Chapter 21

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The battle with the demon sect lasted a full day and night until daybreak the next morning. Everyone dragged their tired bodies back to the camp while bringing back many wounded disciples with them.

Several people from Black Hawk Castle also sustained injuries. I saw them supporting each other while coming back, but I did not see Xiao Zhongnan, so I hurriedly asked them where he went.

“The Alliance Leader called him a while ago.” A disciple from Black Hawk Castle told me.

It took around a shichen before Xiao Zhongnan came back, and upon returning, he ordered everyone to pack up their luggage.

“Break camp, we will return to Black Hawk Castle immediately.”

I felt that this was strange. “So urgent?”

Obviously they had won such a beautiful battle. Shouldn’t they celebrate first and then share the joy of victory? How could they be going back so soon?

Xiao Zhongnan glanced at me. “You still have something else to do here?”

I was choked by his question. “No…”

His face was expressionless. “If you don’t, then just go and pack your luggage.”

I curled my lips, then I complied with what he said and went to pack up my things. Half a shichen later, Black Hawk Castle’s team was ready to go.

On the way here I was still able to have a bit of conversation with Xiao Zhongnan, but during our return trip, he seemed to have suddenly become mute. Him not saying even a single word the entire day made the journey extremely unbearable, but at the time, the book《Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》fully occupied my thoughts and I had no time to care about his change.

I stealthily browsed the secret ritual’s text when there was no one around, and it is indeed a good cure for qi deviation. However, other than the person who is suffering from qi deviation, there still needs to be another person who needs to provide assistance for the cure.

During the treatment period, the other person not only needs to take a special decoction every day, but also needs to circulate their qi according to the procedure within the secret book. Finally, it is necessary for him to cooperate with the method using themselves as a cauldron to transfer their own internal force into the other’s body to help them open their blocked meridians. In other words, this is a wonderful book that teaches people how to dual cultivate and cure illnesses!

I was astonished when I read it, but at the same time, a voice in my heart was telling me that this might be the only way to cure Xiao Zhongnan.

When I stole the book, my original intention was only to help Xiao Zhongnan, but now I need to use this dual cultivating method with him to cure his illness. Not mentioning his willingness or unwillingness, I can’t even open my mouth to tell him, ah!

As I was internally struggling with my thoughts, our group had already arrived at Black Hawk Castle without me realizing it.

After coming and going for a month, the small courtyard felt very cordial when I saw it again, and to my surprise, the wisteria in the small courtyard’s corner had already begun to bud.

I stared at the wisteria and unconsciously thought of Xiao Zhongnan again.

I called the servant, wrote down a prescription, and gave it to him, asking him to acquire the herbs listed.

“Why is Young Master suddenly taking medicine?”

“During the trip, I suffered a minor injury and I need this medicine to treat it.”

The servant was probably not a cultivator and was fooled by me. He immediately believed what I said and quickly grabbed all the herbs for me.

When I drank the decoction for the first time, I felt a stream of heat flowing from my lower abdomen that was burning all the way through to my limbs and hundreds of bones. I was so shocked that I kept it in my mouth, not knowing whether to spit out or swallow what was left.

It deserves to be called the 《Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》, this decoction practically has an immediate effect ah! After lamenting about it, I still swallowed the rest.

After taking the decoction, I began to circulate my inner qi along the meridians throughout my body according to the exercises in the book. After the twenty-fourth major circulation and the forty-eighth minor circulation1You can think of it as the minor circulation on the outside (where there are tiny meridian intervals) and the major circulation on the inside (where meridian range is larger), but they’re all happening beneath the skin., faint beads of sweat appeared on my forehead. I ended my meditation and took a deep breath.

When evening came, I carried a pot of wine to Xiao Zhongnan’s yard.

This wine is, of course, not ordinary wine. I have already added some stuff into it beforehand.

I knocked on the door lightly, and a voice inquiring for who I am came from the inside. I responded with my name, and after a while, Xiao Zhongnan came to open the door for me.

“I’ve come to find you for a drink.” I shook the wine pot in my hand.

He didn’t say anything and just stepped aside to let me in. I walked a few steps toward the table, placed down two cups on each side, and served the liquor from my pot, my hand somewhat trembling.

He sat across from me and asked, “Why is it that you want to drink with me this late in the night?”

“I thought the moonlight was quite beautiful tonight and I just couldn’t sleep, so I thought of coming to find you for a drink. Am I not welcome, Brother Xiao?”

