Chapter 13

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Turns out this Castle Master Xiao is also a human being, asking me such a silly question.

“No, I bit it myself.” I lifted a bit of the quilt and gasped. I pointed to him, “I bit myself here, here, and here.”

His brows furrowed deeper. “That’s not what I meant.” He raised his right hand to his forehead, pressed his thumb and middle finger on his temple, and closed his eyes. “I can’t remember what happened last night.”

In fact, I already had a hunch that there was something wrong with him last night, and I didn’t assume that he was going to shirk responsibility, however, hearing him say it like this still inevitably made my heart feel somewhat depressed.

“It really doesn’t matter. Plus, we’re both men; you can just treat it like a wet dream. I won’t tell anyone. Castle Master can rest assured.” I feigned a casual smile.

He stared at me for a long time and didn’t say anything. I saw that he wasn’t moving so I wanted to prop myself to sit up and talk with him carefully, but I didn’t expect to feel a piercing pain when I moved my butt. My hand gave out, and I fell back once again.

He immediately stopped my movements. “Don’t move about. I’ll find some medicine for you.” After he spoke, he lifted the quilt and jumped out of bed. He was naked, flaunting his wide shoulders, narrow waist, and plump buttocks. This body, packed with sinewed muscles, looks nothing like the daytime appearance of the solemn and steady Castle Master, however, it does remind me of Psycho.

Presumably feeling my gaze, he angled himself sideways a little. From the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a heavy sleeping python below his crotch. My face twitched and I quickly averted my eyes, feeling the glaring aching of my ass.

He came back after a while, already wearing a pair of trousers and holding a porcelain bottle in his hand.

“You…” He held back for a long time. “Will you apply it yourself, or should I do it for you?”

Who could have imagined that there would come a day where Black Hawk Castle’s Castle Master, who is able to move unhindered under the heavens, would falter with his words and not know what to say?

I silently took the medicine in his hand and sighed. “Castle Master, can I ask you to send me a basin of water first?”

I have to say that if I were to be fucked by both, I would be more willing to be fucked by Psycho. At least he was more proficient at serving people afterwards compared to Castle Master Xiao.

Viewing in another light, they’re obviously the same person, so how come the gap in treatment is so big?

He stilled, his gaze turning to me, then his brows lightly unfold as he realized what I meant. He picked up his outer garment from the ground and put it on, then he opened the door and walked out, probably to ask the attendant for water.

After a while, there was a knock on the door. Thinking it was Xiao Zhongnan who came back, I thought that he was pretty fast. Yet the voice of the Xiao family’s second brother came from outside the door.

“Ge, are you up yet?”

The house leaks when it rains at night, the boat is late and the wind blows1“The house leaks and it rains for endless nights, the boat is late but the wind still blows.” – it means that the situation is already unlucky enough but it just so happens that a bigger blow came and added fuel to the fire.; the tiger fell into Pingyang and was bullied by the dogs, the dragon swam in shallow waters and was played by a shrimp2 “The tiger fell into Pingyang and was bullied by the dogs; the dragon swam in shallow waters and was played by a shrimp” –  means a person being bullied by a weak person after losing power. As to why the tiger fell specifically in Pingyang, there’s actually has a really sad story behind this, can be found here if curious… How fun is this!

My mind went blank, hoping that he might walk away if no one in the room answered. I covered my mouth and was so nervous I did not dare breathe. However, Xiao Zhongnan previously walked out the door and forgot to lock it; as a result, it was easily pushed open by the Second Castle Master Xiao!

“Why is the door not locked… Ge, you there?” As Xiao Mobei3the author put this as Xiao Zhongnan, but I think it was supposed to be Xiao Mobei approached the bed step by step, my heart was hanging in my throat. This feeling is like being caught in an affair by my wife on our bed, nothing more than that!

In a dying struggle, I pulled the quilt up to my face.

Xiao Mobei’s voice was almost within reach. “Ge, why are you covering yourself with the quilt like this? Don’t you feel stuffy…” There was another movement outside the door, and his words came to an abrupt end. I could sense him taking back the hand that was closing in on the quilt. “…Huh, Ge?”

Soon after, I heard Xiao Zhongnan’s low voice coming from the doorway. He said, “Get out.”

The sound of the footsteps hurriedly moved a few steps away from the side of the bed toward the door. Second Castle Master Xiao was obviously shocked, and he was as tongue-tied as his brother earlier.

“Brother, you… the one on the bed… not you…” As Xiao Mobei talked with his brother incoherently, I could imagine the wonderful and varied expressions on his face at this moment.

“Go out first. This is a long story; I’ll explain it to you later.” He paused. “Ask someone to buy a carriage. We might use it on the road later.”

I guessed that there was a ninety-percent chance that the carriage would be prepared for me. After all, with the situation my ass is in right now, even just lying down hurts, let alone riding a horse.

It took a long time for Xiao Mobei to regain his ability to speak normally. “…Okay, I see.”

After the footsteps had gone away, I moved my head out of the quilt and saw Xiao Zhongnan holding a wooden basin in hand, closing the door with his feet and walking towards me.

“How about you just leave me here?” I asked him.

He brought the wooden basin beside the bed and put it down. He was taken aback when he heard my words. “Aren’t you going with me?”

I explained to him, “If I get on the carriage later, Second Castle Master would be suspicious. Letting other people know about what happened between you and me might damage Castle Master’s reputation, so instead of that, it’s better to just leave me here.”

Xiao Zhongnan wrung out the long towel very naturally and lifted open the corner of the quilt to wipe my body. “Mobei is not other people.”

“… That’s not so good either.”

