Chapter 16

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In fact, there was something amiss about Psycho’s state during the day, but at that time, I didn’t care much due to my rage and the accusations. When night came, he became completely ill because of what happened with the beaded flower.

I was sleeping when a loud noise woke me up, and before I could react, a figure had already rushed onto the bed and entangled me.

This familiar body temperature and scorching hot pants; everything revealed the identity of the person who came.

Three months ago, I could only let him do it as my internal injury was not yet healed. But now, how can I let him succeed so easily? I immediately used all my strength to fight and struggle against him.

[expand title=”Click for NSFW and dislocating limbs“]

“Fuck off!” I swung my palm towards him, gnashing my teeth with hatred.

Wanting to kill me during the day and wanting to humiliate me ​​at night, he simply doesn’t treat me as a human being! I was so angry I could not think straight. I just wanted to fight him with all my might. However, even if Xiao Zhongnan had fallen into qi deviation, he was still a renowned master. He effortlessly avoided my hand and firmly restrained my wrist above my head. I immediately bent my knee and attacked him, but his legs suppressed it, preventing me from being able to land a single hit on him.

With only one arm and one leg left, my moves became more and more erratic. No matter how sinister I came at him, he was impenetrable, not letting me touch him. In the beginning, he was still confronting me with ease, but after a long time, he became impatient, and his attacks gradually became heavier.

Although there was no candlelight in the room, I could still see his bloodshot eyes through the moonlight coming in from the window. He was like a beast that has been starving for a long time, mad with desire.

He probably lost all his patience with me. He snarled angrily and tore my inner shirt apart. Before I could continue to struggle, he yanked my arm and skillfully dislocated it, dragging it from my joints.

“Ahh—!” The severe pain swept through my entire body. I couldn’t help but release a miserable screech and raise my leg to send a kick towards Xiao Zhongnan.

Immediately, my leg was held firmly in his grasp. There was no trace of warmth in his moonlit eyes, only fiery ruthlessness.

“Stop! Don’t… Ahhh!!” A wave of dread hit my heart. I tried my utmost to withdraw my leg, but it was too late. With a cold face, he pulled, and my leg was dislocated.

I clenched my jaw, not letting myself let out even a soft groan. My useless leg was limply leaning aside in a strange position, and my arms couldn’t be used at all. Their joints were incessantly swollen and painful, and a fine layer of sweat soon appeared on my forehead.

I was lying on the bed, protecting the dislocated arm with my other hand and staring at Xiao Zhongnan in front of me with vigilance and weakness.

He stroked my intact leg expressionlessly, slowly spreading it over to one side while his eyes were staring straight at me without blinking.

He didn’t say anything, but his frigid eyes made me tremble in fear. I obediently let him move me and stopped resisting. I knew that if I continued to irritate him, he would dislocate my remaining unharmed arm and leg from their joints without the slightest hesitation. He only has desire in his heart right now. It would not be impossible for him to kill me first before the rape.

When he charged into my body in only a split second, the pain was utterly negligible compared to the aches I was feeling from the other injured parts of my body. He focused on me from start to finish, staring at me attentively while thrusting his hips fiercely; other than this, there were no superfluous expressions.

My body hurts, but what hurts even more is a certain part of my heart, the meticulous pricks making me unable to look at him any longer.

I raised the arm that was still able to move and used it to cover my eyes.

“Bastard… ah… beast… wu…” I cursed intermittently, tears uncontrollably gathering in my eyes before sliding down because of the pain.

Scenes of getting along with Psycho day and night when we were at the bottom of the valley unconsciously appeared in my mind; he was so kind to me and was never willing to hurt me. He carefully took care of me, not only feeding me and helping me drink, but also wiping me and bathing me.

How could Psycho be Xiao Zhongnan? He is such a bastard, not at all similar to Psycho…

Psycho, where did you go? I miss you so much.

“Psycho…” After thinking about it, I felt sorrowful. “Save me… Psycho…”

The warm liquid wet my arm, and I pressed it down tighter as if this way, the tears that represented my pain and grievance could be blocked and they would return to my eyes.

I felt him suddenly grab my wrist. I didn’t dare resist, letting him yank it away from my face.

Xiao Zhongnan lowered his eyes and approached me. I was so afraid of his viciousness and mercilessness and dared not move. His breath sprayed out on my eyelids; I closed my eyes. After a while, I felt a heat touch the corner of my eyes. He actually licked me there with his tongue.

I opened my eyes and stared at him, not daring to speak. Without any better options, I turned my head to the side. With this new position, his moist tongue licked my earlobe.

He held it in his mouth and proceeded to nibble and suck at it, while down below, he continued to slide in and out, alternating his thrusts over and over again as if he wanted to pierce through me.

I was fucked so hard by him that every time my body swayed, it would cause a burst of pain. However, even so, desire still continuously rose within me until it finally surpassed the pain.

I bit Psycho’s shoulder the moment my yang essence was released. To vent my anger, I used my good arm to sink my fingers into his back as I pulled myself up, leaving five deep scratches on his back.[/expand]

After that, I was tossed about by Xiao Zhongnan for the entire night, and in the end, black spots enveloped my eyes and I fainted completely.

