Chapter 100 – Magical Tiger (1)

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The wolf howls came continuously, like frightening waves, one after another. 

Though the tiger’s roar was fierce, it was still only one against many and it quickly found itself at a disadvantage. 

Wang Xiaoming and Baal looked at each other in confusion. 

Wang Xiaoming asked quietly, “Are they… performing a call and response song?” 

Baal asked in confusion, “What’s a call and response song?” 

“It’s just like this. You sing a phrase and I sing a phrase.” 

Maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him, but Baal thought the tiger’s tail suddenly straightened. 

Just then. 

Like an unexpected thunderstorm, the pack of wolves suddenly rushed at them from all sides, covering the sky like a giant black canvas. 

Baal off-handedly set up a ward and watched the scene unfold without any expression on his face. 

The wolves moved quickly. 

If their numbers hadn’t been so great and their attacks hadn’t come in neverending waves, Wang Xiaoming’s eyes would never have been able to process such a scene.

His body tensed up in an instant and both hands clutched desperately at a corner of Baal’s sleeves. The cry that had been about to spill out from his throat was strangled and cut-off in fear.  

The solid frame of the tiger’s body was quickly covered by the pack of wolves. 

“Save it…” Wang Xiaoming tugged on Baal’s clothes. 

Baal had always hated to wade into unnecessary trouble like this. Forests had their own rules when it came to survival of the fittest. If it couldn’t protect itself, that meant it was incapable. Even if it were saved this time, it would be destined to die the next time. So why waste his effort to save it just this once? 

But what Wang Xiaoming said next changed his mind really quickly. 

“But definitely don’t do it if it’s too hard.” Though it was a bit selfish, Wang Xiaoming still put Baal first in his heart. So he could never say something that would sacrifice Baal just to save a tiger. 

The same sentence didn’t mean the same thing to Baal. 

He, Baal, would actually consider saving a tiger that could only mew like a cat a hardship?! 

He reached out a hand and balled it into a fist. 

The tiger was instantly moved inside their ward. 

Though, from the looks of it, it seemed to have been faring better than they had imagined. Aside from a few claw marks on its body, it seemed quite energetic, completely unlike somebody who had been beaten down and was unable to defend itself against the horde.

The tiger’s mind hadn’t yet processed that it had already been removed from the horde that surrounded it. It almost leapt at Wang Xiaoming, but when it figured out what was happening, all the fur that had stood on end immediately softened. It even tucked in its two front paws, as if kneeling in obedience in front of Wang Xiaoming. 

Baal couldn’t help but ask, “You know it?” 

Wang Xiaoming felt like he’d be too pretentious if he claimed to not know the tiger given the circumstances, so he nodded and said, “We just met.” 

Baal, “…” 

Outside of the ward, the wolf pack stared at them with emerald green eyes and gave them chilling looks. 

Since the ward was transparent, Wang Xiaoming could very clearly sense the oppressive auras that emanated from them. 

Baal found his clothes gripped tighter and tighter and had no choice but to snap his fingers. 

The entire pack of wolves was instantly moved away. 

Michelle was in a horrible mood. 

Ever since she decided to go against Baal and Wang Xiaoming, she had been searching for their whereabouts. But the two of them seemed to have evaporated from the forest. 

Given how much Edward cared for Wang Xiaoming, he would never lead the human to the center ring. After all, there were all kinds of magical beasts that resided there and every one of them could kill Wang Xiaoming. 

But she had searched the outer ring thoroughly and several times over. She had even asked Rosca and Casro from the Tzimisce clan to pretend to be from another Camarilla clan and go into the Camarilla territory to investigate. But all to no avail. 

“Could they really have gone to the center ring?” she asked herself. Come to think of it, only the deepest parts of the second ring and the center ring remained unexamined. 

“Let’s go to the center ring!” she yelled at Casro and Rosca, who were resting underneath the tree. 

Rosca half-squinted and looked at her. “No.” 

Casro closed his eyes and picked up the second half of the sentence, “We’re tired.” 

They’d only been walking for a few hours, what was there to be tired of? They weren’t humans! 

Michelle was extremely dissatisfied with their lazy attitudes, but considering their partnership, she struggled to hold her tongue. “I promise this is the last one today.” 

“Oh, the last one today.” Rosca mimicked her emphasis in a sarcastic tone. “You’re not going to make the last one last until tomorrow morning, are you? And then tell us that, hey, tomorrow is here, let’s keep trying!” 

Michelle’s chest heaved violently and the two fists she had on either side of her body were clenched tightly. She kept trying to calculate how much of a winning chance she had if she kicked these two lazy bums away. 

Suddenly, Casro and Rosca both stood up. 

Michelle was about to ask what happened when countless green eyes appeared around them. 


Magical wolves? 

