Chapter 43 – Pointers (1) 

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If it hadn’t been for that Tony person calling, Baal probably would have forgotten all about the thing with Shi Feixia. Now that he heard the name again, he didn’t seem to be gritting his teeth as hard as he would have before. But he didn’t mind taking some time to go meet that person and let him know that Baal wasn’t so easily defeated and the prize wasn’t so easily won. Being a hero required paying the price. 

There weren’t many people in the Sunshine Plaza at eight in the morning. 

It was as quiet as a church at McDonald’s and only two girls were running mops back and forth on the floor. 

Wang Xiaoming recalled how ferociously Baal’s face had twisted when he had mentioned Shi Feixia previously. Wang Xiaoming asked cautiously, “When we see him in a bit, what are you going to do to him?” 

Baal glanced sideways at him. “What do you think I should do?” 

Wang Xiaoming scratched his head and laughed drily, “I don’t know what… what happened in the past between you, but forgive and forget and consider every meeting the will of fate? Everyone can sit down and talk fondly of the past. That would be nice.” 

“It sounds nice.” Baal actually nodded. 

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes lit up. 

His efforts hadn’t gone to waste. After such a long time of setting an example, Baal had finally realized the value of peace and harmony. 

Baal said disinterestedly, “I can toss him into a fire pit and then talk to him about the past.” 


“I can also toss him into a pool and then as he drowns talk to him about the past.” 


Baal praised, “All in all, you gave a good suggestion.” 

“Could you not praise me?” 


“That will give me the mistaken feeling of being an accessory to murder.” 

“Are you calling me a murderer?” Baal’s voice was very calm. 

Wang Xiaoming swallowed. “If you don’t kill him, then you won’t be.” 

“I’m willing to work to be called a murderer.” 

“…” Even if the guy was a fallen angel, he was still an angel! Did he have to set his moral standards so low? Wang Xiaoming was wholeheartedly worried about Shi Feixia, whom he hadn’t met before. He made up his mind that if Baal couldn’t resist doing something, he’d run as fast as he could and drag Baal to another place! 

There were still 33 seconds to 9am. 

Baal’s face grew darker and darker. 

Wang Xiaoming watched the people walking past the window and kept praying that Shi Feixia would miss the appointment. 

The second hand ticked by. 

The distance between the second hand and minute hand on the clock shrank until they overlapped. 

The door to the McDonald’s was slowly pushed open. 

Wang Xiaoming’s heart leapt into his throat. 

A middle-aged man with a beer belly walked in with sweat pouring off his head and a messenger bag clutched under his arm, panting as he walked. 

He was Shi Feixia? 

Wang Xiaoming stared wide-eyed as the middle-aged man took a few steps toward them and then looked up with a puzzled expression before walking over to the counter. 

Oh, not him. 

Wang Xiaoming saw that Baal wasn’t wearing any expression and sighed in relief. He was probably not coming. After all, if Baal got angry, it wasn’t something that calling the police would solve. 

The door was pushed open again. 

Baal suddenly shot up to a standing position. 

Wang Xiaoming looked up and saw a group of people streaming in. 

Gold hair, flaxen hair, black hair, one with waist-length hair, one who had to bend even as he scraped against the ceiling of the McDonald’s, and one who looked fairly normal. 

“Wang Xiaoming.” The one who looked normal called his name with a smile. 

Wang Xiaoming instinctively answered. 

“Do you feel like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place? Are you not sleeping well at night? Are you asking for help from the gods but receiving none at all?” 

Wang Xiaoming’s mouth fell open and the only sound that he made after a long while was, “Huh?” 

“I am Shi Feixia.” He walked up and stretched out a hand with a big smile. “Congratulations. You’re about to meet your savior.” 

Wang Xiaoming was forced into shaking hands with the man and suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “You’re Shi Feixia?” 

“Right.” Shi Feixia cleared his throat, “I know that you’ve heard all about my heroic deeds and worship me from the bottom of your heart, but I like to keep myself humble, so if you want to kneel and kiss my shoes as a sign of admiration… please don’t do it for too long. I usually only accept appointments for up to an hour.” 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 

Baal said through gritted teeth, “Isefel!” Baal’s gaze swept directly over the still nattering Shi Feixia and landed on the long-haired man standing behind Shi Feixia like a guardian angel. 

Wang Xiaoming only saw his face clearly then. He inhaled sharply. In the past two weeks, he had seen plenty of handsome men like Baal, Xiang Wenxun, Jie, Xu Yiming, Tao Le, Chu Zhao… but none were as shockingly handsome as that man. 

Isefel answered, “Are you running around naked?” 


Baal’s anger was mixed with embarrassment. “With which one of your eyes have you seen me running around naked?” 

Shi Feixia couldn’t see Baal in his spirit form and so he asked curiously, “Does he have abs? How many? How are they arranged? Are they round or square?” 

Wang Xiaoming saw how Baal’s expression was becoming more and more upset and, afraid Baal would go off in a temper, hurriedly answered, “He’s not naked. He’s wearing clothes.” 

Shi Feixia mused and then asked, “Bikini?” 

Baal’s wrist twitched. 

Isefel moved faster. 

Wang Xiaoming only saw something blur in front of his eyes and then Baal was gone. “What did you do to him?” He asked nervously. 

“Relax, relax. It’s nothing.” Shi Feixia smiled. 

