Chapter 35 – It seemed to be very enjoyable and it seemed that he hadn’t tasted it enough.

Second-Hand Love Letter
Rin, hoenimochi
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Translator: hoenimochi, Rin    Editor: Su Xinghe

What Lu Yong saw was this scene—Shen Wenqiu turned his back to himself and bent his neck slightly. The fine water rushed at the back of his neck, like a slender flower stalk, which could not bear the rain and dew to fall in a weak arc.

His clothes were wet and they clung closely to Shen Wenqiu’s body, vaguely depicting the texture of the skin underneath.

The ceiling light illuminated his body as white as it was glowing, pure and clean.

Lu Yong was caught off guard by the sight of Shen Wenqiu’s body. Even though he had already done the beastly thing, his face was still flushed with shame. After all, he was only caressing in the dark quilt and he had not seen it so thoroughly.

He didn’t know where to put his eyes so he hurriedly turned to the left. But it turned out that it was a mirror and Shen Wenqiu was still reflected in it. He turned around in a panic until his back was facing Shen Wenqiu.

When Shen Wenqiu heard Lu Yong’s voice, he took a glance at him subconsciously and turned back quickly. He didn’t dare to turn around. The water was poured on his head and nape, flowing down his cheeks and continuing to drench his body.

He felt he had to calm down.

So these two people happened to turn their back on each other after intimate contact and felt extremely ashamed to even look at each other after waking up.

In this cramped bedroom, they were only a few steps apart but their backs were against each other.

For a while, no one spoke first.

Their hearts were beating too fast to stop.

In front of Lu Yong’s eyes, there seemed to be the scene he just saw. Shen Wenqiu was so thin, really thin, too thin. He felt distressed and thought silently, no wonder there was no feel of meat when he hugged him. He was thin and dry.

There was not much beauty that a healthy body should have but he was still uncontrollably hot.

A lot of despicable and vulgar aftertastes came up without permission. Last night, in the quilt, the touch he felt… Shen Wenqiu’s body, if he exerted light force then he couldn’t penetrate deeply but if he tried harder, he feared crushing the person in his arms.

He always felt that he was being rough and that he would leave many scary marks on Shen Wenqiu’s body. When he saw it just now, he only found a few faint red marks which were much better than what he was worried about.

Lu Yong breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he came back to his senses and spat on his own despicableness.

Lu Yong was very regretful now, he feels that he was really a scum! Trash! A villain like him who took advantage of the misfortunes of others was rubbish and should be destroyed humanely!

Shen Wenqiu was drunk but he wasn’t drunk!

Logically speaking, he should have controlled himself completely.

But at that time, he was obsessed and all the evil thoughts that he had suppressed for years broke through the shackles in a flash, suppressing his sanity.

When Shen Wenqiu dropped the first kiss impulsively, everything was completely out of control and he almost gave up on himself.

Or he should have not started it.

Now that it has started, he had already “committed a crime”. Thus, tarnishing it a little and tarnishing it till the end didn’t seem to make any difference.

So he just made it to the end simply…

‘Fuck.’ Lu Yong reflected on himself at that time and cursed.

‘Beast! What a beast!’

Now that Shen Wenqiu was sober, he must be very regretful, right? Lu Yong thought, how could he feel any good? He was in a mess…he didn’t know how, he must be uncomfortable.

At this moment, Shen Wenqiu’s voice could be heard in the bathroom, “Why are you apologising to me? It doesn’t matter. I was the one who took the initiative to invite you.”

“Thank you for agreeing to my request.”

“I feel much better now.”

Lu Yong felt even more guilty, and stammered, “I-I have no experience, are you in pain now?”

As he thought about what he saw just now, he continued, “I didn’t even…even wear a condom and it got inside.”

Shen Wenqiu didn’t answer right away. He was stunned and couldn’t help but secretly rejoice when he heard Lu Yong said that he was inexperienced. He didn’t know how to face Lu Yong even more. He also felt very shy and said embarrassedly, “It’s okay. I’m a man and I can’t get pregnant.”

Lu Yong’s face flushed, how could this be a question of pregnancy or not.

Shen Wenqiu was his treasure, he cherished him. Even if there was a little disrespect, he thought that he shouldn’t do it.

But just uttering the word “pregnancy” from Shen Wenqiu’s mouth made him feel that his heart was about to explode. It was perverted and adorable.

Even now Shen Wenqiu smoked, drank, stayed up late and used to gamble but in his eyes, Shen Wenqiu would always be a pure and good boy. Did he have the chance to hear such impure words spoken from Shen Wenqiu’s mouth??


Lu Yong stood there bewildered, his mind was full of dirty thoughts that he couldn’t hold back. He really wanted to slap himself.

Shen Wenqiu was happy. But it wasn’t for long before he felt uncomfortable again.

——It turns out that Lu Yong was still a virgin before sleeping with him.

As expected of the good man he has had a crush on for so many years. Shen Wenqiu had always believed that Lu Yong was a person who was clean and would not mess with the relationship with other men and women, but he did not expect Lu Yong to be so self-righteous. How many men of this age were virgins out there?

He was a virgin until now because he missed Lu Yong and because his family suddenly fell into trouble. How could he still have time for his love life? For Lu Yong it was completely unnecessary. Lu Yong had a sense of responsibility and was in such good shape. There must be many people who favour him.

It was really a pity for Lu Yong, it should have been left to someone more worthy of his cherishing.

Now he was suddenly tainted by him.

Shen Wenqiu was embarrassed and got stuck again. It should be him who apologised to Lu Yong too.

Lu Yong’s heart was in a mess and he couldn’t make it clear at all. The guilt was one thing but it was more of a despicable joy. He thought that since he had done everything, it was better to go with the flow.

