Chapter 46 – Negotiation (1) 

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Isefel interrupted his thoughts and put a damper on his good mood. “Will you take off the ward or should I forcibly break it?” 

Baal was in a good mood and ignored the challenge in his words. He waved a hand. 

The white fog disappeared. 

Wang Xiaoming discovered that they were back at the McDonald’s. 

He was still sitting in his old seat, but… his butt was on Baal’s lap. 

Shi Feixia and the others said nothing and stood up to leave. 

Wang Xiaoming suddenly turned around and called out to Gin, “When is your friend coming?”

Gin smiled and turned around. “Relax, it’ll be soon.” 

“What friend?” The arm around his waist tightened. Baal’s heart filled with an emotion he really didn’t like, as if Shi Feixia and the others had reached an understanding while he wasn’t watching. 

Damn it, he really hated feeling like this. 

Wang Xiaoming said happily, “President Xiang’s brother will be saved very soon.” 

Baal clenched his fist. Now he really hated this! 

There was still a lot left of the McDonald’s that Shi Feixia had bought. 

Wang Xiaoming had only taken two bites before the impatient Baal dragged him up forcibly and pulled him out of the store. Guided by the principle of take-what-you-can’t-eat, Wang Xiaoming held onto as much of the Coke and fried chicken as possible. 

Since his arms were full of things, of course he couldn’t keep up with Baal. 

Baal had to practically stop every five steps and turn around to glare at him. 

Wang Xiaoming was trying really hard to walk but a box of Coke was nothing to sneeze at. He pressed the box against a lamppost and used his knee to nudge the box up. Just as he was turning around, something struck him with a great force and he slammed into the lamppost. 

Before Wang Xiaoming realized what was happening, an extremely fierce voice shouted angrily next to his ear. 

“Are you blind?! Don’t you know how to walk?!” 

Wang Xiaoming pressed a hand against his painful cheek and looked in fear at the hulking figure that was half a head taller than him. 

If it weren’t for the obvious Adam’s apple, Wang Xiaoming would have almost assumed that the two lumps on his chest needed a bra. 

“Damnit! Where are you looking?!” The big guy noticed Wang Xiaoming staring straight at his chest and got really angry. He made a slapping motion. 

Wang Xiaoming instinctively closed his eyes. 

The chilly wind from the slap struck his face. He gritted his teeth and waited for the pain to come, but the expected palm never struck. 

Wang Xiaoming hesitantly opened his eyes, only to be greeted with Baal’s angry face. “Idiot! Even if you can’t fight, don’t you know how to run? Even if you can’t escape, don’t you know how to shout for help?” 

“Baal?” Wang Xiaoming called out stupidly. 

“Who else did you think it would be?” Baal was extremely dissatisfied with Wang Xiaoming forgetting his presence time and time again. 

“I’m just…” Wang Xiaoming looked around. “Where did the guy go?”


“The guy who was about to hit me.” Wang Xiaoming recalled Baal’s habits and worried deeply. 

Baal twitched an eyebrow in the direction of the road. “Look.” 

Wang Xiaoming quickly whirled around to see the big guy lying shakily on a taxi, with one hand tightly clenched around the white sign on the taxi’s roof and both feet trying to step on the trunk of the car. 

The stoplight at the crossroad turned from red to green. 

Wang Xiaoming called out in alarm, “Careful!” 

As expected, the taxi started. 

The big guy instantly rolled off the roof of the car and onto the ground. 

Luckily there wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road and no cars came by. 

Wang Xiaoming wanted to rush forward to help him up but Baal grabbed his arm. “What do you think you’re doing?” 

“Saving him!” Wang Xiaoming watched as the big guy tried to struggle up and coughed up blood. He looked dizzy and shook every time he tried to stand up. 

“He needs to go to the hospital.” Wang Xiaoming struggled to get free of Baal’s grip. 

Baal was about to get angry when he thought about the Black Star Pearl and his body. He forced himself to say, “It’ll be quicker if I send him to the hospital.”

He snapped his fingers. 

The shaky figure who had finally managed to stand up instantly vanished from the middle of the road, and the driver who was about to slam on his brakes almost passed out from the fright. 

“That suit you?” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at him dubiously. “Did you really send him to the hospital?” 

Baal said sarcastically, “Do you want to visit him at the hospital?” 

Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaoming nodded. “That’s great. Which hospital is he at?” 

Heaven knew what hospital. He had just randomly sent him away. 

Baal tried very hard to resist the urge to strangle Wang Xiaoming right there on the street and said through gritted teeth, “We’re going home now!” 


“Do you want to get beaten up?” Baal cracked the knuckles on both hands. 

Wang Xiaoming understood the situation and shut up. 

In the public baths, a hulking figure suddenly rushed out from a tiny side room behind a plastic curtain. Since the floor was too wet, he slipped and crashed against the ground, making a giant sound. 

Because the sound was so dramatic, many of the guests taking a shower stuck their heads out, and then— 



Bodywash and shampoo banged against the guy’s head like grenades just as he looked up. 

As expected, the poor guy probably had to pay the police station a visit before he could go to the hospital. 

Afterward, the police station had a statement with the following sentence: 

If I had known a slap would result in this, I would have asked the idiot who ran into me to slap me! 

