Chapter 23

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Originally, I went back to Black Hawk Castle with Xiao Zhongnan only because I wanted to have a temporary place where I could recuperate. Now that I have recovered and Yang Chengqi had also found me, I should calmly leave with him. Even if I’m not going to make such a pointless comeback as Sect Master, I don’t seem to have any reason to stay here.

It’s just that—I have been entangled with him for over a year, and now that I’m thinking about leaving and never seeing him again in the future, there’s this really unpleasant feeling in my heart.

People are not like heartless plants. I must have had feelings for him, otherwise, I wouldn’t have turned around and gone back to look for him after I left the bottom of the valley. However, I realized them too late.

If I had known earlier I would have taken him out of the valley with me back then, and then I wouldn’t have had to deal with all this demon sect and righteous cultivators bullshit. They could all fight to the death by themselves. The two of us could just go somewhere where no one knows us, where we can be free and comfortable. How could these events that have taken place afterward, then have the chance to occur?

It was the third day since Xiao Zhongnan left and I knew that he was coming back tonight, so I was tidying myself up early, planning to go to his courtyard to find him at night.

It has only been three days since I last saw him, but I actually already started to miss him a little.

I was happily sitting in the tub and humming a little tune with my mouth when a stabbing pain hit without warning.

The pain was just as if a sharp blade had gotten stuck in my internal organs, constantly wringing into my flesh. The pain instantly caused black spots to cover my vision, and when the pain reached its peak, my stomach churned as I violently vomited out a mouthful of blood, spewing it onto the surface of the steaming water. It quickly dissipated into the water without a trace as the severe pain that made living feel worse than death also followed after and disappeared. 

I was obviously surrounded by hot water yet I felt cold all over; I couldn’t even lift a finger.

After everything that happened, I naturally wouldn’t think that it was as simple as getting sick due to something bad. I immediately tried to use my qi to probe my body but realized that my dantian was unable to condense any qi, my internal strength was gone, and my internal organs were actually showing signs of decay.

I have only done one thing while staying in Black Hawk Castle, that is, practicing the 《 Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》method by heart. Now that something has gone wrong, the root of the problem could naturally only be attributed to the book.

I also blame myself for previously focusing all of my attention on Psycho. It wasn’t until I vomited blood today that I realized that something was wrong with me.

My thoughts cleared; I shook my hands and wiped off the blood on my lips. I propped my body up and stepped out of the tub, then I draped my robe over me and sat on the bedside to take out the secret book and read through it again. I discovered that everything was written in the secret book except what would happen to the chosen supplementary cauldron. 

Could it be that the day Psycho recovers from his illness would be the day I would lose my life?

The moment became difficult for me to imagine, immense panic hiding the sky and covering the earth, catching me unprepared.

A secret book found in the secret chamber of the demon sect that can cure qi deviation and illnesses as easy as blowing off dust…

This method was so great, merely requiring a cauldron that understood martial arts and it could cure countless incurable diseases that geniuses could not solve. How can there be such a good thing in this world?! 

“Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower…” My hand gripped the booklet tighter and tighter. “It’s practically exchanging one life for another; an evil art!” When I said the last few words, I gnashed my teeth in anger and furiously threw the book away. 

The thin book hit the door with a muffled sound, the pages even miserably scattering all over the floor, but I was not in the mood to care.

How could this be?

I held my forehead with my hand, my head hurting horribly. Everything was a mess.

What happens if I stop the dual cultivation now? Will Xiao Zhongnan’s illness worsen or will his current situation stay the same? Will I die? Can I still be saved if I’m dying?   

Questions came down like snowflakes, poking at my heart’s lair, sending my thoughts in a whirl but I still couldn’t answer them.

I closed my eyes and pressed down my rash state of mind, and when I opened my eyes again, I was already much calmer.

Soldiers come to guard, water comes to cover the earth1to take flexible measures according to specific circumstances., and “dead” splattered on the left and right. If worse comes to worst, it would only be me losing my life to the Yellow Springs for Psycho, so it doesn’t seem that terrible.

Perhaps he saved me time and time again because of a series of arrangements made by the Heavens so that I could be able to cure his illness.

I laughed self-deprecatingly. I dragged my somewhat exhausted body to the door, squatted down and picked up the scattered sheets of paper one by one, and put it back into a pile as they were before.

Xiao Zhongnan did come back at night, but he didn’t come back by himself, rather, people were carrying him back.

“What’s going on here?! Why did my perfectly fine elder brother suddenly get sick?”  

I rushed over to Xiao Zhongnan’s courtyard when I heard the news. There was already a crowd of people in his room at the time. Xiao Mobei was incessantly asking questions toward an old man with a long beard while hopping about anxiously.

