Chapter 28 – Moving (1)

Spirit Boss
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Sharky’s praise followed Wang Xiaoming all the way to the office. 

Before Sharky departed, he left his cell phone number, home phone number, home address… Wang Xiaoming thought that if he had asked for it, Sharky would probably have left behind his personal ID number.

Wang Xiaoming put his head down on the table. “What’s the difference between today’s work and yesterday’s work?” He was still by himself in the office. He had thought Chu Zhao would give him a bunch of strict rules and then dump a lot of work on him. 

Just as he finished expressing himself,someone knocked twice on the office door. 

Wang Xiaoming immediately perked up and sat up straight. He straightened the golden bowtie and called out, “Enter.” 

The door was carefully pushed open. It was Big Fa. 

“Xiaoming Bro,” he said gently and all of Wang Xiaoming’s anger at having waited for ages yesterday got stuck in his throat. 

Wang Xiaoming could only ask sternly, “What is it?”

“I came to apologize. We were so busy yesterday, so you had to wait a while. I am very sorry.” He smiled, but he was neither humble nor proud about it. 

Baal remarked, “Looks like someone said something to him.” 

Wang Xiaoming subconsciously answered, “What?” 

Big Fa blinked and then said, “Huh? Oh, I said, we were so busy yesterday.” 

“I’m not talking to you…” Wang Xiaoming saw Big Fa freeze in response to this sentence. 

“No, no no, I-what I’m saying is…” Wang Xiaoming’s eyes drifted toward Baal. “Uhh, I like to talk to myself, so sometimes, uhh, I’ll say weird things. Don’t mind it.” 

He stuttered out an explanation; the more Big Fa listened, the more cautiously he answered, “Mmhmm, mmhmm, I understand. I won’t say anything.”

“Then you go out and play.” Wang Xiaoming’s mind was drawing a blank and he didn’t know what he was saying. 

Fortunately, Big Fa didn’t really care what he was saying. He followed the lead and answered, “Okay, I will go enjoy myself.” He turned around mechanically and marched out the door, and then he slammed the door shut.

“You two seem to be having fun,” Baal teased. 

Wang Xiaoming sighed and tousled his hair in frustration. “If this continues, I think my nerves will kill me.” 

“You need to fall in love.” Baal used this moment to try and suggest things. 

“… Ah!” Wang Xiaoming put his head down on the table and pretended to be dead. 

The pretense lasted for two minutes before knocking came from the door. 

Wang Xiaoming sat up with a whoosh

When Chu Zhao entered, it was to the sight of Wang Xiaoming with the messy hair of Astro Boy looking at him with a wide-eyed stare. There was still a big red patch on his face. 

Wang Xiaoming saw Chu Zhao staring at him without a word and felt so creeped out his hairs were standing on end. “Director Chu?”

“Actually…” Chu Zhao said slowly. 

“Hmm?” Wang Xiaoming listened very carefully. 

“When it comes to sleeping, sleeping on the sofa is more comfortable,” Chu Zhao answered equally seriously. 

“…” Wang Xiaoming answered dumbly, “Ah? Really?” 

“Yes. So next time don’t fall asleep on the desk. It’s easy to leave behind evidence.” He pointed at the marks on Wang Xiaoming’s face. 

Wang Xiaoming touched it and felt wronged—this was false evidence! 

“I’m here to tell you more about the primary duties of the housekeeping division.” Chu Zhao tossed the pile of documents in his hands onto the desk. 

“Here are the rules and regulations of the Silver House, the main responsibilities, the employees of and their duties within the housekeeping division, and how the other departments operate… Basically all the information about the Silver House is here. Look them over and then give them back to me. Also, you can’t take the documents out or leak them.”

“Got it.” Wang Xiaoming shook himself awake and started to read. After about half a page, he realized that Chu Zhao hadn’t left and was still there, frowning at him. “Director Chu, still need something?” 

Chu Zhao’s frown deepened, as if there was a huge problem that he couldn’t find the solution to. 

“Director Chu?” Wang Xiaoming called again. Ever since he met Baal, he hadn’t met anyone who was normal. Hopefully this guy in front of him didn’t have any perverted kinks?

Chu Zhao shook his head and said, “I still can’t figure it out. What exactly does President Xiang see in you?”

“…” The phantom behind him, Wang Xiaoming answered silently. 

Chu Zhao explained, “In terms of looks, you are probably just average. In terms of intelligence, you don’t qualify as being disabled. In terms of family connections… do you have any?”

Wang Xiaoming answered cautiously, “I haven’t married yet.”

Chu Zhao said without an expression, “I take it back. You should go apply for disability benefits.” 

After Chu Zhao left, Wang Xiaoming started to fight with the documents. 

Baal was so bored that he started to toss the cards on the desk around to entertain himself. 

So, as Wang Xiaoming was reading through the documents, he had to keep dodging cards that flew his way even though, most of the time, his attempts at dodging were futile. 

“Stop reading.” Baal finally threw a fit after being ignored for so long. 

Wang Xiaoming raised his head and gave Baal a smile like he would give a child. “Wait until I earn some more money; I’ll buy you a PSP. Be patient.”

“What’s a PSP?” Baal’s ears perked up. 

“A machine that can play games.”

