Chapter 11

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The surroundings suddenly became quiet. Even the two sons of bitches suddenly turned mute.

For me to utter such an abrupt request, Xiao Zhongnan had indeed seen the world and was not surprised.

“You, come with me.” I heard him say this to me.

I raised my head to look up at him. His eyes contained no anger at all, only total indifference.

I pursed my lips. “This rope…”

I hadn’t finished talking yet when I saw his left hand rise slightly, and using wind as a blade, all the ropes that were binding me were cut in a few strokes.

I sighed inwardly. Psycho was cured, and his use of martial arts has also become more and more refined.

Without the shackles of the rope, I can now move my hands and feet. When I did so, however, I felt a sudden burst of pain all over my body, especially where I was slapped on the chest by that dogshit shishu’s palm. My breathing turned stagnant.

“You suffered an internal injury?” Xiao Zhongnan saw me covering my chest and gasping, so he reached for my pulse. I flinched the moment he made contact with my skin but still stayed still. “It’s quite serious.” He looked at the disciples of Hidden Sword Gate meaningfully.

The two disciples had yet to recover from the twist on the mountain peak1a sudden turn of events, and now seeing Xiao Zhongnan staring at them coldly, they were immediately frightened into speaking up about me.

“This… his internal injury has nothing to do with us. It was like this when he was found; it’s not from our beatings!”

Xiao Mobei caught the key point of the conversation and raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t he the little thief you met on your way? What happened when you found him and where did you find him?”

The two sons of bitches looked at each other for a moment and then said nothing.

Xiao Mobe turned to me with inquiry in his eyes. “Who the hell are you?”

I know that this master would not be so easily dismissed, unlike the straw bags of Hidden Sword Gate, so I have to summon the spirit of 120,000 to give out a response.

“Replying to Second Castle Master, this little one used to be a disciple of HanYiJiao.”

The other side narrowed his eyes. “HanYiJiao?”

I put on a sorrowful appearance. “Because I was poor since young, I joined the demon sect when I was young and ignorant. Later, the righteous cultivators besieged Partridge Mountain, and many brothers of the sect died. To be honest, the demon sect wasn’t that important for the disciples at the bottom. We just help the demon sect do things to get by and scrape a living, but it was too much to also put our lives on the line, so I started to have the idea of ​​apostasy.” I observed the expressions of everyone present before continuing, “But the demon sect will never let their disciple leave the sect so easily. My intention was discovered by a teacher of the sect, and he said that I was a traitor and wanted to kill me to set an example. Fortunately, I escaped death through sheer desperation. During my escape, I was accidentally captured by the disciples of Hidden Sword Gate. I told them about my situation, but I didn’t expect them to say that I would be handed over to the Wulin Alliance Leader…”

Hearing this, Xiao Mobei sneered. “When did the Alliance Leader become so idle that even a little demon sect bastard can pay a visit to the old man whenever he wants?”

The sons of bitches blushed at these words. Xiao Zhongnan glanced lightly at his younger brother, successfully stopping the other side’s unscrupulous sarcasm with his eyes. Then he turned back to the disciples of Hidden Sword Gate and said, “Tell your sect master that I will take away this person tonight for now. I will take care of the rest and go to him tomorrow to make it clear to him.”

He’s the Castle Master of Black Hawk Castle; even the Wulin Alliance leader would have to give him face to some degree, and there’s basically no need for negotiation with two small characters like this. No matter how stupid a person is, they will not stop him, not to mention these sons of bitches were not that stupid.

The older Hidden Sword Gate disciple immediately gave a hand salute2where a person covers their fist in front of their chest. “Yes… yes! I will inform Master of things as soon as possible tonight. Take care, Castle Master.”

Thus, I escaped from the imprisonment of Hidden Sword Gate just like that. Suddenly, I am sleeping in a comfortable bed, eating clean food, and washing in a hot bath; it really feels like a dream.

In fact, I have thought about whether to run away or not at night, but I haven’t completely recovered from my internal injuries yet. There are so many prominent figures of the righteous path here, and it would be miserable if any discerning eyes noticed me. After mulling it over, again and again, I still decided to follow Black Hawk Castle until my internal injuries were almost all recovered and the Wulin Assembly was over. Afterwards, I’ll find an excuse to part ways with them on the road.

As soon as I finished washing and was ready to sleep, I heard a knock on the door. I went to open the door and saw a Black Hawk Castle disciple standing outside the door, about thirteen or fourteen years old, carefully holding a bowl of black medicine in his hand. “Big brother, I’m here to give you medicine.” He grinned as soon as he saw me, showing his white teeth.

I did not let him in immediately, but asked alertly, “What medicine?”

The kid responded to the question, “The Castle Master asked me to give you medicine to treat your internal injuries.”

As soon as I heard that it was Psycho who let him come, I didn’t worry anymore. I took the medicine from his hand and smelled it, then swallowed it with a frown.

“Why is this medicine so bitter?”

“There’s probably extra coptis added.”

I looked at him for a while, thinking to myself, then with a tone like I was coaxing a child I said, “Little brother, come in, let me ask you something okay?”

I consider myself as someone not ugly and repulsive but unexpectedly, the other party’s face changed greatly after hearing this.

“No, I don’t know anything!” He turned and tried to flee.

I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him into the room without any further ado. “What are you running away for? I won’t let you do anything against your conscience!”

“You’re from the demon sect; you’ll definitely be able to do some demon arts! I won’t do anything that betrays Black Hawk Castle or betrays the Castle Master!”

