Chapter 32 – The Longest Night

Sea Monster Alliance
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It was January 28— of course, only areas that maintained some form of social order were able to know this precise date; in the areas that had spun into chaos because of food and water, it was a blessing just being able to see the next day’s dawn. The past half-month had felt longer than the past decades combined. Having undergone confusion, panic, and fear, humanity had no choice but to survive this cruel era. This was now a post-apocalyptic world which witnessed the exposure of all the dark sides of human nature.

Around dusk, a great earthquake occurred at the ocean floor of the Pacfic seismic belt, approximately somewhere southwest of the Mariana Trench. Based on estimations, the earthquake’s focal depth was around five hundred metres, but since all of the technical instruments had malfunctioned, no one knew exactly how strong it was. In fact, it was mid-February when Beijing received news of the quake. Due to the physical distance between humans and the sea, they couldn’t determine exactly where the earthquake was located and could only make educated guesses based on the ocean waves.

To be frank, this event shook awake all who heard the news.

Even if they were in an apocalypse, even if there was no longer an active government, even if anyone with a gun and knife could form their own army— everyone needed to stop dreaming of possibly crowning themselves emperor over ‘unclaimed’ land. A small toss of the planet beneath their feet could cause devastating disasters. Humanity was nothing but a small life form that lived upon it; they’d yet to become powerful rulers who could command mother nature. There were too many people who once believed in that false reality.

Numerous gazes turned towards the ocean, staring at the boundless horizon.

The tsunami was about seven to eight metres high when it reached the shore, and even that swam over the dam. The waves came crashing down, washing away plenty of things and killing many. No one knew what became of the place where the earthquake had occurred.

Frankly speaking, when an earthquake’s focal depth was extremely deep, ocean life was affected much more than humans.

The magnitude was very large, causing the entire sea body to fluctuate; the water, from the seafloor to the surface, was surging and billowing over and over. Yet due to how broad the impacted area was, the rise and fall of the waves wasn’t too abrupt or violent. Though that was as long as they didn’t encounter any resistance, otherwise the force of the impact would be enough to shatter reinforced cement.

Thus, gigantic sea monsters suffered immensely in this catastrophe.

Since the earthquake occured not far away from them, they were all roughly tossed through the waves despite curling up their bodies as best as they could. If it wasn’t for the sea monsters’ accustomation to the deep sea’s water pressures, they might’ve been ripped apart by the force they were now braving through.

The most miserable of all was Nereus since jellyfishes were too soft, with plenty of long and thin tentacles. In comparison to other sea monsters, Nereus was the most fragile, and more often than not, a regular storm was enough to force it into the deep sea to seek refuge. But now, the ocean had become a giant blender; countless undercurrents and whirlpools formed underwater. As the reefs near the earthquake shattered and collapsed, the marine life around the trench was all buried in the debris.

Abyss spread its tentacles wide and created a cage-like shape. Though Nereus had a huge body, it could shrink itself into the makeshift octopus shelter thanks to how a jellyfish’s body was made mostly of water.

Yet these two weren’t even the worst off… The winners of that title would have to be Ceto and the crab. Since the oarfish was afraid that its body would rip into two, it tightly wrapped itself around the crab’s shell. The duo then bounced all over the waves like a ball. If you asked the crab, it was missing the earlier rollercoaster ride now. At least then the rollercoaster had some sort of ‘path’ that the oarfish was following, as compared to what was happening now— just a ball being thrown around blindly…

The giant squid, on the other hand, was dumbly trying to use its tentacles to hold onto anything in sight— a futile attempt to stabilise itself.

As such, everything around it, whether it be reefs, whales, or even Abyss, was unfortunate enough to be scratched by the squid’s barbed tentacles. Given how strong the infrasonic waves produced by the earthquake were, it was impossible for the sea monsters to hear each other. Meanwhile, the ocean was akin to a huge pot of stirred stew; when water from the ocean’s lower layers surged up, gravity would slam them back down.

This reality was felt the most by the sea turtle who was barely floating on the surface.