After a chaotic morning, they only got back to the Silver House around 11am. 

The Silver House had great benefits. They provided three meals a day, even on off-duty days. But Wang Xiaoming still planned on eating the fried chicken that he had brought all the way back from McDonald’s. 

Baal looked at the crumpled paper bag that Wang Xiaoming took out in disgust. “That thing can kill people.” 

Wang Xiaoming took out the fried chicken from the paper bag and said, “No, it’s delicious.” 

“Maybe that’s what makes humans strong.” 

Wang Xiaoming paused. “Our ability to handle pressure?”

“No, your dependence on trash.” 

“…” Wang Xiaoming ate his chicken nuggets silently. 

Baal sat on the sofa and watched him eat. He didn’t go into the room to play on the computer.

His gaze made Wang Xiaoming feel like he was sitting on pins and needles. He swallowed his lunch in a few bites, put things away, and then sat obediently on the loveseat next to Baal. “You have something to tell me?” 

“Yeah.” Baal continuously tapped his fingers against the arm of the sofa and contemplated how to start the conversation. 

Since he knew that Wang Xiaoming’s love would speed up his body’s recovery, he would naturally not miss the opportunity. But should he use honey or vinegar? There had been Chang Haitao, Xiang Wenxun… an endless parade of candidates, so he hadn’t been afraid of Wang Xiaoming being disgusted by one of them. But now “one of them” became “the only choice,” and he had to think about the consequences of his actions. 

“Actually, I know about the Black Star Pearl,” Wang Xiaoming said first. 

Baal’s eyebrows raised slightly. “Isefel?” He should have known those guys didn’t have any nice things to say to Wang Xiaoming in private. “What did they tell you?” 

Wang Xiaoming gave him a quick glance and then lowered his head. “They said your body is in the Black Star Pearl and that the Black Star Pearl is in my body.” 

That was fine. Baal asked, “What else?” 

“Your body needs to recover and it needs me…” Wang Xiaoming swallowed and stuttered out, “My love.” 

“For you to love me.” Baal was more direct than he was. 

Twin blushes appeared on Wang Xiaoming’s face. 

Since someone had started the conversation for him, Baal wouldn’t let this opportunity pass him by, and he continued, “So what’s your plan?” 

Actually, Wang Xiaoming had been thinking about this the entire way back and he had already made up his mind, but when it came to the moment of truth, he was still a bit afraid. 

Baal said impatiently, “I told you, I can give you the entire human world if you want it. Emperor, President… as long as you tell me, I can fulfill any condition you set.” 

“You’ll agree to whatever I want?” Wang Xiaoming’s eyes shone with excitement. 

Baal crossed his arms and acted like he was king of the world. 

Wang Xiaoming bit his lips and said in one sentence, “If you can fall in love with me, I’ll try my best to fall in love with you!” 

In order to appear strong and to cover up the unease he felt in his heart, he said that sentence very loudly. So loudly that an echo still sounded in his brain long after he finished saying the actual words. 

His answer was a deathly calm silence. 

After who knew how long, so long that the cold sweat from Wang Xiaoming’s hands dripped onto the ground, Baal slowly opened his mouth to say, “You said your condition is for me to fall in love with you and then you will fall in love with me?” 

An overwhelming amount of fear actually calmed Wang Xiaoming down and he decided to throw caution to the wind and say, “Yes.” 

The corner of Baal’s mouth lifted and he said scornfully, “What about you do you think would make me fall in love?” 

“The part where I don’t treat someone’s life as a joke.” Wang Xiaoming met his threatening gaze without backing down. 

Baal snorted, “You mean to say that I shouldn’t have saved you today?” 

“I just know that I’d rather have him hit me than have him die because of me. He was lucky today but what if a car had come by…” He didn’t finish the sentence. The scene in the middle of the road still gave him the chills. “I’m not a saint. If he really had hit me, I would have been outraged, but that anger wouldn’t have been enough to want him dead.” 

Baal’s gaze turned harsh as he asked, “You’re blaming me?” 

“I’m not blaming you.” Wang Xiaoming clenched his fist tightly and said, word by word, “But I’m just a humble human. So humble that I don’t dare kill or even hit another human. So, a humble human like me really doesn’t dare to tie myself to a fallen angel like you.” 

With a whoosh, Baal appeared in front of him and grabbed his neck. Baal said coldly, “If you die, I can find another human to help me heal my body.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s face turned pale from fear but his lips remained tightly shut. 

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?” Baal pressed down with his thumbs. 

Wang Xiaoming’s airway was constricted and his face immediately turned red. Both of his hands subconsciously grabbed at Baal’s arms and tried to pull them down. 

Baal noticed that he was gradually losing strength and relaxed his pressure, saying with a smile, “Now you know who’s in charge?” 

Wang Xiaoming coughed frantically and took in large gulps of fresh air. His brush with death had made him extremely frightened as he looked at Baal’s satisfied face. He said desperately, “I am afraid of dying, but love isn’t. That’s not something I can control.” Though he tried to say pretty words, his heart was more frightened than it had ever been. But there was a weak voice in his heart that kept encouraging him, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid… many revolutionaries walked this road before and they had paid an even greater price.” 



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