Chapter 22

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When I woke up, I found myself in Xiao Zhongnan’s embrace, my body feeling sticky and sweaty all over.

It’s been a long time since I woke up in this man’s arms. It made me unexpectedly relieved, and also unexpectedly addicted. Although I really want to continue lying down, the servants will be coming in in a while. If they see us lying together like this, Castle Master Xiao’s lifelong illustrious reputation will be destroyed by my hands.

I sat up. Apart from a bit of soreness in my body, there was no other discomfort.  As a result of my movement, the quilt slipped from my shoulders to my waist, showing the traces of love-making on my body that made me feel ashamed. I quickly turned my eyes away, my forehead twitching as I did.

I lifted my buttocks and wanted to get out of bed. But as soon as I got up, a dense, sticky liquid flowed out of the place behind me. I didn’t need to think about it to know what it was. In that instant, I felt myself flush with a scorching heat from head to toe. I think I’m quickly getting familiar with it.

I need to go back to my room and wash myself at once! Thinking of this, I endured the parching heat and got up again.

Suddenly, a muscular arm wrapped around my waist, preventing me from continuing to move, and Xiao Zhongnan’s low and husky, half-asleep voice came from behind me, “What are you doing?”

I froze. “…returning to my room.”

He tightened his arms and asked again, “What are you doing?”

I heard a bit of impatience from his questioning this time, and said hurriedly, “I’m going back to take a shower and change clothes!”

His palm repeatedly stroked the side of my waist, causing me to uncontrollably tremble and turn to the side to avoid it.

“You, don’t…” Before I could finish speaking, my whole body was dragged back by the arm on my waist, and then I was lying down on the bed again.

Xiao Zhongnan rolled over and pushed me down, his part that was touching my legs was hard and hot. My eyes widened in shock, and I didn’t dare to move for a moment.

He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand. “Shy? Why didn’t I see you this shy last night?” 

I took medicine last night, ah!

“I drank too much last night.”

He patted the top of my head when he heard what I said, and his black eyes became even more serene and hidden in depth. “Whatever you say.” Having said that, he moved one palm down past my waist. After touching my buttocks, he separated my thighs to invade the traces left by last night’s affairs.

“You…” I was speechless because of what he’s doing.

Why is this bastard behaving like Psycho!

I lifted a leg to kick him, but I didn’t expect that I would be easily caught by him as if he had already guessed that I would make this move.

He raised his eyebrows. “Want to kick me again?”

He and I were both stunned. He frowned in doubt. He might not know what he just said, but I was given such a huge shock that I almost wanted to ask him if he remembered something.

Could it be that the cultivation method is so effective, it takes effect in just a single night?

But soon, I didn’t have the energy to start thinking about those things again. Xiao Zhongnan, like all men, woke up in the morning like a starving wolf, and would never stop eating people until there were not even bones left.

After that, I became more and more convinced of the《Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》 in my heart. Every night I would bring a pot of wine and find Xiao Zhongnan for a drink, and in no more than a couple words, the two of us would be rolling around on the bed.

This development continued until I didn’t need to bring wine with me anymore and he would just leave the door unlocked for me every night, so I could just push open the door and enter. If he was in the study, I would lie down on the bed and wait for him. He never refused my request for a favor, nor did he have any opinion about it, as if it were all normal.

“I will leave the Castle for several days starting tomorrow.” After this past night of indulgence, Xiao Zhongnan spoke slowly.

What about his treatment?

I blurted out in a hurry, “I’ll go with you!”

He was silent for a while before he said, “This time, it’s a good friend of mine who’s getting married. I’m afraid it would be inappropriate to take you with me.”

I pursed my lips tightly. Although I knew he was right, I still felt upset deep down.

After a while, I asked him dejectedly, “Then how long are you going to be gone?”

He gently caressed my back. “For two to three days at least, and five or six days at most.”

Five or six days was too long, what if all my effort gets wasted because we haven’t done it for a long time?

I was very worried in my heart, and bargained with him, “Three days, will you come back in three days?”

His hand that was stroking me, paused. I thought he would disagree, and became nervous. I would never have expected to be heartily embraced by him in the next moment.

His chin rested on top of my head, and I felt the vibration of his voice as he spoke.

“Alright,” he said.

I became glad afterward. “It’s a deal!”

With his promise, I soon fell asleep in peace.

Xiao Zhongnan left early the next morning and he didn’t inform me when he left. When I got up and saw the empty space on the other half of the bed, I felt an indescribable loss in my heart.

Xiao Zhongnan wasn’t in the Castle, so I could only ask Cheng Xiaoyu to visit “Xiao Baiyi” in the stables with me.

The foal is now weaned, and although his body isn’t as robust as an adult horse, it became a bit more powerful.

“You don’t know just how precious this horse is. Even the marshal of the imperial court may not necessarily be able to get him from our Castle Master. It could even be said that he can’t be bought for a thousand in gold. You must treat him well in the future.” Cheng Xiaoyu was boasting and spraying spittle as he talked.

“Treat who well? Xiao Zhongnan or Xiao Baiyi?” I asked him with a smile that was not quite a smile. 

The kid’s face turned red all of a sudden. “Sigh, why are you so shameless! Of course I meant the horse!” After thinking about it, he added, “It’s only natural for you to treat the Castle Master well. Without him, you would still be suffering from Hidden Sword Gate right now.”  