“No, you can come find me at any time.” He stared down at the wine cup in front of him while running his fingertips across its rim from time to time, “By the way, you still haven’t said why you were on the mountain that day and how you encountered Lin Yue, right?”

It’s here!

I scratched my head, finding it a bit embarrassing. “I actually wanted to search for the savings that I had left behind in the sect that day. When I escaped from HanYiJiao, I didn’t carry anything except your jade token on my body. In any case, I had stored my savings for so many years and I was a little unwilling to let them go, so I wanted to go back and see if they were still there; I didn’t expect to have such bad luck and encounter Lin Yue.” I gratefully smiled at him. “Fortunately, you saved me, so I owe you once again.” Having finished saying that, I lifted my cup and toasted him before drinking all the liquor in the glass in one move.

Xiao Zhongnan saw that my cup was empty, so he slowly raised his cup and drank it like me.

“He’s the demon sect’s sect master, how could he possibly know you?”

I filled him in on the issue and said, “You know, Brother Xiao, he was only an elder before. I was regarded as his disciple and personally served him for a while, so he knew me.”

“So that was the case.” He nodded and did not ask me again.

I mentally heaved a sigh of relief. I just wanted to pat myself on the back for keeping my fright under control. Fortunately, I had been prepared, otherwise he would’ve certainly noticed something amiss!

We drank for more than half a shichen until we emptied the pot of wine. I was already a bit tipsy. When I went to look at the person sitting opposite me, there seemed to be some traces of drunkenness in his black eyes.

The material that I mixed in wasn’t harmful, and it won’t make people instantly feel burning desire. Compared with other kinky drugs that harm the body, this is more like a pleasure-inducer for lovers, and it would only make the body feel slightly hot and numb.

I pulled at the lapels of my robe, tugging them until they were loose, and then I tugged at the other person’s hand.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Zhongnan suddenly held my hand down, and there seemed to be another frown forming between his eyebrows.

“What’re you doing?”

I don’t know why I suddenly laughed. He wouldn’t let me pull him, so I took back my hand, sat on him, and wrapped my arm around his neck.

“Fine time, beautiful scenery; what do you think I’m going to do?” I was leaning very close to him. The next moment I was close enough, I kissed him.

I kissed his lips, using all the techniques I knew. I gently licked the seam between his lips, slowly poking the tip of my tongue in and pulling it out again, biting and sucking his lower lip until the time was ripe to enter his mouth in one fell swoop. I swept my tongue across his upper palate before entangling it together with his tongue.

Soon after, I discovered that my waist and the back of my neck were being held by two strong palms. Xiao Zhongnan turned from being a guest into acting as the host, domineeringly deepening the kiss even further, and the situation gradually leaned towards spiraling out of control.

After kissing for a long time, I felt as if I was almost unable to breathe. I hurriedly placed my hands on his chest and tried to separate our bodies. Unexpectedly, Xiao Zhongnan released me, rendering my efforts unnecessary. Then, the sky spun. He had actually picked me up and walked a few steps over to the bedside.

I had felt his stirring arousal when I was sitting on him just now, and besides, I was the one who gave him the drug so there was no need for me to feign being reserved right now.

After placing me on the bed, he pressed down against me as he sucked and nipped at my body, which was surprisingly consistent with his habit when he’s ill, only much more restrained.

My entire lapel was torn open, exposing my smooth chest. He conveniently grasped a nipple in his mouth and started to suck it with gusto. His hands also weren’t idle and slid all the way down to my lower body.

Because I came prepared, I had already taken a bath in my room and expanded my back acupoint as well. I didn’t even wear an inner robe. So, when he finally touched the moist, softened place behind me, even his breathing changed.

He stripped off his clothes at an extremely fast pace, revealing his sturdy body and the fierce giant that had been hiding underneath.

I don’t even know how I previously managed to accommodate his big guy, but I doubt his current size will even fit inside me!

I bent my legs, suddenly a bit afraid and not so confident.

The pain from the first two times was still fresh in my memory. I was able to only walk normally after lying in bed for several days!

He may have felt my stiffness, influencing him to place his palm on my knee and massage it gently.


Scared ah, scared to die!

I forced myself to relax and gritted my teeth. “I am absolutely not afraid, come on, ba!” After I finished speaking, I courageously opened my legs wider.

Xiao Zhongnan’s black eyes suddenly became darker. He held my waist with one hand and supported his penis to press against my hole with the other.

Instead of recklessly advancing, he probingly and slowly entered until I had completely swallowed all of him.

