Chapter 31 – A New Home (1)

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President Xiang wanted to take Wang Xiaoming home? 

The crowd around them suppressed their desire for gossip. Everyone quickly came up with a story and then silently observed the protagonists, wanting to see if their actions would match that of the story they had created. 

But Wang Xiaoming wasn’t a cooperative protagonist. He didn’t do anything except stand there in a daze. It was about to drive the crowd crazy. If it weren’t for the brightness of President Xiang’s gaze and the shining of the car headlights, they would have gone up and slapped Wang Xiaoming awake and demanded that he be more cooperative. 

Luckily for them, someone else dared. 

“He’s pretty considerate.” Baal nodded in satisfaction. “Everytime I have to stand in the body of a lowlife, I feel like puking.” He saw that Wang Xiaoming was still rooted to the ground in a daze and reached out a hand to slap the back of his head. “Going yet?” 

Wang Xiaoming woke up from the dreamlike happiness and gradually accepted that this was really happening, not just a dream that he was having after watching idol dramas. 

He walked slowly forward, setting down each step very carefully as if the ground beneath his feet wasn’t simply cement but a Persian rug covered by rose petals. 

When he got to the car, he self-consciously wound the corners of his shirt around his fingers. He said quietly, “President Xiang.”

Xiang Wenxun smiled. Maybe the night was too dark and the lighting too soft, but he looked much gentler now than he did in the Silver House. Even his smile seemed to be colored by a subconscious trace of affection. 

Wang Xiaoming heard his heart rate speed up. 

“Please.” Xiang Wenxun stood to the side and bent down. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at the seat and the thought that suddenly sprang up was—should he step in with his left foot first or his right foot? 

He didn’t feel conflicted for too long because Baal lifted a foot and kicked him inside.

Naturally, what the others saw was Wang Xiaoming throwing himself into the car eagerly. 

Their expressions didn’t change as they looked at Xiang Wenxun. Suddenly they were very worried. Even though President Xiang looked fit most of the time, if he were up against a wolf and not a human, it would be a different story. Judging by Wang Xiaoming’s actions just then, he should be very… thirsty. 

Xiang Wenxun clearly didn’t know about their worries. He waved cheerfully at them before stepping into the car. “See you.” 

This cheerfulness made him look like the ignorant sheep. 

Without a doubt the big bad wolf would be Wang Xiaoming, who was, at that very moment, trying very hard to find a comfortable position in the passenger’s seat. 

Xiang Wenxun got into the car and flashed the headlights, as if waving to them.

The employees answered mechanically, “Goodbye President Xiang.” 

Xiang Wenxun nodded and finally turned the car around and drove toward the main road. 

As the crowd watched the car gradually get smaller, the same thought crossed everyone’s mind—hopefully they would see each other again. 

In the car, Wang Xiaoming strove to breathe and sit carefully, afraid that he would make too much noise and embarrass himself. 

Xiang Wenxun watched him from the side-view mirrors. He saw Wang Xiaoming’s face turn redder and redder and his body turn stiffer and stiffer. Then he pretended to ask casually, “Could you play the CD for me?” 

Play the CD? 

Wang Xiaoming slowly turned his neck toward the CD player and his fingers moved between the buttons. Finally, he forced himself to ask, “Which button should I press?”

“This one.” Xiang Wenxun’s finger lightly tapped against a button and then withdrew. 

Wang Xiaoming, despite being slow on the uptake, knew then that Xiang Wenxun was trying to give him something to do. Warmth flooded his heart. 

The CD started playing and music gradually flowed out. 

It was a piano song. 

Wang Xiaoming didn’t know the name but he had definitely heard it on TV before.

He shifted his body slightly until his back leaned against the seat. Once he relaxed, tiredness crashed into him like a tidal wave. He felt his eyelids become heavier and heavier. After several attempts, they stuck together. 

The music circled in his mind and gradually turned ephemeral, until it seemed like it was another world. 

Wang Xiaoming didn’t know for how long he slept. He only knew that the sky outside the car window was gray when he woke up. Xiang Wenxun’s dark gray suit jacket was draped over him. 

The window in the back was cracked open a sliver.

Xiang Wenxun leaned against the car window. The wind came through the window and ruffled his hair. 

He was fast asleep. All his usual scheming and even last night’s tenderness had vanished from that face, leaving behind pure serenity. 

“That was fast progress.” Baal’s voice sounded from the back of the car. 

Wang Xiaoming was startled and his heart beat rapidly for several beats. 

Just then, he had completely forgotten about the demon next to him and had immersed himself in the world made up of just himself and Xiang Wenxun. 

“You wouldn’t happen to have forgotten about me just then, right?” Baal enunciated each word carefully, his tone pissy. 

“Of course not,” Wang Xiaoming answered very quietly. 

“Hmph, liar.” Baal waited for a long time without hearing Wang Xiaoming’s rebuttal. He didn’t know why, but he became even more unhappy. “You falling in love with him?” 

Falling in love… with President Xiang? 

Wang Xiaoming looked silently at the sleeping face and a hint of sweetness flowed through his mind. This was something he had often felt with Chang Haitao before, which meant… he really was falling in love with President Xiang? But shouldn’t he be in love with Baal?

