Chapter 27

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I felt like I’ve slept for a long time. Although I awoke in the middle of it, my consciousness was murky for the most part. I would squint and glance around before quickly falling asleep again. Each and every time I briefly woke up, someone would be there accompanying me.

The scent of that person made me feel at ease, as if nothing could hurt me as long as he was there and I could just sleep like this forever.

“Why is he still not awake?”

“If you suffered a palm attack with his body condition, you would also be sleeping for a long time. It’s already a great blessing for him to still be alive, so don’t be picky.” As soon as I heard this insufferable way of speaking, I recalled that this person should be the “Physician Sun” who came to check on Psycho last time. I heard that he was a well-known and good physician in the vicinity, just with a bit of a strange disposition.

Physician Sun spoke again, “But it would still be useless for him to wake up. This person’s meridians are like a dry lamp with exhausted oil reserves. It is uncertain as to what day they will suddenly cease to exist; you had better prepare a coffin for him!”

A sudden loud noise, like the sound of something being shattered, shocked my still somewhat muddled consciousness awake.

I slowly opened my eyes, and in my ears was Psycho’s voice that he was still trying his best to suppress even though he was angry. “Prepare what coffin! If you can’t cure him, then just get lost. What nonsense are you spouting here?”

I don’t know if he was furious or frightened, but Physician Sun’s voice was shaking. “Spouting nonsense? Me? Good, good, good! Since you can’t believe in my medical skills, don’t send people to come and find me in the future. Ask someone better qualified instead!”

Then came the sound of footsteps and Xiao Mobei chasing the other with an apologetic voice. “Old Sun, please slow down, my brother is just worried and it’s normal for his mind to be in disorder. Don’t get angry with him ah…”

I tilted my head slightly, letting my eyes fall to the center of the room, only to see Xiao Zhongnan standing in front of a pile of broken wood debris, his back facing me, his figure slumped and motionless.

“Brother…” I paused as soon as I blurted out the word because I remembered—I had already broken ties with him, and he said that he didn’t want to hear me call him Brother Xiao again.

While I was hesitant about what to call him by, Psycho turned around and rushed toward the bed the moment he heard my voice. I saw his appearance clearly, and I was a little stunned.

His eyes were bloodshot with bags under them, and his beard was unkempt. Where is his previous graceful disposition that intimidated the Northern Gate Blade Sect and Hidden Sword Gate enough to make their urine flow through their butts? This appearance is six points similar to Psycho’s from when I first met him.

Thinking of Psycho, I suddenly remembered that before I fainted, in the fuzziness, I seemed to have heard this person in front of me call me “NanNan”. He never called me that when he was sober. Could it be that he remembered?

“Psy…cho?” I called him tentatively.

Unexpectedly, the other party’s reaction was surprisingly big. His eyes suddenly widened and he hugged me tightly as if to embed me into his flesh.

He spoke beside my ear, his voice trembling, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You…” In that instant, I felt like something had gotten stuck in my throat, and I tried several times before I was able to make a sound. “Did you remember?”

The person’s head buried in my neck nodded softly. “Yes.”

Somehow, I suddenly did not know whether to laugh or cry. I also felt that I had a lot to say to him, but in the end, I merely closed my eyes and hugged him back, my mind in confusion.

After a long time, I said hoarsely, “I didn’t mean to lie to you, and I also didn’t have any intentions in approaching you. I went back to find you after I left the valley. You’re the one who gave me that jade pendant. I didn’t want to be the sect master. It’s the truth that I didn’t order Guardian Yang to steal it…” I gradually ran out of things to say, and it was as if there was a rush of heat billowing under my eyes. “Why didn’t you believe me? You believed Lin Yue but you didn’t believe in me!”

As if stung by my words, he hugged me more tightly, his coarse beard rubbing lightly on the side of my neck as he placed each of his lingering kisses.

“Hush, I know. I know, alright,” He comforted me while kissing, “I’m bad, it’s me who’s not good…”

The more he was like this, the more I felt that my years of bitterness finally had a place to harbor, and the more I let out my grievances.

“You know, those righteous cultivators bullied me. Each and every one of them are bastards. That old, rough man from the Northern Gate Blade Sect hit me with a palm attack…” I sniffed, “I was already like this but he still hit me, to the point where it hurt so much, I spat blood.”

Before, I could easily and repeatedly bear the secret method’s pain and I would even secretly run outside in the middle of the night just to prevent him from knowing that I was sick. Now, it seems that I have reached the limit of my endurance—not only am I eagerly showing my wounds, but also seeking my beloved’s comfort and pampering like a child.

However, I don’t feel embarrassed at all. I’m going to die, am I not even allowed to act spoiled with him? At least give me a sumptuous meal before the beheading!

“Don’t be angry…” Psycho cupped my face and leaned over to kiss my forehead, my face, and my mouth, just like treating his most precious treasure, gentle and careful. “I will kill them for you.” He said these very scary words in an infinitely gentle tone.

I didn’t see the slightest trace of a smile in his eyes. It seems that he was truly serious, and it stunned me for a moment.

He wouldn’t really retaliate against the Northern Gate Blade Sect and Hidden Sword Gate sects for me, would he?

