Chapter 7

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I’ve only learned about it after the incident, but Psycho actually blinded the giant bear in the past. One person and one bear had been fighting each other for years now over territory and food until it eventually came down to revenge. The giant bear attacked me, presumably thinking that I was Psycho’s person, and killing me would cause sufficient damage to him.

Even bears can be so crafty these days.

But alas, a bear is still just a bear. Psycho had skinned it. At first, I thought he was going to display it in the cave as a trophy, but later I learned that it was actually prepared for me.

“For me?”

He had taken a long time to peel this skin due to the lack of efficient tools. Sometimes while I slept, he would still be sitting by the fire slowly peeling the skin.

Psycho rubbed my head. “Winter cold. Cushioned, warm.”

So it really is for me to use during the winter.

“…Thanks.” I felt the thick, silky bearskin. Although there was a little bit of a foul smell coming from the skin, it can still be considered as a good winter product amidst this uncivilized environment.

It’s a pity that I won’t be able to use it, but Psycho could still use it so it’s not a waste.

I’ve only been in this isolated valley jungle for a few months, and I already find it unbearable. I really don’t know how Psycho could have endured this. Perhaps, only crazy people could endure this feeling of isolation and bitter loneliness from being cut off from the world.

I imagined Psycho wrapped in bearskin, sitting alone in the middle of the cave and outside the cave is just a plain covered with snow. If he gets hungry, he’ll head out to forage for some wild fruit or hunt animals. If he got lucky, he’d manage to fill his stomach, and if he weren’t, then he’d have to head back to the cave, hungry. It seemed like he was the only person living in the whole world. If I hadn’t fallen down the cliff, then perhaps no one would have known about his existence…

Tsk, what are you doing Han Qingyan? Just what are you doing?

Do you think you’re some living Bodhisattva who saves all beings and eases sufferings? No, you are a master of a demonic sect. Since he was able to stay in this valley for at least a year, he can stay for longer. He’s a lunatic who has lost his mind, how would he know what loneliness is? You better find a way out of here because there are more important things to do at the sect. Unless you want this maniac to accompany you to fight those righteous cultivators? At least he wouldn’t need to worry about losing his life if he stayed here, but if he goes with you, he’d have to worry about his survival. Who knows if you’ll even be able to survive against those righteous cultivators…

“NanNan?” A warm, big palm suddenly caressed my face. I was startled and instantly looked up to see Psycho’s worried eyes.

I pulled my mouth into a tense smile. Who knows what wind my mind was blowing, but I blurted out, “If there is no child, would you still be so good to me?”

The cave was very quiet, so quiet that I could even hear the sound of my own heartbeat. My whole body trembled with anxiety. I didn’t know what answer I would like to hear, but if he said no, then at least I could feel a bit less guilty when I leave.

For the first time in my life, I felt so hypocritical that it was like I was no different from those righteous cultivators.

He stared at me for a long time before finally saying something, something which made my heart shake.

“NanNan’s the most important.”

I couldn’t tell what I was feeling in my heart at that moment. I felt a bit overwhelmed, a bit sour, a bit hurt, ridiculous… and absurd.

For the time being, regardless of everything else, this sentence was very pleasing to hear.

However, at the thought of the people outside the valley, at the thought of all the sect members that were still waiting for me to get back to organize our comeback, this feeling of melancholy was very fleeting.

After all, he and I are inherently different. If it weren’t for my fall, we would have been complete strangers.

Even if we’re sharing an intimate relationship right now, that doesn’t mean I have to entangle myself with him for the rest of my life.

We both have our own paths, I’ll be my sect’s leader, and he’ll be his psycho self. This ending is the best for us.

But before I leave… I still have something I want to do.

I wrapped around his neck and hung on him: “Psycho, do you want it?” I said with a suggestive tone, using my knees to nudge his lower abdomen gently.

He clutched my leg and let out a strangled sound, trying to stay calm. “No, it’ll hurt child.”

I narrowed my eyes, thinking to myself that the child will not be hurt even if he fucked me to death, but on the surface, I still added a few words to coax him.

“This… It’s been long enough; the child is stable and won’t be hurt. Just this one night.” I pulled his neck down and brought my lips next to his ears, licking it, “Well?”

I seldom show Psycho any affection, let alone take the initiative to ask for sex. Usually, if he wasn’t fucking me every night, he would be rubbing me off till I screamed at him. So now, faced with this much temptation, I was quickly pressed down onto the bearskin.

Underneath me was a patch of thick fur which was much more comfortable than any grass mats. I was pressed down like a woman with a loose reputation, and I shouldn’t be happy but, at that moment, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Doing one last “married” act should be enough to return all of his love and care from these past months.

He kissed me from my ankle all the way up to my inner thigh. Now that I recovered, I had no problem doing it in whatever position he preferred.

Psycho was eager but still moved with caution, constantly cradling my stomach. It looks like he still cares about his “little young.”

When he entered my body, I felt a slight tingling sensation from my back point due to the long vacancy, but it wasn’t that apparent. He waited for a while until he saw my brows loosen before shallowly thrusting in.

He was probably still afraid of hurting me since his movements were very gentle and powerful yet too controlled; it made me a little uncomfortable. I had gotten accustomed to his previous storm-like rhythm, so this feeling of being left suspended in midair made my whole being feel agitated.

“You… faster… ah…” I curled my toes as my hole spontaneously spasmed, contracting and loosening.

Psycho held my waist to keep me from moving, but I moaned and twisted my upper body, trying to get rid of the torturous pleasure.

Psycho, who had probably held back for too long and couldn’t bear it any longer, bent over and nibbled one of my nipples before starting to suck on them. His lower body began to steadily pick up the pace of his firm and heavy thrusts.

“Haa… Aah aah….” It seemed like he was directly hitting my pleasure spot, which made me unable to contain myself. All of my fingers were digging deeply into the fur beneath me. My legs were tightly wrapped around Psycho’s waist, but as I lost strength, they trembled and slid off weakly.

My body fell softly onto the mat, legs still twitching. No sound was heard from us for a long time.

Psycho did it twice that night with restraint, and after cleaning up, he hugged me to sleep.

In the early morning of the following day, before the sun completely showed up, Psycho went out to look for food. I know he won’t be back for a while, so I took the spear and some of the wild fruits he had prepared for me and got ready to leave.

Before leaving, I went to the fence that encased the doe.

“I said I would let you go before I leave, but meat is now getting more and more difficult to find. Letting you go would be a pity.” The doe blinked up at me with its pair of big eyes that shone with ignorance. “You should stay. Just look at how fat you are; if you were to head out, you would be eaten by the other beasts. It’s better to be eaten by Psycho instead.”

I saw that there were no signs of objection and rewarded her with a fruit. Satisfied, I patted my butt as I got up before turning to leave without a single glance back.

Walking out the entrance, I gazed at the direction where Psycho had left, staring at it for a while. Then I turned to leave in the opposite direction.


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