Wang Xiaoming was so confused. 

“Lie down.” Baal’s hand suddenly reached out. 

“Let’s not.” Wang Xiaoming got scared and subconsciously dodged. 

Baal narrowed his eyes. “You dare refuse me?” 

Wang Xiaoming struggled to avoid waking Xiang Wenxun and also resist Baal’s devil hands at the same time. “It’s not convenient here.” 

“What’s inconvenient?” Baal’s eyebrows rose. “If by inconvenient you mean him, I can make him get out.” 

Wang Xiaoming grabbed his hand in shock. “Where are you sending him? “

Baal shook off his hand in disgust. “Are you questioning me? Human!” 

Wang Xiaoming’s eyes darkened as they looked at Baal.

A sense of danger started to spread throughout the car. 

Xiang Wenxun shifted and opened his eyes. His gaze wandered and landed on Wang Xiaoming’s pale face. He smiled lightly and asked, “You awake?” 

With that simple phrase, Wang Xiaoming felt the pressure on him lessen. He breathed a sigh of relief and said awkwardly, “President Xiang, why didn’t you wake me when I fell asleep yesterday?” 

There was a hint of imperceptible laziness in Xiang Wenxun’s smile. “You were sleeping too soundly.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked nervously, “Did I drool? Or snore?” 

“I didn’t see it this time, but I don’t mind saving that for the next time.” Xiang Wenxun looked at his watch. “If you go home now, you can still sleep. I’ll come pick you up at 2 this afternoon.” 

“Pick me up?” Wang Xiaoming thought his tongue was too big for his mouth. “That’s too much trouble. I can get to work by myself.” 

“I’m not coming to pick you up for work.” Xiang Wenxun looked at Wang Xiaoming’s stunned expression and reminded him with a quiet laugh, “I’m coming to help you move.” 

Only then did Wang Xiaoming remember that Xiang Wenxun had arranged a dorm for him—a dorm in which only directors or above could stay. 

He hesitated and then said slowly, “My lease with my landlord isn’t up yet.” 

Baal wished he could whack some sense into Wang Xiaoming with a hammer. “Just try and not move.” 

Wang Xiaoming scrunched up his neck. 

“I want to know the real reason.” Xiang Wenxun straightened. 

In a flash, the big boss of the Silver House returned. 

But Wang Xiaoming felt like the bonds that had tied him down the entire night had been loosened. Both his thoughts and his speech cleared up as he said, “I’ve prepaid for three months already. It’d be a shame for me to move now. Why don’t we wait until my lease is up?” 

Xiang Wenxun gave Wang Xiaoming a meaningful look as he asked, “It’s just the contract?” 

Wang Xiaoming bit his lip and nodded. 

“I understand.” Xiang Wenxun opened the door, walked around the car, and then held Wang Xiaoming’s door open for him. “Remember to sleep some more when you get back.” 

“Okay.” Wang Xiaoming jumped out of the car and, just as he was about to say goodbye, he saw Xiang Wenxun reach out a hand and touch his hair. “Even if you’re not at the Silver House, you’re part of the Silver House.” 

Wang Xiaoming nodded, not knowing what else to do. 

“I’ll go then. See you in the afternoon.” Xiang Wenxun got into the car without waiting for a response and drove off. 

As he watched the car disappear into the distance, Wang Xiaoming’s heart felt empty. He felt like Cinderella returning home at midnight only to find out that she was still wearing shabby clothes. 

“You refused to move because of what that person said?” Baal asked darkly from behind him. 

Wang Xiaoming cursed his bad luck in his heart. He lowered his head and turned around. “If you want to live in a bigger house, I can find somewhere else to live in in the future.” 

“Find somewhere else to live?” Baal laughed coldly. “Then what about my PSP?” 

“Wait until I get my paycheck for this month.” 

“The new computer?”

“… Wait until I get my paycheck next month and the paycheck for the month after…” His voice trailed off. 

Baal mocked sarcastically, “Then when do you plan on moving?” 

“Probably the month after that…” Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal’s figure getting closer and shut up. 

Not only was this human incapable of doing things, but he was also getting more and more disobedient. He should beat Wang Xiaoming up to teach him who was calling the shots! Though Baal thought that, his fist didn’t strike out—though that head was awfully close to his fist.

Wang Xiaoming, too, was waiting for the punch. But he closed his eyes and waited for a long time only to realize that Baal was standing there without saying a word. Baal’s eyebrows were furrowed together as if he were agonizing over something. Wang Xiaoming felt bad. Judging by Baal’s personality, he was someone powerful even in Hell and he probably lived in a palace. His tiny apartment must be making Baal uncomfortable.  

“I-I’ll work hard.” Wang Xiaoming suddenly had a thought. “Why don’t I find another job?” 

Baal glared at him before snorting and declaring, “Whatever.” He turned around and walked away—but only five meters. 

“Hurry up!” The fallen angel restricted by distance shouted angrily in a low voice. 

Wang Xiaoming paused and then his eyes curved as he smiled. “Coming.” 



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