Chapter 37 – He really wanted to give Shen Wenqiu the best things he could give.

Second-Hand Love Letter
Rin, hoenimochi
54 Chapters

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 - He originally wanted to rely on Lu Yong shoving him out first. Chapter 4 Chapter 5 - In fact, he just wanted to say "I'm sorry" to Lu Yong. Chapter 6 Chapter 7 - Lu Yong's money was so clean, he couldn't bear to get dirty. Chapter 8 Chapter 9 - Even Lu Yong regarded him as a hopeless rotten guy. Chapter 10 Chapter 11 - The first indirect kiss was the smell of tobacco. Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 - That should be Lu Yong’s unshakeable heart to break off their friendship Chapter 15 - He thought this photo was very suitable to be used as the picture on his tombstone. Chapter 16 - Thank you for taking me in all this time, I need to leave. Chapter 17 - One could say that it is a misplaced resource Chapter 18 - "Xiao Baa, let's go home." Chapter 19 - Shen Wenqiu, you’ve underestimated me. Chapter 20 - Dayong, I'm leaving. Please don't find me, I beg you. Chapter 21 - Shen Wenqiu turned around, climbed over the railing, and jumped down without hesitation. Chapter 22 - He was willing to use all of his own in exchange for a chance to reincarnate Shen Wenqiu. Chapter 23 - “I’ll pay it back myself, I don’t need you to pay it back.” Chapter 24 - Dad knew that he liked Shen Wenqiu back then. Chapter 25 - I don't think this is being sentimental. Being sick is sick. Chapter 26 - “Shen Wenqiu, you lied to me just to pick up trash with Lu Yong?” Chapter 27 - For the sake of Lu Yong's reputation. Chapter 28 - “Did you get to sleep with Shen Wenqiu?” Chapter 29 - “Don't tell Lu Yong that I like him.” Chapter 30 - “Take me with you” Chapter 31 - Holding Hands Chapter 31.5 Chapter 32 - Drunk Chapter 33 - The honest man was desperate… Chapter 34 - Lu Yong was tainted by him Chapter 35 - It seemed to be very enjoyable and it seemed that he hadn't tasted it enough. Chapter 36 - He couldn't imagine what his life would be like without meeting Shen Wenqiu. Chapter 37 - He really wanted to give Shen Wenqiu the best things he could give. Chapter 38 - “I slept with Shen Wenqiu.” Chapter 39 - “Dayong, do you want to have another accident?” Chapter 40 - He had a lover. Chapter 41 - "Lu Yong, what else do you like about me? Didn't you also say that I'm a rotten person?" Chapter 42 - I will love you if you are a good person, and love you even if you are a bad person. Chapter 43 - Like a puppy who is afraid of being abandoned. Chapter 44 - But homosexuality is a mental illness! Chapter 45 - “Was my love letter thrown away by you?” Chapter 46 - Falling in Love Chapter 47 - This big black fool is sometimes too good at flirting Chapter 48 - A Fork in the Road Chapter 49 - "Are you dumb?""I love you." Chapter 50 - What if I don't have dreams? Chapter 51 - “I don't want anyone else, just you.” Chapter 52 - He wanted to be Lu Yong’s worthy partner, and not a useless parasite. Chapter 53 - “Time to take off.”

Translator: hoenimochi, Rin    Editor: Su Xinghe

Lu Yong was serious.

At that moment, Shen Wenqiu seemed to see the mirage scene. The person in front of him was the current Lu Yong, also the young man he was deeply infatuated with without knowing it when he was sixteen. It made his heart throb.

He felt nostalgic again.

After so many years, Lu Yong was still the same Lu Yong and had never changed.

How nice.

In order to seize the opportunity.

Lu Yong rushed and asked his father to start the company at the end of his sophomore year of high school summer.

The father and son finally repaid the loan over the years and had some savings. But if they were to open a company, they would have to put all the money into it. Originally, Lu Yong’s father didn’t agree. As Chinese people, if they didn’t have any savings on hand, they would not feel at ease in their hearts.

Shen Wenqiu accompanied him to negotiate with his father.

Lu Yong’s father said, “This money is prepared for you to buy a house. The house price has been rising for the past two years. If you don’t buy it now, it will rise even more… How else could you get a wife in the future?”

Lu Yong was fine but Shen Wenqiu felt inexplicably stunned after hearing this, especially when he heard the word “get you a wife”. How awkward it was.

Lu Yong said, “Dad, what you said is too far away.”

Father Lu said, “It’s not too far. You’ll take the college entrance examination next year. After graduating from college in a few years, you must have a house and a car, right? Opening a company? How old are you? Do you think you’re playing house?”

Lu Yong was still very insistent. He did not use empty words to persuade but made a whole book about the company’s planning which was extremely rigorous. And also this was not the first edition he made but the sixth edition. Previously, he wrote it after some investigation then took it to ask Shen Wenqiu’s father to help him read it and after he got his opinion, he revised it. He did not know how many times it was revised and it was not until this edition that it was affirmed.

This plan was finally brought back by him and he let his father see it with his own eyes.

