Chapter 45 – Pointers (3) 

Spirit Boss
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In the white light, Isefel spread his black wings out and gazed coldly into the depths of the white fog. 

Wang Xiaoming also looked over nervously but didn’t see anything. While there weren’t more than five meters between them, in the middle of such a dense fog even a meter was enough to make them lose track of each other, much less five meters. 

Shi Feixia drawled from the side, “Don’t worry, Isefel will sort this out very quickly.” 

“That’s why I’m worried,” Wang Xiaoming murmured subconsciously but spied Shi Feixia smiling like the cat who ate the canary. 

“Worried about Baal?” Shi Feixia’s eyebrows waggled.

Wang Xiaoming nodded almost imperceptibly.

Shi Feixia pretty much knew how honest Wang Xiaoming was. He said, “Supposedly beings like fallen angels don’t die that easily.” 


“So at the most, Isefel will give him a good beating but won’t kill him.” Shi Feixia muttered, “If he was that easily killed, he wouldn’t be the final boss.” 

Wang Xiaoming saw that Shi Feixia didn’t seem to care and relaxed slightly. Only then did he recall the fact that Gin was a vampire. “Gin’s really a vampire?” 

Shi Feixia asked, “You like vampires?” 

“No, I’d like to ask him for a favor.” Wang Xiaoming tried very hard to look for Gin’s figure in the fog. 

Isefel had already disappeared from where he had been standing and the white fog once again clouded Wang Xiaoming’s vision. 

Shi Feixia snapped his fingers a couple of times and an evil smirk graced his lips. He raised his voice and said, “What? Hughes, you are willing to let Gin touch your butt?” 

It didn’t even take three seconds before Gin appeared next to them, azure eyes sparkling with excitement. “Where is Hughes?” 

“Somewhere in the fog.” Shi Feixia didn’t feel bad at all about lying. 

“You…” Gin narrowed his eyes. 

Shi Feixia hurriedly continued, “Xiaoming has a favor to ask.” 

Gin looked dubiously over at Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming answered, “I have a … uh, friend who turned into a half-vampire. He’s unconscious right now. Could you save him?” 

“Half-vampire?” Gin contemplated and then said, “Failed Embrace?” 

“Yeah.” Hope lit up in Wang Xiaoming’s eyes.

“I can’t help you.” Gin frowned. “You have to find the vampire that helped him with the Embrace. Or the ancestor of that vampire.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s face fell. His answer was no different than Baal’s had been. 

Shi Feixia frowned and asked, “Didn’t you claim to be the second most powerful among the Kindreds?” 

“What do you mean ‘claim’? I am.” Gin snorted in disbelief. “I might be a third generation Kindred, but our lineage is one-to-one. As far as I know, they haven’t sought out descendants for a very long time and are pretty much living in seclusion. That half-vampire is not their work, so even if I went, my blood wouldn’t be able to complete the ritual for him.” 

Shi Feixia watched Wang Xiaoming’s crestfallen face and affection for his species blossomed in his heart. “But you must have friends among the Kindreds?” 

“If I can see that person, I should be able to tell from his blood whose descendant he is. But,” Gin looked down at his watch, “We only have fifteen minutes left.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s head drooped so low it almost met his chest. 

Shi Feixia remarked, “I thought you’d finally be of some use, alas…” 

“What do you mean ‘finally be of some use’?” Gin’s canines glistened threateningly.

“Do I need to translate that sentence?” Shi Feixia glanced at him from the corner of his eyes.

Gin thought back to the battle with Baal, where he had basically slept in the crystal coffin and had only done the basics when Isefel arrived. He couldn’t help but say self-consciously, “I can get someone from the Kindreds to help. But there’s something you have to know. I don’t know what generation that half-vampire belongs to, but someone who could make the lowly mistake of screwing up the Embrace definitely does not belong to the nobles. So the half-vampire could, because of his desire for blood, be turned into an irrational bloodsucking monster.” 

Wang Xiaoming recalled that Baal had mentioned these types of bloodsucking monsters could even want their own brother’s blood. He shivered voluntarily out of fear. “Is there anything to stop him?” 

“Sure. Pin him to death with a crucifix,” Gin drawled. 

Shi Feixia stroked his chin in disbelief and remarked, “So the rumors of crucifixes pinning vampires are true.” 

Gin answered, “Vampires have hearts too. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a crucifix. A stake through the heart will also kill them.” 

“So why do the rumors always say crucifix…”

“Without that, how would religion show how important it is?” 

Shi Feixia noted, “Marketing really is important.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked, “Then when can your friends from the Kindreds come?” 

Gin answered, “There’s actually a path between the Kindreds and the mortal realm. I just don’t know when they’d come. The low-level ones are just here for fun.” 

“It’s better if a second generation one comes.” Shi Feixia said sarcastically, “Otherwise it’d be just like a certain third generation expert who only knows how to talk.” 

Gin pursed his lips. “Everyone in the second generation is dead, except for one.” 

Shi Feixia’s eyes lit up, “Gossip?” 


Shi Feixia realized how serious Gin’s expression was and understood enough not to ask further. 

Wang Xiaoming was still mired in his worry that President Xiang’s younger brother might turn into a bloodsucking vampire. He was just about to ask Gin to schedule an appointment with his friend when the white fog suddenly boiled like a pot of hot water. 

