Chapter 18 – Application (3)

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Chu Zhao handed Wang Xiaoming off to someone named Wang1Not a relative of Wang Xiaoming; different family/last name. Sis—from the first moment she had seen him, her eyebrows hadn’t straightened. After three days of observation, Wang Xiaoming was finally sure that Wang Sis’s eyebrows were naturally slanted inward. 

But he hadn’t known that when they first met, so he had been very nervous. 

If he got nervous, Wang Sis’s eyebrows would slant higher. 

The higher Wang Sis’s eyebrows got, the more nervous he got. 

It was a negative feedback loop and caused the two to stare at each other for a long time and leave each other with extremely bad first impressions. 

Finally, Wang Sis interrupted the silence to ask, “What’s your English name?” 

Wang Xiaoming drew a blank and then remembered that, in middle school, his teacher had assigned him an English name. “Tom.” 

After finding out that his name was “Wang Xiaoming,”2Wang Xiaoming’s name is very common in Chinese. It’s one of the “John Smith” names. Wang Sis had mentally prepared herself for his English name. In the end, she hadn’t prepared enough. 

Wang Sis shut her eyes and slowly opened them. “From now on, your Chinese name and English name all have to be changed!” 

His parents had given him his Chinese name so how could he just change it like this?

Wang Xiaoming felt helpless and upset. As for his English name, that had been his nickname in middle school. To change it would be like getting rid of a stain in his life story.

But Wang Sis was somewhat merciful. “Since your name is Wang Xiaoming, I won’t change it too much. I’ll just call you Ming Wang from now on.” 

Wang Sis’s right eyebrow twitched upward like a chopstick and kept pulsing. “You ready to talk back to your boss on the first day of work?” 

Wang Xiaoming quietly shut up. 

“Your English name should match your Chinese name.” Wang Sis clapped her hands. “Let’s call you Queen!” 

Baal cackled.

Wang Xiaoming asked cautiously, “I think that means a female ruler, right?” Since his name was Ming Wang, shouldn’t his name at least be King or Bright? 

Wang Sis glared at him. “Did you want to be called King?” 

Though he didn’t really want to be called that, it would stillbe better than Queen. 

“King’s been claimed already. Don’t you even think about it.” Wang Sis looked at her watch. “It’s about to be three o’clock in a bit. Do you want to start today or tomorrow?” 

The sooner he began working, the more money he would earn. So Wang Xiaoming unhesitantly declared, “Today.” 

Wang Sis nodded, satisfied with his answer. “Good, I’ll take you around so you get familiar with the environment and also tell you a bit about the Silver House.” 

Because Wang Sis dressed sophisticatedly—or at least she did in Wang Xiaoming’s eyes, more posh than Chu Zhao, who only wore a white shirt and dark gray suit pants—Wang Xiaoming had always assumed that Wang Sis was upper management of some department. 

Only later did he find out that though Wang Sis was indeed in charge of a division, she was far from being sophisticated because she was in charge of housekeeping. 

“Don’t underestimate housekeeping. President Xiang thinks highly of our division and is always checking in.” Wang Sis was angered by the surprise Wang Xiaoming couldn’t keep hidden. 

Wang Xiaoming scratched his head. “That’s not what I meant.” It was just that paying a housekeeping intern two thousand yuan a month… the Silver House was definitely a house made of silver. 

Wang Sis informed him, “The entire Silver House is divided into three major departments. They are: Executive, Entertainment, and Service. We belong to Service and our boss is Director Chu, who brought you over. The Service Department is further divided into housekeeping, kitchen, reception, security, and maintenance. Housekeeping is again divided between the public, entertainment, and guest house areas. You’re new here, so temporarily stay in the public area.” 

When Wang Xiaoming heard at the beginning that Chu Zhao was the director of the Service Department, his heart jumped and he thought something bad was going to happen. Then he heard her introduce a whole bunch of the other stuff and the information knocked him senseless. It took him a long time to ask, “So what do I need to do?” 

“Do?” Wang Sis looked him up and down. “I heard you are a college kid? Know how to do chores?” 

“Yes.” Regardless of if he was at home or studying away from home, he’d always done chores himself.

“Oh good.” Wang Sis turned around and walked into a small room. “Show me how to use all of these tools.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked stupidly at all of the machines in the room. 

In the end, Wang Sis slapped a “household chore idiot” label on him on top of the “lazyass” label. She also indicated that only when he had learned how to use all of these tools would he be able to remove those labels. 

Wearing a uniform that was clearly a size too big, Wang Xiaoming watched Wang Sis’s proud figure retreat and then he began to silently investigate how to use all the machinery in the room. 

Baal surveyed the room and said, “She’s making things difficult for you.” 

“Ah?” Wang Xiaoming looked up in surprise. 

“You can tell from the dust on these machines that they barely use them once in several hundred years.” Baal pointed to an unidentified round object in the back of the room. “That one still has the price tag on it.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked helplessly at the pile of items. “So what am I supposed to do?” 

Baal crossed his arms. “Of course you need to go find the person you met on the bus. Didn’t you feel good about him?” 

Wang Xiaoming stuttered out, “I… when did I… have good feelings about him?” 

