you.” Wang Xiaoming sighed in relief and turned around, only to be met with Baal’s almost-but-not-quite smile. 

The door to the study closed after Xiang Wenxun went inside. 

Wang Xiaoming discovered, to his horror, that the current scenario was still a single male alone with another single male—did fallen angels have sexes like men and women? Or was it male or female? He shivered at his own thoughts. 

What made him tremble more was the gradually shrinking distance between himself and Baal. 

“I’m looking forward to tonight’s events. Uh, how about you?” He tried to form a smile. 

Baal cracked his knuckles and said slowly, “I think that I seem to prefer my previous suggestion more.” 

Wang Xiaoming jumped behind the sofa and looked at Baal with a terrified expression. 

His fearful expression made Baal recollect how violent he had been. He toned down his temper and hooked a finger at Wang Xiaoming. “Come here.” 

Wang Xiaoming shook his head rapidly. 

Baal’s eyes squinted and the anger he had just pushed down rose again. “Come! Here!”

Wang Xiaoming scooted back rapidly. 

So Baal’s “come here” became “go over there.” 

Wang Xiaoming watched the figure drawing closer and closer to him and leapt toward the wall like a bird about to be shot. 

“You think you still have room to hide?” Baal crossed his arms over his chest and looked down imperiously at Wang Xiaoming. 

“If you would move, then I can run over there,” Wang Xiaoming answered truthfully. 

Baal reached out a hand and grabbed Wang Xiaoming’s collar. He bent his head down, getting close to Wang Xiaoming’s lips, and then said, slowly and carefully enunciating each word, “I’ve already lowered myself to your level and have not been disgusted by the fact that you’re just a human. What do you have to fear?” 

Wang Xiaoming answered tearfully, “I fear the distance between us is too great…” 

“Is a five meter distance so great?” 

“But one day you’ll turn back.” Wang Xiaoming discovered that he was actually saddened by that realization. 

This prediction made Baal happy. He lifted an eyebrow. “Could I interpret that as you thinking you’re not worthy of me?” 

“That’s exactly what I mean!” If Baal hadn’t been so close, Wang Xiaoming would have slapped his own thighs. 

Baal stared at him and fell silent for a long time before saying indifferently, “I will allow you to be a passerby.” 


Wang Xiaoming wanted to bash his head against the wall. “But I don’t want it.” 

Life and death were small matters, but honor was not. Wang Xiaoming’s courage returned. “I just want to find someone and love him for the rest of my life!” 

The hands holding his collar loosened slightly and then pressed themselves against his cheek. “Are you confessing your love to me?” Baal’s lips twitched slightly upward. 

What did that have to do with a love confession?    

Wang Xiaoming really wanted to force tears to fall from his eyes. 

Baal carefully examined his face for a while and then muttered, “Upon closer examination, you’re not that ugly either.” 

From childhood onward, though not many people called him pretty, nobody had ever called him ugly either. 

Wang Xiaoming struggled to cry. 

To Baal, that expression was utterly the expression of someone who had tried to confess but failed and was crying inside while trying to hold the sadness in check. So Baal said, in a tone that suggested he was handing out a favor, “Well, since you can’t live for a long time, I guess I’ll suffer the hardship and agree to your confession.”

What did he mean by not live for a long time? No wait, what did he mean by agreeing to the confession? 

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes suddenly flew open. 

Baal suddenly straightened up and said in all seriousness, “Though my time is precious, you have decided to be loyal to me for the rest of your life. In return, I am willing to be your lover for the years you are alive… until you die.” 

Wang Xiaoming stared at the handsome Western face in a daze and couldn’t recover his wits for the longest time. 

He had always assumed that with his personality, he wouldn’t find a partner for life. 

He had always assumed that the thing he would do the most, would continue the longest, would be having crushes. 

He had always assumed that after he died, all of his earthly possessions would be donated to charity because nobody would come see him off and none of his family would keep in touch with him. 

He had always assumed a lot of things, but none of them were that he’d meet a fallen angel and that the fallen angel would agree to be with him for life. 

An entire lifetime. 

The tears that hadn’t come out before, despite him trying, fell suddenly. 

Wang Xiaoming scrubbed hard at his eyes and then another hand grabbed his.

“I hope those are tears of joy.” It was Baal’s voice, high and mighty as it always was. 

Wang Xiaoming looked up at Baal and suddenly really wanted to throw himself into Baal’s arms. 

“Did you hear something?” Baal’s feet turned and he walked to the bedroom door. 

Wang Xiaoming’s body shook twice and then stood still. He wiped the tears away hurriedly and followed after Baal, asking, “What sound…” He heard it. 

It was a very soft sound of something striking against another thing. One sound after another, very rhythmic. 

Baal chuckled, “Doesn’t it sound like someone banging against the coffin with their forehead?” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in confusion, “Coffin? President Xiang’s brother?” 

Baal crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Now I know why their house was leaking.” It was to find an excuse to move here so that they could ask him for help if anything came up. 

Wang Xiaoming remarked in surprise, “It couldn’t be President Xiang’s brother who caused it, right?”

Baal mused that a lot of villains would be upset by the fact that he chose to accept Wang Xiaoming as a lover since that decision stole an easy-to-trick target from them.

The door to the study suddenly flew open. 

Xiang Wenxun hurried out. “I have to go to the hospital for something.” 

“What happened?” Wang Xiaoming asked. 

“Tao Le’s at the hospital.” 

“Eh? Why? Alcohol poisoning?” 

Xiang Wenxun said with a stormy expression, “For getting beaten up.” 

Could it be Jie who finally had enough and beat him up? 

Wang Xiaoming sensed an emotion filling his heart, the kind that would be called celebrating someone else’s misery. 

“President Zhang.” Xiang Wenxun explained, “You’ve met him.” 

It was only after he exited room 305 that Wang Xiaoming recalled that the so-called President Zhang was the man he had met on his first day working at the Silver House. He was the middle-aged man who had been with Jie and then got beaten up by men who had randomly appeared. The one who later said he’d buy Wang Xiaoming, only to get pushed down the stairs by Baal using Wang Xiaoming’s body. 

“Why would that person beat up Tao Le?” Wang Xiaoming remembered about Jie. “Could it be jealousy?” 

Baal answered, “You still have the mind to worry about someone else’s business?” 

“It’s not someone else’s business,” Wang Xiaoming explained worriedly. “I shoved him down the stairs the other day and who knows how bad the fall was? What if he remembers? Then I’ll be…” The rest of the sentence was cut off by Baal’s cold stare. 

“You’re worried that he’ll attack you?” 

Wang Xiaoming nodded. 

“…” Baal demanded through gritted teeth, “Do you take me for dead?” 

As the lover of a fallen angel—and one who had only occasionally met his match in all of Heaven and Hell—Wang Xiaoming was actually afraid of a human, a human that only knew how to tumble down stairs… 

He stared at the innocent-looking Wang Xiaoming and suddenly very much regretted that he hadn’t strangled the human the last time. 


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