Gin immediately stood protectively in front of them. 

A low roar of anger sounded in the distance. 

Shi Feixia said quietly, “That was Viktor.” 

Wang Xiaoming became worried. He didn’t want something bad to happen to Baal but he also didn’t want Isefel and the others to get hurt. 

A gigantic gray shadow pierced through the white fog and crashed down on them from above. 

Without a moment of hesitation, Gin leapt up, caught it, and landed. His movements were firm and decisive. 

Behind him, Shi Feixia grimaced and cried, “Move your feet from my foot.” 

Gin moved. 

Shi Feixia demanded, “Still won’t move?” 

Gin put Viktor down and said in confusion, “But I’m not stepping on you.” 

Wang Xiaoming murmured an apology quietly, “I’m sorry, I figured it out. It’s my foot.” 

Shi Feixia, “…” 

In the span of these short sentences, there were new developments on the battlefield. 

The white fog grew denser by the minute, as if it were being corralled to a certain location. The earth shook slightly and the muffled roar of explosions came from the distance. 

Wang Xiaoming covered his nose as the air he inhaled became thinner and thinner. Just when he thought he was going to die for sure this time, a powerful arm hauled him up from the cotton and lifted him to stand above the layers of white fog. 

Cough, thank—cough, thank you.” Wang Xiaoming panted heavily and then turned around. His eyes flew open and he cried in surprise, “Baal?” 

Baal had been focused on what was happening below them, but at that, displeasure glinted in his eyes. He raised an eyebrow and said, “Who else did you think it’d be?” 

“Uhh…” Wang Xiaoming looked down at the white fog that roiled around like troubled waves and silently shut his mouth. 

A white light split the sea of fog apart again. 

Isefel’s slender figure stood straight within the light. His chilly gaze was brighter than the light. 

Wang Xiaoming heard Baal give an unconcerned chuckle. 

Lightning crashed down on them without a word of warning. 

For the first time in his life, Wang Xiaoming saw lightning bloom in front of his eyes. That kind of electricity was definitely not something that a lightbulb’s wiring could mimic. 

He felt weak in his knees. 

Luckily, Baal was carrying him in midair so even if he went weak in the knees, nobody could tell. 

Baal used a ward to block Isefel’s attack. Bloodlust shone in his eyes. “Very well! Isefel, let us fight to the death today!” Though that was what he said, his voice wasn’t as firm as his words. He had already suffered quite a bit in the fight with Isefel. 

Shi Feixia finally managed to seat himself on Viktor’s shoulders. He heard those words just as his head poked through the white fog and he hurriedly cried out, “No!” 

Baal demanded, “Why not?” 

“A boss like you should be reserved for battles with players! Having an NPC fight a boss is a waste of resources!” Shi Feixia insisted like he was absolutely right. 

Wang Xiaoming jerked awake and quietly agreed, “That sounds right.” 

Baal didn’t even care enough to pay him any attention and said directly to Isefel, “Do you dare?” 

“No,” Isefel answered very quickly. 

Baal’s eyes were so wide his eyeballs almost fell out. 

He had never heard Isefel say “no” when they were in heaven. Could it be that the food was too great in Noah’s Ark and Isefel had lost his competitive spirit? Or… was it because of this human? 

Baal’s eyes skimmed Shi Feixia’s cunning smile and Baal’s heart instantly filled with disdain. 

He had always felt scorn toward those individuals who talked the talk but couldn’t walk the walk. 

“A spirit without a body only has one-tenth of its original strength.” Isefel tucked away his wings. “Boring.” 

Shi Feixia added, “Not like somebody who, despite knowing their opponent was an illusion, still hit it with everything they had.” He was referring to that time in Genesis when Baal had borrowed Monet’s body to hit Isefel’s illusion. 

Baal laughed coldly, “Random mercy will just bury seeds of misfortune for yourself.” Though he said that, he did secretly breathe a sigh of relief. Even when he was at full strength, he didn’t know for sure he could defeat Isefel, much less now. 

Isefel said, “It’s not random acts of mercy…” 

“It’s extreme confidence!” Shi Feixia continued. 

Isefel glanced at him. 

Shi Feixia returned a scout’s salute. 

“Though it’s impolite to interrupt people when they’re talking, I have to say,” Gin rose up from the fog and pointed to his watch, “time’s up.” 

Shi Feixia asked, “Hughes?” 

“He’s asleep.” Gin pointed at the empty space behind him. 

Shi Feixia said, “Then let’s call it a day.” 

Baal frowned and asked, “You’re leaving just like this?” 

Shi Feixia retorted, “Unless you want to buy us dinner?”

Baal looked at the person in his arms, “You’re not taking him?” 

Wang Xiaoming’s body jerked. 

Shi Feixia cursed in a quiet voice, “We’re not messengers of death, here to take someone’s soul. Why the heck would we take someone?” 

Baal looked dubious. If they hadn’t wanted to take Wang Xiaoming away from him, then why had Isefel used a ward to separate them?

Shi Feixia thought for a moment and then decided to do something for Wang Xiaoming as a favor so that Wang Xiaoming would get better treatment from Baal in the future. “The most important thing is that he doesn’t want to leave. We’re not kidnappers, why would we force someone?” 

He didn’t want to leave? 

After a moment of stunned surprise, an almost imperceptible trace of joy rose up in Baal’s heart. 



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