I couldn’t sleep peacefully due to the pain. The agony I felt all over my body was probably only slightly better than when I fell off the cliff.

A few times I woke up in a daze, my eyes fluttering open. The room was very bright, even a little dazzling, and I could vaguely hear voices.

“Even if you don’t like him… don’t… treat him like this…”

“No… I can’t control… the illness…”

“… what?”

“I… qi deviation… never said… headache… go crazy… tie up…”

The first time it happened, I heard Xiao Zhongnan and Xiao Mobei. The two seemed to be arguing. I couldn’t resist the tiredness and fell back asleep after listening for a while.

The second time it was Cheng Xiaoyu. He was too noisy and directly woke me up.

“How evil! Big brother, why do you have to suffer like this!” The child wept exaggeratedly as if he was mourning.

Fortunately, he was kicked out after a few wails. He didn’t forget to add a few lines, sobbing as he left, “Castle Master, if you don’t want to pamper him, just let him be a servant. This way, I can cover for him somehow.”

I was conscious at this time, but because I didn’t want to see the kid, I kept my eyes closed and pretended to remain asleep.

“What nonsense, go back quickly, otherwise, when Uncle Cheng can’t find you, he will scold you again.” This low voice, I immediately recognized that it was Xiao Zhongnan’s.

When the kid was gone, he walked slowly towards me and sat down by the bed.

I could feel him staring at me. After a while, he spoke, “If you don’t want to see me, I will let Xiaoyu come back to feed you your meals and help you drink medicine.”

When I heard this equally terrible option, I immediately opened my eyes. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but I actually felt that, even though the Xiao Zhongnan in front of me was still handsome, he was a lot thinner and pallid.

He seemed to see through my thoughts and said, “You have been asleep for two days.”

I was extremely shocked, but at the same time, felt it inconceivable— I was fucked in such a crazy way that I lay unconscious in bed for a full two days?!

“It’s been two days?” I spoke in complete astonishment, my voice cracking like a broken gong.

Xiao Zhongnan reacted quickly in the next second. He walked a few steps towards the table, poured a glass of water for me, and then helped me sit up and take a few sips using his hand.

At this time, my body is no longer sticky, and medicine seems to have been applied to that place behind me. The joints of my dislocated arm and leg have been repaired. Although there’s still some swelling, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

To be honest, I didn’t want to see Xiao Zhongnan because I feel uncomfortable seeing him.

“I asked the kitchen to cook some minced meat porridge. You can only eat light food for a few days…” He picked up a porcelain bowl from the small bedside table and said cautiously, “You should be hungry after sleeping for two days. Let me feed you.”

I looked at the spoon he had brought to my mouth with a complex expression, somewhat at a loss as to whether I should uphold my moral backbone or eat my fill.

After struggling for a while, my moral backbone was defeated by a series of rumbles in my stomach. I fiercely opened my mouth and readily swallowed the porridge he fed me.

After the bowl of porridge was finished, he wiped my mouth and sat there with a solemn face before saying, “I committed such a sin, I’m simply worse than a pig. You can beat me, curse me, even if you want to stab me a few times, I absolutely will not dodge.”

I looked at him in silence and saw his unswerving determination. I couldn’t help asking, “Did you really want to kill me that day?”

It was baffling that I cared more about his attitude during that day than his bestial behavior last night.

He was taken aback. He shook his head with a somewhat awful expression, and said, “No, I don’t know what happened that day. Suddenly, my rationality was gone and I went insane.” His dense brows and black eyes were filled with shame. “I didn’t sincerely want to kill you, nor did I really want to hurt you. When you get better, I’ll have Uncle Cheng arrange another place for you to live in. It’s better for you to stay far away from me.”

I said without thinking, “Then who will tie you with rope at night?”

His face was still cold and firm, but I don’t know if it was just my misconception, or I actually saw a flash of a smile in his eyes.

He let me lie down and tucked the quilt in for me. “I told Mobei about my situation earlier, and he will come to tie me up in the future.”

My body hasn’t recovered yet, and I’m a little sleepy after eating. I nodded when I heard his words. “You should let him know everything so he can find some famous physicians to come look at you in a few days. If you can be cured, then your issue needs to be treated quickly.”

I may have been muddled and on the verge of falling asleep, but I think it wasn’t just in his eyes, even the corners of his mouth had a wisp of something that resembled a faint smile.

“It’s not that easy.” He touched the top of my head. “You go to sleep; I’ll stay here.”

When I heard him say that, I couldn’t resist anymore, and eventually, with my mind at ease, I closed my eyes.

He was ill and didn’t treat me sincerely. If Psycho was still there, he definitely wouldn’t hurt me even one tiny bit.

I obtained his life-saving grace many times, so it should be okay to forgive him this time, right?

Ai, when he bullied me, I couldn’t wait for him to die and dared to curse everything. Now that he’s good to me, I feel softhearted. I immediately forgot all the bad things he did, and involuntarily gave him all kinds of excuses.

… Perhaps, I’m also ill?


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