Chapter 48 – Surgence

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If there was a scene that was more shocking than the appearance of a prehistoric-looking tentacle monster, it’d be seeing a giant crab through the binoculars, huffing and puffing its way up and onto said monster. The crab’s two pincers snapped shut and opened, arrogant as ever.

All that the ability users could hear was a great buzzing in their heads due to being affected by infrasonic waves. The distance between them was still immense, or perhaps their ability levels merely weren’t high enough, rendering them incapable of hearing what the crab was saying.

“Oh no, is that a spider crab?”

If these sea monsters could be defeated so easily by the spider crabs, then wouldn’t everyone be screwed now?

“Maybe not— the pincers of that crab seem to be somewhat deformed, and looking at those proportions, it’s much bigger than the spider crabs… Ah! Captain Hao! The sea level near the shore is receding!”

This was blatantly clear as the water shrunk back from the sandy beach at a scale much more obvious and quick than the natural ebb. In less than half a minute, the mudflats were exposed; blackish-red crabs pressed against each other, some stacked on top of their companions’ backs and all of them densely packed together. The sight caused many of the ability wielders to suck in a breath.

They’d known that there was a terrifying number of these monsters, but nobody had thought there were this many.

The water’s sudden retreat caused the spider crabs to panic and scuttle, and their flurried motions exposed the remnant white bones on the ocean floor. From afar, it was no longer the sea— it was Hell.

“Blech!” One of the bystanders couldn’t hold it in and turned to throw up.

The few who persevered continued to observe through the binoculars— the water’s retreat was extremely odd. Some shoal rocks that had never appeared before were revealed en masse, while the seafloor that was beginning to sink into a slope was now in broad daylight.

“Wait, is that—”

A giant ‘rock’ that was covered in spider crabs suddenly moved, revealing something that vaguely resembled a head.

【Phew, I can breathe… eh? How am I on land? Wait, no! I never go on land!】

Shifting from the brink of death to a jolt of energy, Thaumas’ sound waves had increased in strength. However, the moment its voice reached where the special ability users were, a huge wall of water materialised on the ocean surface out of nowhere.

“Oh no, it’s a tsunami! Quick! Reinforce the building with your abilities!”

The colour drained from Captain Hao’s clearly-distraught face.

He should’ve remembered that the most obvious sign of a tsunami was the rapid receding of water near the shore. A wall of water would then appear, sometimes over ten metres above the current sea level. When that collapsed, its strength could destroy everything.

It was too late to escape now.

“Dammit, was there another earthquake somewhere at the bottom of the sea?” Under such stress, Captain Hao was this close to swearing.

The closer the wall of water was to the shore, the more terrifying its height became. Waves higher than ten metres had already obstructed the sky from view. The ability users in the building paled, the only thing they could see now being a sheet of dark red water coming at them like an enormous net.

The ability user who could change the structure of metal and make it sturdier than before was on the brink of collapsing, devastation written all over his face.

There was no need to try— he knew that his ability couldn’t withstand the force of this tsunami.

Trembling, Captain Hao stared forward, his face flushing a shade of maroon.

He was the one who’d brought these team members out, and the only expectation the Chairman had outlined for them was to return alive. If he couldn’t do even that, he wouldn’t be able to show his face back at the Beijing base!

Just when he gritted his teeth and was about to stake it all on one last attempt, an invisible hand seemed to have slammed down on the horrifying screen of water, balling it up in its fist. The churning waves obliterated all the buildings within ten metres of the beach and dragged the remains far out into the sea.

Immediately after, the water rapidly receded once more.

This time, the seabed wasn’t as littered with spider crabs as it was before; at least half of those monsters had been washed away by the ‘tsunami’.

Thaumas’ body also became visible, and the revelation of there existing such a humongous sea turtle almost sent the power wielders into another frenzied haze.

“This is the sea monster that’s recorded as often being mistaken for an island… No wonder…”

Captain Hao didn’t get a chance to release the breath he was holding. Following the disappearance of the tsunami that he was about to bet his life to withstand, all the power he’d built up within himself abruptly relaxed. As he fell to the ground, weak-legged Captain Hao heard his teammate’s scream.

“Holy— what’s that? A dragon?!”

The water wall materialised once more, and this time, a long shadow was amongst the swirling waves. It had a silver body and bright red fins along its back. Sliding with the tsunami’s highest wave, the creature swam almost vertically, scaling over ten metres to reach the tip of the wall. Its figure was faintly discernible amidst the waves, practically resembling that of mythological dragons who stirred chaos in rivers and oceans.

Just when the ability users’ jaws were dropping from shock, another strange sound appeared.

【Oi, Ceto! Wrong direction! Are you trying to fly?】


The majestic-looking ‘dragon’ dove back down, and with a deafening sound, it followed the push of the waves and thrashed about; countless spider crabs were even flung out of the sea because of it. By the time the water retreated again, the seabed near the shore was squeaky clean, not a single spider crab in sight.

But the battle had just begun.

Upon being churned into the sea 80 metres deep, the spider crabs began attacking the shadows before them despite not being able to see or find their footing. Obviously, they ended up accidentally hurting their own members. If it wasn’t for their hard shells, they wouldn’t have been able to withstand a catastrophe such as this.