I took some hay and fed the little foal, smiling at his words.

If not for Psycho, I might have already been withered bones at the bottom of that cliff, where would that matter with the Hidden Sword Gate even be.

“I treat him well. I serve him comfortably every day and night, don’t like him that much now![1]”

The kid’s blush on his cheeks that had yet to dissipate rose to deep red in an instant, and his speech also stuttered.

“You… You…”

I slapped him on his head. “What you, you? Go!” 

He rubbed his head while walking outside, his mouth arguing noisily, “Can your words not be so flippant? As a person living under the Castle Master’s roof, can you have a bit of self-consciousness?” 

“Why do you have so many opinions as a kid? Do you believe it or not?” 


We playfully quarreled for a while, and it was already dark when we returned to the Castle.

I simply let the servant get something to eat, and lay down early.

It’s been a good deal of time since I last slept in my courtyard. As I lay down on the bed, I stared at the canopy and couldn’t sleep for a long time. With great difficulty, I managed to fall asleep, but I still wasn’t able to sleep peacefully.

I had a dream. It had already been a long time since I last had a dream, but I could clearly remember the nightmare I had that night.

In my dream, one moment Psycho was asking me why I left him alone and why I deceived him; the next moment, he became Xiao Zhongnan again, and was asking me who I am and what my purpose was by approaching him! I opened my mouth and wanted to explain myself, but I couldn’t make a sound. The other party always coldly disdained listening to my explanation.

I woke up from my dream, dripping with cold sweat, my chest throbbing madly and uncontrollably, and my hands and feet felt weak.

That dream felt so real; Xiao Zhongnan’s questioning voice was right next to my ears, and every sentence of his seemed like a hammer striking my heart.

Fortunately, it was just a dream…

I sat up and wiped the cold sweat off my forehead. I was about to get out of bed and pour a glass of water to drink when at this moment, I heard a sudden movement from outside the courtyard as if someone had sneaked in.

“Who?” I frowned and darted out.

Sure enough, there was a masked man in black clothes standing outside the courtyard. Such a sneaky person is definitely not a good person. I attacked without speaking any further.

The intruder exchanged palm attacks with me several times until he suddenly opened his mouth and shouted, “Sect Master!”

I recognized his voice and promptly retracted my palm, staring at the person in disbelief.

“Guardian Yang?!”

The other took off his scarf, revealing a gentlemanly face. It was indeed Yang Chengqi.

He stepped forward, seemingly excited, and grabbed my hand. With a quiet voice, he said, “Sect Master, I finally found you!”

After not seeing him for over a month, nothing seemed to have changed with Guardian Yang. It could be assumed that they weren’t chased further by the righteous cultivators. But, it’s still inadvisable for him to come to Black Hawk Castle alone. If someone finds out, an incident cannot be avoided.

I put my hand on his back and walked quickly back into my room. I asked, “Why did you come here?”

The worried expression on his face made it seem like he was thinking of a serious matter. “This subordinate is here to rescue the Sect Master today. Sect Master, please quickly follow me.”

He looked like he was trying to save me from a disaster, causing me to be stunned for a while.

“Save me? What do I need to be saved?” 

Yang Chengqi was also confused by my reaction. “Isn’t the Sect Master imprisoned by Xiao Zhongnan and unable to escape?”

“I’m not…” I didn’t know how to explain the situation to him, and just vaguely said, “I’m not imprisoned by him, it’s just… there are still things that need to be done before I can leave. Don’t worry, I am very safe.”

Not only did my words not dispel his worries, it even made him even more puzzled instead.

“The subordinates have been waiting for the Sect Master to go back to preside over the overall situation and reinvigorate the drums and banner[2]. Since the Sect Master has not been imprisoned, is it because he is plotting something important involving Black Hawk Castle that he is unable to return to us?”

He thinks too highly of me. Throughout my entire life, the closest thing to a conspiracy would probably be the period when Lin Yue was using me as a puppet…

I waved my hand at him. “In any case, I can’t leave right now. Give me another month and I will leave with you after my business here is done.” By then, Xiao Zhongnan’s illness should be cured, and I could leave without worries.

What would happen if Xiao Zhongnan recovered his memory? I had never thought about it before tonight.

At that time, he was mentally deranged and treated me as his NanNan. He even thought that I was pregnant with his child. But, after I recovered from my injuries, I mercilessly abandoned him. If this was remembered by Xiao Zhongnan, who is now normal and sane, I’m afraid he might consider it a great shame and humiliation, and maybe his current warm attitude will even be hard to keep. Besides, I still have an even more terrible identity hanging over my head, which might be revealed by someone one day. It’s also possible that they would accuse me of “a wicked seductress conjuring fine schemes.”[3] After much deliberation, the best choice is to leave Black Hawk Castle earlier and leave Xiao Zhongnan in order to end this ill-fated relationship.

I repaid my debt of gratitude anyway, I no longer owe him anything…


Before Yang Chengqi could say anything, I interrupted him, “No buts, you leave quickly, don’t let anyone find out.”

Yang Chengqi tried to persuade me, but could only leave upset in the end.

“Then… Sect Master should take care of himself. This subordinate will come again after a month to receive your honorable self.”

After he left, I sat by the table for a long time, until the candle burned out, and I didn’t sleep again.

In fact… I understood some things. However, it is really difficult to do them when it becomes time to do the real thing.


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