Chapter 10

Second-Hand Love Letter
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Translator: hoenimochi, Rin

It’s over. Lu Yong thought sadly, he couldn’t sleep completely.


He shouldn’t have said that. Lu Yong laid down on the soft bed dejectedly, reviewing and reflecting on his wrong use of words. 

It’s weird. Why did he face the same old problem again? After ten years of being in society, no matter how stupid he was, he should already be familiar with the basics of the world.


He was not a teenager anymore. Why did he suddenly lose his mind? He should’ve encouraged Xiao Baa. But he got impulsive and told the truth.

He was not very good at talking, especially in front of Shen Wenqiu.


He must have hurt Shen Wenqiu’s self-esteem. A man understands another man. The more in dire straits they are, the higher their self-esteem is.

Obviously, he wanted to say that even if you are a bad guy, I still like you. It’s just that he couldn’t say the second half of the sentence. He’s afraid that as soon as Shen Wenqiu knew that he had ulterior motives, wouldn’t he want to run away more? What was the best way to explain it?

Lu Yong was flustered.


There are rules of behavior found in all objective things in the world, so it has become a scientific knowledge.

But there is no fixed formula for love.

If only he were a person who was good at love, Lu Yong couldn’t help but think. What should he do to get into Shen Wenqiu’s good side?


After graduating from high school and going their separate ways, it’s not like Lu Yong hasn’t met other girls who have a crush on him.

There were also college female classmates who commented about him, “Although he’s a straight man of steel, he will probably be a good husband and father.”

He himself did not think so.

When he was in college, his mind was still full of only Shen Wenqiu. Because Shen Wenqiu didn’t want him, so he didn’t dare to go to Shen Wenqiu, and he lived like a widower.

He was quite experienced in this matter. After all, he was a child brought up by a widower. The first few years after his mother died, it wasn’t that no one introduced new people to his dad, but his dad didn’t even meet them. He was quite supportive as a son.


Moreover, both of them were very busy with their studies and career.

Five years have passed in a blink of an eye.


After joining the company, he had to work hard again.

Until two or three years ago, after the age of twenty-five, he saw everyone around him getting married and having children. To be honest, he occasionally felt lonely.


So he went on a blind date with the attitude of giving it a try.

It turned out that it still didn’t work.


He didn’t want to just make do with his life. He didn’t want to be irresponsible for himself, and the girls. And he once loved a boy, does that mean he’s gay? But he also had not been in love with another male.

Only Shen Wenqiu.

It was an issue of a major turning point in his life that has troubled him for a long time.


That day, he suddenly received a call in the middle of the night and rushed to find Shen Wenqiu for hundreds of miles alone. To be honest, Shen Wenqiu’s image at that time was completely different from when he was a teenager. He completely took off his arrogant and delicate young master appearance and squatted against the wall with a group of men like a hoodlum.

Several people were similar in appearance, they were thin, had unshaven beards, blue complexions, and unkempt faces.

However, he recognized at a glance which was Shen Wenqiu, without the police deliberately pointing it out for him.


Lu Yong realized that he still “likes” Shen Wenqiu.

Not “liked”.


It was around 4 o’clock when Lu Yong finally fell asleep, but the biological clock he had cultivated for a long time made him wake up before 7 o’clock.

Lu Yong made breakfast. He initially didn’t want to wake Shen Wenqiu, but he stood behind the open stove and stared at Shen Wenqiu, who buried himself in a blanket and curled up to sleep for several minutes. He was still inexplicably scared. He was afraid that in the afternoon, after returning from work, Shen Wenqiu would be gone.


Lu Yong went downstairs to get 10,000 yuan.

Then he came back, sat on the edge of the sofa, and pushed Shen Wenqiu, “Xiao baa, Xiao baa.”

Shen Wenqiu waved back as he was annoyed. He then got up and said, “Don’t be noisy, I’m sleeping, I’m very sleepy!”

Lu Yong flatly apologized and said, “I shouldn’t have said you were a bad guy yesterday.”


Shen Wenqiu’s shoulder moved, but he didn’t turn around. He said, “You didn’t say anything wrong, and you don’t need to apologize. I’m in debt and gambling, and also not working. Am I not a bad person? I’m just a detestable person right now. Your kindness shouldn’t be used on me at all.”

“When I asked you to lend me money, in fact, I didn’t think of paying it back. I was just teasing you when I wrote the IOU for you. I was just lying.”


I didn’t want you to pay it back. Lu Yong thought, and said, “It’s just a small amount of money anyway. You helped me a lot before as well. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am now.”

Shen Wenqiu rolled over, poked out his messy-haired head from the blanket, drooped his eyelids, and stared at Lu Yong with a dead eye.

Lu Yong was being stared at uncomfortably…

Shen Wenqiu looked at him like a fool and said, “Are you kidding me? Is this the line of a family happy TV series? There is no need to repay people like me that have fallen out of grace.”

Lu Yong: “…” Awkward. 


