Chapter 49 – “Are you dumb?””I love you.”

Second-Hand Love Letter
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Translator: hoenimochi, Rin    Editor: Su Xinghe

The current National Waste Energy Recycling Conference was still held in the capital J City as usual.

Lu Yong and the others arrived late. They just checked into the hotel in the morning, took a short break at noon, changed into formal clothes and wiped their faces before going straight to the meeting in the afternoon.

At the meeting, Lu Yong also gave a speech as an outstanding representative—the manuscript was written by Lu Yong himself, and was proofread and checked by Shen Wenqiu.

This was not the first time Lu Yong gave a speech, so he was no longer nervous. But this time since Shen Wenqiu was sitting in the audience, he also had to carry the burden of being a boyfriend and thus became nervous after a long time.

Even if he didn’t look over, he could still feel Shen Wenqiu’s adoring, slightly fiery gaze, as if he was a star. But Shen Wenqiu didn’t realise it himself, which made the vanity in Lu Yong’s chest become even more bloated.

He wanted to present himself as if he was doing it at ease so that he could look more handsome, and let Shen Wenqiu admire him more.

The more the better. He wanted to make the person he loved fall in love with him even more.

Once the meeting was over, President Xu of the Recycling Association came over and caught Lu Yong on the spot.

President Xu was a short middle-aged uncle. He was not good-looking, but his complexion was healthy and rosy. He had bright eyes for his age, and he looked younger than his actual age.

When he talked to people, he always did it slowly, as if he was not in a hurry and he would wait patiently and earnestly for people to finish before answering. No matter how bad-tempered a person was, after having two rounds of conversations with him they would involuntarily become calm and submissive. They would also be willing to discuss things with him.

Shen Weniu thought that he was similar to Lu Yong based on this point.

President Xu’s face was glowing with health and enthusiasm. He asked Lu Yong straight to the point, “Today, your speech was different from usual. You are very motivated. It’s good. It’s good.”

“I vaguely heard that you want to participate in the national award selection, right? Why don’t you come and ask me?”

Lu Yong replied coyly, “I want to tell you, but it’s too early. I want to ask your opinion when I’m ready.”

“Well, that’s just your character. You just like to keep your head down but do big things. When you’re quiet about it, then it’s going to be a blockbuster.” President Xu said, “But you really have to ask me about this first, this is not something you can just do alone. You aren’t even clear about how to prepare and what to prepare? And this can’t be done with just enough scientific research results.”

“I happened to be in the capital, and I have a few old friends to introduce to you.”

The more he talked, the more vigorous he was. He said, “We must help you to accomplish this. Our association has been running for so many years and it has never been popular… It’s just that we don’t have a special award. It’s not that the higher ups don’t take us seriously, but it’s also not that they take us really seriously.”

“We can’t hurry it either…”

“Fortunately, there is a promising person like you now…”

Even an outsider such as Shen Wenqiu could see President Xu’s appreciation for him as if he would pass on the position of “beggar gang leader” to Lu Yong in the future.

Shen Wenqiu thought jokingly at the bottom of his heart that now Lu Yong was even the young gang leader who got the dog-beating stick, right?

President Xu noticed Shen Wenqiu, but he didn’t ask any further questions and he didn’t look down on him. Maybe he noticed some overly intimate atmosphere between them, but he only regarded him as Lu Yong’s secretary and friend. He was very comfortable to get along with.

In the next few days, President Xu led them to various dinners and connected them with each other as if threading needles.

But to be honest, an entrepreneur like Lu Yong could still be called young and promising in the local area, but would not be enough in the capital since there were people of his level everywhere.

Compared with ordinary jobs to earn money, their industry was just a piece of cake when compared to those industries that really do make money every day. It all depended on whether the bigwigs were happy to eat it.

If he really did make a lot of money, Lu Yong would be able to make a deposit of 100 million easily over the years and he would not have to think about selling his house and car to make it up.

Therefore, at the dinner party, he mostly stuck his hot face to others’ cold asses.

Just at this moment.

They happened to meet an uncle at a certain table. It was an old classmate of Shen Wenqiu’s father many years ago. He actually recognized Shen Wenqiu, so they chatted and finally became acquainted. It also helped Lu Yong to draw a new relationship.

Shen Wenqiu gradually discovered that he could still be useful like this—

The bankruptcy of his family was a big deal and everyone in the circle heard about it. His dad used to be a leader in the industry. Even if people didn’t know him, they knew his dad’s name.

Shen Wenqiu even figured out a set of words for his own personal use. On this day, he used the newcomer-speaking technique that he had been thinking of for several days. When he came up, he would introduce himself as the son of Shen so and so, who owed 100 million yuan in his twenties, was now helping people to get back to work, etc. He said it in a joking tone, but it was a bizarre talk. It could be used to liven up the atmosphere, and suddenly the people could laugh at the table together.

Only Lu Yong didn’t laugh.

He was not giving too much face. In the end, he just forced a fake smile and drank unhappily.

He heard President Xu say to Lu Yong, “Your friend is doing it for your sake. It’s quite brave.”

Shen Wenqiu didn’t feel ashamed, he was very happy anyway.

