Chapter 26 – A Favor (2)

Spirit Boss
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From the bottom of Wang Xiaoming’s heart welled up a sense of satisfaction at being associated with someone so impressive.

The surprise in Xiang Wenxun’s eyes faded more quickly than it had arrived. In the blink of an eye, everything returned to normal. “Ah, a fallen angel. May I have the honor of knowing his name?” 

Baal’s finger twitched and looked very much like an arrogant mafia boss directing his underlings to speak his name. 

“Baal,” Wang Xiaoming answered. 

Xiang Wenxun called with a smile, “Mr. Baal.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal’s cool profile and really could not connect him with being a “mister.” 

Xiang Wenxun said, “Actually, I’d like to ask Mr. Baal for another favor.” 

Baal raised an eyebrow and said, “To find that vampire?” 

Wang Xiaoming relayed the message with surprise, “Is it to find that vampire?” 

Xiang Wenxun answered, “If Mr. Baal is willing to help me find him, that would be excellent. But if that’s troublesome, then perhaps Mr. Baal would be willing to point me in the right direction.” 

He didn’t know how his younger brother got tangled up with vampires, but he himself had absolutely no way to open a window of communication with a vampire who was a thousand kilometers away. 

Baal fell silent. 

Wang Xiaoming asked Baal quietly, “Is it hard?” 

“This is my first time in the mortal realm,” Baal answered. 

“…” This meant that Baal actually wasn’t familiar with the mortal realm at all? But looking at Baal’s expression, it seemed like he had something else to say. Wang Xiaoming waited again, but Baal didn’t say anything more. 

Xiang Wenxun kept looking at Wang Xiaoming. Though Xiang Wenxun’s face betrayed nothing, the passionate and persistent gaze landing on Wang Xiaoming’s right cheek was enough to convey his emotions. 

“Uhhh, Baal said it’s his first time in the mortal realm.” 

Xiang Wenxun wasn’t disappointed by this but asked again, “Then does Mr. Baal have a way to find the vampire?” 

Baal’s brows furrowed slightly and then relaxed. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at the upward tilt of Baal’s lips and had a bad feeling about everything again. Usually when Baal felt good about something, Wang Xiaoming was the one who ended up getting hurt, both physically and mentally. 

“If I were whole, it would be simple,” Baal answered. 


Wang Xiaoming looked Baal up and down in surprise. “Which part of your body has disappeared?” 

Baal said expressionlessly, “Can’t you see that my entire body has disappeared?” 

Wang Xiaoming stretched out a finger and pointed to the back of Baal’s hand. Then he shook his head and answered, “Can’t tell.” 


Though he couldn’t hear Baal’s voice, Xiang Wenxun could expand upon Wang Xiaoming’s answer. He then asked, “Does Mr. Baal need to find his own body?” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at him in shock. 

Baal’s smile deepened. “There are intelligent humans after all.” 

Wang Xiaoming felt depressed. He had given humans a bad rep. 

“Inform him that if he wants his brother to wake up, he has to help me repair my body first.” 

Wang Xiaoming said so. 

Xiang Wenxun inquired unhesitantly, “Then what does Mr. Baal need me to do?” He understood very well that he had no choice in the matter right then, because even if he didn’t agree to it, he believed that Baal would use other ways to force him to agree. 

On this point, he understood Baal better than Wang Xiaoming did. 

Naturally, Baal was very satisfied with his attitude. “I have a simple request.” 

Wang Xiaoming’s heart trembled. 

“Have a passionate love affair with him.” 

He’d rather die than say that. 

Wang Xiaoming put his head between his arms. 

Not a second later, Xiang Wenxun saw Wang Xiaoming’s entire body lifted into midair and being shaken like a pendulum. 

“Say it!” Baal’s voice was frightening. 

“No, cough cough…” Wang Xiaoming’s face turned red. “This is, too, embarrassing…” 

Baal snapped, “It won’t be more embarrassing than walking outside buck naked.” 

This was a threat, but Wang Xiaoming gritted his teeth. 

Dammit, did the human really believe that if spells couldn’t be used, Baal would have no other tricks? 

Baal squinted his eyes and tossed Wang Xiaoming back onto the floor. Baal went straight for Wang Xiaoming’s pants. If Wang Xiaoming wouldn’t cooperate, then Baal would just have to force his hand and have him and Xiang Wenxun do the deed. Perhaps their feelings would be more passionate after that. 

Wang Xiaoming’s face turned pale with fright and he kept scooting back until he hit the corner of the wall. His two hands were kept busy fighting with Baal for his pants. 

This meant that Xiang Wenxun saw a really bizarre scene play out—Wang Xiaoming struggling to keep his hold on pants that kept falling down. 

“Wang Xiaoming.” Xiang Wenxun touched his nose. “Whatever the conditions are, just say them.” 

All four of Baal and Wang Xiaoming’s hands froze immediately. 


Xiang Wenxun had always been confident. Even when his brother was turned into a so-called half-vampire in England, he never gave up hope of saving him. But this time, when he looked into Wang Xiaoming’s eyes, he reflected for the first time that he might have been a tad too impulsive. 

Baal let go and patted Wang Xiaoming’s head. “Say it.” 

Wang Xiaoming stuttered out, “He said, we, we…” 

Xiang Wenxun smiled slightly in encouragement. 

But the encouragement seemed futile because Wang Xiaoming got stuck on “we” for five minutes straight. 