His heart jumped to his throat and he almost mustered up the courage of a lifetime. He asked in a loud voice and a knot in his tongue, “T-there is something, I did such a rough thing to you… Xiao Baa……”

[I have to be responsible, so fall in love with me. ]

——Lu Yong was about to say so.

Shen Wenqiu suddenly interrupted his words and said, “We are all already this old and we are not children anymore. And it was me who took the initiative and you are a normal man…”

“It’s not a big deal, you don’t have to worry about it.”

What does this mean? Lu Yong would rather Shen Wenqiu insult him rather than pass it on casually.

It seemed to be just out of animal instinct, without a trace of love.

Lu Yong only felt that his heart, which had finally rushed to the surface in one go, was hit hard by Shen Wenqiu and sank back to the bottom of the deep pool in one breath.

Shen Wenqiu added, “It was an accident. Forget it.”

Lu Yong stood there motionless. He was wronged and angry.

Shen Wenqiu didn’t want him to take responsibility.

The room fell silent, except for the sound of water running.

Lu Yong felt that his heart stopped beating in an instant so he didn’t feel any pain there but he felt the pain in his severed limb after a long absence. It should not be because he was wearing the prosthetic all night but it was phantom pain.

It started to hurt again.

There was no way to stop the pain that didn’t exist. Lu Yong took a breath and only after a long time did he reply in a dull and sullen manner, “Oh.”

He heard Shen Wenqiu say, “Can you stop standing at the door? Close the door. I’ll take a shower first, just wait for ten minutes. It’s getting late, don’t you have to go out to talk about business at nine o’clock?”

Lu Yong made another “En” and walked out silently, his footsteps were heavy and his big feet hit the ground. 

“*Tap, tap.*”

Shen Wenqiu sniffed and quickly finished the bath.

Before he walked out, he held the handle of the door, took a deep breath, raised his weak waist, straightened his trembling legs, walked out as if nothing had happened and wiped his face clean.

Shen Wenqiu wrapped himself in a bath towel and said to Lu Yong, “Go take a shower. I’ll change.”

Lu Yong still said “En” and went to take a bath in silence.

He washed fast, showered a few times and came out in seven or eight minutes.

At this time, Shen Wenqiu had already put on clean clothes.

Lu Yong stopped and stared at him for half a minute. He wanted to ask him if he was feeling uncomfortable. If he felt uncomfortable, he should stay at the hotel to rest.

Shen Wenqiu seemed to have guessed what he was thinking and while wearing white socks, he said without looking up, “I’m fine. What are you thinking? I’m also a man, I’m not that delicate.”

Lu Yong: “…Oh.” He didn’t quite believe it.

Shen Wenqiu gave a low laugh.

Lu Yong was even more dumbfounded and asked as if holding something in, “What are you laughing at?”

Shen Wenqiu said, “From earlier, you just said ‘en’ or ‘oh’. It sounds so stupid.”

Shen Wenqiu sat beside the bed, picked up his tie, wrapped it around the neckline, raised his head because of the tie, looked at him and said with a smile, seemingly dashing, “Enough. Dayong, you don’t have to be so nervous. “

“Don’t be so afraid of me, I won’t drink so much alcohol in the future. I promise not to attack you after drinking, okay?”

Lu Yong, “…”

Lu Yong couldn’t say that he was at ease but Shen Wenqiu promised that he would not do this kind of thing with him again, which made him feel very disappointed.

Although it really shouldn’t be so hasty and casual.

Did he do it too badly?

Lu Yong’s heart was numb and he said, “You were originally sick. You shouldn’t drink so much alcohol.”

“Understood.” Shen Wenqiu glanced at the time on his phone, “Quickly change your clothes. President Lu, we still have to talk about business.”

The two went downstairs and ate at a nearby breakfast shop.

Lu Yong still couldn’t relieve the tension. Every cell in his body seemed to be tense, and he observed Shen Wenqiu’s every move in detail.

But Shen Wenqiu looked too normal. Even in a better mood than usual with a smile on his face all the time.

Lu Yong’s mind was confused and he remembered the itinerary wrong. But Shen Wenqiu remembered it clearly and meticulously.

It was as if he was the only one who cared so much.

He shouldn’t care too much, right?

The relevant person in charge of the local sanitation bureau came to pick them up. The two got on the bus and sat in the back seat.

The other party was in the co-pilot seat, talking to him, “President Lu…”

Lu Yong was restless and rarely distracted. He didn’t listen and just responded in a trance from time to time.

“…What do you think? President Lu… um? President Lu?”

Lu Yong came back to his senses, “Ah, I was thinking about something just now. I didn’t hear clearly, sorry.”

The man wasn’t angry either, “It’s okay.”

Just as they’ve reached the destination, he said, “Let’s go first, I’ll reintroduce it again later.”

Shen Wenqiu leaned on the front passenger seat, approached him and said gently, “I’m sorry. I’ve written down what you said just now. There is still a while before the meeting, I will talk to our boss carefully.”

Lu Yong was especially frustrated with himself because he couldn’t concentrate on his work, he was too useless.

They arrived early. Shen Wenqiu sat beside him and began to earnestly speak to him in a soft voice.

As he saw how attentively this work was done, Lu Yong’s heart was even colder. On a side note, Shen Wenqiu really didn’t think it was a big deal last night.

Lu Yong couldn’t tell if he regretted sleeping with Shen Wenqiu or regretted not being able to do it a few more times since this opportunity would not come again.

It seemed to be very enjoyable and it seemed that he hadn’t tasted it enough.

While listening to him, Lu Yong comforted himself in his heart. Look on the bright side, at least this time Shen Wenqiu didn’t break the relationship with him. Shen Wenqiu was still willing to talk to him which was much better than the attitude he had when he discovered his love letter ten years ago.


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