Chapter 48 – A Fork in the Road

Second-Hand Love Letter
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Translator: hoenimochi, Rin    Editor: Slumber

Shen Wenqiu was so confused as to how excited the caller was. He searched around in his mind, but he still couldn’t think of who it was. He only felt that the voice was familiar, and it was vaguely from friends at the gambling table before.

Shen Wenqiu didn’t want to have anything to do with these people related to his dark history, but after thinking about it, he still asked politely, “I don’t remember who you are. What can I do for you?”

The other party said, “I’m Old Dong ah, how come you don’t even remember me? I even invited you to dinner before… Forget it, I heard them say that you are now working in a big company now? Do you have any spare money on hand? Can you lend me 10,000 yuan to turnover…”

Before he could finish speaking, Shen Wenqiu hung up his phone, crisp and clean.

Shen Wenqiu even felt very unreal.

He thought that he was actually so far away from his past life now.

Shen Wenqiu frowned and stared at the phone for a while, and then realized that Lu Yong was standing beside him. He was almost startled.

Lu Yong vaguely heard something and asked, “Your friend?”

“No.” Shen Wenqiu shook his head indifferently. “It’s just a gambling dog I played with before. He wanted to ask me to borrow money.”

Lu Yong saw his lowered eyelashes, and his body seemed to be overflowing with an icy aura of his disgust with the world. Shen Wenqiu sneered twice, and criticized calmly and coldly, “Ha, not to mention that I don’t have any money right now. Even if I have money, I can’t lend him money. Gambling dogs are gambling dogs, there’s no medicine to help them. They’re all scum anyway.”

“I remember this man. His mother died a long time ago, his father died in an accident, and he was awarded a million yuan. Then he immediately became addicted to gambling, and he lost all the money. Not to mention, he also owes millions. He also has a grandmother at home and a younger sister who is studying.”

Shen Wenqiu said soberly, “I know it too well. No matter how nice someone is, the gambling dog’s claim to borrow money to pay off the gambling debt and start a good life is all a lie. They will continue to gamble with it—it is not worth believing at all…”

Lu Yong suddenly grabbed his hand and said, “Xiao Baa, stop talking.”

Shen Wenqiu stopped abruptly. He was in the spur of the moment and couldn’t tell whether he was scolding others or scolding himself. After a moment, he said softly and slightly nervously, “It’s not Xiao Baa. Xiao Baa is a good child. He doesn’t do that, it’s Shen Wenqiu who does bad things.”

Lu Yong pursed his lips tightly, his cheeks tensed, and he said after a while, “I believe in you.”

Shen Wenqiu slowly restrained himself, and with a low “en”, he looked up at Lu Yong and asked, “Do you want to do it?”

Lu Yong didn’t realize what Shen Wenqiu meant for a while. It took two seconds for him to react, and his face turned red. “No, let’s not.”

Shen Wenqiu chased after him like a child and asked, “You don’t want to?”


It was not because of him letting in his desire.

He suddenly felt insecure and wanted to use love making to fill the confusion and emptiness in his soul at this moment.

Lu Yong said simply, “I have to go to work.”

Shen Wenqiu nodded in disappointment and felt lonely. He was ashamed of his own lack of restraint. Lu Yong must think he was very lewd, right? He thought that sure enough, Lu Yong had self-control and knew that he couldn’t delay his work and career for the sake of his childish personal affair.

He was so shameless.

He was more and more shameless lately.

Lu Yong’s heart moved seeing he held back and added, “You have to go to work. I can’t allow you to work during the day and ‘work overtime’ at night, right?”

Now it was Shen Wenqiu’s turn to blush.

Lu Yong added, “We can lie down and sleep together, but don’t sleep on a quilt.”

Shen Wenqiu accepted this proposal and was able to lie down beside Lu Yong. Even if they didn’t do anything too intimate, he was satisfied.