It paddled its four flippers as fast as it could, however, due to how naturally slow it was, its current endeavour was like attaching a flamethrower to a bicycle with no wheels. The sudden increase in speed made the swim extremely shaky. When the water encountered such a great obstacle in its path, it piled up into a wave that was over ten metres high. The force brought Thaumas into the air. The giant turtle continued to paddle, but much to its panic, it didn’t feel any water, and the pang of shock was so terrifying that it almost cried.

Thaumas was a male sea turtle; throughout its life, it would never leave the ocean and go on land again.

Fortunately, a few seconds later, it fell back into the ocean with a huge thud. Shaken, the sea turtle forgot about the humans on its back and began sinking into the ocean. It no longer dared to stay on the surface.

In the beginning, the waves slammed into each other at the edge of the turtle’s shell. Despite the danger, the turtle was big enough to ensure that no one washed down into the sea.

Still, the sight was frightening enough. The algae and shellfish growing around the edge all fell into the water because of the waves’ force. Now that the sea turtle began diving headfirst into the ocean, the first to lose her energy was A-Min.

Screaming, A-Min fell as her hand slipped. She was sick to begin with, which meant she didn’t have much strength left in her body. Everyone else all looked down and clung to their spots; even if they wanted to save her, no one had the extra hand to do so. Attempting to pull her back up would only result in both people falling down.

Beneath Thaumas’ body, Siren had no solutions against such natural disasters.

Though it could rip apart sharks barehandedly and kill all visible living creatures with infrasonic waves, the merman was still in the ocean. Besides hugging Xia Yi close and wrapping its tail around him, there was nothing else Siren could do.

The raging waves made a mess of Xia Yi’s clothes, and their constant impact caused redness on his exposed skin; as time passed, he could see gradually increased bleeding beneath his skin. Siren’s shoulders weren’t very wide so it couldn’t cover him entirely.

Several shadows— probably fish or something of the sort— came swirling towards them. But since Siren didn’t dare let go of Xia Yi, it had no choice but to turn itself around with much difficulty in order to shield its treasure with its back.


In comparison to the tremendous water pressure in the deep sea, this impact wasn’t particularly painful. However, these fish had their scales flared out because of how frightened they were. Their sharp edges left white marks on Siren’s smooth back, and as the water continued to strike against them, they began to bleed. The newly-formed cuts soon turned from light to dark red, but no blood was visible. The sting from the constant washing of water made Siren frown.

Obviously, Siren was no crustacean or mollusk like sea turtles or jellyfish. It wasn’t even close to the squid, which only had a single cartilage in its entire body… The merman’s bones were fine and intricate, capable of withstanding intangible water pressures, yet it couldn’t bend its muscle structures to alleviate the force of the churning waves.

And if Siren was in a difficult situation, Xia Yi was all the more so.

Aside from Xia Yi, probably no one else could keep their eyes open. He was forcing himself to stay calm as water raged around him. The currents gathered up all sorts of things— such as fish, or shellfish which fell off from the giant sea turtle’s back. Something hit Xia Yi and immediately tore a gash on his forehead.

The salt from the seawater gave a terrible prickling sensation.

Water. Right… although I can’t calm the water down, why can’t I do what Siren said to the giant octopus… creating a cover using water and wrapping myself in it?

Xia Yi hoped this wasn’t past the limits of his ability.

First, he formed a layer of water into a general shape; the formation step was easy, but the layer was quickly broken by the surrounding waves. Realising this, Xia Yi attempted to control the water upwards, and after several trials and errors, successfully covered a small area beside him.

Noticing the oddity, Siren turned to inspect it with confusion.

Although the currents were still swirling rapidly, they no longer had instances of impact. The water glided over an invisible dome above them and fell down its sides. Struggling, Xia Yi attempted to widen the range of the cover, and much to his expectation, a smaller dome meant more difficulty controlling it. Once he expanded the dome, the water flowed together, making Xia Yi’s job much easier. It was like the spinning of a whirlpool, where its center often had the least amount of force to churn.

Siren stared at Xia Yi in astonishment for several seconds before pulling his arm upwards.