I was worried, thinking of what I heard just now when I woke up. I asked him, “Did Yang Chengqi tell you something?”

He didn’t answer my question upfront, merely caressed my face, and said, “He has gone to pick up Elder Wen. Wait ‘til Elder Wen arrives, his medical skills will surely cure you. You don’t have to be afraid.”

It seems that he now knows of the《Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》. In order for Psycho to save me, Guardian Yang must’ve said things in an exceedingly sensational manner. Perhaps he said that I was some kind of lover whose affection has no regrets, or the most foolish of the foolish sort.

I hesitated again and again, but still couldn’t hold back, and said, “Are you feeling guilty and only treating me well because I am dying?”

I’m dying, and I have to ask in order to get to the bottom of his motivation. After working so hard, I deserve to know.

I am merely human; even though I normally adapt to the circumstances around me, I only act fierce while inwardly feeling cowardly. My death is approaching; I don’t want my beloved to show me compassion and pity because of his feelings of sympathy and guilt.

I, Han Qingyan, haven’t stooped so low.

Xiao Zhongnan’s face changed when he heard this, and he said firmly, “Don’t talk such nonsense. What dying, you will not die.” With the way he said that, it seemed as if I really wouldn’t die.

He took my hand and pressed it against his chest, “Moreover, where did I treat you well? You have to live a long time so that you will know just how good I can be to you in the future. Better than Psycho of the past, better than anyone else.”

There was a powerful thumping underneath my palm. Even separated by the layers of flesh and blood, it felt as if it was within my reach.

I clenched my five fingers slightly, wanting to retract them yet also reluctant to. In the end, I looked at him and jokingly said, “But Psycho wasn’t good to me. He regarded me as Mrs. Xiao and made me give birth for him…”

I also want to know just how good he can be to me, but at the same time, I understand that his “you will not die” is purely his own self-deception.

I know, deep inside, that I am already dreadfully hopeless.

Xiao Zhongnan pinched my cheek softly, his eyes filled with pampering and indulgence. “Who said I treated you as her substitute? You are you, she is she, I can distinctly tell the difference.” He then proceeded to add another sentence, “Yuan’er was not as fierce as you, kicking me at every turn.”

Hey! You’re blaming me? How would I not kick you at that moment?! I inwardly criticized him but didn’t bring up the issue of guilt anymore. Bringing it up again would only seem like being petty.

“Mrs. Xiao’s name is Yuan’er?” I teased, “Not NanNan?”

He was taken aback for a moment, and then helplessly said, “Did you think that every time I called out NanNan, I was calling her, treating you as her substitute?”

I didn’t speak, agreeing tacitly.

He sighed then turned over on the bed and let me rest on his shoulders. “You are my NanNan, I have never called anybody else that.”

I don’t really care about it at all. It’s just a nickname and a lovey-dovey and super girly one at that. I don’t want him to call me that at all. It sounds so bad… as if.

The corners of my mouth couldn’t stop rising. I tried to use a steady tone of voice and uttered a faint “Oh”, but it was hard to suppress the already happily blooming flowers inside my heart.

As long as I know that this person has feelings for me, I can die without any regrets.

I lay still for a while, and then suddenly asked, “When did you remember those things in the cave?”

“On the third day after you left, I found the 《Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》 in your room. After reading it, I realized how tremendously wrong I was but I had already driven you away. I was disheartened and enraged. Under the emotional ups and downs, the true qi in my body surged, cleansing away the congested qi and blood inside my brain, and then I remembered everything.”

Psycho knew everything there was to know about me now and plainly told me everything, but I quickly grasped the main point.

“Why were you in my room?” My courtyard was far from where he lived.

This time, he paused for a long while, until I couldn’t help but urge him, then he spoke.

He said, “I missed you.”

I was stunned. My heart instantly turned sour, then astringent, and then sweet; the taste was satisfying.

“I missed you too.” I rubbed my head against his shoulder.

But ironically, as soon as my voice fell, I felt a burst of sharp pain in my body. The pain made me curl up into a ball and let out a pained groan.

Xiao Zhongnan discovered my abnormality and immediately gathered me into his arms, at a loss at what to do, and anxiously called for me, “NanNan!”

My five fingers clutched his lapel tightly, feeling the ripples of pain in my body abruptly intensify, as if to destroy my flesh and whittle my willpower away, grinding me completely into dust.

“It hurts…” A fishy, sweet liquid gushed out from my throat, overflowing along the corners of my lips.

Xiao Zhongnan’s eyes were red. He shouted outside the door, “Messenger! Get the physician back for me! Go, quickly!” Then he turned his head to appease me again, “It doesn’t hurt, NanNan is fine, it won’t hurt soon, don’t fall asleep…”

Spots began to appear in my vision, and gradually, I couldn’t see things clearly anymore. My hand that was holding onto Psycho’s robe almost slid down, but he grasped it in the palm of his hand.

I had just briefly woken up, yet now I’m fainting again. Who knows if I could still wake up after this time.

Generally speaking, I still want to wake up. After all, Psycho and I have just gotten back in touch, and I still want to taste the joys of our love as a couple.


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