Lu Yong watched Shen Wenqiu take his medicine, and after a while, Shen Wenqiu fell asleep.

He looked at Shen Wenqiu’s curled up posture, like a puppy that insisted on sleeping beside its owner.


Shen Wenqiu slept soundly.

He had a vivid dream that he was at a high school graduation thank-you banquet, and he was standing in front of the hotel looking around restlessly.


Someone asked him, “Xiao Baa, who are you waiting for?”

Shen Wenqiu said, “I’m waiting for Lu Yong.”

They told him cruelly, “Don’t wait, you won’t be able to see him. Don’t wait for Lu Yong anymore. You sent him an invitation, but he didn’t come, which means he doesn’t care about you.”

Shen Wenqiu was furious and said, “No, I’m going to ask him myself.”

So he ran to Lu Yong’s house, and he kept running, kept running. He was thirsty and tired, and finally saw Lu Yong’s yard.

The door to Lu Yong’s house was open.

Lu Yong stood at the door, and when he saw him, he asked, “Xiao Baa, why are you here?”

Halfway through, Shen Wenqiu thought that he could not find him, and was anxious and angry. When he saw Lu Yong, all the grievances in his heart welled up, his eyes were red, and he said with a choked voice, ” I sent you an invitation. Why didn’t you come to my banquet?”

Lu Yong panicked, “I didn’t receive it… I was just standing at the door waiting for the notice. Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Instead, Shen Wenqiu cried more fiercely, “It’s me who scolded you first, it’s my fault. I’m afraid of liking boys, and I’m afraid of being liked by boys. I’m timid and I’m a coward.”

So, they reconciled.

They kept in contact with each other.

As soon as the holidays were over, they went on a trip together and became underground lovers. Their parents didn’t know about each other and thought they were just close friends.

The year they graduated, something bad still happened at home.

Shen Wenqiu wanted to lend money to make ends meet for his family secretly. So, Lu Yong told his father about it in a timely manner. Shen Wenqiu’s father and Lu Yong persuaded him together and stopped him without doing anything stupid. Their company filed for bankruptcy and liquidation. They barely got by, but he didn’t owe a whole lot of debt.

One day, Lu Yong called him and said he felt that Uncle Shen seemed unwell and almost fainted. He forced him to go to the hospital for a checkup and found out that something was wrong. Now he was going through the hospitalization procedures.

Shen Wenqiu rushed to the hospital and saw his father wearing a hospital gown and sitting on the hospital bed. When he saw him coming, a kind and amiable smile appeared on his pale face. “What’s the matter? You look so scared. Isn’t Dad fine?”


——Then Shen Wenqiu woke up.

He found the pillow covered in tears.

He still regretted it.

Wrong is wrong.

Sometimes life just makes a choice that doesn’t seem so wrong at first glance but embarks on a completely different path.

As soon as Shen Wenqiu opened his eyes, he saw Lu Yong staring at him worriedly with a pair of bull eyes. He was immediately amused. “What are you looking at?”

Lu Yong said, “You cried and cried in your dream. You couldn’t stop crying. What did you dream of?”

Shen Wenqiu lied skillfully, “Really? I don’t even know. I can’t remember. Maybe it was something sad. Why didn’t you wake me up when you saw me crying?”

Lu Yong replied, “There was a saying in my hometown that if someone who is immersed in a dream is forcibly woken up, part of his soul will remain in the dream, and the person will become stupid.”

Shen Wenqiu couldn’t help laughing and burst into laughter. Lu Yong wiped his face like an adult wiping a child’s face.

Shen Wenqiu glanced at the time and got up first. “It’s getting late, get up quickly.”

As soon as he opened the door, the puppy that slept outside the door stood up as soon as he saw him. It shook its head and waved its tail, and barked happily at him. Shen Wenqiu laughed, squatted down, and touched his fluffy head. ” I feed you once and that’s it, you become close to me? You are too easy to buy, huh?”