He also had this value, and it was a good thing to have value.

Shen Wenqiu saw that Lu Yong was not very happy and knew why.

Why else? He felt sorry for him.

But Shen Wenqiu himself was at a loss now. He wanted to be more useful, not only in bed but also in work. He would no longer be good-for-nothing. He was now in the company, and he said he was working. But in fact, Lu Yong was the one who deliberately found something for him to do for fear of that he would fret over trifles when he was idle.

He himself knew that it was whimsical, but he really wanted to pay back the money to Lu Yong slowly. Even if it took 30 years, 50 years, or even until he died.

So he desperately wanted to play more of his role, even as a harlequin.

Nothing would improve if he was being cared for by Lu Yong all the time. Wasn’t it just letting Lu Yong help him with the debt? As a lover, he also felt sorry for Lu Yong’s hard-earned money.

Once the banquet was over, Lu Yong left first. He said, “I’ve had a drink, and I’m a little drunk. I want to walk for a while to get rid of the wine.”

Shen Wenqiu made an “oh” and followed after him. Shen Wenqiu muttered behind him, “You told me not to drink, but you yourself were drinking…”

Lu Yong said angrily, “I sometimes feel depressed and want to drink as well.”

He was slightly fierce.

Shen Wenqiu seemed to be attacked, so he shut up and didn’t speak.

Lu Yong muttered, “I’m sorry” and continued to walk forward with his head down.

Shen Wenqiu hurried to catch up and said unsteadily, “Don’t be angry anymore… I know you are a little angry. I said that as if I was contemptuous of myself.”

“Actually, if you think about it, I dare to mention this incident now.”

“I didn’t even want to mention it before.”

“It means that I’m over it now. I still think that everything has advantages and disadvantages. At least it comes in handy, right? It’s quite good. I don’t feel that I’m pitiful, really! And don’t be angry either, I just want to give you a little help. I remembered that I knew several uncles. I didn’t think about it before but now that I think about it, people may be willing to allow me to be close to them? When I go back, I will ask them one by one.”

“Is it okay or not? Dayong.”


“Da Yong…”

“You’re going too fast, Dayong.”


Shen Wenqiu almost couldn’t catch up. He stared at Lu Yong’s back, panicking in his heart. He finally stopped, as if he had suddenly stopped breathing, and said, “I really don’t feel that I’m pitiful. You acting like that makes me feel as if I’m pathetic.”


Lu Yong also stopped and turned his head. His eyes were red, and tears were swirling inside.

Turning around and striding over, he pulled Shen Wenqiu into his arms and said stupidly, “I’m just… just heartbroken for you.”

Shen Wenqiu thought, what exactly is love?

Love was to explore how deep the emotional bond between two blood-unrelated people in this world could be achieved. Whether that person could feel what you feel and mourn what you mourn.

Shen Wenqiu buried his face in his arms, sniffing the smell of alcohol on Lu Yong’s body which smelled a bit stinky, “If you don’t like it, then I won’t do that anymore.”

Lu Yong said, “Xiao Baa, don’t worry. I think you can definitely have a better way, no need to rush. I…I won’t say for sure that I can’t give you pressure, but I hope your burden will be lesser.”

Lu Yong let go of his arms and instead wrapped his arms around his waist.

Shen Wenqiu leaned back on his arm, looked up at him slightly and listened to what he said seriously.

“Xiao Baa, I hope you know that I seriously want to spend a lifetime with you. Even if it’s in China, we cannot obtain a legally recognized certificate, and it is impossible for me to take you to immigrate abroad and get married abroad because of my work. But in my heart, we are partners because I want to spend a lifetime together with you.”

“Since this is the case, then it is my responsibility to carry each other’s lives and solve your difficulties.”

“So that day I immediately credited all the money in the card I had to your account. As long as you accept it, I can now find a way to repay all your debts first…”

Shen Wenqiu quickly shook his head and refused, “No.”

“I know. I know.” Lu Yong anxiously said, “It’s because I know, so I didn’t do it against your will. You are a proud person. After you find your own value, you should be able to accept it.”

“But now I want you to think about it too and accept my money if you too want to spend your life with me. Originally, as a partner, it is reasonable and legal for you to split half of my property.”

Shen Wenqiu sighed.

He stood on tiptoe and kissed him.

“Let me think about it again.”

“The self-confidence I have now is not something I can have again once you help me pay off my debt.”

Lu Yong said, “It’s not that.”

“I want to help you pay off your debt because I just want to give you a chance to start over.”

“You can do whatever you want instead of living just to pay off your debts.”

Lu Yong stared at him deeply, “Xiao Baa, I’m a fool. I don’t know any sweet words. But when I pulled you out of the water, I thought that I have to be responsible for you.”

“I hope you can be reborn, free and unfettered.”

“For this, I am willing to give everything I have and I don’t need you to pay me any price. I didn’t give myself to you to get something of equal value, but because I want to give it to you and I am willing to give it to you. ”

Anyone would say this would be absurd, but Lu Yong was serious when he said it.

Shen Wenqiu’s nose was sour, “Are you stupid?”

Lu Yong nodded, “I love you.”


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