He suddenly looked at me. “Do you feel ashamed to let others know that you were done by a man like me?”

This time I was stunned. Where do I start? This was not the main point!

Xiao Zhongnan asked again, “If I leave you here, do you have a place to go to?”

“…No,” I answered honestly.


“There are also… none.”

Originally, I wanted to ask him for some money before leaving, but now it’s a bit embarrassing for me to ask for money with this “relationship” with him.

He nodded and then said, “Since you have nowhere to go, you can follow me back to Black Hawk Castle.”

“Back to Black Hawk Castle?” My voice suddenly rose a little.

Xiao Zhongnan’s expression remained unchanged. “Yes.”

Back to Black Hawk Castle? Back to… Psycho’s home?

He wants to take me home?!

Seeing that my expression was too complicated, he said lightly, “We can still afford to raise one more person at Black Hawk Castle.”

Since he said that, I considered it for a while. I’m penniless, injured, have nowhere to go, and Lin Yue still may be sending people everywhere to chase me down. I wouldn’t be able to find a better shelter than Black Hawk Castle. It is better to wait until my injuries are healed before finding another place to live.

So I nodded. “Thank you Castle Master for taking me in.” I hesitated, but chose to ask my question anyway, “Castle Master, why were you like that yesterday?”

Xiao Zhongnan’s motion of wiping me slowed down, and a moment later, he said, “I used to practice my skills in the past when I accidentally fell into qi deviation. Later, despite getting better, I still suffer from headaches. This condition happens from time to time, but last night’s situation has never happened before.”

“Every time you get sick, you lose your memory?”

He nodded. “More or less.”

This is not good at all! It’s a terrible thing to fall into qi deviation, how can it be anything good? This headache may turn into a stubborn illness; you can’t be careless!

All of a sudden I felt cold below, causing me to recover from my thoughts. Only then did I find out that Xiao Zhongnan was already reaching out for my lower parts.

“Ah, I’ll do it myself!” I hurriedly grabbed the long towel in his hand.

Xiao Zhongnan dodged: “Don’t move!”

It’s you who needs to stay still, don’t move!

I struggled more vigorously. “I can certainly do this by myself!”

His hand came to a stop and he stared at me without saying a word. I suddenly felt a bit cold all over my body and goosebumps started to rise up, but his hand was still pressing against me, and I couldn’t cover myself with the quilt.

“One, lie down on your own or two, I will tap your acupoints and turn you over.”

I would rather stare at him unyieldingly. “I’m not lying down!”

Xiao Zhongnan pursed his lips and looked at me indifferently. He stretched out two fingers and quickly tapped my acupoints, turning my whole body over like he said he would, and separated my legs to wipe and clean the spot behind my body.

This is an extremely strange and subtle feeling. I know he is Psycho, and it’s not the first time that he wiped me clean like this, but when I think that he is Psycho who has recovered his sanity and is clear-headed, I still feel uncontrollably ashamed.

“I’m sorry.” He probably apologized to me in a low voice because he saw the tragedy behind me. He even gave me medicine after wiping.

“I was fucked alright… Why do you mention it so much?” My voice was all muffled by the bedding.

After taking the medicine, I feel more refreshed. I was exhausted last night, and now I feel a little sleepy.

He unlocked my acupoints, and when he saw that I looked sleepy, he said to me, “Go to sleep.”

Hearing what he said, I finally couldn’t help closing my eyes and falling asleep. Subconsciously, I seemed to feel a hand on my head. I touched it gently, and it felt very warm. When I woke up again, I was wrapped inside a quilt and was being held in Xiao Zhongnan’s arms as we rode a carriage.

I was leaning on his chest, my long hair uncombed, and half of my face covered, but even this was enough for Xiao Mobei to identify who I was.

He was staring at me in disbelief, his mouth slightly open in surprise, so wide it could fit an egg inside.

Second Castle Master, I am innocent, don’t look at me like that!

After getting into the carriage, I slept lazily. I couldn’t help but flip over inside the car while wrapped in the quilt before going to sleep again.

In fact, I know that Xiao Zhongnan will want to take me back to Black Hawk Castle not because he likes me, but because of his sense of responsibility. These kinds of famous heroes and upright gentlemen, they simply can’t do things like short-lived relationships and one-night stands. Although I am a man, he will inevitably feel guilty and would want to take me back, probably just to compensate me in other ways.

I only wonder what kind of expression he would make if I told him that he had pressed me down on more than one occasion?

It’s also good to be a male pet. I need not worry about being killed all the time, and there are no mutual deceptions. No matter how bad, it’s fine to act as the little brother of Psycho. It’s better to follow the Black Hawk Castle’s well-regarded Castle Master and be able to eat good things and drink alcohol than wander alone destitute in Jianghu.

  • 1
    “The house leaks and it rains for endless nights, the boat is late but the wind still blows.” – it means that the situation is already unlucky enough but it just so happens that a bigger blow came and added fuel to the fire.
  • 2
     “The tiger fell into Pingyang and was bullied by the dogs; the dragon swam in shallow waters and was played by a shrimp” –  means a person being bullied by a weak person after losing power. As to why the tiger fell specifically in Pingyang, there’s actually has a really sad story behind this, can be found here if curious
  • 3
    the author put this as Xiao Zhongnan, but I think it was supposed to be Xiao Mobei


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    The other person has lost their wife, their unborn child, has gone in qi deviation and gotten lost. He lived in a cave for who knows how long, took care of the injured one and somehow regained his memories, losing the ones of his life in the cave.

    And now they met again. And something has already happened. I feel so sad for the former Sect master QAQ


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