Chapter 26

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His eyes flashed with a greedy light. “According to legend, when HanYiJiao was founded, the sect rescued a former prince who had met with misfortune. In return for this favor, the prince gave a treasure map entailing the stored money and valuables of the state treasury to its sect master. This treasure map has supposedly been kept in the demon sect’s hidden chamber for a hundred years. I want you to help me acquire it.”

Not only is there a huge number of rare books concealed in the demon sect’s hidden chamber, but there were also some things messily piled up everywhere. Those things hadn’t piqued my interest and I never looked through them; I didn’t expect that the Northern Gate Sect Master would be more familiar with the mysteries within the chamber than I am.

“Fine, I will take you there.” Since he said so, he must have been absolutely certain of its existence. If I denied it, he would most likely not listen, so I just admitted it naturally. “But, to tell you the truth, I’m already a dying man. My qi channels and eight meridians, as well as my internal organs, are all damaged. I’m afraid my health is just barely enough to accompany you to Partridge Mountain. Therefore, I hope that Sect Master will entertain me with delicious food and drinks; don’t let me get hungry or sick by any means, or else, who knows if I will still have life in me to open that hidden chamber.”

In fact, it’s easier to handle it this way. Their desire for this thing is proof of their weakness, they won’t dare to kill me. After all, the only person in the entire world who knows where – and how – to open the hidden chamber is me.

Although my life won’t last for long, being able to live for a day more is still good. It doesn’t make sense to not take advantage of it.

The Northern Gate Sect Master’s face changed. He stepped forward, seized my wrist, and mused for a moment before saying, “Weren’t you injured?”

“I didn’t say I was injured.” I slowly withdrew my hand.

He snorted coldly. “If you are honest, you can suffer less. I, the dignified Northern Gate Blade Sect’s Sect Master would never treat a prisoner unfairly.”

He said that, yet he still ordered his disciples to fetch shackles to cuff my hands and feet, guarding me closely.

After another incense stick of time, the old man from Hidden Sword Gate dejectedly returned with his disciples. Judging from his unhappy expression, I knew that he must’ve been unable to catch up with Yang Shengqi.

How great!

Northern Gate Sect Master asked, “How?”

The old man was fuming. “That kid escaped just like a loach! But don’t worry, there are only a few scattered remnants left of the demon sect. Even if they mobilize their desciples for the rescue, it is nothing to be afraid of. Surely, they are not our two sect’s opponents.”

These words are the truth. The demon sect at present is already not as good as it was before. It is no longer the HanYiJiao of a hundred years ago. The current HanYiJiao is a complete joke, and its sect master, a laughingstock.

Northern Gate Sect Master glanced towards me with a sullen face, pointing out his meaning, “I am not afraid of those demon sect remnants; rather, I fear… that person.”

“…Black Hawk Castle?” The Hidden Sword Gate’s old man stroked his beard and said leisurely, “Xiao Zhongnan is not a fool. There is no advantage to opposing all of Wulin for a demon sect cultivator. If that day indeed comes, simply kill this kid first. If worse comes to worst, it’s either the fish dies or the net splits!”

Tsk tsk, I knew this Hidden Sword Gate wasn’t anything good. These treacherous and cunning group of people are even more shameless than me, the demon sect’s sect master!

In due course, I made my sense of existence known and coughed while holding a fist against my lips. “Northern Gate Sect Master, I am not in good health. I’m afraid I am unable to drag such heavy chains out of these woods. Thus, I will have to trouble you to carry me out.”

The Hidden Sword Gate’s old man promptly raised his eyebrows as if he wanted to thrash his horsewhip against my honest appearance. Fortunately, as soon as he moved, he was barely held back by the Northern Gate Sect Master, making the old man seem puzzled and doubtful.

“Let’s go for a talk.” The Northern Gate Sect Master pulled the old man away with a ‘keep calm, don’t be impatient’ expression.

I get very tired when I move, so I just sat on the ground to rest.

After a long while, the two of them came back, both with complacent expressions. It seemed that their discussion was settled. Although the Hidden Sword Gate’s old man still didn’t have a good expression directed at me, he no longer talked maliciously straight to my face and even called a disciple to carry me.

I could not help but sigh in my heart. These so-called prestigious and upright people, their style is too disgusting, they simply cannot compare even to that of Xiao Zhongnan’s fingernail!

Speaking of which, I don’t know how he’s doing right now; did he become ill again?

When I think of him, I feel somewhat unwell. It’s like my heart is being pressed upon by a huge stone, and it feels suffocating and painful.

Like this, the two sect’s disciples alternately took turns to carry me out of the woods, and when we passed through a small town, they bought me a carriage. This treatment was way better than when I was first captured by Hidden Sword Gate.

However, it wasn’t entirely fraudulent when I said I couldn’t walk and whatnot. I’m getting weaker and weaker every day. I feel tired and sleepy at every turn, and the duration of when I am awake is becoming shorter and shorter. I can feel that soon, I could just fall asleep and not wake up after.

I didn’t have time to say goodbye to Cheng Xiaoyu that day I left Black Hawk Castle. I wonder, would the kid have cried? If I had known earlier, I would’ve asked him in advance to take care of my wisteria, to water it, and apply more fertilizer when he has nothing to do.

