Chapter 3 – Shock (3)

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He shouldn’t have believed that Baal wasn’t a ghost just because the guy had a European face. This was such a typical possession move! No wonder he said “let me do it”, this was what he meant! 

Wang Xiaoming shook as he apologized inside his mind to Chang Haitao’s body. 

‘Chang Haitao’ walked around their dorm room and then looked down at his palm with displeasure. “Such a fragile vessel.” He turned his palm upwards to reveal a bleeding cut across it. 

Wang Xiaoming was terrified into silence. 

“In comparison, I much prefer an Unseen’s body. At least they aren’t that fragile.” 

What was an Unseen? 

Wang Xiaoming’s legs shook and his teeth rattled. 

“Are you very angry?” Baal lifted his head to look at Wang Xiaoming and Chang Haitao’s round eyes glinted with a weird calculation. 

Wang Xiaoming shook his head furiously. He would never dare to be irate, he could barely find the courage to be afraid. 

“Hmph, you wouldn’t dare.”  He stared at the open wound on his other palm. “Anyways, I should be the one who’s upset. If it weren’t for your recklessness, I wouldn’t have been slammed into this stupid vessel.” He had just wanted to use his powers and force the owner of this body to get together with this idiot!

Slammed… into? 

Wang Xiaoming was numb. His mind flashed back to the moment of contact just now… 

He had felt himself slamming into something just before he touched Chang Haitao, but… wasn’t Baal’s body penetrable? How did he touch it? 

As if he could sense the confusion, Baal said coldly, “Don’t think I couldn’t beat you up if I wanted to.” Because the Black Star Pearl that sealed his body was inside Wang Xiaoming’s body, Wang Xiaoming became the only human who could see and touch him. 

How fortunate for this guy. 

“This… is also… my luck?” Wang Xiaoming was about to cry. 

“Duh. Do you think it’s mine?!”

Wang Xiaoming stayed quiet. 

“Haitao.” Zhang Xiaoli’s voice came from the hallway. 

Wang Xiaoming jumped in surprise and subconsciously wanted to open the door and yell at her to go away. But as soon as he put his hand on the handle, it felt like a thousand caterpillars were crawling up his spine. He felt goosebumps spread out all over his body. 

“Hmm, why don’t you open the door?” Baal questioned gently in Chang Haitao’s voice. 

Wang Xiaoming withdrew his hand as if he’d been electrocuted. “She… is just a human…”

“…” Baal stared in silence at him, clearly not understanding what he meant by “she’s just a human.”

“What I mean is, she’s also just a fragile vessel… please let her go.” Wang Xiaoming saw no response from Baal and tried to gather the courage to explain. 

“So, you’re trying to tell me what to do now?” Chilliness spread through Baal’s smile. 


Just as Zhang Xiaoli approached the door to the dorm and was about to knock, she heard a heavy crashing sound from the other side of the door. 

“Haitao?” She called out worriedly.

After a while, the door opened slowly. 

Wang Xiaoming stood behind the door, nose bleeding and pain written all over his face. 

“You, what happened?” Zhang Xiaoli asked nervously. 

“Nothing. He just got too excited hearing your voice and banged into the door.” ‘Chang Haitao’ stuck both hands in his pant pockets and sneered. “Right?”

Wang Xiaoming wiped the blood away with the back of his hand and nodded imperceptibly. 

Zhang Xiaoli felt flattered and hurriedly handed over a pack of tissues. “Honestly, I come here pretty often. It’s not a big deal. Really.” 

“You’re my girlfriend, right?” There was a weird glint that she had never seen before in ‘Chang Haitao’s’ eyes. 

With her heart hammering, Zhang Xiaoli agreed, “Yeah.” 

‘Chang Haitao’ looked her up and down with that same weird glint and then said, “From now on, you’re not.” 

“… What are you talking about?” Zhao Xiaoli’s emotions abruptly crashed down. 

“What I mean is, you’ve been dumped.” The corner of ‘Chang Haitao’s’ mouth turned up in a cold smirk. “Get out of my sight while I’m still in the mood to be nice.” 

Zhang Xiaoli’s entire body shook with anger. In contrast to her previously shy demeanor, she shouted in anger like a woman scorned, “Chang Haitao, you’ve got the balls! My best friends said all virgin males are trash nobody wanted and I didn’t believe them! It looks like I was blind!”