Wang Xiaoming saw how nonchalant he was being and slightly relaxed. 

Shi Feixia turned around to face Isefel. “What did you do to him?”

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 

“He’s still within five meters, just in another dimension.” Isefel could sense his worry and added, “Very safe.” 

Shi Feixia nodded and then turned around to Wang Xiaoming. He smiled again as he said, “See, I told you there was nothing to worry about.” 

Wang Xiaoming, “…” 

Shi Feixia rubbed his hands together and said, “It’s been so long since I’ve been to a McDonald’s. We only have one day a year and time goes by so fast that I could never bear to waste time here.” 

Wang Xiaoming listened stupidly. 

“What would you like? My treat.” Shi Feixia dug out a fistful of hundred yuan bills and waved them around in the air. Ever since he had gotten to experience what it was like to make a quick buck with MCG1A company that had appeared previously in Spirit Hotel, the prequel novel., he’d sunken deeper and deeper into that hole. 

“…” Wang Xiaoming answered, “Just a cup of Coke.”

“Okay.” Shi Feixia walked off happily and eagerly. 

While he went to buy things, the golden-haired one, the flaxen-haired one, and the one as tall as an electric pole introduced themselves. The golden-haired one was Gin, the flaxen-haired one was Hughes, and the tall one was Viktor. 

“You’re foreigners?” Wang Xiaoming thought it was a pleasant surprise to hear them talking fluently in Chinese. 

Gin smiled slightly. “We’re not foreigners.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked in surprise, “Are you…” 

Not humans. 

Gin was about to nod when he heard Wang Xiaoming continue, “… mixed blood?” 

Wang Xiaoming studied Gin’s face carefully. “But it’s really not obvious.” As if he were afraid of hurting Gin’s feelings, he added, “But that doesn’t matter. You’re still very handsome.” 

Gin said, “… Thank you.” 

Shi Feixia came back carrying food with several waiters following after him. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at the case of Coke in front of him and stammered, “This is…” 

“One cup of Coke was too cheap.” Shi Feixia stared at him in a “if you don’t let me treat you, you are disrespecting my right as a rich person” way. 

“… Thank you.” Wang Xiaoming reached out and opened a bottle. 

“Great. Then we can sit down to gossip.” Shi Feixia sat down excitedly. 

“Gossip about what?” Wang Xiaoming asked in curiosity. 

“You, of course.” Shi Feixia smiled mischievously. 

Wang Xiaoming shrank back and then instinctively glanced to the side. When he didn’t see the familiar figure, loneliness and panic welled up in his heart. 

Shi Feixia caught every move. He asked, “What base are you and Baal at?” 

Wang Xiaoming blinked, “Huh?” 

“Even if that is your favored phrase… could you say it in a different inflection? Otherwise, I’ll feel lonely.” 

“… Huh.” Wang Xiaoming followed instructions and changed the inflection. 

Gins suddenly clapped. “I respect him.” 

Shi Feixia, “…” 

Wang Xiaoming mulled over the thoughts in his mind for a long time before finding it impossible to not ask, “How do you plan on dealing with Baal?” He wasn’t entirely sure what the trouble between Baal and Shi Feixia was, but based on Baal’s tone when talking about him and that Defeat Baal for a Meal game disc, Wang Xiaoming could guess that there was bad blood between the two of them—and not just a few drops either. 

Shi Feixia raised both his eyebrows. “You’re very worried?” 

Wang Xiaoming nodded. 

Shi Feixia asked in disbelief, “Shouldn’t you only realize that you love Baal and not hate him after a brief period of churning in your gut, worrying in your mind, and missing him in your heart?” 

“Love?” Wang Xiaoming’s eyes flew wide-open in fear. 

Shi Feixia slapped his thigh and nodded. “That’s what I’m talking about. That’s normal.” 

Gin asked, “So, you only realized that you didn’t hate Isefel but loved him after a period of churning in your gut, worrying in your mind, and missing him in your heart?” 

Shi Feixia answered, “I’m different.” 


“I realized it after dreaming of Isefel’s figure countless times in the middle of the night. It was a revelation and an enlightenment.” 

Gin coughed drily, “You sure it was Isefel’s figure and not his abs?” Shi Feixia liking Isefel’s abs was an open secret in Noah’s Ark. 

Shi Feixia asked, “You sure that you like Hughes’s person and not just his ass?” 

Hughes’s face immediately turned bright red. 

Gin immediately confessed, “Of course…” 

“Great,” Shi Feixia didn’t wait for an explanation and declared, “from today onward, I dare you to not touch Hughes’s ass.” 

Gin gritted his teeth and bit out, “Shi. Fei. Xia!” Ever since that guy had Isefel watching out for him, his behavior had gotten more and more unchecked and anger-inducing! 

Shi Feixia turned around to say to Hughes, “Hughes, if you want to know how much Gin loves you, use your ass to measure it.” 

“Hughes,” Gin looked at him pitifully, “you cannot fall for this trick.” 

“Gin,” Hughes smiled gently, “I actually don’t mind being on top.” 

“…” Gin’s mind was suddenly filled with the memory of the miniature Hughes trying very hard to top him. His face immediately paled. 

25Wang Xiaoming had long since been scared silly at how explicit their conversation was. 


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    A company that had appeared previously in Spirit Hotel, the prequel novel.


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