【Bite them to death! No wait— smash them to death!】

Abyss’ eight blue-ringed tentacles raged through the waves, occasionally breaking through the surface.

Having obtained this natural shield, Siren needn’t worry about the spider crabs’ sharp claws and pincers any longer. His light silver tail sliced through the water like an arrow, bringing forth fast and accurate attacks. When he passed by, the spider crabs either lost the legs supporting their bodies or had their eyes gouged out of their sockets. As for the spider crabs that fell into the range of Abyss’ tentacles, they’d all be squeezed together.

When that happened, a bone-chilling squeaking noise would echo.

The octopus’ tentacles were covered in suckers, but what was more terrifying was the fact that inside these suckers were sharp, teeth-like things; smaller suckers possessed one layer while larger ones had multiple. They were usually contracted in and hidden away, so when an octopus used all its strength to strangle prey, one could imagine that to resemble a metal ring suddenly popping open, or a saw-toothed rat trap.

Though the spider crabs’ shells were hard, there were bound to be fragile areas, such as the spots where their legs connected to their bodies, or the joints in their claws… Disregarding the spider crabs’ frenzied attacks even while injuries began littering its body, Abyss was able to snap many more spider crabs into pieces and fallen claws, leaving behind nothing but empty husks.

Eurybia’s tentacles were barbed to begin with, meaning that all it needed to do was reach out for the joints in the claws to ensure that all the crabs it flung out were immediately handicapped. They might still have had their sharp claws and pincers, but they could no longer move a single step.

Since this was easier and more convenient than Abyss’ barbarous dismantlement, the squid, in fact, was faster than the octopus.

The oarfish rapidly darted around within the water, driving the dizzied spider crabs into Eurybia’s tentacle range. Ceto’s tail thrashed in the water as its mouth, with nothing but two sharp teeth, nibbled at the spider crabs’ eyes.

Blech! This is disgusting… What kind of taste is this?!】

Siren peered at the oarfish and tossed away the eyeballs in his hands, the merman then flicking his hand in disdain.

The most unfortunate one was Gululu; it had fiercely raised its pincers in preparation for the attack, only to then realise that the spider crabs were all fleeing at break-neck speeds. After much struggle, Gululu intercepted a few and aggressively ripped them apart. But just when it was feeling proud and was about to brag, it noticed the speed at which Abyss and Eurybia were going at in handicapping the spider crabs… Well, the difference between Gululu’s speed and that of the other two was akin to ‘custom-making’ versus ‘mass-producing’.

Gululu blew a few bubbles, depressed.

【Oh dear, a lot of spider crabs are escaping this way! Siren, come quick—】

Before the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish finished yelling from over where it was resting, it saw a rush of waves that slammed down on the runaway spider crabs and sent them raining down on Abyss’ head.

Ow! That hurts!】

The giant octopus did a somersault because of the impact, bringing the numerous spider crabs squeezed in its tentacles along with it. Jumping out of the ocean, Abyss looked like a strange ferris wheel from afar. The dangling ‘cabins’ (spider crabs) even crashed into each other like bumper cars. (Oh my god, this might as well be the ferris wheel of an alternate, messed-up universe!)


Another special ability user’s binoculars smashed their owner’s foot.

【Xia Yi…】

Every sea monster, including Nereus, felt the sensation of ‘cold sweat running down their backs’ (especially the oarfish). Subconsciously, they echoed Siren’s voice as they simultaneously produced infrasonic waves. Surprisingly, perhaps the power of the collective was truly better, because the pronunciation was actually pretty much correct.

Xia Yi stared at the ferris wheel for a while before finally saying, 【Sorry, Abyss… I messed up on the direction of the waves.】

Nothing came from these infrasonic waves, but the special ability users still shivered.

No wonder! This wasn’t a ‘tsunami’! It was all created by the sea monsters!

Though they had all done the mental preparations necessary before coming here, it was a completely different feeling when seeing it in action. Why was there a merman in this world? Wasn’t that a fairytale creature? Why was there a Chinese dragon? Wasn’t that a myth? And the one named Siren… is that the cause of this odd ‘tsunami’? Was there really a siren that possessed such extraordinary power?

Xia Yi’s infrasonic waves also gave the sea monsters a good fright.

The reason for this was because Xia Yi had never talked with any sea monster other than Siren; merfolk were proud, difficult to deal with, and dangerous creatures. Xia Yi fit all of those descriptions (WRONG), which was why none of the sea monsters were bothered about this…

The giant octopus rolled back into the depths of the sea, tears brimming in its eyes as it destroyed more spider crabs with newfound energy.

What could it do? It wasn’t like the octopus could plan any revenge. This treasure was Siren’s only breeding partner that took the merman forever to find, right?

And so—

Abyss pondered, its mind flying out far— did it stand a chance against Xia Yi? Umm… being churned away by the waves and ending up on land was more likely! That was way too scary! It was indeed true that merfolk in heat were the most dangerous creatures ever!

I’m definitely going to stay further away from him in the future!


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