“Or, did you like the one they call President Xiang?” Baal stroked his chin. “Actually, the one who drove the sports car—if he didn’t die from the crash, he’d be a candidate too. Hmm, if you look at it this way, the Silver House really is an excellent place.” He paused. “Oh, right, you don’t need to consider the one with the burnt hair.” 

“Why?” Wang Xiaoming swore he asked this purely out of curiosity. Because to him, Baal was definitely the type who would rather risk killing an innocent person than letting the guilty go free. 

Baal answered, “His hair color is too tasteless.”  

Wang Xiaoming answered, “So you burned his hair because you thought his hair color was too tasteless?” 

“Did you think there was another reason?” Baal side-eyed him.

Wang Xiaoming laughed drily, “That’s what I thought too.” … Of course, Baal wouldn’t be one to get revenge for Wang Xiaoming just because that guy had kicked him once. He was disappointed because the moment Chu Zhao’s hair caught on fire, he had laughed in his heart. It was as if Nobi had met his Doraemon after years of misfortune. Even though his Doraemon was vulgar and violent, at least it would protect him occasionally. Only now did he realize that it was all just his wishful thinking. 

“Don’t just stand around; go find him,” Baal urged. 

Wang Xiaoming said in a worried tone, “But Wang Sis just said…” 

“What are you afraid of?” Baal’s lips lifted. “If she dares complain, I’ll send her somewhere several thousands of meters away.” 

Wang Xiaoming asked, “… Can I not go?” 

“What do you think?” Baal raised his eyebrows. 

So Wang Xiaoming, under Baal’s encouragement plus threats, skipped out of work a mere ten minutes after his shift had officially started. 

The interior of the Silver House was larger than he had imagined. The great hall was just the tip of the iceberg. Wang Xiaoming wandered around cautiously for about half an hour before realizing with despair that he was lost. 

Xiang Wenxun realized the same thing.

At that moment, Xiang Wenxun sat on the sofa and was watching with interest as Wang Xiaoming sweated while trying to find the way out. Wang Xiaoming’s lips kept opening and closing. More miraculously, anytime it looked like he was about to bump into someone, he’d somehow dodge. 

The guard in the security room cautiously glanced at Xiang Wenxun and cursed silently at the idiot on the screen. If it wasn’t for him, Xiang Wenxun wouldn’t have stayed for so long and he wouldn’t be afraid to use the toilet. 

If he got some disease like a prostate infection, he’d make the idiot suffer. 

Wang Xiaoming clearly didn’t feel any of the ill-wishes coming from somewhere in the same building. Right now, the only thought in his brain was: he had to find his way back. 

Whenever he thought of Wang Sis and her two vertical eyebrows or of Chu Zhao and his well-defined muscles, his heart shuddered. If they found out that he had left his assigned post, he’d get kicked out. The face of the manager from the management training office and Xiang Wenxun’s face overlapped each other. 

“Baal, what do I do?” He was about to burst into tears. He had originally wanted to just walk around and fool Baal. He hadn’t thought that once he started walking, he wouldn’t be able to get back. This time he really did want this job because it was rare to find an intern job for 2000 a month. 

As Baal walked in front of Wang Xiaoming, he observed their surroundings and said calmly, “What’s there to be worried about? They’re just a bunch of useless humans.” 

Wang Xiaoming looked at the figure ahead of him. 

The light shone on his black suit and gave it a soft, orange tint. 

Honestly, he never could figure out how come, if Baal was a spirit, light didn’t pass through him. But he knew that this kind of Baal made him feel more secure than a transparent Baal. Even though Baal would hit him, he had barged into Wang Xiaoming’s life in his weirdly bossy way and had stayed close. These years, even his parents would keep a safe distance from him because they were afraid of his streak of bad luck. 

“Found it.” Baal suddenly stopped walking and Wang Xiaoming could hear a hint of excitement in his voice. 

Wang Xiaoming came back to himself. “What?” 

“Your little lover.” 

Luckily Wang Xiaoming had his back toward Baal, otherwise he’d be terrified by the evil glint in Baal’s eyes. Actually, instead of calling it an evil glint, it’d be more accurate to say it was the hope Baal experienced as he imagined his body fully recovered and ruling over the Nine Realms again—even though, to the majority of the beings in the Nine Realms, that would not be such good news. 

Wang Xiaoming hesitated, “Uhh, actually I’m not that familiar with him.” 

“Wait.” Baal said quietly, “There’s someone else.” 

He silently watched the middle-aged bald guy sitting close to the young man. He silently contemplated whether to send the middle-aged guy to the middle of a high-traffic road or to put him on top of a skinny flagpole… It was unfortunate that his powers had drastically decreased after he became a spirit, otherwise he’d send the guy directly to the deepest part of the ocean or, better yet, to the mouth of a volcano. 

The middle-aged bald guy, who was just about to shamelessly kiss the young man’s smooth and white cheek, suddenly turned around and let out a gigantic sneeze. 

  • 1
    Not a relative of Wang Xiaoming; different family/last name.
  • 2
    Wang Xiaoming’s name is very common in Chinese. It’s one of the “John Smith” names.


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