“The Castle Master was already ill, and flaring up like this is normal. You ask me why, if I knew from where it came? I checked his pulse, and found that the congested veins in his brain showed signs of clearing recently, so I don’t know why this time his attack was more dangerous than before.” The physician sighed, “When all is said and done, this illness is due to qi deviation and is not a common headache. This old man is just an ordinary physician, and such complicated problems cannot be cured even if Hua Tuo2 a famous doctor at the end of the Han Dynasty and Bian Que were still alive!” He was about to pick up his medicine box, get up and leave after saying his piece, but Butler Cheng grabbed him.    

“Elder Sun, don’t leave in such a hurry. If you have something to say, say it…”

My mind completely blanked out when I heard this. I could only walk slowly into the courtyard and find a stone bench to sit down without informing anyone.

Xiao Zhongnan became ill after three days of being away from the Castle, and it was even more dangerous this time. According to a Black Hawk Castle disciple who went with him, the headache was so excruciating that he even bashed his head against the wall. In the end, they had to knock him out and carry him back.

He had never been ill ever since I started using the Secret Code of the Hidden Flower to treat him. This has me thinking—if I really ignored his life and death and left like this, not only will he not heal, but will he also be in danger again and again, and be tortured to death by his headaches during his vicious illness’s flares?

It is a hot summer, but the breath I exhale seems cold.

This fucking dual cultivation secret book is so evil, it even has this strategy of ‘once you start practicing it you can’t stop, or else no one will survive’!

My intention was to save him, but now it seems that I am hurting him instead…

I don’t know how long I have been sitting in the courtyard, it was only until Xiao Mobei came to call me that I recovered from my thoughts.

“My brother woke up and asked you to go in,” Worry was written all over his face and his brows were wrinkled, forming the character “川”. “We’re leaving, you stay and look after my brother, and if something’s the matter, send someone to call me immediately.”  

I stood up and patted him on the shoulder, nodded, and said, “I understand, all of you should go back and rest first.” 

When I entered the room, I saw Xiao Zhongnan leaning against the headboard with a tray on his lap. There was a lot of food on the plate and he was also holding a bowl in his hand. It seems that he heard the sounds so he turned his head towards the door.

I frowned and said, “Why are you eating by yourself? Here, I’ll feed you.” After saying so, I walked a few steps to get to the bedside and tried to grab the bowl and chopsticks from his hands, but I did not succeed.  

Xiao Zhongnan then continued to leisurely eat the porridge in his bowl. If it weren’t for his complexion being a little pale, I wouldn’t be able to tell that he was a patient at all.

As he ate, he said, “I can move my hands and feet, why would I make you feed me?” 

I pulled my hand back, curled my lips, and said, “Then you can just forget about me feeding you.” 

I didn’t want to mention his illness lest it bothered him and I make myself unhappy, so I asked him about his experience on his trip.

“Your friend got married, did many people go?” 

He glanced at me. “Many.” 

“Was the bride beautiful?” I asked again. 

He swallowed the food in his mouth, lowered his eyes, and said, “I’m not the groom, where would I see the bride, but my friend appeared very happy so she should be very beautiful.” 

I asked him what his friend’s name was, what his nickname was in the Jianghu, and who the guests that attended were. I asked until there was really nothing left to ask, and I also didn’t know what was going on but a question suddenly sprouted in my mind. “Have you ever thought about marrying another wife?” 

He held his chopsticks for a while and did not move them to his plate. He glanced over and his eyes flickered between bright and gloomy. “I never thought about it. You once said that not everyone could accept me like this.” 

I thought of our conversation at the lakeside that day, and said, “You also said that you only need to find that one unique and unrivaled person.” 

He simply put his chopsticks and bowl down, picked up the towel, and wiped his mouth.

“But is this unique and unrivaled one so easy to find anywhere? And even if you did find them, they may not necessarily be yours. I treat him with a sincere heart and I naturally hope that he will also treat me sincerely in return, but if he refuses, I can only withdraw my sincerity.” His movements were very slow and his voice was quite steady, but I could hear the loneliness in his words.   

Thinking of our situation, I couldn’t help feeling deeply moved. “That’s right. If others treat me with a sincere heart, I would also treat him sincerely.” 

Having heard my words, he fixed his gaze on me, our eyes interlocking with each other. “Remember what you said today.” 

I nodded repeatedly when it turned dark all of a sudden. He held my head and he had leaned over to drop a kiss on my forehead.

The kiss was light and soft, without the least bit of lust, brushing against my heart just like a feather. 

  • 1
    to take flexible measures according to specific circumstances.
  • 2
    a famous doctor at the end of the Han Dynasty


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