Baal’s eyes lit up but he pretended to not care. “Then how long would it take for you to earn this amount?”

“Two months.” Taking living expenses into consideration, Wang Xiaoming decided to give himself a bit more time.

Baal frowned. “Too long.”

“… Then one month.” Looked like he’d have to stick with plain rice and pickled vegetables for the next month. 

“Too long.”

Wang Xiaoming looked at him and those shining eyes seemed to say, this was the bottom line. 

“Buy it tomorrow.” He refused to spend another boring day like this.

“I don’t have money.” Wang Xiaoming looked at him uneasily. Baal didn’t want him to go steal it, did he?

“Ask Xiang Wenxun for it.” Baal stroked his chin. “Also change your house. I like the look of his home; it’s much better than that rat hole you’re living in. Change it and then have him buy you the best computer system possible.” 

Wang Xiaoming fell silent.

Baal said, “Looking at your expression, should I consider it a form of silent protest?” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal’s expression and couldn’t help but raise his hopes. “If I said yes, would you reconsider?”

Baal looked at him silently and nodded. 

Wang Xiaoming immediately nodded. “Yes, I prot—” Before he could finish saying “protest,” he was kicked in the guts. 

Baal slowly took his foot back. “I’ll reconsider whether to beat you up or not.”

Wang Xiaoming looked at him tearfully. He shouldn’t have thought fallen angels would be humane. 

“In the end, I’ve decided that kicking you makes me feel better,” Baal answered with a deep voice. 


That was why Wang Xiaoming, who had every intention of doing his best work to repay President Xiang for his kindness in taking a chance on him, had to put down the paperwork and force himself to head toward Xiang Wenxun’s office in order to blackmail him. 

It was the secretary who greeted him. Though her smile was professional, the look in her eyes was that of undisguised curiosity and speculation. 

Wang Xiaoming felt self-conscious under her gaze and could only react by constantly moving around in his seat. 

Baal became annoyed by his constant shifting around and had to ask, “Can’t you be still for a bit?”

Wang Xiaoming made a fist and pretended to cough into it. He asked quietly, “Don’t you think she’s secretly watching me?

“Yeah,” Baal answered.

Wang Xiaoming’s spine stiffened. “What is she watching me for?”

“How should I know?” Baal looked him up and down and decided, “Maybe she likes to observe humans.” 

Wang Xiaoming shivered. “Why does she like to watch humans? … Maybe she’s not human?!”

Baal gave him a look that said “what do you think?” 

Every hair on Wang Xiaoming’s body stood up and he watched the secretary even more nervously. 

The more nervous he was, the more suspicious the secretary thought he was and the more frequently she looked at him. The more she looked at him, the more nervous Wang Xiaoming became. This negative feedback loop went on until Xiang Wenxun returned from a meeting to find the two of them staring at each other in the waiting room. 

“Help me cancel the dinner with board member Lu tonight at eight,” Xiang Wenxun instructed calmly as he interrupted their staring contest. 

The secretary quickly came back to herself and answered with her head lowered. 

Wang Xiaoming stood up hurriedly when he realized Xiang Wenxun was looking at him. When he thought about what he needed to say, he blushed uncontrollably. 

“Follow me,” Xiang Wenxun said and walked first into the office. 

Wang Xiaoming couldn’t resist turning around to look at the secretary. He asked Baal quietly, “What race is she?” 

“Human,” Baal answered nonchalantly. 

Wang Xiaoming raised his voice slightly after a moment of silence, “But you just said she’s not human…” 

His raised voice drew the secretary’s attention. 

Baal answered without a hint of apology, “I lied.” 

When he remembered the staring contest he had with the secretary for no reason at all… 

Wang Xiaoming strode into the office. 

Xiang Wenxun’s office was plainer than he had imagined. 

Books took up an entire wall. Combined with the dark brown bookcases and desk, everything in the room gave off a sense of maturity and seriousness that was unobtrusive but also impossible to ignore. 

Xiang Wenxun sat behind the desk and behind him was a giant French window. It was now dusk, and the remaining evening light fell onto his hair and clothes, lighting the man up. 

Wang Xiaoming swallowed and became even more nervous. 

“Please sit.” Xiang Wenxun pointed to the two chairs in front of him. 

Wang Xiaoming saw Baal sitting down without any formalities and knew that it was now too late to beat a hasty retreat. So he could only force himself to sit down as well. 

Xiang Wenxun smiled slightly. “What a coincidence, I was just about to find you.”

“What is it?” Wang Xiaoming actually sighed in relief when he heard that Xiang Wenxun had been looking for him. The more he could drag this out, the better. 

“The thing is,” Xiang Wenxun said, “because there’s quite a bit of distance between the Silver House and the city, it’s inconvenient for you to travel back and forth. So I’ve set aside a dorm for you especially. Though it’s the dorm, the decor inside should be on par with a five star hotel.” Xiang Wenxun took out a room card from his drawer. “Chu Zhao is your next-door neighbor. If you need anything, this makes it more convenient to find him.” 

Wang Xiaoming took the card in a daze. He still couldn’t accept that the problem that had plagued him was solved this easily. 

Sitting next to him, Baal couldn’t help but to squint when he examined the human man across from him. Ever since meeting him, this guy had been constantly surprising him. Looked like it was time for him to reevaluate humans.


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