Father Lu was not a man of culture in the first place. He only had the ability to run a small recycling station. In fact, he couldn’t really understand it even though Lu Yong let him read the planning.

But he still braved himself to look at it. After reading it, he couldn’t find any faults. As he continued reading, he couldn’t help smoking a cigarette. He looked up and said to them, “Don’t stare at me. The thing you guys have, I don’t really understand it. I have to take it back and read it slowly.”

Shen Wenqiu could understand that it was difficult to get rid of poverty and become rich. He had just started a good life but he had to put all his money into a project that he didn’t even know would bear fruit or not. Everyone would feel uneasy.

Shen Wenqiu now only hated himself for spending so much money since he was a child. Whenever he had money, he bought running shoes and games. He didn’t know how to save money. If not for that, he could spend his private money to sponsor Lu Yong! The money he gave to Lu Yong, he could give it for nothing. Even if he lost it, it didn’t matter. But it was different if he asked his father for money.

Shen Wenqiu said hesitantly, “If you’re under too much pressure, should I go home and ask my father to lend us money?” If it really didn’t work then it would be his debt, not Lu Yong’s debt.

Lu Yong refused, “I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Uncle has helped me a lot. I’m already very grateful.”

It was not out of pride, but simply because he thought he could handle it for now.

Lu Yong’s father thought about it for a week. The plan Lu Yong wrote was flipped thoroughly so much that the corners were wrinkled and it got scribbled over and lines were drawn on the top, indicating that he did read it carefully.

On the next school holiday, he gave Lu Yong a reply, approved his plan and promised to invest all the savings that the father and son currently had to start a company in his own name.

But after all, it was Lu Yong’s idea to open the company. He was busy for half a year with various procedures to be done and many new businesses to worry about. He also had to customise machines, carry out debugging and contact local people, which made him very busy.

After the initial stage, Shen Wenqiu couldn’t help much. So if he still were to go over to Lu Yong’s place, he would be seen as making trouble. Moreover, he was in the third year of high school and his classwork suddenly became tense. His ranking of the second monthly examination fell a little last semester. Lu Yong was even more anxious than him and told him to let him concentrate on his studies and not worry about other things.

Shen Wenqiu knew that Lu Yong was very busy. So he didn’t dare to go to him on weekends for fear of delaying Lu Yong’s business. He vaguely felt that they were drifting away from each other. Lu Yong seemed to have grown up into an adult at a moment when he didn’t notice while he was still a naive child.

A good child should consciously not disturb the work of adults.

After not looking for Lu Yong to play, he suddenly had more time. So he was caught by Sheng Xu to play together from time to time in his spare time.

It was just not fun.

Midsummer Sunday.

Shen Wenqiu was playing games with Sheng Xu with a popsicle in his mouth and they were under the blowing air conditioner. He was restless and even lost a few games continuously. Sheng Xu was delighted but he didn’t care at all, threw the joystick, lay back, leaned on his dog Ice Cream and sighed unconsciously

Sheng Xu glanced at him, smiled and snorted coldly, “What? It’s not fun to play if not with Lu Yong? You just like to kiss Lu Yong’s ass that much? I just don’t understand how you can be so impressed with Lu Yong?”

Shen Wenqiu sat up straight and said as if holding his breath, “I just think that Lu Yong is different from other boys. You don’t even understand him.”

Sheng Xu was disdainful, “Why don’t I understand? The time you have known him is no different from mine and I’ve been his classmate for two years. I really don’t see much difference, except for one less hand and being slightly better in grades. It’s fine if it was someone else but I really don’t understand Lu Yong. Even at our age, it’s not like no one is better than him.”

It was true in the current objective condition viewed from the outside, someone was bound to be better than him.

Shen Wenqiu thought that in the eyes of others, he was better than Lu Yong. Their grades were about the same and he had a good family background. He had learned piano, practised skiing and had won awards in English speech competitions, participated in several summer camps for high school students abroad.

There were a lot of girls secretly stuffing love letters inside his desk, especially recently. They were already in their third year of senior high school, if they didn’t confess they had no chance to do so anymore.

But he wasn’t interested in any of them and all of them were seriously refused.

Every time he received a letter, he couldn’t help but think of Lu Yong, thinking that Lu Yong would sometimes stare at him in a daze. The thought of him made his heart blush and his heart thump.

Shen Wenqiu was distracted and said dazedly as if he was sighing, “…I don’t think I can compare to Lu Yong.”

Sheng Xu thought it was too absurd, “Huh?”

Shen Wenqiu didn’t know how to describe it, and said sincerely, “Lu Yong is so good and my family is just a little rich.”

Shen Wenqiu remembered that at that time he actually felt lucky that his family had money. Otherwise, he would not have the confidence to be friends with Lu Yong.

They were clearly of the same age, he was born a few months later than Lu Yong, why were they so different? Lu Yong had determination and was a man of action while he was just going with the flow to be an honour student in the eyes of parents and teachers, not knowing what the meaning of his life was.

When he was young, he always looked forward to growing up and felt that when he grew up everything would be solved and he would naturally discover his own values ​​and ideals.