Finally Baal became impatient and kicked him to the front of the table. “If you don’t say it, I’ll break Chang Haitao in half!” 

Wang Xiaoming murmured, “He went back home.” 


Wang Xiaoming looked at him in surprise. “You understand ‘going back to grandmother’s home’?”

Baal’s deep-set eyes became darker. “Say it…” 

Wang Xiaoming swallowed and quickly glanced at Xiang Wenxun.

Xiang Wenxun’s smile had practically faded. After all, doing nothing except smiling to encourage someone would get tiring after five minutes. 

“He hopes that we can… fall… fall… fall…” Just a simple phrase, three words. 

Baal wanted nothing more than to kick his butt, hard. 

“Fall in love?” Xiang Wenxun continued for Wang Xiaoming.

Wang Xiaoming looked flabbergasted at Xiang Wenxun’s calm face. 

“Is that it?” Though he already got his answer from Wang Xiaoming’s gaze, Xiang Wenxun politely inquired. 

“Uh, yes, yes.” Under his influence, Wang Xiaoming suddenly felt that admitting it wasn’t so hard after all. 

Xiang Wenxun thought quietly. Even though his face didn’t show it, that didn’t mean he wasn’t actually shocked in his heart. “Can you tell me the reason?” 

Wang Xiaoming looked expectantly at Baal. 

Baal shook his head haughtily. “No.” 

The hope died in Wang Xiaoming’s eyes. 

Xiang Wenxun didn’t have to ask to know the answer. So he nodded and said, “I understand.” 

That was it? He understood? 

Wang Xiaoming watched dazedly as Xiang Wenxun stood up, put on his jacket, and walked out. 

As he got to the door, he paused and asked, “It’s time for work, isn’t it?” 

“Yes, oh, right.” Wang Xiaoming hurriedly stood up and stumbled toward the door. 

Xiang Wenxun gave him a hand. 

Wang Xiaoming straightened in a hurry. He didn’t know what to do and just as he was about to say something to break the awkward silence, the secretary strode in rapidly. “President Xiang.” She looked like she had something to say but she glanced at Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming said in understanding, “I’ll go on then.” 

“Wait, I’ll go see Chu Zhao with you.” Xiang Wenxun instructed the secretary, “You walk and talk.” 

The secretary looked in astonishment at Wang Xiaoming because Xiang Wenxun seemed to mean that things didn’t have to be kept from him? Though others had earned the same privilege before, this one… he seemed to have only arrived yesterday? zzBut the thought only flashed through her mind because the next thing she was going to say was very urgent. “Mr. Tao is fighting with Jie and Ming.”

Xiang Wenxun frowned. “What floor?” 


Xiang Wenxun turned around and walked toward the elevator. 

Wang Xiaoming trailed behind him, not knowing which way to go.

Baal was interested in the show and urged beside him, “Go follow.” 

Wang Xiaoming had no choice and forced himself to follow behind Xiang Wenxun. 

Because they were on the 20th floor, Xiang Wenxun directly walked down using the stairs. 

The Silver House might have described itself as having 20 floors, but in reality it only had 19 floors because the 18th and 19th floors were one. 

When Wang Xiaoming stepped out, he was surprised by the tall ceiling of the floor. It had the kind of emptiness that felt unnecessarily luxurious. 

All the decorations were pressed up tightly against the wall. Statues, oil paintings, vases… maybe it was because the walls were so big and the decorations were placed very regularly, it seemed very discordant. He raised his head and looked up at the bright ceiling. It looked like the natural sky. 

The lobby faced a series white doors. Xiang Wenxun walked through the one farthest to the side. 

Wang Xiaoming carefully followed behind him. Before he got too close, he heard the voice of an unknown man shouting in anger coming from the door. “President Xiang, I’ve been with you since I was 18. You know very well what kind of person I am! I, Xu Yiming, may have a dirty mouth but it’s not dirty enough that I’d go around and talk behind someone’s back. Everyone here is in the business. Who’s more pure? Even if I stepped on anyone here to make myself look good, who’d believe it? F*ck it, did I lose my mind in the washing machine?” 

The words flew out of that guy’s mouth and confused Wang Xiaoming. 

Tao Le let out a cold laugh, “Who knows if your brain had gone through the wash but has now dried?” 

“Damn you, Tao Le! Just because you can’t solve those shitty problems between you and Jie, don’t make everything else shitty! You’re the one whose brain got lost, aren’t you? Don’t hmph me. I know you own part of the Silver House and I also know your family’s influence. I don’t give a crap anymore. Worst comes to worst, I’ll take my things and go prostitute myself in another city. I refuse to believe that if I strip naked, nobody will pay for me!” 

In the span of these few sentences, Wang Xiaoming’s brain drew up an image of a feisty and argumentative man. 

Tao Le scoffed, “Fine. You said it. Don’t f*cking let me see you walk in with a smile tomorrow.” 

“Tao Le,” Xiang Wenxun warned quietly. 

Tao Le hmph-ed and fell silent. 

Wang Xiaoming quietly walked in a couple of steps. Baal had already gone in the minute Xu Yiming had started talking. He had even picked out a nice spot to sit down and watch the show. When Baal noticed him poking his head in, Baal pointed to the empty spot beside him. 

When every eye in the room turned to look at him, Wang Xiaoming thought, after a moment of silence, that being a spirit did have its advantages in these situations. 



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