I lay in the carriage in a daze, staying like that for several days. Aside from eating and going to the bathroom, I spent the rest of the time in the carriage.

Today, I was sleeping in the carriage because my body fell ill and I felt uncomfortable everywhere. My ears were buzzing as if there were more than a dozen mosquitoes flying around my head.

Through my trance, I felt that the carriage under me seemed to stop, and then there was a thundering sound of hoofs from afar that was getting closer. Soon the sound of swords clashing and miserable shrieks came from outside; I slowly woke up. Before I could react to what was happening, the carriage curtain was abruptly torn open and Northern Gate Sect Master appeared in front of me, the sunlight glaring against his back. He dragged me out of the carriage without any further explanation.

“Who could’ve thought that Xiao Zhongnan would still value you, kid.” He said with a black face.

I was half-awake when I heard Psycho’s name. I immediately looked around and found that the Northern Gate Blade Sect’s and the Hidden Sword Gate’s disciples were battling against other forces. They wore black armor from head to toe while wielding a heavy sword, just like Black Hawk Castle’s disciples.

My mouth opened slightly in shock, resembling a fool.

Why did disciples from Black Hawk Castle come here?

What about… Psycho? Is he here too?

As I searched around for his familiar figure, a goshawk cried and plunged from the sky. Its huge wings seemed as if it can hide the sky and cover the earth. It swooped down all of a sudden, scaring the Northern Gate Sect Master so much that he had to quickly use his arm to block it. The ferocious bird used its sharp talons to make a deep gash on the arm.

“Damn animal!” He cursed in a low voice before using his arm to lock around my throat and drag me toward him, using me like a giant shield.

“Sect Master! We came to save you!”

This voice was very familiar. I looked over in surprise and found that Yang Chengqi was brandishing his sword and fighting the old man from Hidden Sword Gate.

I simply did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was clever enough not to let the others from the demon sect to come to throw away their lives, but why on earth did he go to Black Hawk Castle, ah? What was he thinking! What’s even more incredible is that Black Hawk Castle actually believed him and came to my rescue?! Is Xiao Zhongnan crazy??

While he was fighting Hidden Sword Gate, he wanted to come and save me, but the martial arts of the Hidden Sword Gate’s old man were equally matched with his, and it would be difficult for him to shake him off for a while. Yet at this moment, the goshawk struck again, scratching the face of the Northern Gate Sect Master and creating lacerations while I was not injured in the slightest.

The hawk spread its wings and slipped away after. Before I could come back to my senses, the Northern Gate Sect Master released a strange scream and slashed his sword behind him. An ear-piercing sound made by two sharp blades striking against each other was heard. He turned around, now cutting a sorry figure, and took me along with him. Only then did I see the person behind him clearly.

Tall and handsome, solemn seriousness—who would it be other than Xiao Zhongnan, that psycho?

He actually came to save me…

I stared at him without blinking, not wanting to miss his every gesture and expression.

The person whom I thought I would never see again suddenly appeared before me; it was really like a dream.

“Xiao Zhongnan, you actually colluded with the demon sect! Are you not afraid that Black Hawk Castle will become the target of public criticism and become a shameful existence to all of Wulin?” A few days ago, Northern Gate Sect Master also said what would happen if Xiao Zhongnan pursued him, and at that time he looked as if he didn’t put Black Hawk Castle in his eyes at all, yet now, he was so scared that his hands were clamping down so hard on me that  I almost couldn’t breathe anymore.

Xiao Zhongnan’s sword pointed at the ground, his eyes appearing serene and indifferent as the next words he said made people speechless.

“Not afraid.” He uttered these two words clearly.

The Northern Gate Sect Master nearly collapsed due to his own anger. “Xiao Zhongnan! Don’t be too arrogant…”

Xiao Zhongnan didn’t listen at all. He directly pointed his sword toward him, and again uttered two words, “Release him.”

This imposing attitude is unlike ordinary people!

I can see the Northern Gate Sect Master was stunned silly. It was only when his arm that was strangling me by the throat ached that he came to his senses and realized that this was a matter of his life and death.

“Tell your people to retreat, or I will kill him!” I heard the Northern Gate Sect Master say through gritted teeth above my head.

The Northern Gate Blade Sect’s operation was covert, and they had far less people than Black Hawk Castle; their defeat was only a matter of time.

Xiao Zhongnan heard what he said but his stern face remained unmoved, and his eyes faintly revealed killing intent. “If you dare to hurt him, I will have to erase the Northern Gate Blade Sect and Hidden Sword Gate from this world.”

Regardless of whether these words were true or false, it still made me shudder. A person would fall into the candy jar1people getting trapped into your ploy, but some people would do the opposite.

“Xiao Zhongnan, I can’t beat you, but don’t be so proud of yourself. I will make you pay the price for what you did today!” The Northern Gate Sect Master couldn’t do anything but resent, “Since you want him so much, I will give him back to you!”

I felt a strong slap on my back, and from there, pain quickly spread to my limbs and bones.  As I flew forward, I couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.


Hazily, I seem to see Xiao Zhongnan fly over in a panic to catch me in his arms, his expression terrified like never before.

He took me into his arms and hugged me tightly, just like he used to in the cave.



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