Chapter 51 – “I don’t want anyone else, just you.”

Second-Hand Love Letter
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Translator: hoenimochi, Rin    Editor: Su Xinghe

The words were spoken.

Shen Wenqiu didn’t feel any regrets, nor did he feel ashamed. Instead, he felt relieved. He had been covering up in front of Sheng Xu before and felt that he was hardly a friend in need.

It was just that he was a little surprised towards himself, ‘did he really admit it like that?’

After Sheng Xu heard it, he was instantly irritated. The atmosphere all over his body changed. His eyes became fixed on Shen Wenqiu without blinking, making him feel uncomfortable.

Shen Wenqiu saw that his eyes were obviously turning red. He looked like he wanted to stop talking. After a while, he said in a peculiar way, “Congratulations on getting what you want…”

“When you were fucking living in my house, I saw you having nightmares in the middle of the night, sweating all over your head and trembling. But you said a few words of Lu Yong’s name while you were dreaming and you calmed down by yourself. More than once or twice. Do you know that you have always called Lu Yong in your sleep?”

“It’s great, you’ve been thinking about Lu Yong in your dreams and now you finally get what you want, huh? Are you happy?”

Shen Wenqiu’s heart felt a little uncomfortable.

He didn’t have that many friends left and if he could, he didn’t want to be too stiff with Sheng Xu. It would be a pity to sink his more than 20 years of friendship.

He was not a fool.

It was not that he didn’t notice the reasons for Sheng Xu’s unstable mood. After his family went bankrupt and he gave up on himself but Sheng Xu was still so good to him. At first, he thought it was because of their friendship. But Sheng Xu always came to peek at him in the middle of the night. No matter how stupid he was, he could still feel that something was wrong.

So he just left.

That’s why he pretended to be blind. If he didn’t see it, it didn’t exist.

Since it did not exist, naturally no one would be hurt.

The adult world tends to be especially complex.

Shen Wenqiu said as if he felt it was difficult to deal with the situation, “Don’t do this…”

Sheng Xu went crazy, “Don’t do what? I also heard that Lu Yong helped you pay back the money, right? Didn’t you say he doesn’t like you? But you slept together and he was then willing to help you pay it back?”

“Then I can also help you pay back the money! Can’t I?”

“I knew you first, so why do you like him? Haven’t we known each other much longer? He treats you well, but I don’t? Say it yourself, how do I treat you? Did I not dig my heart and lungs out enough?”

“Shen Wenqiu, you can’t be so heartless. When you betrayed your relatives, who would take the initiative to stand by your side? It was me! It was me who took you in. When you were like a dog, I was the only one who wanted you! But why do you just think about Lu Yong so eagerly? What’s so good about Lu Yong? If you hadn’t tried your best to be so cheap, he wouldn’t even want you. If you didn’t look for him, he wouldn’t have looked for you for ten years. Why do you just love him?”

“Shen Wenqiu, I think I’m the one who loves you more. Why don’t you love me?”

Shen Wenqiu couldn’t stop Sheng Xu at all, so Sheng Xu poured out all his thoughts.

The scene was extremely awkward.

This was a very cruel question to answer. If there was no love, there would be no love.

Sheng Xu even took out his wallet. He was so impatient that his fingers trembled. He took out all his bank cards and cash. Because he had nowhere to put them on the road, he was in a hurry and they fell to the ground. He didn’t pick them up either. He only looked at Shen Wenqiu and said, “I can also help you pay back the money, you come with me.”

Shen Wenqiu paused for an unknown period of time. He couldn’t escape anymore. He looked directly at him, shook his head with guilt and said, “He loves me. Xiao Xu.”

“He loves me more than you. And there is no one in the world who loves me more than him.”

Sheng Xu heard Shen Wenqiu say in person, “I love him too. I only love him.”

Sheng Xu thought to himself that Shen Wenqiu’s words were so calm and gentle.

However, it turned out that there was still a kind of tenderness in the world that was sharper than the tip of a knife.

It had come to this point and all the words had to be revealed.

Shen Wenqiu also gradually felt hot-headed and said incoherently, “I later thought about it and I probably fell in love with Lu Yong at first sight. If I said it during high school, no one would’ve probably believed it. But I just like him.”

“When I was young, I was ignorant. I was afraid because I liked him so much. I was gay from the beginning. I pretended that I was not and I hurt him. It’s not that he doesn’t care about me, it’s that he listens to my words. If I don’t allow him to look for me, he won’t dare to look for me.”

“Before we started our relationship, he said he wanted to pay back for me. He didn’t want anything in return. In fact, he wasn’t that rich. He was a big fool. He preferred to sell houses and cars, and would rather have nothing in order to pay for me.”

“He also told me that he just wanted to give me a chance to be a human again.”

“But these are not reasons.”

“The only reason I love him is because I love him. I’m sorry, Xiao Xu. Just like you said, I really love him. I don’t want anyone else, I just want him .”

“I only love Lu Yong.”

After Shen Wenqiu finished speaking, he felt a little tired and as if he had spit out his soul again.

In front of Lu Yong, he had never expressed himself so bluntly. He was even more timid to talk about the person he likes. He always wanted to hide this love secretly. It was fine if no one knew about it, since this was just about him and Lu Yong.

Sheng Xu was particularly unconvinced and stared at him with unsteady breathing.

Shen Wenqiu’s legs were a little numb while standing. He squatted down and helped him pick up the money and the bank cards that fell on the ground. He sorted them out and stuffed them into his hand, “Don’t waste your money.”

