Chapter 21 – Placing an Order (3)

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The Silver House had their own doctor’s office, staffed by retired doctors. Though their eyesight and physical stamina might not be the best, they had lots of experience. Wang Sis was hurriedly escorted there by the guards. 

Chu Zhao, as an instigator, had no choice but to follow along. 

The audience realized the show was over and returned to whatever it was they had been doing. 

Jiang Xueyan wanted to say something to Wang Xiaoming, but in light of all the probing looks thrown their way, she gave up on the thought and left with an enticing smile. 

Though Wang Xiaoming knew very well he was into men, he almost felt himself drowning in that smile. He lightly slapped his own face and stood in line with his head hung low. After he received his food, he sat down to eat in a corner, hoping to hide his presence. But the desire for gossip was strong and no matter how long Wang Xiaoming kept his head lowered, he could feel the others trying to stare at his face. 

Suddenly Baal moved from his side to be in front of him. 

Wang Xiaoming looked up in surprise. 

“Are you planning on licking the plate?” Baal frowned at the rice kernel that was stuck on Wang Xiaoming’s left cheek because his face was so close to the rice bowl. 

“No.” Wang Xiaoming actually managed to control the shape of his mouth to not move as obviously in order to avoid drawing attention to himself. Despite this, in Baal’s eyes that distracting piece of rice still shook. 

Baal squinted. 

“What…?” Wang Xiaoming watched in surprise as Baal flicked at his cheek and the piece of rice fell down because of the vibrations. 

Some of the female workers sitting nearby clustered together and whispered. 

Employee A said quietly, “Did you see that? Did you?” 

Employee B stared wide-eyed and said in a daze, “His face moved up and down like it was a wave.” 

Employee A swallowed and said, “I think it’s more like a phone vibrating.” 

Employee C questioned, “… Is that something a human cheek should be able to do?” 



The cold wind coming from everyone’s heart howled through the cafeteria. 

Wang Xiaoming shivered inexplicably. His eyes scanned his surroundings and he covered his mouth with his palm as he whispered, “I feel like they’re giving me strange looks.” 

Baal said with obvious pride, “You’re the host to my body. It’s natural for people to look at you.” 

“Host to your body?” Wang Xiaoming blinked. This sentence sounded like something from a horror movie, specifically a line about the food used to nurture monsters. Wang Xiaoming recalled that Baal had said before that his body was inside Wang Xiaoming’s heart and an extremely bizarre sensation welled up inside him. He lowered his voice to ask, “What exactly does this mean?” 

“Want to know?” Baal raised his right eyebrow. 

Wang Xiaoming hesitated and then finally gave in to worry and curiosity. He nodded. 

“Then try your best to fall in love.” 

Wang Xiaoming had resigned himself to that response. “If you don’t like your body being inside my heart, then let me lose my memories. Why do I have to fall in love?” 

“Because,” Baal reached out a finger and violently pinched Wang Xiaoming’s nose, “that’s not for you to know.” 


Employee A stuttered, “H-he, his nose… caved in.” 

Employee B concurred, “I saw that too.” 

Employee C said nothing. She just stared wide-eyed with her mouth wide open, letting the rice slide out. 

The wintry wind in the cafeteria turned into a blizzard and froze almost everyone’s expression.

Wang Xiaoming finished his meal speechlessly and was just about to leave when he spotted Chu Zhao walking in from outside. Chu Zhao scanned the cafeteria and then walked straight toward him. 

Wang Xiaoming shot up from his seat and said nervously, “Director Chu.” 

Chu Zhao looked at him meaningfully and a cold smile slowly appeared on his lips. “You’ve certainly got a way about you. I underestimated you.” 


Had he already figured out that Wang Sis was hung on the door because of him? Wang Xiaoming became more nervous and the blood rushed to his face. 

“Sit.” Chu Zhao sat down across from him. 

Fortunately Baal had already stood up or else Chu Zhao would have definitely ended up sitting on him… wait, no, inside him. Wang Xiaoming breathed a sigh of relief. 

After Chu Zhao sat down, he habitually dug for his cigarette. Then he looked at Wang Xiaoming’s face and remembered what had happened in the afternoon. He withdrew his hand and placed it on the table.

Wang Xiaoming looked at him fearfully, like a criminal awaiting sentencing from a judge. 

The more he worried, the more Chu Zhao dillydallied. He knocked and tapped on the table with his fingers and each strike made Wang Xiaoming’s heart jump. 

Baal stood next to them and stroked his chin. The human looked much more attractive after dying his hair black. He could be a candidate after all. 

Perhaps he thought he’d drawn the moment out for long enough, but Chu Zhao finally opened his mouth and said, “Like you wanted, President Xiang has decided to send you to Hao Qing Ge.” 

“Ah?” After relief came confusion. Wang Sis seemed to have mentioned the same place right before she was hung in the air. Wang Xiaoming looked at Chu Zhao in confusion. “What is Hao Qing Ge?”

“Pretentious.” Chu Zhao felt utter disdain toward Wang Xiaoming in his heart. He had the guts to cheat his way using connections but not the guts to admit it. “But even if you go up there, you’ll still be part of the housekeeping crew. Unless you’ve got the ability to have President Xiang switch you to the Executive Department, for as long as you work for me, you’re never going to put down the broom in your hands.” The sinister smile on his face seemed to declare how dark Wang Xiaoming’s future would be. 

