Chapter 25 – A Favor (1)

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Never heard the name.  

Wang Xiaoming blinked. “Is there an address?” 

Baal answered, “There is. Surrounded by hundreds of thousands of vampires. Want to go?” 

In the middle of… hundreds of thousands of vampires…? 

Wang Xiaoming’s mind drew up a dark and creepy image. “Will they eat me?” 


Though Baal denied it, Wang Xiaoming knew, based on the time he had spent with Baal over the last few days, that there would be something else.  

Naturally, Baal said, “They won’t eat you, just tear you apart.” 

Wang Xiaoming inhaled sharply and said, “I have every confidence in President Xiang. He will definitely find the vampire.” 

When he arrived at work that afternoon, Wang Xiaoming was already in front of the Silver House when he remembered that he still didn’t know how to enter through the employee’s entrance. He looked at the door that shone brighter than a lightbulb and glinted more insistently than a diamond. Then he asked sadly, “Will I be fired?” 

“No.” Baal reassured without a care, “We’ve got someone by his throat.”  

Even though Wang Xiaoming was very glad Baal used the word “we,” he would have been even happier if Baal hadn’t followed that with “got someone by his throat.” 

There came an ear-piercing sound of brakes from behind him. 

Wang Xiaoming turned around and a pitch black sedan rushed at them the exact same way the silver sports car had yesterday. More surprisingly, Wang Xiaoming realized his mind was just as blank as it had been then and he again didn’t dodge. 

The car stopped. 

Tao Le stepped out from the car, his head wrapped in lots of bandages that hurt Wang Xiaoming’s eyes in the sunlight. He looked at Wang Xiaoming’s dazed expression and was so angry he laughed, “You know, even a dog learns to paddle when you toss him into water. How can you not learn how to dodge?” 

Wang Xiaoming muttered quietly, “Didn’t you stop?” 

Tao Le cursed, “Damn! Are you complaining that I didn’t hit you?” 

“No, what I meant was, could you take me inside the Silver House?” Wang Xiaoming revealed an obedient and enticing smile. 

Tao Le smiled in response and then his face returned to its blank state. “Why should I?” 

“Uh.” Wang Xiaoming lowered his head.

Wang Xiaoming scratched his head. “I forgot how to get into the Silver House?” 

“How did you get in yesterday?” Tao Le frowned. He seemed to remember Xiang Wenxun saying that it was with him?

Wang Xiaoming jumped and stuttered out, “Just, just uhh…” 

The door opened unannounced from the inside. 

Xiang Wenxun wore a suit of slate blue opened slightly at the collar. “Why are you wasting time? Get inside.” 

Tao Le teased, “Aren’t you the one who insists on being pure and modest? What made you risk popping the two top buttons?” 

Xiang Wenxun responded, “Because I got annoyed at cleaning up after a certain someone.” 

Tao Le detected the frustration in Xiang Wenxun’s voice and raised an eyebrow.

Xiang Wenxun and Tao Le had grown up together; their families had been friends for generations. Later, Xiang Wenxun’s father had to escape abroad because of some problems and before he left, he had repeatedly asked the Tao family to watch after the Xiang brothers. At the time, Tao Le’s father had patted his chest and reassured Xiang Wenxun’s father that even if Tao Le grew up to be a good-for-nothing, he would make sure that Xiang Wenxun and Xiang Wenjie made something of themselves. When they grew up, Xiang Wenxun really did make something of himself… and Tao Le really did become a good-for-nothing. Every time Tao Le’s father yelled at him, Tao Le would retort back that it was meant to be, that he was cursed. 

Later, he went abroad and spent three years under the watchful eye of Mr. Xiang and somehow managed to get himself a barely useful degree. He prepared to return home and bring glory to his family, but he had only managed to stay at home for two days before his father kicked him over to work for Xiang Wenxun—though the “work for” was nominal, since most of the time it was Xiang Wenxun who had to clean up his messes. He made trouble, Xiang Wenxun sorted out the trouble. It had been so many years and Xiang Wenxun had never once said it was exhausting. This was something new. 

“A-xun,” he looked carefully at Xiang Wenxun and asked, “please tell me you don’t have any health issues because you’ve suppressed yourself for so long?” 

“My head hasn’t exploded yet, what issues could I have?” Xiang Wenxun gave Wang Xiaoming a look. “You follow me.” 

Wang Xiaoming immediately followed after him with his head lowered. 

Tao Le stood in the same spot for a while before suddenly catching up. He put his mouth close to Xiang Wenxun’s ear and asked, “What are you going to talk about? I want to hear.” 

“A detailed plan of the goals and arrangements of the housekeepers for the next year at the Silver House.” Xiang Wenxun paused. “Do you want to know?” 

Tao Le said, “Don’t joke with me. You want to talk about this with someone who’s brand new?” 

“Wang Sis is on vacation for the next half a month. Chu Zhao recommended that he be the temporary manager for the housekeeping division.” 

“…” Tao Le couldn’t believe it and asked, “What weird things happened yesterday after I crashed my car?” Or was this hillbilly-looking Wang Xiaoming actually the child of someone rich and famous who was just here to experience life?

Xiang Wenxun retorted, “The weirdest thing that happened after you crashed your car was that within an hour of being sent to the same hospital as you, President Zhang seems to have been transferred to the ICU.” 

Tao Le looked at the ceiling and said, “That does seem to be an act of god.” 

“He’s got some influence in this city. Be careful.” That was all Xiang Wenxun would say on this matter. 

