Chapter 30 – Extra 1

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Recently, Psycho planned to go back to the cave at the bottom of the valley with me for a visit, but because the boy couldn’t do without us, we had to bring an extra person.

Xiao Langyue was really destined to be a father-son pair with Psycho; it was amusing, to say the least. Since the time I brought him back to the Castle, he was not afraid of anyone and he bit anyone that he saw. He only obeyed Psycho’s words, just like seeing the alpha wolf. Even with me – by the way – he would even ponder obeying me, and it would still depend on the reasoning that I am “the alpha wolf’s mate”.

“Why don’t you go ride with your father?” I was riding Xiao Baiyi, and sitting in front of me was the little boy. He should be seven or eight years old this year. His height hasn’t risen, but his temper is quite big.

“He won’t let me.” The boy said, a little unhappy.

“Then don’t ride with me either, ah, I won’t let you as well. I’ll buy you a donkey, how about riding it by yourself?”

The boy glanced back and raised his head, his face expressionless as he looked at me. “Then ride by yourself, I definitely don’t honor riding with you!” He said, adopting a posture of jumping down.

I hurriedly stabilized him and hugged him in my arms. “Aiyou, little ancestor, don’t move. Can’t I make a mistake? I’m honored, it’s my honor to ride with you!”

The little boy stopped moving, leaning with his entire weight backward, letting me completely hug him. My heart softened. It’s extremely amusing how it is contradictory of me to say that when this child is naughty, I can’t help but itch to thrash him with my shoes, and want to spoil him to death when he’s behaved.

“Foster Father, where are we going?” The boy suddenly asked.

“We’re going to the place where I met your father.” At first, I answered him patiently.

“Where did you meet?”

“In a valley.”

“Why in a valley?”

“Uh… because I was injured at that time and your father picked me up by chance.”

“Why was Father in the valley…”

But gradually, I found that this little boy’s questions were endless, becoming a little annoying. If I had known earlier, I would’ve brought Cheng Xiaoyu and let these two accompany each other. One can talk to the other and the other can ask. This way, neither of them will become lonely or bored.

Finally, after the kid asked the question, “Why is it that when Foster Father and Father sleep in the same bed, there can’t be a child?” After this sort of question was asked, I turned to cast my gaze on Psycho for help.

He curled his lower lip slightly and told the little boy, “Langyue, don’t disturb your foster father, come and sleep.”

Hearing Xiao Zhongnan’s voice, the little boy stopped talking, turned his head with sparkling eyes, and opened his arms toward Psycho.

Psycho guided Xiao Wuzhui closer, stretching out his arm to firmly grab the little boy’s soft body, and then hugged him while riding the horse.

The boy didn’t sit facing forward like when he was riding with me. Instead, he sat with his little hands around Psycho’s waist, rubbed comfortably, and closed his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face.

Seeing this scene, I didn’t know whom to be jealous of, so I just shook my head helplessly.

We made several stops throughout the journey, sightseeing along the way. It took more than two months to get back to the valley from that time.

The valley was no different from when we left it, only that the plants had become denser.

We spent a lot of effort to find the specific, extraordinary, and meaningful cave. Surprisingly, there was already a new resident in the cave, and it wasn’t a person but the doe that Psycho had caught and brought back to be a wet nurse during that time.

The doe was startled and taken aback when it first saw me, and then unexpectedly trotted towards us.

“Deer!” The little boy was the most excited when he saw the “meat”, his saliva was already about to flow down.

I touched the top of his hair and said, “This is my and your father’s old friend, it can’t be eaten.”

The little boy wrinkled his face and nodded, feeling reluctant and unwilling.

Seeing that the doe was docile, I happily petted her and curiously asked Psycho, “Could it be that this doe was waiting for us to come back? If not, why else would she have stayed here so stupidly for so many years?”

He glanced at the huge bearskin on the ground that cushioned the doe, and said, “You think she’s really stupid, but perhaps, it’s because no wild beast dares to come inside this cave. It’s safer than any other place, so she stayed here for many years.”

Once I realized his reasoning, it felt miraculous. I couldn’t help but scratch the doe’s chin, but this time, the kid suddenly had steam coming out of his ears.