Without even thinking about it, Casro, Rosca, Michelle, and Andy, who had not said a word this entire time, turned into bats and flew into the air. 

But that wasn’t enough to stop the wolves’ desire to attack. 

Every last one of the wolves leapt into the air as if struck by madness. 

Michelle dodged claw after claw by a thin margin. She landed on a tree branch and, after making sure they couldn’t jump up, sighed and turned back into her human form. “How can there be magical wolves here?” 

“I don’t know why wolves would appear here; I just know that I very, very much hate wolves!” Rosca and Casro turned back into their own human shapes not far from her. 

Given the age-long conflict between werewolves and vampires… their dislike of wolves wasn’t without reason.

“Andy?” Michelle suddenly searched all around them worriedly. 

After a long while, a wounded bat shakily flew over to the branch next to hers and turned back into human form. 

“Are you alright?” Michelle held his hand. 

Andy looked away for a moment and then slightly shook his head. 

“What a touching scene,” Casro remarked nonchalantly. 

Rosca corrected him, “We’re not human1The Chinese word for touching is made up of “feeling” and “human.”.” 

“Yes, which is why I am not touched.” 

Michelle couldn’t hold back anymore. “You two shut up!” 

“Ohhhhh, Big Bust is mad.” Casro perked up slightly. “Want to bet if she’ll get so angry she takes off her clothes in a second?” 

Rosca frowned and said, “When do you think you’ll get rid of your perversion?” 

“I’ve always thought that it was charm.” 

Michelle gritted her teeth. Andy was injured and it was not a good time for revenge, she kept trying to convince herself. 

“It looks like you aren’t faring too well.” A man wearing a fedora and outfitted like a gentleman appeared on a branch nearby. 

“Allan!” Michelle stood up nervously. 

Even Casro’s and Rosca’s expressions weren’t as calm as they had been before. 

“For the benefit of the Kindred as a whole, I believe we should have a match first.” Allan smiled slightly.

Two bent-over figures appeared behind Casro and Rosca. 

They suddenly whirled around and frowned as soon as they saw those two ugly faces. Clearly, those faces were not up to the Kindred’s beauty standards. “Noferre…” Because of a curse, any Kindred who joined the Noferre clan would have an ugly face. 

Another Kindred in gentlemen’s clothing appeared beside Michelle. 

“Noferre clan, Venture clan…” Michelle examined her surroundings calmly and asked, “Weren’t there five Camarilla? Where’s Yanuk from the Torredo? You don’t think it’s a sure victory just because it’s four against four?” Actually, she feared that Yanuk was hiding somewhere in the shadows and would strike them when they least expected it. 

Allan saw through her worries in one glance. “I think we don’t need to use such tactics like a sneak attack. Because we have another helper….” 

Could it be Edward? 

Michelle’s mind instantly prepared a moving speech, but the speech froze along with her expression as she turned around.


Casro and Rosca yelped. 

Sean said with a smile, “If I invite you to join me, you wouldn’t refuse, right?” 

Casro and Rosca looked at each other and declared without hesitation, “Of course.” The reason they had run around after Michelle was because Sean had disappeared suddenly. Now that Sean was back, they had no reason to follow Michelle on her goose chase. 

Michelle swallowed nervously and smiled appeasingly. “Maybe we can solve the problem another way.” 

“Of course.” Allan nodded, agreeable. “We need two places on the list.” 

Michelle, “…” 

The situation in front of them made it very clear which two were the extras. 

Baal got rid of the ward. 

Wang Xiaoming squatted on the ground and looked at the tiger curiously. 

The tiger also looked at him with wide eyes and then quietly tried to move in his direction. 

Wang Xiaoming scooted back a bit. 

The tiger instantly stopped moving and lay down, looking pitifully at him with both eyes. 

“You’re… not going to eat us, right?” Wang Xiaoming asked cautiously. 

The tiger blinked. 

“Can you understand us?” He recalled that the magical beasts in novels could understand humans and were able to speak after being raised by humans for a few years. They could even turn into humans. 

But it seemed like the one in front of him wasn’t of high calibre, so it only looked at him silently. 

Wang Xiaoming turned around to look at Baal. “What do you think it wants?” 

Baal answered, “To eat meat.” 

In a flash, Wang Xiaoming jumped behind Baal. 

Because the tiger’s face was obscured by fur, they couldn’t see its actual expression. But analysis of its round and big eyes revealed that it had clearly been hurt by Wang Xiaoming’s attempt to avoid it.  

Guilt instantly swallowed Wang Xiaoming. He stuck his head out from Baal’s side and asked, “Do you need our help? Do you want to thank us? If you need help, then blink your eyes. If you’re thanking us… then paw at the ground.” 

The tiger let out a “mew.” 


Wang Xiaoming lost his mind. 


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    The Chinese word for touching is made up of “feeling” and “human.”


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