But after so many years, he would be thirty in two years. Let alone the meaning of life, he hadn’t even grasped the courage to live.

This trip to Y town was not a smooth one.

The boss changed his plan. As a secretary, of course, he listened to the boss and went back together.

After that night, the two of them were very awkward at first. But after a few days, they gradually got along with each other more naturally. It was like the accident in the town of Y was forgotten. Shen Wenqiu thought, probably because Lu Yong had a difficult new goal to achieve. He had to go all out and indulge in work. Naturally, he had no time for private life.

After returning, the cold air came and the weather suddenly became cold.

It rained for several days.

Shen Wenqiu didn’t have any clothes, so he put on Lu Yong’s first. But Lu Yong’s size was too big, so he was deliberately taken to buy clothes. They went straight to the famous clothing store as soon as he entered the mall.

Shen Wenqiu stood at the door and didn’t want to go in and asked, “What do you want?”

Lu Yong said, “It’s winter, and you have no clothes to wear. It’s time to buy clothes.”

Shen Wenqiu was speechless for a long time and said, “…The clothes here are at least over ten thousand per piece. Do you know?”

Lu Yong said “En” as a matter of course.

Lu Yong mentioned, “Next week is my dad’s birthday. Let’s go back together. You have to have new clothes.”

“It’s Uncle’s birthday?” Shen Wenqiu was stunned and asked. He couldn’t remember after so many years, only about Lu Yong, he remembered clearly, “But isn’t this has nothing to do with buying me expensive clothes? You should buy new clothes for Uncle instead.”

Lu Yong just wanted to buy good quality clothes for Shen Wenqiu. He thought hard but couldn’t think of a good reason and said stupidly, “You wear it to show my dad. That’s how he’ll know you’re living well with me.”

And added, “It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive, you look good in it.”

Shen Wenqiu blushed, “It’s not like that, it’s all the same. And you don’t usually buy expensive ones yourself, so why buy them for me?”

Lu Yong has always adhered to the principle of “to be diligent and thrifty” taught by his father when he was a child. He was stingy since he was a child, so he was ridiculed by his classmates. His father told him, “Don’t learn from those people. They spend money simply once they have a little money. Saving money is an honourable thing and being stingy is not shameful at all but we have to figure out what we are being stingy for. Just like father, father is also stingy. Father takes all the money and gives it to your mother by being stingy. We are stingy so that our family can live a good life.”

Lu Yong himself had no material desires and the habit of being stingy was just because he was used to being stingy. Now that Shen Wenqiu was back with him, he especially wanted to spend his money for Shen Wenqiu.

Being stingy, stingy, the essence of being stingy was to be stingy about yourself and not about your wife. The money was to be used for the wife. Lu Yong thought silently in his heart and suddenly felt depressed again.

… Shen Wenqiu didn’t want to have a relationship with him.

Lu Yong pulled him, “Buy it, it doesn’t matter.”

Shen Wenqiu was unhappy and dragged him away, “I’m not buying. Isn’t it stupid to buy a coat at the mall? Just go online and buy it, it’s cheaper. You didn’t even tell me before you came here, I thought it was just a meal. you lied to me to buy such expensive clothes! I’m not buying it!”

Shen Wenqiu was scowling fiercely. Once he got angry, Lu Yong immediately felt depressed.

Shen Wenqiu was angry and took the initiative to step away, while Lu Yong silently followed behind him.

Lu Yong had been holding back for a few days. He felt that no matter what, he had slept with Shen Wenqiu, how could he say nothing at all? Shen Wenqiu could treat it as if nothing happened but he couldn’t. He couldn’t wait to transfer all his deposits to Shen Wenqiu’s bank card.

In the end, they finally bought a black coat on the Internet. Shen Wenqiu carefully selected it. It was a discounted model, not more than 300 yuan.

When Lu Yong paid the money, he felt distressed and he felt that Xiao Baa was too pitiful.

He really wanted to give Shen Wenqiu the best things he could give.

Shen Wenqiu wore this new coat and went back to his hometown with Lu Yong to celebrate Father Lu’s birthday.

Father Lu now lived in a stray animal rescue centre in the countryside. It was a rare sunny day when they arrived. He washed a few dogs and was basking in the sun in the yard. When he saw Shen Wenqiu coming, he was overjoyed, “Xiao Baa also came! Come over quickly!”

He was still wearing an apron and wiped his hands nervously, feeling a stench on his body.

Lu Yong wondered, ‘why is his father surprised?’ Then he said, “Didn’t you tell me on the phone to bring him here?”

Uncle Lu glared at him with a fierce look in his eyes, “If I didn’t tell you, you weren’t going to bring him here?”

Lu Yong answered decisively, “I will bring him. I definitely can’t leave him at home alone, I will take him with me.”

Shen Wenqiu was looking at a dog following Uncle Lu. The dog was sitting on the ground, looking up at him and panting. The corners of his mouth seemed to be smiling and his tail kept wagging, “*Woof Woof!*”

‘What do you mean by taking me with you?’ Shen Wenqiu felt a little embarrassed and wondered, ‘am I some kind of small dog or cat?’


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