The kid’s strength is still quite considerable, so I dragged him to the side of the bed to hold him down. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Which of your ears heard that I want you to betray your Castle Master? I only want to ask you something about your Castle Master. I just feel that, with me being a newcomer, I have no idea what his preferences and taboos are, otherwise what would he do if I offended him by saying or doing the wrong thing?”

The kid stopped struggling after hearing these words, and I slowly let him go.

He sat up with messy clothes and looked at me. “You’re not going to use demon arts?”

Ai, I won’t use demon arts to treat you, what a shame, right?

The corners of my mouth twitched. “Little brother, it’s not good to say something like this. Even if I do know how to use demon arts, I still won’t use it on you. At your level, what can you do?”

He stared at me, stunned. He probably didn’t expect me to tell the truth, so he didn’t know how to respond for a while.

I continued to fool him. “Along the way, I happen to hear people talking about the disappearance of your Castle Master, saying he went crazy or something, but I only heard about it sporadically. You know that I was from the demon sect, right? News is blocked in the demon sect. I don’t know anything about these things, so just do it and tell me!” I said while massaging the kid’s shoulder. “No need for thanks, just do me this favor!”

Perhaps feeling that what I said made sense, he pondered for a moment before slapping his thigh.

“Well then, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.” The kid changed his previous resistance. He took his shoes off and sat cross-legged on the bed, a posture of someone who’s going to tell a long story.

I also climbed onto the bed and sat cross-legged, a serious listener opposite his posture of someone who’s going to tell a long story.

After thinking for a long while, his first sentence was. “Our Castle Master is the obsessive type!”

My heart was stirred. I asked, “In what obsessive type of way?”

The kid started talking. Because one of the protagonists is Xiao Zhongnan, this story was actually not uncommon. Not to mention the bit of a poignant charm in it, everyone will have fun using it as a topic for a chat during leisure time after tea and dinner.

Castle Master Xiao had a cousin who was also his childhood sweetheart. The two fell in love with each other and so became husband and wife after they grew up, but the good times did not last long. Mrs. Xiao had been unable to conceive due to her weak body, and the doctor even asserted that it would be difficult for her to give birth if she ever got pregnant. This bad news broke Mrs. Xiao’s heart, but Castle Master Xiao loved his wife and didn’t want her to risk her life. He always let his wife take contraceptive medicine. He also comforted her by saying he would let her adopt one of his brother’s children so that she wouldn’t be too sad.

“This is a good deed.” I said when I heard the story up to this point.

The kid looked proud. “Who said it’s not? Our Castle Master’s affection for his wife is as apparent as the sun and moon!”

After hearing this, something left a bad taste in my heart. During those days at the bottom of the valley, Psycho’s affection for me was also as apparent as the sun and moon. Did he possibly mistake me for Mrs. Xiao?

“And then?”

“And then, hah…” the kid sighed a sigh of an elderly, “Probably still wanting to give birth to someone of the Castle Master’s blood, Madam secretly conceived the child without telling anyone. She lived in seclusion and seldom came out, so no one noticed for a long time. Castle Master was doing business in the north at that time. After hearing news of Madam’s labor, he rushed back overnight but still wasn’t able to see her one last time.”

I opened my mouth. “That… what about the child?”

“It was a stillbirth.”

These four words hit my heart heavily, suddenly putting me in a trance.

“Castle Master has always blamed himself. He felt that he had harmed his wife and child, and then after that, it was a bit…”

“A bit what?”

“I would say not good because afterwards he became obsessed with martial arts all day long and became stranger and stranger… Then, one day, the main residence of the Castle Master suddenly caught fire. When everyone managed to extinguish the fire, Castle Master could not be found anywhere. Someone saw…” He suddenly stopped, as if hesitating to continue.

I frowned and complained, “You kid, don’t mumble and stumble, you understand!”

“Wouldn’t this count as making me betray? You still want to hear or not!” The kid gave me a blank look.

I rubbed his shoulders more diligently. “Hear hear hear!”

He cleared his throat. “Someone witnessed the Castle Master set the fire himself. They said his hair was disheveled and his feet were bare, he was laughing at the burning house as if he had gone mad. Afterwards, Castle Master disappeared. No one had seen him for five years, and it was unknown how many people had been sent by Second Castle Master to find him. No one could find him, until just over a month ago when Castle Master suddenly came back by himself as if nothing had gone wrong!”

He stayed at the bottom of the valley for five years, alone… The moment I heard this information, my heart hurt and swelled, as if stung by a bee.

I asked for more detail, “Did he say where he had been in those five years?”

The kid shook his head. “I don’t know about this. You can say that it’s because my status is not high enough.”

As soon as I heard this, I slowly took back my hand that had been kneading his shoulder. “Alright.” After kicking the kid off the bed without giving him any time to respond, I said to him intimidatingly, “Then you can roll now.”

The teenager was completely stunned at the fact that a demon sect practitioner like me would completely disregard morals after exploiting him. 

He was still lying somewhat stupidly on the ground, looking at me with a face full of grievances. “How come you’re so fast to turn your face and not recognize people ah!”

“You’re not going to leave?” I gave him a meaningful glance, “If you’re still not going to leave, then be careful when I eat you with my demon arts!” After I finished, I made an expression that bared my fangs as I smirked. The kid was so scared that he picked up his shoes and frantically began to escape as he bolted out of the room. 

  • 1
    a sudden turn of events
  • 2
    where a person covers their fist in front of their chest


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