Virgin males weren’t leftovers. They were just restrained, undemonstrative, and self-controlled.

Wang Xiaoming argued back quietly and weakly in his heart. 

“Well, there’s someone even more blind than you.” ‘Chang Haitao’ hooked a finger in Wang Xiaoming’s direction. 

All of a sudden, Wang Xiaoming had a horrible premonition. 

“Come over here.” Baal’s eyes squinted, and the threat in them was obvious. 

Wang Xiaoming hesitated and finally shuffled over in tiny steps. 

Suddenly, ‘Chang Haitao’ whipped out an arm and pulled Wang Xiaoming into his arms, suffocating him with a kiss before Wang Xiaoming had time to react. 

As their lips touched, Wang Xiaoming felt his soul departing! 

The face before him belonged to Chang Haitao and he had dreamt of this exact scenario a million times, but why… did he not experience an ounce of joy. He only had to think about who was hidden behind Chang Haitao’s face to feel an impulse to dig a grave for himself. 

“You’re…” Zhang Xiaoli screeched. She has been dumped before and has also met her fair share of bastard men, but having a gay ex-boyfriend was a first for her. 

Her scream quickly drew a crowd. 

Wang Xiaoming heard the sound of footsteps and struggled to push himself out of the embrace, which only tightened around him. 

A long while passed. 

You could hear a pin drop. 

‘Chang Haitao’ finally felt satisfied and let go. He turned to sneer at the audience, “Had enough? Get out.” 

“Haitao, you…” As soon as some of the classmates friendly with them started to speak, they were stunned into silence by the look in ‘Chang Haitao’s’ eyes. That look would not be out of place on the face of a serial killer in the movies. 

Wang Xiaoming quickly got out of the embrace and instinctively moved to hide among the onlookers. 

But as fast as he was, the crowd backed away faster. 

Even disregarding the shocking behavior they just witnessed, just the amount of blood coming out of Wang Xiaoming’s nose was enough to make them back away like he was the plague. They had to give it to Chang Haitao for being able to kiss someone with a face like that. Was this the power of true love? The audience knew, upon reflection, that they’d never be able to love their girlfriend like this. They had no idea that the feelings between Chang Haitao and Wang Xiaoming were this deep already!

The audience was completely stunned by this shocking revelation, to the point where nobody thought to ask why Wang Xiaoming’s nose was bleeding. 

So for every step Wang Xiaoming took forward, the crowd moved one step back. Three steps later, the audience was pushed back to the door of the dorm room. 

‘Chang Haitao’ nodded in satisfaction and said, “Come on back.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked into those stares filled with either disgust or disdain and would have cried if he could. Yes, he was gay. Yes, he liked Chang Haitao. But this was not the result he wanted! Why was he so unlucky that he couldn’t even have a crush on someone in peace? 

“Xiaoming…” The voice of ‘Chang Haitao’ was saccharine, but it made Wang Xiaoming shiver involuntarily and quickly walk back into the dorm room and shut the door quietly. 

Baal stood up and Chang Haitao fell backward. 

Wang Xiaoming watched speechlessly as Baal’s foot withdrew itself from Chang Haitao’s shin and took a step forward. 

“He, he’s gonna be okay, right?” In dramas, everyone who was possessed by a ghost ended up dead or crippled. 

“Relax, I still need him to be passionately in love with you. He won’t die that quickly.” Baal said breezily. 

Not that quickly? 

Wang Xiaoming finally said the words that cannon fodder side characters in TV shows say when they are faced with the final boss, “What exactly do you want?” 

“To fulfill your wish.” Baal turned around. “You like him, don’t you? So I’m going to get you two together. After this, there’s nothing stopping you two from being together.” 


More like nothing stopping them from being expelled. 

Wang Xiaoming closed his eyes in despair. Even though the university usually turned a blind eye to things involving student’s private lives, what just happened was not in their blind zone. What’s more, when Chang Haitao wakes up in a few moments and realizes what he ‘did’, he’d probably want to kill him first… and then commit suicide. 

—Don’t mistake this as dying for love the way they do in romance movies. This was more like the ‘take you to hell with me’ scene in revenge movies. 