I stared at his puffed face, amused, and asked a question that I already knew the answer to, “What’s wrong?”

He glared at me, his eyes wide and round. “Don’t touch it!”

“What’s wrong with me touching her?” I deliberately teased him, and continued to rub her.

The boy was so angered by me that the corners of his eyes were completely red, his little face was stretched taut, and he bit his lip before loudly shouting, “I hate you!” He ran out of the cave like he was flying.

I became really worried. There were so many wild animals in this valley, it would be terrible if he ran into any.

As soon as I was about to chase after him, Psycho stopped me. “Why were you competing with the child? Wait here, I will go and get Langyue back.”

My face turned slightly hot. I touched my nose. “Then you go, ba. I’ll wait here for both of you to return.”

Xiao Zhongnan pinched my face and left with a smile in his eyes.

The doe and I were left with our big eyes and small eyes. I was so idle that I began talking to her.

“Have you been doing well these years?” I walked near the bearskin and took a look, “Aiyou, there’s food, not bad!”

At a glance, I saw a pile of fruits piled up next to the bearskin, green and red colors intertwined, very attractive. I bent down and picked up the largest one and saw the moisture around the bright red color, resembling a huge coral pearl.

“I’ve eaten this, ah.” Thinking of the sweet and sour, delicious wild fruit I’ve eaten before, I couldn’t help but crave some. I wiped the fruit clean on my clothes and opened my mouth to take a bite.

The doe blinked and it screamed a drawn-out cry at me. It walked a few steps toward me and finally stopped. It hesitated for a moment before it turned around and went out of the cave.

I was somewhat unable to make heads or tails of her actions. “I only ate one of your fruits, you aren’t that stingy, right?”

I mumbled to myself and swallowed the wild fruit quickly and easily, then bent down to get a second one. However, when I bit off a mouthful from the second one, my whole person was put in a trance.

When the fruit fell onto the ground, I held my forehead and leaned against the cave wall, wobbling. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t good.

This fruit… don’t tell me it’s poisonous? I fixedly stared at the core that remained from the fruit I ate and wished that I could throw up everything I had just eaten.

After a while, I came to know what poison affected me. A scorching lust rushed up all the way from my lower abdomen, burning me, catching me unprepared. I couldn’t even take off my clothes as my shaking hands were useless. My lower region instantly became as hard as an iron rod and swelled up, painful and throbbing.

This aphrodisiac is merciless!

I unbearably rubbed at my lower body, pulling my clothes into a mess, but the heat inside me was not at all reduced.

Nothing could be done to quench my lust, I had even put my hand into my pants to try kneading and squeezing myself, and yet I still couldn’t manage to vent any of my desires.

I was panicking a little, thinking I could die because of this burning desire!

It also happened that Psycho was not by my side at this time. How could this be any good?

Right at that moment, the doe’s distinct cry sounded from the entrance of the cave followed by Psycho’s voice.

“Langyue, wait at the entrance of the cave first.”

Great! Heaven indeed never barred one’s way1Never say die.!

I was overjoyed at this unexpected good news and hurriedly cried out, “Psycho, quickly come and save me!”

Xiao Zhongnan immediately rushed in from outside when he heard me and was stunned when he saw me.

“You are, this is…”

I was very ashamed. “I was greedy.”

Xiao Zhongnan walked up to me, picked up the fruit core, examining and smelling it.

“I have seen this fruit before, it’s an aphrodisiac fruit.”

I mentally rained curses down on the doe for pitting me into this misery. She’s a deer, how could she pick up such a bad fruit? And why did she have to choose an aphrodisiac fruit? What use does a doe have for this thing?

Psycho seemed to see through my thoughts and said, “It’s fine if this thing is eaten by an animal. It will only be poisonous if a person eats it, but it’s also very easy to resolve.” After saying this, he grabbed me by my waist and carried me, using the tip of his toes to jump lightly to the outside of the cave.

“Langyue, stay in the cave. You are not allowed to go anywhere. Wait for me and your foster father to come back!” We were still at the entrance of the cave when he spoke the first word, and by the time his last word fell, we were already very far from the cave.

