Chapter 40 – He had a lover.

Second-Hand Love Letter
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Translator: hoenimochi, Rin    Editor: Slumber

Not to mention his face, Lu Yong’s ears and neck were all red. He was born with dark skin, but now he had turned paler. His skin was a slightly darker tone, kind of like a wheat colour. So, his face turned black and red when he blushed, making him like an honest person.

But Shen Wenqiu just thought of how Lu Yong looked handsome and attractive. Lu Yong was not a handsome guy at first sight, but the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.


Lu Yong’s heart was beating crazily fast, but he couldn’t believe it. How could there be such a good thing in the world? He stammered, “Xiao Baa… You… Don’t tease me…”

Shen Wenqiu’s attitude was very casual, like a child proposing to play together, and he didn’t take it as a big deal. “What am I teasing you for?”


——Then, then, he’s serious?

Lu Yong’s head was blank, and he was completely led by his nose. His heart was beating anxiously. He wondered if he had interpreted wrongly, and then asked, “Ah? What is the accident you are talking about?”


He hadn’t finished speaking, but Shen Wenqiu was already impatient. Like a little lamb jumping up, he quickly raised his head and kissed him on the lips lightly, “This kind of accident.”



Lu Yong felt that his face was so hot that his brain crashed.


He- was he actually qualified to get close to Shen Wenqiu again??

Or did Shen Wenqiu take the initiative to invite him while he was sober? Lu Yong just felt very honoured, because he was stupid and didn’t know what he was doing, so he approached Shen Wenqiu in a daze.


Shen Wenqiu thought he was going to be kissed, and waited silently with a blushing face.

In the end, Lu Yong just sniffed at him and said in a daze, “You don’t smell of alcohol, which makes me wonder… Did you secretly drink when I went for a walk with my dad?”

Shen Wenqiu was inexplicably angry. He smiled angrily, and said without a good temper, “I didn’t drink. Didn’t you tell me not to drink so much in the future? I’m not drinking anymore.”


Shen Wenqiu was really obedient and sweet. He quit gambling once Lu Yong asked him to, and he also quit drinking. Shen Wenqiu used to have a side dish with beer before, but now he really didn’t even drink beer. He was listening to him too much, wasn’t he?

Lu Yong thought that what Shen Wenqiu said seemed to imply, I will listen to everything you say.


Shen Wenqiu saw Lu Yong staring at him unknowingly, so focused that it seemed like there was nothing else in the world, and only the two of them were left. He quietly approached him.

Lu Yong had transformed into a sculpture, motionless, waiting for Shen Wenqiu foolishly. He could not take the initiative or avoid it.


The tip of Shen Wenqiu’s nose gently bumped the tip of his nose.

Lu Yong’s heart skipped half a beat.

Shen Wenqiu lowered his eyelashes, not meeting Lu Yong’s line of sight, but he looked at his lips intently as if he was staring at his prey. Shen Wenqiu probed, turned his face slightly, and carefully adjusted the angle. Every time he moved, approaching a millimetre, pulling a millimetre away, it would gently tug at his heartstrings and make a series of beautiful jumping sounds.

To kiss or not to kiss? Lu Yong waited anxiously.


When he was thinking…

Shen Wenqiu kissed him.


…He really kissed him.

This time, it was not a touch away, but a reassuring kiss like falling into his embrace.


Lu Yong simply suspected that he was in a dream.

Perhaps Shen Wenqiu was inviting him, but Lu Yong felt that Shen Wenqiu’s kiss was pure, like a child expressing his closeness and liking.


Both kisses were soft and gentle.

It was like a spark falling into the grass, the first kiss was only slightly hot before the illusion of the blazing lips disappeared, then the second kiss came again, and after a pause, the flames suddenly ignited.


I’m the one who’s nasty. Lu Yong thought.

It was not clear whether he was on Shen Wenqiu’s hook or if Shen Wenqiu had fallen into his palm.


It was just that Lu Yong himself felt strange. Obviously, he used to be very patient—he has always been so good at being patient.

He had gone over the ten years with few desires, so why was his self-control so low now? It was probably because he had never tasted it before, and he had only imagined it countless times in his mind. But now he had actually tasted it and knew how delicious it was, not to mention Shen Wenqiu taking the initiative to kiss him…

In the past two days, just the smell of Shen Wenqiu’s body would make him be like Pavlov’s dog, and his face would redden reflexively.

There was only one “accident”. Shen Wenqiu had never “trained” him, but he was willing to be Shen Wenqiu’s best slave.


He wanted Shen Wenqiu, and he still wanted him. The first time he wanted it, he wanted it for the second time. And the third time, he couldn’t help it at all.

He wanted more accidents.


He felt that Shen Wenqiu was sacrificing himself, so how could he not be impatient to give all of himself to Shen Wenqiu?

He had never been able to refuse Shen Wenqiu. What he could give Shen Wenqiu, as long as Shen Wenqiu wanted him to, he would give it, even if he was asked to do such a thing.


If Shen Wenqiu wanted to use him to enjoy happiness, then he would do it.

He would do everything.


In the room where the lights were turned off, the doors locked, and the curtains drawn, the two approached each other furtively.

They knew ‌their parents were in other rooms in this building, and they were worried about being discovered‌. It seemed that they had returned to their youth, full of enthusiasm but also clumsy, just touching and kissing with love. They were sneaking, terrified, and unstoppable—they were afraid that they would be caught.