Wang Xiaoming pursed his lips and asked quietly, “Does the Silver House not have a vacuum?” 

Chu Zhao squinted. “Are you making fun of me?” 

“Of course not.” Wang Xiaoming sat up straight, his entire face filled with surprise. 

This guy was either extremely stupid or extremely cunning. 

Chu Zhao concluded in his heart. 

Wang Xiaoming forced himself to ask, “So what am I supposed to do next?” 

“Do?” Chu Zhao crossed his legs and looked at him with a half-smile. “What do you want to do?” 

“Me?” Wang Xiaoming asked in surprise.

“President Xiang favors you. Since I’ve already forced you to stay with the housekeeping division, I can’t very well force you to do what you don’t want to do.” Both of Chu Zhao’s eyebrows jumped simultaneously. “Sweeping, washing dishes, wiping tables… what do you choose?” 

Sweeping, washing dishes, or wiping tables? 

Wang Xiaoming questioned, “We really can’t use a vacuum?” It really was true that all of those machines in that room were purchased just to take up space and people still used the most basic methods when working. 

Chu Zhao’s brows furrowed into valleys and then quickly relaxed again. His eyes shone with a calculating glint and it was completely undisguised. 

Wang Xiaoming couldn’t help but scoot closer to Baal. 

Baal crossed his arms and felt extremely satisfied at this development. No matter what, at least this guy, out of all the possible candidates, seemed proactive—they could temporarily disregard why he was being proactive. 

“Wang Xiaoming.” Chu Zhao flicked his fingers on the table. 

Wang Xiaoming’s heart immediately gave a thump. 

“You’re a college student, right?” 


Chu Zhao said, “Wang Sis didn’t even graduate from high school.” 

Was he getting ready to say bad things about Wang Sis behind her back?

Wang Xiaoming was confused by the sudden change in the attitude.

“So, what Wang Sis can do, you can also do, right?” Chu Zhao played his trump card and said calmly, “During Wang Sis’s recuperation, you shouldn’t have a problem doing her work as the manager of the housekeeping division, right?” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at him, clearly lost and as if he had just spoken in Martian. 

Chu Zhao laughed coldly. 

Since President Xiang thought so highly of him, then he’d give him a lift. Whether it would be a meteoric rise to the top or a crash straight to the ground was yet to be determined. 

Hao Qing Ge wasn’t any old place. Everyone who came through was either powerful, rich, or connected. For someone as stupid as Wang Xiaoming, Chu Zhao had plenty of ways to get him to make a fool out of himself in there. He refused to believe that the same President Xiang who wouldn’t protect his own cousin when he did something wrong would protect someone like Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming stammered, “But I have no experience.” 

“Scram if you can’t do it.” The more Chu Zhao thought about it, the smarter he thought he was. Of course he wouldn’t give Wang Xiaoming any chance to back out. 

“… I’ll do it.” Just think of it as a trial by society, Wang Xiaoming cheered himself on. 

“Go to the 11th floor and find someone named Big Fa. He’ll let you know what to do.” 

Wang Xiaoming took a deep breath and just as he was about to leave, he heard Chu Zhao ask drily, “By the way, Wang Sis said you used demon magic to hang her up on the wall… is that true?” 

Wang Xiaoming laughed drily, “How could that be possible?” 

Chu Zhao looked at him and scoffed after a long moment, “I thought so. Go.” 

Wang Xiaoming relaxed and then immediately walked out. 

When his figure had completely disappeared, Chu Zhao took out his phone and dialed a number. “How are Wang Sis’s injuries looking? … Only needs two days of rest? Too soon. I don’t care if you have to break her leg or toss her from the stairs. Whatever you do, I need her to rest for a week. You can’t bring yourself to hit her? Then jab her with something, it’ll be effective.” Before waiting for an answer, he hung up decisively and then dialed another number. “Big Fa, I need you to do something…” 

“Baal, what do you think the manager of the housekeeping division needs to do?” As Wang Xiaoming gradually accepted that he needed to take responsibility, he became excited at the prospect and looked forward to it. “Probably needs to organize shifts or something? I saw them hang those things on their walls. Or maybe…” 

He kept chatting away, but Baal thought otherwise. He saw the schemes in Chu Zhao’s eyes. If he wasn’t wrong, Chu Zhao probably wanted Wang Xiaoming to be some manager of the housekeeping division in an effort to get him into trouble. That would make it easier to get rid of him. But so what if that was true? Humans were only capable of causing so much trouble. There was nothing worth anticipating.  

“Baal, what are you thinking about?” Wang Xiaoming looked at him curiously. Honestly, he wasn’t used to Baal not throwing cold water on his dreams. 

“I’m thinking whether someone would die faster in lava or in snow.” 

Wang Xiaoming pressed himself against the wall and asked in terror, “Why are you thinking about this?” 

“I’m bored. This passes time.” 

“…” Perhaps the first thing he’d do after getting paid would be buying a PSP for Baal so that he didn’t have time to be bored.


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