Lu Yong had no other way, so he had to stuff the money to Shen Wenqiu, “It’s pocket money, just use it… You don’t have to write an IOU. I’m giving it to you.”

  “I’m really sorry.”


Shen Wenqiu sat up, scratched his head, took the money, and resumed his sloppy posture, and asked amusedly, “Are you testing me? You think I won’t want it? I said I am a bad guy. There is money free of charge to spend, of course I would gladly spend it. If you dare to give it, I dare to spend it.”

“I’ll take it as you’re doing charity, set to help me once.”

He thought that the remarks were annoying enough, and he said while staring at Lu Yong’s expression, but Lu Yong was very calm, and he did not see any disappointment at all.

Shen Wenqiu patted the banknote on the palm of his hand, while flicking the edge with his fingernails, and then laughed at him again, “I really don’t know what your intentions are. President Lu. I think you’d better not have children in the future. You are so gullible. Be careful, you may spoil your child.”

“It would be a disaster to the whole family to raise your child into a bad person like me.”


Lu Yong remained indifferent, and took a different approach to ask, “Do you mean you want to go out to play today? Where are you going to play? What are you going to play?”

Why doesn’t Lu Yong just scold him? Shen Wenqiu felt as if he was hitting cotton with all his strength, and Lu Yong was not angry no matter what, so he was so frustrated and didn’t know what to do with Lu Yong.


Shen Wenqiu said, “None of your business! Do I have to report to you whenever I spend your money?”

“Then I don’t need the money.”


Shen Wenqiu threw the money back to the side.

Lu Yong was startled, he picked up the money, neatly stacked the banknotes, and put them on the coffee table, “I’m going to work first, go have fun.”

“I have prepared breakfast and lunch. Oh, you can also take the money to eat out.”


The sound of closing the door was already something Shen Wenqiu was familiar with.

He didn’t sleep all night and had a splitting headache, and he felt like he was about to die suddenly. He opened his eyes and felt sleepy, he then closed his eyes but couldn’t sleep.


Since Lu Yong thinks he is a bad guy, why does he still stay in Lu Yong’s house?

You should get out of here! Shen Wenqiu said to himself, but Lu Yong’s attitude was sticky and really weird. While bluntly saying that he was a lousy person, but at the same time, he gave him what he wanted, as if to retain him to stay.

Is it because it is too pitiful to see him? He even lied again to comfort him.


Shen Wenqiu thought in a daze: Don’t think so much, or I should just wake up and leave…

He closed his eyes, woke up from sleep, slept, and woke up again. He felt groggy and fell asleep until dark. Lu Yong came back from work again.


When Lu Yong saw that he was still at home, he felt much more secure, and asked, “I’m going to the pet hospital to see the puppy, shall we go together? Didn’t you like the crayfish shop last time? Let’s go eat it again.”

They just quarreled in the morning, why can Lu Yong be so indifferent? Shen Wenqiu just woke up, his mind was not clear and felt his thoughts were all foggy. He couldn’t gather up the energy, and was in no mood.

Why is it already nighttime? It seems that I can’t leave again today.

One more day.

Just one more day.

Shen Wenqiu thought.

Shen Wenqiu thought there was nothing to do, so he went with him to see the dog at the vet.


There was a traffic jam, and they waited.

Lu Yong said, “I will buy you a new mobile phone later. I will apply for a card with my identity and give it to you. Otherwise, it will be difficult to contact you.”

Shen Wenqiu gave a dispensable “En”.


Lu Yong glanced at him, summoned up courage in his heart, and tried to make a reasonable suggestion on the surface, “Tomorrow is Sunday, let’s go to the furniture store to buy a bed, I’ll clean up my side bedroom for you. Isn’t it uncomfortable to sleep on the sofa all day?”

Shen Wenqiu: “…”


Shen Wenqiu was sitting in the passenger seat like a statue, and Lu Yong couldn’t see through his mind.

Shen Wenqiu did not look at him and looked forward. As if it had nothing to do with him, he said, “You don’t have to hold on to your guilt to give too much compensation just because you said I was a bad person. The more you apologize, the more annoyed I get.”

“There’s no need, there’s really no need.”

His right elbow rested on the edge of the car window, holding his cheek, and gave a scoundrel-like cold glance at Lu Yong, “I’m just staying at your house for a few days, so don’t bother buying a new bed. I’ll leave in a couple of days.”


Lu Yong’s heart was frozen. He finally had the opportunity to support Shen Wenqiu… Was Shen Wenqiu more willing to wander around rather than to stay by his side? Did he accidentally expose his motives again, making him vigilant?

Indeed, if you are just a friend, you don’t usually do so much for someone…


Shen Wenqiu probably felt that the atmosphere was a little awkward, he then asked casually without much concern, “By the way, that dog, you spent so much money to save him, but don’t you plan to raise it?”

Lu Yong was immersed in the frustration of being unable to catch the wind, without thinking, he answered straightforwardly, “I haven’t thought about it. I see that you don’t get along with the dog, how can I keep it?”


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