Chapter 31 – Extra 2 part 1

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In the midst of the seasons changing, a spring breeze blew me to my collapse1He caught a cold.

Although my martial arts is now higher and my body stronger, it is still a mortal body of the material world. I can still catch a common cold if I lower my guard. However, Psycho had escorted the warhorses to the frontier at the border and hadn’t returned yet. My nose was stuffy all day long and I felt so lightheaded, all I could do was stand alone by the empty bed2Could be taken literally but can also be ‘learn to be by yourself’. I was reading Worship Me, I can Make You Rich, translator there fn this as referring to a young married woman who has to stand by herself because her husband is out doing something. This was such a complete desciption, I remembered this chap of Psycho, and conceded. It was really bleak.

In fact, I had also wanted to go to the border with him, but Psycho said that the border was bitterly cold and was full of dust blowing everywhere. No matter what, he refused to take me. It was fine if he didn’t want to take me, but he took that little brat, Xiao Langyue, with him and it made me unbearably angry.

“Why can he go with you and not me?!”

I recalled the conversation between Psycho and I the night before he left.

“He’s a boy, and he needs some experience to grow up. I’m taking him to temper himself and not to have fun. What would you even do there?” He sat calmly in front of the table, drinking tea. His expression didn’t change after hearing what I said.

What did you say? Is this how you talk to me!

I frowned, sat in front of him, and slapped the table. “Ay, am I not a man? Why can’t I go if he can?”

He took the cup into his hand and looked into my eyes. “You’re different. You don’t need experience or hardships because I will give you the best of the best. He, on the other hand, has to work hard on his own.” He stretched out his hand and stroked my hair. “You just obediently wait for me to come back.”

Xiao Zhongnan is very easy to talk to sometimes, but once he makes up his mind on such topics, he will not yield. Even though I really wanted to be with him, I couldn’t just follow the cavalry secretly and travel that far. In the end, I could only stay behind at Black Hawk Castle.

It’s a pity that Cheng Xiaoyu had gotten older in the past few years, and Psycho has let him walk the Jianghu and go through trials. If this was during normal times, I wouldn’t have felt anything if he was gone. But in this cold and depressing room where there was a lot of melancholy, it was only at this time that I miss him very much.

Xiao Mobei personally came to see me twice. He asked a few questions while examining me, then suddenly sighed in helplessness.

“My elder brother asked me to take good care of you. He’ll definitely blame me when he comes back and sees you like this.”

I was lying on the bed while talking to him. When I heard what he said, I was somewhat baffled. “I’ll be fine when he comes back, so I just won’t let him know. Besides, I got sick by myself, what does it have to do with you? Why would he blame you?”

Xiao Mobei smiled a smile that was not quite a smile and shook his head. “You don’t understand. You are his darling NanNan whom he treasures very much.”

I slightly blushed for a moment. It was somewhat shameful to hear this intimate nickname from a third person.

I touched my nose. “What’s your basis in saying that?”

He looked straight at me and suddenly said, “Do you not wonder what happened to the Hidden Sword Gate and the Northern Gate Sect who took away and seriously injured you that day?”

My heart stirred, I indeed wanted to know. “I’d like to hear the details.”

Xiao Mobei slowly shared. “The old man from Hidden Sword Gate suffered a paralyzing stroke not long after he returned to their monastery. Now he can’t even get up or speak. He had no other choice but to pass the position of Sect Master to his shidi3Younger martial/sect brother from the same master.”

The old man was so full of anger at that time, and his expression was quite awful. Who would’ve thought that he would suffer a stroke right after!

“At his age, it’s beyond hope.” I couldn’t help but sigh.

Xiao Mobei didn’t comment, and continued, “What happened to the Northern Gate Sect Master was even worse. A few years ago, not only were his four limbs, muscles, and veins severed in the middle of the night, a great deal of his secrets were even exposed by his own brother, saying that he was unworthy of Wulin and the righteous path because of his evil deeds. He scolded him as someone less than a beast, and finally handed him over to the Wulin Alliance Leader who punished him by sending him to the dark prison where he died within less than half a year.”

I have taken on the martial arts of the Northern Gate Sect Master, and it was pretty good. Although it wasn’t as good as Xiao Zhongnan’s, he was still a master. The one who severed all his limbs in the dead of night must be a master among masters.

“It was… our move?” I asked, trying to sound him out.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Mobei didn’t deny it at all, and nodded confidently. “Who allowed them to touch someone they shouldn’t touch.”

I was a bit dazed for a while. I didn’t expect Psycho saying that he wanted to kill them for me was true.

Xiao Mobei’s tone sounded a bit helpless. “Do you understand now? He really treats you like a pearl, a precious treasure. He can’t tolerate having you suffering even the slightest bit of grievance.”






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  • 1
    He caught a cold
  • 2
    Could be taken literally but can also be ‘learn to be by yourself’. I was reading Worship Me, I can Make You Rich, translator there fn this as referring to a young married woman who has to stand by herself because her husband is out doing something. This was such a complete desciption, I remembered this chap of Psycho, and conceded
  • 3
    Younger martial/sect brother from the same master


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