Chapter 44 – Pointers (2)

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“Xiaoming,” Shi Feixia handed over a fry as if they’d been friends forever, “you know, being gay is nothing to worry about. Humans should not be constrained by the flesh; the soul is most important. Whether you like men or women shouldn’t be something that your body decides for you.” 

Wang Xiaoming instantly felt like he met an understanding soul. He took the fry easily and put it into his mouth. 

“So,” Shi Feixia slanted his body and pointed at Viktor, “how do you like him?” 

The fry fell straight out of Wang Xiaoming’s mouth. 

Shi Feixia caught it and then put it back into Wang Xiaoming’s mouth. “He has a healthy body and a strong will. He’s not afraid of challenges or enemies. He’s a tenacious learner and fights with determination. He loves his country and his people and sometimes he even gets plaques. It’s rare to find someone like him, so you should grab on with both hands when you do.” 

Viktor stammered out, “No, I already have…” 

Shi Feixia stuffed the entire packet of fries into Viktor’s mouth. “Eat this since it’s here.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Viktor, as big as a giant, and those fists that were the size of his own head. He couldn’t help but swallow hard. “He, he…” 

“What about him?” Shi Feixia smiled like a trickster. 

“Is he a basketball player?” In his mind, basketball players were very tall, though he wasn’t sure if they were this tall. 

Shi Feixia wiped his face and sighed, “Looks like being subtle with you is not going to work.” 

Wang Xiaoming was utterly confused. “Huh?” 

“So, let me put it to you straight.” Shi Feixia suddenly stood up and leaned over so that half of his body was above Wang Xiaoming. He took a deep breath and said, “You and Baal are two single men who’ve spent a long time with only each other for company. Have you felt any sparks between you two that make it hard for you to be apart from him? If not, then we can come up with a plan that will take care of his soul and his body all at once. So that we don’t turn into those world-saving animes that keep airing season after season.” 

“Oh.” Wang Xiaoming blinked and then said, “Could you repeat that using words that I can understand?” 

“…” Shi Feixia sat back down as if nothing had happened. He picked up a chicken wing and declared as he ate, “Gin, you take care of this.” 

Gin answered, “In order to demonstrate my wholehearted devotion to Hughes, I have decided to not speak to anyone else of the same sex.” 

Shi Feixia answered, “Relax, you won’t find someone of the same sex except in Thailand1This is likely an allusion to the negative stereotype associating Thailand with sex-change surgery..” 

Gin, “…” 

Isefel suddenly asked, “The Black Star Pearl is in your body?” 

Wang Xiaoming saw that Isefel was looking at him and nervously asked, “Me?” 

Shi Feixia put down the chicken wing and asked, “What’s the relationship between the Black Star Pearl and the Black Star Stone?” He remembered that out of all the gems, the Black Star Stone could hold the most energy. 

“It’s a jewel made from the Black Star Stone.” 

Shi Feixia stared intently at Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming shivered. “I don’t know anything about a Black Star Pearl. I don’t have that thing.” Afraid that they wouldn’t believe him, he even made a show of turning his pockets out and showed off his keys and wallet. 

Isefel said, “In your body.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s finger trembled once and worry clouded his eyes like fog. “Like a gallstone?” 

Shi Feixia coughed as he shook the bottle of Coke and he waved a hand at everyone looking over. “Nothing. It’s nothing. You continue.” 

Isefel said, “No, like an energy stone.” 

Wang Xiaoming had seen anime so he did know a bit about energy stones. But what he didn’t understand was, “What is it doing in my body?” 

“Absorbing energy.” 

Wang Xiaoming began to worry again, “Sucking my energy like a vampire sucking on blood? Will it suck me dry?” 

Gin coughed and then used the napkin to wipe off the Coke on the table as he said, “Nothing, it’s nothing. Continue.” 

Isefel continued, “It will only absorb the energy that is produced by a human in love.” 

Wang Xiaoming vaguely understood. 

Isefel always did like teaching, so he said a few more words, which was a rare occurrence. “The Black Star Pearl has been polished by fire in Hell and is used to store and transmit energy. The Black Star Pearl in your body is almost exhausted and it’s being maintained by absorbing your love.” 

Hughes asked, “How could the Black Star Pearl be in his body?” 

Gin’s desire to show off immediately awakened at the sound of Hughes’s question. He answered, “It’s probably a trick of Baal’s.” 

Shi Feixia said, “Maybe that’s why Baal won’t let go of him.” 

Isefel nodded. “Baal’s body is inside the Black Star Pearl.” 

Cough, cough, cough, cough

Everyone’s attention focused on Viktor’s face. 

Viktor used a napkin to wipe his mouth and said awkwardly, “I ate too fast and choked.” 

Shi Feixia answered, “You know, we should have sent Viktor and Layton to the computer market. I’d prefer Antonio sitting here.” 

Viktor bit down on the napkin and cast a grudging look at everyone. 

Gin spoke up, “Could I distill that into a question? Do you like Antonio?” 

Something glinted in Isefel’s eyes.

Shi Feixia said firmly, “No.” 

