Chapter 27 – A Favor (3)

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Xiang Wenxun said calmly, “I’ll get to you in a bit.” 

With one sentence, Xiang Wenxun had eased the tension in the room. Wang Xiaoming saw that everyone else turned their eyes back onto Xiang Wenxun and let out a sigh of relief. 

“President Xiang, even if I have to quit, I demand an explanation! I refuse to be kicked out for no reason.” Wang Xiaoming recognized Xu Yiming’s voice. The man wasn’t very tall, had shapely eyes and eyebrows, and looked absolutely stunning. It was a far cry from the vicious and well-built man that Wang Xiaoming had imagined. 

Only then did Wang Xiaoming realize that aside from Jie, Tao Le, Xu Yiming, and Xiang Wenxun, there were three other youths standing around in the room. Each one of them looked attractive, but they refused to meet anyone’s gaze. Anytime their eyes landed on Xiang Wenxun, they immediately looked away. 

Xiang Wenxun glanced at Xu Yiming and asked, “You done?” 

Xu Yiming cooperated with Xiang Wenxun. He relaxed his tone and insisted, “You have to give me an explanation about this. I have worked at this place for so many years that even if I haven’t earned any honors, I should at least be recognized for my hard work. I refuse to be treated like a soccer ball!” 

Xiang Wenxun ignored his complaints and instead looked at the three youths. He asked, “What happened?” 

The three young men glanced at each other and every one of them refused to be the first to break the silence. 

Tao Le let out a snort. “Everyone’s mute? Weren’t you the ones who were so excited to yell at Jie, like you each got a shot of testosterone?” 

Xiang Wenxun stood by and let the scene unfold. He could guess what had happened. The only person who could make Tao Le jump up and down like he was high on adrenaline was Jie. 

The tension in the room felt like a balloon filled to bursting. Everyone waited for someone else to pop it with a needle, but nobody wanted to be the one holding the needle. 

This scene made Baal, who was very dedicated to drama, unhappy. He gave Wang Xiaoming a look and said, “Go, stir things up a bit.” 

Stir things up?

How was he supposed to stir things up when it had nothing to do with him?

Wang Xiaoming stood in the same spot, hesitating. 

Suddenly, Jie spoke up, “This has been a misunderstanding.” 

“Damn. If you don’t know what to say then don’t say anything,” Tao Le hurriedly scolded. 

Jie gave him a silent stare.

Tao Le immediately shut up. 

Xu Yiming began jumping around. “Screw this! You really do damn well believe you’re the referee of this! We’ve already gotten into brawls and then you take out a red card and say we’ve all violated rules? Did you f*cking get too addicted to watching the show?” 

Tao Le kicked the table with a boom. “Then what do you want? Want us to lie down and let you get a couple of kicks in?” 

“Why not? If you dare lie down, I dare kick!” Xu Yiming adopted a devil-may-care attitude. “If you think kicking isn’t enough, I’m happy to find a whip and make you feel good.” 

Xiang Wenxun frowned. Before he could say anything, Tao Le flew at Xu Yiming and gave him such a hard slap that the force of it turned his face to the side. 

The room fell so silent a needle dropping would be audible. 

Xu Yiming spat out some blood-tinged saliva and cracked his neck. Then he launched himself at Tao Le and shouted, “I only have this f*cking worthless life. I refuse to believe that I can’t beat the shit out of you!” 

Tao Le hadn’t even taken a breath before he and Xu Yiming began wrestling with each other. 

The three youths trembled harder. This thing started because of them, but nobody expected it would get out of control like this. 

Jie’s face remained inscrutable and he didn’t even bother changing the way he stood. 

Xiang Wenxun checked the time and instructed those young men, “Get security. Bring them to the doctor’s office in a bit.” 

The three youths agreed submissively. 

Xiang Wenxun looked at the two men on the ground twisted around each other like a pretzel and said, “Don’t let them break anything.” Then he turned to walk out. 

Wang Xiaoming took a few quick steps and hurried to catch up. He asked with a quiet voice, “Is it really okay… to let them fight like this?” 

Xiang Wenxun answered calmly, “It’s not a big deal. This fight was going to happen sooner or later.”

Since he said that, Wang Xiaoming didn’t have any reason to continue asking questions. 

When Xiang Wenxun and Wang Xiaoming walked into the office, Chu Zhao was sleeping again. 

It was “again” because every time Wang Xiaoming had walked into his office, Chu Zhao looked like he was falling asleep. 

“Looks like the salary I’m paying you is too little?” Xiang Wenxun asked with a smile. 

Chu Zhao hastily sat up and ran his hand through his hair. He answered awkwardly, “Well, it’s normal to be sleepy in the afternoon, right?”

Xiang Wenxun waved a hand. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll add 10% to your salary and buy your sleepiness.” 

Chu Zhao begged off, “Please forgive me President Xiang. I know I’m wrong. Don’t make fun of me anymore.” 

“Giving you a raise is making fun of you?” Xiang Wenxun didn’t quite smile. 

“If I take this 10% bonus, I’d be embarrassed to leave this place without working for 17 or 18 hours.” Chu Zhao swiped at the corner of his eyes with his fingers. Then he looked at Wang Xiaoming and asked, “President Xiang didn’t come today just to check up on me, right?” 

“No, I’m here to introduce someone.” 

Chu Zhao blinked in surprise. Of course he understood what it meant for Xiang Wenxun to make the special effort to introduce Wang Xiaoming; he just didn’t understand why the normally business-like Xiang Wenxun woulduse his personal connections. 

“President Xiang, give me a hint.” 