“Yes, Father.” The little boy listened to Xiao Zhongnan’s words the most, and he promised readily without questions.

Psycho carried me and flew all the way until we arrived at a waterfall. He put me down and asked me to go into the water, but how could I still manage to leave him at this moment? My hands and feet were entwined around him like spider silk, the air I exhale scalding.

“Behave, just soak in cold water and you’ll be alright.” He coaxed me.

“No… I want… Ahh…” The heat from the aphrodisiac had already been burning me past my reasoning since earlier in the cave. When I saw his indifference to me I became very annoyed, and I wanted to use it against him.

He didn’t want to hurt me, and the result of him letting go of me was the both of us rolling to the ground. I rubbed my body against his, gradually spreading the heat and fire in my body to him.

This place was desolate and uninhabited, it really seems like a good place to commit adultery.

I couldn’t even wait for him to strip off his clothes. I crudely tore open his trousers, held his erect giant, and swallowed it into my body all at once.

The aphrodisiac fruit was making me so licentious and hot, causing lewd substances to flow wildly, not only from my front, but also my back entrance. It was so licentious and immoral, entirely deserving of its name.

I placed one hand on Psycho’s chest, the other hand bracing my body behind me, unconsciously jerking myself up and down, as if I was conquering a fierce steed, slightly grinding against his giant every time he was at full hilt inside of me.

“Hah… so hot…” My back cave instinctively contracted and loosened, and every time the giant pole rubbed against my inner walls, it would cause a burst of shudders to rack through my body.

I adjusted the frantic movements of my body, vigorously pursuing an angle that made me feel more comfortable, and let the giant repeatedly mess with that point inside me that had me feeling the most ecstasy. This overwhelming desire had simply taken me to the brink of insanity.

“It’s… coming… Ahh, aahhh!” I increased the pace of moving up and down, almost letting the pulsing giant leave my body before abruptly plunging back down. The breathtaking pleasure from the stimulation caused my waist to go soft, but fortunately, Psycho caught me in time.

My body went through a fit of spasms, my thighs uncontrollably clenching toward each other, and my pants were rapid and brief. Feeling the regular tremors and quivers in my lower body from the aftermath of our activities brought me a feeling of extreme bliss.

My heart was beating like a drum, and my whole body lay tired and paralyzed on top of Psycho. However, the euphoric feeling didn’t last long before that state of being so lascivious one wishing they were dead continued, and I simply felt like crying.

“It’s still… so uncomfortable!” I still had Psycho’s giant inside me, and he hadn’t vented yet, so I thought that it would be convenient for me to continue making use of him.

Psycho sighed lightly and sat up. Because the change in posture caused the angle of his giant to also change in my body, I immediately cried out in shock.

“It is said that soaking in cold water works best.” He supported my buttocks and walked towards the waterfall step by step.

I was moaning comfortably as I firmly clung to him tightly, my eyes filled with steam. I couldn’t help sticking out my tongue and repeatedly run it over his Adam’s apple.

The two of us were finally immersed in the water. As I was submerged into the deep, ice-cold water, my whole body trembled, and then the painfully hot effects of the aphrodisiac subsided at an incredible speed.


I blinked. I was just about to put down my leg that was wrapped around his waist when he grasped it and confined it to prevent me from moving. He said coldly, “You’re comfortable, so now, it’s my turn.”

He turned me around and pressed me against the borders of the basin, his large palms constantly kneading my buttocks under the water as he started to wantonly plunge into me as if he had previously been silently enduring and couldn’t hold out anymore.

After that, I was thoroughly done until I was left with only one breath in me. It was almost dark when we returned back to the cave from the waterfall.

“What happened to Foster Father?” I was bewildered when I heard the little boy asking Psycho with some worry.

“Your Foster Father ate something bad, but it’s alright. He just needs to rest for one night.” Xiao Zhongnan replied.

Then I felt a warm small hand rest on my forehead and heard a voice softly saying, “Then Foster Father must get better soon. I won’t get angry when you touch the little doe anymore. I am friends with her now.”

This kid makes friends very fast…

This was my last thought before sinking into my dreams.





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