Even without Siren’s reminder, Xia Yi already knew what he was supposed to do. He was already controlling the relatively safer patch of water towards Thaumas. After all, giant, tsunami-like waves had already appeared on the ocean surface, so the sea turtle couldn’t stay there anymore. However, what were the chances of Li Shao and his group surviving if they were pulled underwater?

The whirlpool grew larger and larger, the water at its center pulled into a sharp point.

Reappearing on the surface, Thaumas shook its head. There were only a little over ten people left on its back, and half of them were unconscious, but even then, they were tightly clinging to the small cracks of the turtle’s shell. The humans had plenty of cuts and bruises, and their clothes were almost all washed away.

An Li coughed as she sputtered out water. Around her were waves of four to five metres high that occasionally covered the turtle completely. Except before they could once more fall onto the humans, the waves would melt into the dome that covered them. It was as if the sea turtle was in the eye of a storm. An Li could even see the shells, fish, and other things that the sea was churning up beside them.


Xia Yi and Siren broke through to the surface and swam near the edge of the sea turtle’s shell.

Xia Yi’s eyes were closed and the colour visibly drained from his face as the moments ticked by. Siren hugged him close and tried to climb onto Thaumas’ back with much difficulty. In the end, the sea turtle reached out with its front flipper, which the merman had to use— as well as its own tail— to finally clamber onto the shell.

Siren laid Xia Yi flat on his back before turning to observe the seawater that formed a glass-like cover over them. After some hesitation, it propped itself up a little with its elbows and laid on its side next to Xia Yi.

Not even a single moment of rest was had after escaping imminent death when Li Shao and An Li’s group noticed the shocking dome. But before they could begin to feel confused, they were met with a scene that should be straight out of a mystical story.

“An-Jie… Merman… it’s really a merman—” Na Lin muttered, as if neurotic.

Light silver hair flowed down its back, dripping with water. A tail covered with scales began at its waist, and its fins were translucent and fanned out. It possessed a slender body with near perfect proportions.

The merman touched the gash on Xia Yi’s forehead but then quickly retracted its hand. It seemed like the creature didn’t want to disturb him.

Xia Yi was using his ability to the utmost, blocking all infrasonic waves from the area; thus, Siren was unable to ‘say’ anything. Propping itself up, the merman took off the white conch that hung at its chest and brought the shell to its lips.

A drawled yet clean sound pierced through the rumbling of the waves and echoed throughout the sea.

Soon, a giant head appeared beside Thaumas. Hollowed, blue circles littered its surface, and the head then disappeared as quickly as it came. The whirlpool gradually grew bigger and within half an hour, the giant squid dragged the ball— also known as the oarfish and the crab— below Thaumas. In these moments, the best choice was to not swim as fast as possible for it was impossible to be faster than the ocean waves themselves. Instead, one should stay put where they were.

The sky was a horrifying shade of black, with occasional lightning strikes snaking across.

This was the longest night ever.

Those who returned to consciousness stared at their surroundings with pale faces. They all clutched their injuries and stayed quiet. What they’d just experienced had completely toppled their previous expectations of the world. At the same time, it wasn’t as if they had the choice to run away or scream. No one would hear them anyways. All that sounded in their ears was the terrifying echoes of the endless waves.

When the whirlpool finally disappeared, the waves were about three to four metres high. The sea monsters were completely out of danger. Perhaps a terrible tsunami had occurred somewhere faraway, but for the sea creatures, the remaining currents were mere tickles against their bodies.

Frankly speaking, they could’ve escaped even without Xia Yi, though it would’ve been a much more grueling task, They might’ve even been covered in injuries. In comparison, the humans on the sea turtle’s back were the ones who’d been saved purely because of Xia Yi and his ability.

【Leave this place.】

The aftershock of the earthquake would come soon, and there was no telling how great its magnitude would be.

Xia Yi had slipped out of consciousness already. Siren leaned over and was about to lift him up when a gigantic head suddenly appeared.

Abyss, the octopus, was strangely mimicking the crab’s ‘gululu’.

【Siren… he… is he really a human?】

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