But he won’t tell Baal these things. Because even if he did, Baal probably won’t get it. 

Baal leaned down and examined the wounds opening on Chang Haitao’s body. He murmured, “Humans really are the most useless vessels.” 

“You want to possess him some more?” Wang Xiaoming yelped in surprise. 

“Not at the moment.” Baal wrinkled his nose. “I’m not interested in constantly changing clothes.” 

“… don’t tell me you only showered and never changed clothes before?” 


Something slammed against the door again. 

Wang Xiaoming held a hand to his nose and brought Baal back home. 

Baal had wanted to wait until Chang Haitao woke up and then solve the problem once and for all. But Wang Xiaoming didn’t have the guts to do that. So he brought up one excuse after another, ranging from needing to pay the utility bills, to needing to clean the room, and finally to needing to tutor the landlady’s daughter. 

Baal got a headache from all the whining and finally consented to go home. 

When he got home, the first thing that Wang Xiaoming did was to get on the internet. 

To nobody’s surprise, the school forum was on fire. He didn’t even need to click into the posts to know what they were talking about. All he had to do was look at the headlines. 

Passion! Passion witnessed by nosebleeds!

Not even the billowing waves could stop this, let the coupling commence! 1The original Chinese post title involves using the last character from each of Chang Haitao and Wang Xiaoming’s names. The meaning of the post title has been preserved in the translation, but the wordplay is unfortunately lost.

When a woman cries, the other man laughs. He’s laughing!

Damned gays! Chang Haitao! Wang Xiaoming! Get out of the University of A! 

Wang Xiaoming’s fingers shook as they gripped the mouse and he had no more courage to keep scrolling. 

“Oh, humans really are idiotic and excessive.” Baal stood behind him and stared coldly at the screen.

Wang Xiaoming’s fingers tightened their grip one by one. 

He really wanted to yell at Baal. Even if he couldn’t beat Baal up, he wanted to at least vent his dissatisfaction. 

He had panicked when he realized he was into men, but he had quickly calmed down. That was because this was just his secret. Nobody else knew, so nobody else would point at him and snicker. That had been enough for him. 

But Baal had come along and ruined all of it. 

He imagined Chang Haitao’s face adopting the same shock and disgust that he had seen on his classmates’ faces and felt pained in his heart like it was being stabbed with needles. 

His phone suddenly rang. 

He dug out his phone and the caller ID displayed “Chang Haitao.” 

He panicked. If Chang Haitao asked about what happened today, what could he say? Wang Xiaoming’s fingers shook slightly and he wanted to hit the “end call” button and bury his head in the sand. But the three shining characters stopped him from pressing down.

The phone stubbornly rang on. 

Wang Xiaoming gritted his teeth and finally pressed the accept button. 

He moved the phone to his ear and heard Chang Haitao’s heavy breathing on the other end. 

Though the line was open, nobody said a word.

“I’m leaving.” Chang Haitao blurted out after a long period of silence. 

Where are you going? Wang Xiaoming was so nervous he almost crushed his phone. 

“Goodbye.” Chang Haitao hung up before Wang Xiaoming could answer. 

Silently, Wang Xiaoming put down the phone in sadness and regret. When he lifted his head, he found a storm raging in Baal’s eyes. 

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    The original Chinese post title involves using the last character from each of Chang Haitao and Wang Xiaoming’s names. The meaning of the post title has been preserved in the translation, but the wordplay is unfortunately lost.


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  1. You can’t force feelings and this is something Baal doesn’t understand. He tried to force them to be together and he has just ruined their friendship (which Wang Xiaoming moved out of the dorm in order to avoid) he outed him to the whole university (which he was also avoiding) without a care in the world.

    I’m heartbroken for Wang Xiaoming.

    Thanks for the chapter <3

  2. ugh… forcing someone to come out of the closet is one of my bottom lines. i hope your nuts shrink, damn 💀 its bad enough that it’s an unrequited love, but adding on top the societal prejudices? im so sad for wxm… he lost his best friend in less than a heartbeat. and now hes stuck with an egomaniacal demon. i hope he snaps and gets mad and screams and throws things. he deserves a little vent.

    thanks for the chapter!! cant wait to see whats next


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