Once he reached my depths, we both released a comfortable sigh.

He leaned down to kiss my lips, and I meekly opened my lips to welcome his arrival.

A fervent heat rose from the place where we were connected below, as well as a slight numbness itching that was accompanying his slow thrusts and pulls.

“Um…ngh…” My sounds were being muffled by his mouth, and I could only vaguely moan.

Although his nine-parts-shallow and one-part-deep approach is gentle, it was also quite annoying. The pleasure accumulated very slowly, so slow that my entire body would tremble with sweat because of the urgency… and because of his restraint.

“Ah… Haaahh… I gripped the bedding underneath my fingers tightly and uttered a pained groan. Whenever the giant inside my body rubbed against a place, my shouts would go one tone higher.

“Please…” I begged him with misty eyes, “Faster… I can’t stand it anymore… Haa…”

I immediately noticed that his hardness inside my body swelled up a little bit after that. My eyes widened in alarm, but I wasn’t able to say a word in response when the man gazed at me.

He abruptly stopped, panting, and said something that confused me.

He said, “You asked for it.”

However, I was only puzzled briefly because he quickly used his actions to explain the true meaning of his sentence.

He bent my knees together and pressed them upwards against my chest. In this way, the passage behind me was in front of his eyes on full display.

Since my hole was already used to his penetration, it didn’t feel uncomfortable when he ferociously charged inside me.

Just as I’ve heard—I asked for it2 自找: can also mean, to suffer as a consequence of one’s own actions.. He began to work hard while leaving no room for error as he repeatedly and accurately hit that deadly place.

“Aahhh!!!” I was frightened by my unbridled moan, or perhaps cry, and quickly bit the back of my hand to block it.

In the hour after that, I was incessantly hovering on the edge of passing away and wishing for death. The back of my hand was bitten until I drew blood, and the other was about to tear the bedding under me.

Fortunately, the《Secret Ritual of the Hidden Flower》3last time it was 幽秘典 (flower), now it’s 幽秘典 (orchid)??? I’m assuming it’s a typo as it was back to original in the next chapters. would run on its own as soon as Xiao Zhongnan had intercourse with me, otherwise I really wouldn’t have the extra mental and physical energy to manually move the dual cultivation method along its course.

Finally, after a series of heavy thrusts, Xiao Zhongnan’s penis trembled slightly within me, and I felt a stream of liquid shot into my deepest parts. The warm torrent hit my inner wall, causing me to let out a whimper-like moan. My legs tensely twisted and twitched involuntarily, stopping after a short while and falling to the side.

I freed my hand from between my teeth, letting it hang softly to the side. I touched the stickiness on my belly with my other hand and felt a handful of white turbidity against my hand. It was clear that my disappointing little brother had already vented many times without me realizing.

I was so tired and drunk that I was a little drowsy, but Xiao Zhongnan was like an insatiable ferocious beast, and actually quickly became hard again.

In the end, I was so completely fucked that I almost broke down, and was even brought to the point that I had to squeeze out two drops of tears to beg him to let me go.

“Brother Xiao… ah, Kind Brother Xiao… I ahh… I really can’t do it anymore…” I sat on his lap facing him, like the one on the Huanxi4 欢喜: huanxi is a term in Buddhism that means that you feel joy in your body and mind when you are in a state of conformity;  it also means that all beings are happy when they hear the Buddha’s words or the names of the Buddhas, and even believe in and practice. Buddha statue. He pushed into me fiercely, up and down, entering such an unprecedented depth that even my toes curled up uncontrollably.

His hand glided down my back caressing me until he reached my buttocks, and rubbed there vigorously. He didn’t feel a bit softhearted by my words, but instead, pulled me deeper and deeper within his desire.









Huanxi Buddha:                                   XZN and HQY (you can literally hear the pained cries):

  • 1
    You can think of it as the minor circulation on the outside (where there are tiny meridian intervals) and the major circulation on the inside (where meridian range is larger), but they’re all happening beneath the skin.
  • 2
    自找: can also mean, to suffer as a consequence of one’s own actions.
  • 3
    last time it was 幽秘典 (flower), now it’s 幽秘典 (orchid)??? I’m assuming it’s a typo as it was back to original in the next chapters.
  • 4
    欢喜: huanxi is a term in Buddhism that means that you feel joy in your body and mind when you are in a state of conformity;  it also means that all beings are happy when they hear the Buddha’s words or the names of the Buddhas, and even believe in and practice.


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