Gin chuckled and was about to say something when Wang Xiaoming asked timidly, “Could I ask what… is this about the Black Star Pearl being in my body and Baal’s body being inside the Black Star Pearl?” 

Shi Feixia answered, “To put it simply, Baal’s body is inside your body.” 

He didn’t say that very fast and even carefully looked at Wang Xiaoming’s face afterward, just waiting for Wang Xiaoming to collapse… 

But actually, Wang Xiaoming had experienced countless trials and tribulations and had a strong spirit. He took several deep breaths and murmured to himself, “So that’s what he meant when he said his body was in my heart.” 

Shi Feixia was surprised. “Someone told you?” 

Wang Xiaoming nodded and answered, “Baal.” 

Isefel slowly said, “Then did he tell you that his body will only completely recover when you fall in love with him?” 

Wang Xiaoming was stunned and only managed to say after a while, “No. He just told me to find someone and fall passionately in love.” 


Shi Feixia and the others had no words to say in response to Baal’s actions. 

“But…” Wang Xiaoming suddenly recalled that just yesterday, Baal had suddenly overturned the agreement between him and Xiang Wenxun. Could it have been because… 

Shi Feixia watched the expression change on Wang Xiaoming’s face and slowly came to an understanding. “From now on, let’s have a serious discussion.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in confusion, “Were we not serious before?”

Shi Feixia licked his lips. “Ummm, I just wanted to point it out especially.” 

Wang Xiaoming stared wide-eyed at him. 

Shi Feixia cleared his throat and asked, “Have you thought about spending the rest of your life with Baal?” 

Wang Xiaoming stared slack-jawed at him. 

“I’ll take that as a nope.” Shi Feixia continued on his own, “Then, have you thought about getting rid of him?” 

Wang Xiaoming hesitated for a very long time before slowly nodding. Actually, his mind was a jumbled mess. If it had been a few days ago, he would have nodded without a second of hesitation. But now, though he didn’t know why, he felt a tiny bit of disappointment when nodding just now. 

“So, there are only two ways,” Shi Feixia said. “The first is that you fall in love with him. But you just said that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with him. So, that option is eliminated. The second is to kill him. I personally strongly recommend this one.” 

“Don’t kill him.” The blood drained out of Wang Xiaoming’s face. 

Shi Feixia turned around to ask Isefel, “Is there a third option?” 

Surprisingly, Isefel answered, “Yes.” 


“Suicide.” Isefel’s answer was straight to the point. 

Shi Feixia slowly turned around and said, “Personally, I strongly discourage this option.” 

Wang Xiaoming fell silent for a while and then said, “You know, we could just stay like this.” 

A glint passed through Shi Feixia’s eyes and an evil smile appeared on his lips for just a second before it disappeared. He patted the other man’s shoulder and said, “You’re too naive. Think about it, if Baal knows that his body will recover only if you fall in love with him, what would he do?” 

Wang Xiaoming thought about it and then his face paled even more. 

Shi Feixia continued, “With Baal’s personality, I don’t have to tell you before you can figure out what your future would look like.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s lips started to tremble. 

Shi Feixia was worried that he’d die of fright and so offered words of comfort, “Well, we’re not completely out of options.” 

“What options?” 

“For example, if there’s an extremely bossy person who wants to buy something from you but you don’t want to sell it to him, what should you do?” 

Wang Xiaoming answered, “I won’t sell.” 

“If you just straight up say you won’t sell, that person will use every means possible to trip you up, to annoy you, or to blame you for things you didn’t do.” 

Wang Xiaoming frowned and thought deeply. 

Shi Feixia smiled slightly and continued, “Why not set a very high price so that he can keep trying but will never succeed?” 

Wang Xiaoming understood but then asked in confusion, “So what should I do?” 

“Let him fall in love with you and then you can consider falling in love with him.” Shi Feixia snapped his fingers and set down the biggest obstacle on Baal’s road to love. 

Wang Xiaoming’s mouth opened slightly and seemed to come to a realization after a period of surprise. 

Gin absolutely pitied Baal, who was goodness-knows-where. 


The scene around them twisted as if it were sucked into a whirlpool. 

Wang Xiaoming felt like his heart was being run through a blender and involuntarily bent down at his waist. 

The wood grains on the ground became blurrier with every second until they finally turned to white fog. 

“Are you alright?” Shi Feixia grabbed his arm and hauled him up. 

Only then did Wang Xiaoming realize that the McDonald’s was gone and they were standing in the middle of a dense, white fog. Shi Feixia’s face appeared and disappeared amongst the fog and if Wang Xiaoming moved a bit further away, he’d be swallowed by the fog. 

“Don’t worry. Baal’s just a spirit fallen angel and absolutely no match against a team made up of a battle angel, vampire, and a titan.” 

“Vampire?” Something awoke in Wang Xiaoming’s mind. 

“I forgot to tell you that Gin is a vampire. Isefel is a fallen angel just like Baal, but clearly one who has his soul and body intact. The other one is the titan.”

As they were talking, a bright white light sparkled in front of them and split the white fog in half! 


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    This is likely an allusion to the negative stereotype associating Thailand with sex-change surgery.


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