Suddenly, Lu Yong suddenly felt as if he was in the past, passionately and madly in love with Shen Wenqiu. Then he returned to the present—Shen Wenqiu had become his and his sense of time and space were intertwined and confused.

No, no matter how much time passed, he still liked Shen Wenqiu.


Shen Wenqiu was in his arms, but he still felt that he was not close enough to his heart.

Lu Yong’s heart heated up until it started boiling, and he confessed in confusion: “I like you.”

He kissed Shen Wenqiu and wanted to express it in better and more beautiful words, but he couldn’t think of any.


Lu Yong felt that he really liked Shen Wenqiu too much, way too much. He kept confessing while kissing him because he held it back for too long. After the first sentence was spoken, the love in his heart surged up like a dyke bursting violently. “I like you so much, I like you so much.”

In the midst of this, he seemed to hear Shen Wenqiu say something shyly and softly: “I like you too.”


The two hid under the quilt and whispered to each other.

Lu Yong said with remorse, “It’s very quiet at night. We will be discovered, so we won’t do it to the end, right?”

Shen Wenqiu was unhappy: “No, I want to do it. Just keep our voices down and be gentle~.”

After a while, Lu Yong said again, “Xiao Baa, you concentrate. Don’t play with your phone.”

Shen Wenqiu said, “I’m not playing with my phone, I’m going to tune in to a TV show.”

With a blushing face, he casually played a noisy fighting action movie, raised the volume, and put it on the bedside table: “That’s good, right? We’ll be less likely to be heard this way.”

Shen Wenqiu hugged him, their chests ironed together. He could feel the other’s heartbeats, and he said, “You don’t feel like a dog now. You feel like a big bull.”


Lu Yong felt that he was going too far this time compared to the last.

Obviously, Shen Wenqiu also said that he liked him, but he was still afraid that there would be no next time.

He had probably been thinking about it for many years. He spent his entire adolescence with a crush on Shen Wenqiu. He had so many dreams, but now they had come true. He also felt as incredible as if he were in a dream.

He liked him so much. He liked him so much that he couldn’t stop liking him, and he didn’t know how to express it.


Lu Yong couldn’t sleep.

He felt that he still had strength, but Shen Wenqiu had fallen asleep.


He was so excited that he hugged Shen Wenqiu and rubbed his back to coax him to sleep, while he closed his eyes and rested himself, but he never fell asleep.

He hadn’t slept all night, but by five in the morning, he felt it was time to wake up.


Shen Wenqiu, who was in his arms, woke up at once, and before opening his eyes, he reached out and grabbed him, “Where are you going?”

Lu Yong said, “To change the sheets. I need to wash the sheets before they get up. The sheets were all dirty, so I had to wash them.”


Oh, just to wash things.

Shen Wenqiu blushed slowly. He lay down again, sunk his head into the soft pillow, nodded, and then let him go. Lu Yong wrapped him in a quilt and put him aside, changed the sheets swiftly, and then tucked him in to continue to sleep.


Seeing that Shen Wenqiu’s sleeping face was so cute, he couldn’t help but kiss him. “I’ll go wash the sheets.”

Shen Wenqiu nodded again, opened his eyes halfway to look at him, fluttering his eyelashes slightly as if he were scratching the tip of his heart.


Lu Yong was very happy.

He had a lover!


Shen Wenqiu replied that he liked him too.

Are we in a relationship now then? Lu Yong thought contentedly, then snuck out with the sheets in his arms.

Shen Wenqiu took a look, but he was really tired. He closed his eyes and continued to sleep.


After a tiring night, Shen Wenqiu slept until half-past ten.

He glanced at the time and woke up suddenly.


Hold on——

Where’s Lu Yong? Why hasn’t Lu Yong come back?


Was it all a dream? Shen Wenqiu lifted the quilt and took a look, and wondered. So we did do it?

Shen Wenqiu stood up with his sore waist, changed his clothes, and went out.


At this point in time, the cat and dog base had already begun working. However, since he was a guest, no one specifically woke him up.

Shen Wenqiu was full of bewilderment, so he frantically looked around for a while, and then stood in a daze for a while. He couldn’t find Lu Yong anywhere, so he ran to the door to see that Lu Yong’s car was gone.


Where is he?

Shen Wenqiu was in a panic. He wouldn’t just leave me here, right? Lu Yong probably did not want him. It was absolutely impossible to think about it with rational logic, but he was just afraid.

He was afraid to be left behind by Lu Yong even if it was just for a while.


Shen Wenqiu stood at the door staring at the road in a daze, with his head downcast and his brows furrowed. His body was still very uncomfortable, and he hadn’t even taken a shower yet. After a while, Shen Wenqiu calmed down. It was not a good idea to think wildly, so Shen Wenqiu took out his mobile phone and wanted to call Lu Yong.

At this time, Father Lu passed by and said, “Why are you standing here? It’s time to eat.”

Shen Wenqiu hurriedly asked, “Where’s Lu Yong? I can’t find him.”


Father Lu said, “He said he was going to the city and come back for lunch later.”

Shen Wenqiu finally felt relieved. “Oh…” Was it for temporary work? So Lu Yong didn’t tell him? If he told him, he would definitely go with him.



A new text message had been delivered.


Shen Wenqiu lowered his head and casually opened his phone to read the message:

xx bank: 8,000,000 has been transferred to your xxxx account at 10:48 on x day. Your current available balance is 8,000,347. Transferred from: Account oooo. Sender: Lu Yong


Shen Wenqiu: “?”


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