Shen Wenqiu picked up the puppy, turned around, and said to Lu Yong, “You wash up first. I’ll feed the little one some food and brush him.”

Shen Wenqiu felt strangely bored. He actually found it cute and interesting to just squat and watch the puppy eat, and he couldn’t get tired of watching it. He stretched out his hand to touch it from time to time. It was troublesome for Lu Yong to get up early because he had to put on the prosthesis again, which would take a long time.

Shen Wenqiu was still watching the puppy eat when the phone rang. He glanced at it, and it was Sheng Xu calling. Without thinking much, he picked it up. “Hello?”

Sheng Xu asked, “What are you doing?”

Shen Wenqiu replied, “I’m feeding the dog. Pidan, let me hear you ‘woof’’ to brother.”

The puppy was addicted to the food and ignored him. Shen Wenqiu didn’t mind either and laughed.

Sheng Xu laughed along, “Why are you laughing so silly? If you want a dog, I can give you one too.”

Shen Wenqiu refused. “No, no, it’s from Lu Yong, I just touched it in passing. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Sheng Xu said angrily, “I can’t call you if I have nothing to do with you? Look at you. It’s been a long time, and you haven’t taken the initiative to find me.”

Shen Wenqiu said, “I will take the initiative to find you when I have the money to pay you back.”

Sheng Xu replied, “So if you don’t have money, you will never come to me? I will not press you to repay the debt.”

“Okay, okay. Young Master Sheng.” Shen Wenqiu said, “But I don’t know what to do if I look for you. I’m so poor now that I can’t play with you. I don’t have travel money either. I have to ask Lu Yong to borrow money.”

Sheng Xu laughed angrily and said, “Let’s go online and play some games together, okay?”

Shen Wenqiu agreed this time. “I usually can’t do it since I have to study. You know, it’s not easy for me to work while I’m in rehabilitation now. I need to study more. Otherwise, I won’t be able to continue. I can only do it on weekends.”

Sheng Xu said, “Then Saturday night. You’ll be free, right?”

Shen Wenqiu hesitated for a moment. In fact, he wanted to play absurd sex games with Lu Yong, but he remembered what Lu Yong said to make him try to make more friends, so he said, “I am free.”

He hoped that in Lu Yong’s eyes, he seemed to be actively living his life.

As soon as Lu Yong came out, Shen Wenqiu told him about it.

Lu Yong said, “Xiao Baa, we are going on a business trip this weekend. Have you forgotten that we need to participate in the association’s activities?”

Shen Wenqiu: “…”

Lu Yong added, “It doesn’t matter if you want to stay at home and play games. I can go on a business trip by myself, or let Sheng Xu come over to play with you.” Lu Yong spoke with the tone of an elder who wanted other children to come and play with his own children.

Shen Wenqiu knocked on his head: “How could I forget? I’m going to tell Sheng Xu now.”

Therefore, Sheng Xu waited with anticipation for less than five minutes, and waited for Shen Wenqiu’s temporary notice. “I can’t play games with you this weekend. I have to go on a business trip with Lu Yong, so let’s play next week.”

Sheng Xu angrily asked him what happened.

Shen Wenqiu apologized to him. “I’m sorry, I almost forgot because of my bad memory.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Sheng Xu hung up the phone angrily.

Shen Wenqiu was met with a rebuff and touched his nose awkwardly.

It was the weekend in a blink of an eye.

Shen Wenqiu followed Lu Yong to attend the National Environmental Recycling Association meeting for the first time. The association was established in the early 1990s and had been developing for more than 20 years. All the giants in the recycling industry were among them. Lu Yong joined five years ago and was appreciated as one of the core members.

This time, Lu Yong accompanied him to buy a second-class seat ticket.

Before getting into the car, Lu Yong jokingly said to him, “Our industry is jokingly dubbed as a beggar gang. This should be considered a gathering of elders and rookies of the beggar gang, right?”


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