“There’s no hint to give,” Xiang Wenxun answered with a laugh. “Just give him some pointers at work. The rest of the formal introduction can wait until we grab a meal together outside of work.” 

“Privately… have a meal and then introduce him formally?” Chu Zhao’s brain hurt like it had just gotten run over by a truck. It took him several moments before he numbly responded, “It’s not what I think it is, is it?” 

Xiang Wenxun thought he’d said enough. “I’m putting him in your care, be good to him. As for Wang Sis, find another job for her.” 

Chu Zhao gazed speechlessly at Xiang Wenxun’s nonchalantly retreating figure and found that he had nothing to say. He knew very well what kinds of people ended up at Hao Qing Ge. For him, it didn’t matter what type of place he worked at; what mattered was if the salary was to his satisfaction and whether his supervisor was trustworthy. Xiang Wenxun clearly fit both criteria. He had just never thought that President Xiang, whom he had followed loyally for the past three years, would turn out to be gay! Not only that, but to have been this obvious about getting his paramour a job… No, he needed to think about this. This was such a huge shock. 

Wang Xiaoming also experienced the same shock. 

Even if he hadn’t understood the subtext in what Xiang Wenxun said, he figured it out from Chu Zhao’s shocked face. He had thought about a million possibilities on the way here, including Xiang Wenxun pointing at Chu Zhao’s nose, saying that Chu Zhao was also a fallen angel and telling him to get along nicely with Baal. The only thing he hadn’t considered was for Xiang Wenxun to introduce him like this. 

Though it seemed like Xiang Wenxun had agreed to Baal’s conditions, wasn’t he just a bit too quick to put the plan into action? 

The only one satisfied by this development was Baal. “It’s a shame he’s a human.” 

Chu Zhao finally woke up from his state of shock. He stared at Wang Xiaoming, trying really hard to understand what made him stand out despite how average he seemed. 

Wang Xiaoming shivered under the gaze and asked quietly, “Director Chu?” 

“When did you two meet?”

“Yesterday afternoon.” 

Was this the legendary love-at-first-sight? Chu Zhao’s expression became even weirder after a moment of silence. “When did the relationship start?” 

“Just now.” 

A so-called lightning romance? Chu Zhao touched his eyebrows and muttered, “You won’t be handing out wedding invitations tomorrow, right?” 

“Ah?” Wang Xiaoming jumped at that guess. 

Chu Zhao stared wide-eyed. “Wait, did I guess it?” 

“No, no,” Wang Xiaoming hurriedly denied, but he started to worry about what to do if that guess did come true. 

Chu Zhao shook his head and said, “Nevermind. What the boss does in his private life has nothing to do with me. Since he told me to find something else for Wang Sis, that means you’re set as the manager of the housekeeping division. Then I’ll hold you to the same standards as a real manager… That won’t be a problem, right?” 

“No.” Wang Xiaoming stood ramrod straight. 

“Fine. Then get to the Human Resources Department and get the onboarding paperwork done.”


“What? You think this is a supermarket? Becoming an employee is not as simple as buying stuff.” 

“…” Why was it that both Tao Le and Chu Zhao both liked to compare the Silver House to a supermarket? 

Wang Xiaoming puzzled over the question the entire way to the Human Resources Department. 

The Human Resources staff were good at their jobs. 

Wang Xiaoming figured out two things thanks to the countless forms and items he received.

One, everyone had to clock in to work. 

Two, he worked for nothing both today and yesterday. 

As he got to the 11th floor, a whole crowd of people waited patiently for him there. 

“You…” Wang Xiaoming looked at the person standing at the head of the line. 

The person introduced himself, “My name is Sha Hao and my nickname is Sharky. Xiaoming Bro can just call me Sharky. We’ll follow Xiaoming Bro from now on; please take care of us.” 

“Xiaoming Bro,” the entire crowd chorused. 

Wang Xiaoming had the mistaken impression of accidentally becoming a mafia boss. He swallowed and quietly asked Baal, “What should I say at a time like this?”

Baal scoffed. “Say, if they listen, they’ll get to live longer.” 

Wang Xiaoming responded after a brief moment of silence, “Even if they don’t listen, I don’t have a way of decreasing their lifespans.” 

Baal then answered, “I can. Which one does not spark joy?” 

“They-they all do.” Wang Xiaoming laughed drily and turned around to find that everyone was staring at him wide-eyed. 

“I had an itchy throat just now, so…” Wang Xiaoming looked at each of their faces. They were all about his age and youth practically oozed out from their every pore. He said sincerely, “I hope everyone lives to be a hundred.” 

Sharky started clapping. “As expected from Xiaoming Bro, who’s been to college. Listen to how nicely he said it.” 

Everyone else clapped along and also nodded their heads in agreement. 

Wang Xiaoming felt like sweat-dropping. 

Sharky then lowered his voice and asked, “Xiaoming Bro, do you have any directions for us?” 

“Ah?” Wang Xiaoming didn’t know what to say, so he shook his head and said, “Uhh, everyone do what you want.” 

The crowd looked at each other in confusion. Nobody knew exactly what it meant “to do what you want” during work hours.

Sharky stroked his chin and indicated with his eyes. “I got it, Xiaoming Bro wants us to do work as usual.” 

Everyone else “suddenly came to a realization” and departed. 

Wang Xiaoming’s face turned as red as the candles used during weddings. “Did I screw up just now?” 

“No way!” Sharky laughed loudly. “My biggest wish is to live to be a hundred, really! Xiaoming Bro you got it! So skilled, such skill.” 



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