“You can make some money by yourself. Don’t ask your father for me. You don’t have a good relationship with him. Didn’t you say that you don’t want to see his attitude?”

Sheng Xu held the money stiffly while still looking at him. Tears kept falling but there was no sound of crying, just like a dummy.

Sheng Xu said abruptly, “Oh. Getting all high and mighty, aren’t you? Then you pay me back. Pay me back that 30 million that I borrowed for you. Pay me back now. Isn’t Lu Yong going to help you pay it back? Can you help him call the shots? Don’t you also need to ask him for his opinion like a pet? Didn’t you just sell him your whole life?”

As the voice was heard.

Shen Wenqiu hummed like a self-deprecating laugh and said with a sore but humble tone, “I would like to sell myself to him…but am I worth that much? Can I be worth one hundred million? I don’t deserve it yet. I want to do something useful for him so that I can talk about it later. ”

“It’s okay if you think I’m cheap, or if you think I’m shameless.”

“I just want the love he gives me.”

Sheng Xu sneered, “Yeah, how expensive. A love worth 100 million.”

“It’s not a hundred million.” Shen Wenqiu corrected him and argued, “It’s his everything, he’ll give me whatever he has. His love is all he has. To me it’s not something that money can measure, it’s priceless.”

Sheng Xu felt that Shen Wenqiu was not just stabbing his heart and mouth with a knife, but stabbing them with a barbed knife and stirring it repeatedly. Shen Wenqiu was afraid that he still didn’t believe that they loved each other and wouldn’t give up.

“How can it be you who are cheap? It’s obviously me who is cheap. Really.” Sheng Xu took a deep breath. He felt that the water in his brain had finally flowed clean, so he stopped crying. His heart was at a loss, but he laughed.

What he meant was unknown.

He didn’t even know what he was laughing at. He just thought it was ridiculous and so funny.

“What the hell? Now it’s like I’m a vicious supporting character who’s going to break you guys up. Why should I play such a role! Damn it!” He resumed his usual seemingly rebellious attitude, sneered and cursed like this.

Shen Wenqiu felt ashamed, “Xiao Xu.”

“Fuck, stop calling me Xiao Xu.” Sheng Xu raised his chin slightly as if trying to maintain his pride, “Do you think we can still be friends? I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. When you return the money to me, from then on, we will make a clean break. Don’t you appear in front of me again.”

“Get lost.”

Shen Wenqiu just stood still.

Sheng Xu remembered something, laughed and said, “Oh, yes! It’s me who came to you.”

“Then I should be the one who should get lost.”

When he was done saying this, he turned and walked away.

Shen Wenqiu didn’t catch up. Sheng Xu then again turned around and walked backwards. When he found him standing there motionless, his eyes completely darkened. Finally, with his unique tone, he said ruthlessly, “I wish you all a long life together!!”

Then he turned around completely, strode away and never looked back.

Shen Wenqiu stayed for a long time and didn’t feel well.

He then heard the puppy’s barking and regained his senses. He followed the sound and saw Lu Yong leading the dog, standing not far away.

Shen Wenqiu asked, “When did you come here?”

Lu Yong hesitated for a moment and said honestly, “From the moment when Sheng Xu confessed to you. I saw that the atmosphere between you two was not right. I was afraid that something bad would happen, so I followed. You guys were arguing too seriously and didn’t even notice me.”

Shen Wenqiu: “…”

Shen Wenqiu suddenly couldn’t care about Sheng Xu’s affairs.

‘Then didn’t Lu Yong hear all his confessions?’ Shen Wenqiu was dumbfounded. The sadness in his heart had not yet calmed down and now a strong sense of shame surged up again. For some time, he didn’t know how to organize his mood.

Lu Yong stretched out his left hand to him, “Let’s go home.”

Shen Wenqiu held his left hand, Lu Yong held his right hand and they went home slowly.

Lu Yong held back for a while. When he got home, as soon as he closed the door, he asked, “Is it true that you said you fell in love with me at first sight? But when I was in high school, I was ugly and crippled… …”

As he changed his shoes, Shen Wenqiu said, “I don’t know. I thought I shouldn’t like someone like that, but I just like you. I like you just like you are. I have liked you for a long time. You should stop thinking that I like you only because I have no other choice.”

Lu Yong silently helped him grab the shoes and set them up.

The puppy went to eat.

Only the two of them were left in the hallway.

At a loss, Lu Yong surrounded him and circled him. He was more like a dog than a dog. As if he didn’t know how to express it, “Actually, I know it’s not good for me to be happy now. But I just feel happy. …”

“What you said was like you were saying that you don’t want anything else, just me.”

Shen Wenqiu glanced at him and said, “I don’t want anyone else, just you.”

Lu Yong held back and restrained himself until his cheeks turned red, “I have less than a million left in my card now. I think, why don’t I don’t keep the remaining, and transfer the remaining to your card. In this way you can pay back early.”

Shen Wenqiu couldn’t help but laugh, “You are President Lu anyway. It’s a silly idea to think about it for a long time. You should save some emergency funds for yourself! Don’t transfer me money when you have so little money.”

Lu Yong shook his head, “It’s more than that. In fact, if I can then I want to directly transfer my house and car to you…”

Shen Wenqiu glared at him.

Lu Yong closed his mouth.

However, after such a conversation, Shen Wenqiu felt much calmer.

In fact, he probably had an idea and he was confident that his idea would help Lu Yong earn hundreds of millions. Hundreds of millions, or even more.


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