Tao Le didn’t like that. “His fault for touching Jie! Who doesn’t know that Jie belongs to me? Whatever hand he used to touch Jie, I’ll maim it. If that thing on his body touched Jie, I’ll f*cking make sure he never has children.” 

Wang Xiaoming was frightened by the hatred and ferocity in Tao Le’s tone. He couldn’t help but scooch closer to Baal. 

Xiang Wenxun’s gaze skimmed over Baal and immediately looked away. He said calmly, “Who knows whose fault it was that Jie is in this predicament?” 

This struck a weak point and Tao Le immediately wilted.

After Xiang Wenxun walked with Wang Xiaoming into the elevator, Tao Le muttered discontentedly to himself, “What’s with the temper today?” 

As soon as the elevator doors closed, Xiang Wenxun slumped against the corner. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal and then at Xiang Wenxun and couldn’t help but ask, “Did you work super late last night?” 

Xiang Wenxun smiled bitterly. “I didn’t sleep at all.” 

It was impossible to find this kind of brother anymore.Wang Xiaoming envied the young man who had run after being half-bitten by a vampire. 

“I’ve reached out to both France and England.” Xiang Wenxun massaged between his brows. “He was in France the couple of days before he got shipped back and spent a night in a hotel in Lyon. His school in England has no idea about him going to France and his roommate says he left with a blond guy. I’m in the middle of asking a friend to make a composite sketch of the blond…” 

Wang Xiaoming saw that Xiang Wenxun was so tired he was about to collapse and coaxed, “Why don’t you take a bit of rest?” 

“No need. I have a meeting in a bit.” Xiang Wenxun looked up. “Is your friend here?” 

“Yes, he…” 

“Don’t tell him that I can’t be more than five meters away from you.” Baal immediately cut off what he was about to say. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at him in confusion. 

“Then it won’t get in the way of him being intimate with you.” Baal was being considerate. 

But Wang Xiaoming didn’t care for his consideration at all. 

Xiang Wenxun couldn’t see Baal and could only guess at Baal’s movements from Wang Xiaoming’s expression. “Your friend isn’t happy?” 

“No, no. He’s very happy,” Wang Xiaoming said as he looked at Baal. 

Baal gave him a look that said, “What part of me looks happy?” 

Even though the sentiment he conveyed was complicated, Wang Xiaoming understood it. He subconsciously tried to make Baal feel better by smiling. 

Baal frowned, “Can’t you smile more prettily?” 

Wang Xiaoming responded resignedly, “There are natural limitations to that.”

“What?” Xiang Wenxun asked. 

“I said, no matter how hard Sister Furong1Sister Furong’s information tries, she can’t smile like Audrey Hepburn.”  Wang Xiaoming guessed that Baal didn’t understand who Sister Furong or Audrey Hepburn were, so he didn’t keep his voice down as he muttered a response.

Though Baal didn’t know who Sister Furong or Audrey Hepburn were, he could tell from Wang Xiaoming’s tone that Wang Xiaoming was talking back at him. He reflexively whacked Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming hadn’t anticipated that and stumbled his way into Xiang Wenxun’s arms. 

This might be the second time. 

Wang Xiaoming straightened up awkwardly. 

Xiang Wenxun looked thoughtfully in Baal’s direction and patted Wang Xiaoming’s shoulder. “You okay?” 

“I’m fine.” Wang Xiaoming laughed drily and took a few steps back. 

Baal scolded angrily, “Idiot, couldn’t you have spent longer there?” 

The elevator opened with a ding

Wang Xiaoming laughed embarrassedly, “Time waits for no one.” 

The secretary stood at the door and surprised confusion flashed across her eyes when she saw Wang Xiaoming and Xiang Wenxun come out together. But she quickly recovered and said, as she normally would, “Just now President Wang from Tongda Constructions called to see if you’re free this Saturday for golf. Miss Zhou said there’s a party on Friday night and asked if you would have time to attend. And…” 

“These things can wait.” Xiang Wenxun instructed, “Bring me a glass of water to the half-circle conference room.” 

The half-circle conference room was indeed half a circle. 

Wang Xiaoming sat down on the other side of the long table and looked at Xiang Wenxun guardedly as the man slowly took off his jacket and draped it over the back of a chair.

“Yesterday was so hectic and my thoughts were all over the place, so there were a lot of things that I didn’t get to say. I want to formally say them now.” Xiang Wenxun asked, “Your friend is…?” 

Wang Xiaoming pointed at the seat next to him. 

Xiang Wenxun turned around and said to what seemed like air to him, “Regardless of whether my brother can wake up, I owe you a favor.” 

Baal’s lips curled. He liked hearing that. 

Wang Xiaoming took one look at Baal’s face and knew that Baal was about to repeat his previous sentiments. He hurriedly said, “President Xiang is too kind.” 

“But to me, some things cannot be mixed together. Just like one will always be one, and two will always be two. Since I owe you a favor, I’d like to know to whom I owe this favor.” 

Wang Xiaoming saw Baal’s eyes start to squint and became nervous on Xiang Wenxun’s behalf. 

Baal’s eyebrows lifted. “What do you want to know?” 

Wang Xiaoming said, “Please feel free to ask.” 


Baal looked at him, “Was that how I said it?” 

Wang Xiaoming pursed his lips and explained, “Uhhh, as a translator, sometimes you have to take artistic liberties.” 

Xiang Wenxun asked, “I’d like to know exactly what… race your friend is.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal and when Baal didn’t object, Wang Xiaoming said, “Fallen angel.” 

“…” Clearly this answer was way beyond Xiang Wenxun’s expectations. The two exclamation marks shining in his eyes were practically visible from space.


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