Chapter 22 – Exposed

Sea Monster Alliance
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The squid named Eurybia is based on the colossal squid that lives in Antarctica, around the Ross Sea. Its name originates from a goddess in Greek mythology who’s known for her mastery of the seas. Though squids have large heads, their brain capacity is quite small.

Abyss is the octopus whose name means “a deep and immeasurable chasm”, and it’s based on the Australian blue-ringed octopus, which is, in fact, very small in reality. These creatures are extremely venomous, second only to the sea wasp jellyfish. Most importantly, octopuses are inherently intelligent animals.
Siren, the merman, isn’t a kind creature at all. From what we know so far, its blood can cure poison and its song is its weapon.

Nereus is a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish and it’s the longest creature on Earth. The Arctic Red Jellyfish (another name for this species) is said to grow up to 40 metres in length. Once, a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish with tentacles over 30m long was discovered off of America’s west coast. Not to mention, the stingers in their tentacles are poisonous. Nereus is also named after a Greek god who’s known as the “Old Man of the Sea” due to his docile and truthful nature. Frankly, Nereus isn’t exactly docile, but it received the name because it only surfaces when the sea is calm. The windless ocean is what’s gentle, not the jellyfish itself. ╮(╯_╰)╭

Then there’s Ceto, the giant oarfish. In our word, oarfish are creatures of the deep sea who inexplicably and occasionally appear near the surface. If someone saw the giant oarfish, with red bumps forming on its head and along its spine, through the waters on a foggy day, they’d probably understand where the ancient Chinese derived their mythological dragons from. Legends surrounding sea monsters from around the world are mostly divided between two creatures: tentacles and spaghetti noodles1Raw doesn’t specifically say spaghetti noodles, but it sounds better. Ahem, the former is usually a giant octopus, while the latter is some type of enlarged sea snake. Some folktales say that big sea snakes can swallow up a Plesiosaurus whole, but in reality, sea snakes are quite small. Only oarfish and eels could grow to that size. The name ‘Ceto’, again, comes from Greek mythology.

The king crab, a species large by nature, is covered in hard spikes and only has three pairs of legs instead of four. There’s a significant size difference between its two pincers, and it’s also a deep-sea-dwelling animal. Usually, crabs travel horizontally, but king crabs can walk in a more vertical fashion. While most crabs move rapidly, king crabs have been dubbed “the stroller” amongst its relatives. In this story, our king crab has yet to be named since it hasn’t been discovered yet. =___=

So how can I leave this dangerous place?

Xia Yi gazed blankly towards the ocean as the pain throbbing against his temples gradually intensified. He couldn’t tell if it was just his imagination, but he seemed to feel awful after the most recent rousing. His ears were ringing, and at first, Xia Yi thought he’d just overexerted himself. However, black spots still danced in his vision despite him leaning against the rocks. A number of voices seemed to resonate in his head, yet he couldn’t decipher a single one. On top of that, his stomach was still twitching, forcing him to suppress his urge to vomit.

Realising that something was wrong, Xia Yi reached out behind him in an attempt to stabilise himself, but he only lost his balance and collapsed headfirst.

The shock of landing on cold, smooth layers of scales managed to keep Xia Yi just barely conscious.

A merman… a creature whose existence he’d never believed in for the past twenty-something years of living. Its tail began at its waist and was covered in delicate, oval-shaped silver scales. Both its tail and elbow fins were of a material that resembled semi-transparent chiffons held in shape by a few long and bent bones. Nothing covered the merman’s body other than its waist-length silver hair— this allowed Xia Yi to faintly discern two rosy buds on the merman’s human-esque upper half.

Autism wouldn’t have affected Xia Yi’s beauty standards at all. He’d seen plenty of handsome men and beautiful women throughout his career, regardless of whether their appearances were real or fake. With or without the help of makeup and plastic surgery, Xia Yi had to admit that they were all pleasing to look at.

The merman in front of him, however, wasn’t merely good-looking or even beautiful. Somehow, its odd hair and eye colour, combined with its strange figure, gave it a unique and enchanting charisma. Its lips, though thin and colourless, expressed a weird hunch to Xia Yi that they must be extremely soft to kiss.

Slightly in a daze, Xia Yi shook his head before burying it in his hands.

The dizziness was getting worse.

In reality, Xia Yi shouldn’t have left the ocean. His ability was already much stronger than when it first appeared, and for some unknown reason, he’d started to hear infrasonic waves. If he was an average person, he would’ve passed out already since infrasonic waves were actually quite harmful to human beings. No one could remain unharmed after being in an environment where infrasonic waves were constantly being sent through the air.

But ability-wielders possessed very powerful mentalities. Xia Yi was beginning to hear voices he wasn’t supposed to and would gradually grow accustomed to this exposure. Currently, the correct choice was to stay in the water, which was where he had the most advantage. Still, Xia Yi didn’t know that, Siren didn’t understand, and none of the sea monsters were even on the same page.

“Siren, why’d you go onto land?”

“Yeah! You’ll be choked to death by the air!”

“Idiot! That’s just you. Siren and I can both breathe air just fine!”


“Because you’re a fish and I’m not.”

“Is Siren not a fish?”

The oarfish and crab were busy arguing, and as they spoke, they did so with infrasonic waves ranging at a frequency of about 16 hertz. Though these waves weren’t deadly, they were still disorienting, especially given that Xia Yi had just developed his special ability; he couldn’t understand any of the strange noises around him.

He just felt limp, dizzy, and even mistook the urge to vomit as a sign of extreme hunger.

Xia Yi’s forehead and hands rested on hard scales that were cold and smooth.

Maybe body temperature is the biggest difference between me and the merman… Xia Yi tiredly thought. It was in this state that he felt the coolness against him to be something refreshing, alleviating his headache to a certain degree. He couldn’t muster any determination to push himself up. As for Siren, it was even growing drowsy from the pleasantness brought forth by Xia Yi’s warmth. Thus, it didn’t move away either.

“Whew, whew…”

The voice wasn’t loud at all, almost being completely drowned out by the sound of waves slapping against rocks. Xia Yi, in his befuddlement, heard absolutely nothing as a shadow with a diameter of nearly ten metres grew apparent beneath the surface.

Slowly, water rolled off the shadow, revealing a reddish-brown shell with a set of table-sized pincers that followed in tow. Those claws had a noticeable size difference; the smaller one was about half the size of the larger one. They were raised high above the ocean and there was a marlin about four metres long held in between them.

The poor fish snapped out of its whirlpool-induced dizziness the moment it left the water. Using all of the strength in its large body, the marlin struggled madly. Despite its fear of the sea monster, it was going to try and swim for its life!

But the moment it thrashed its tail, the crab-like sea monster performed a simple action.


The smaller pincer swiftly snapped the marlin’s sword-like maxilla. Ignoring its resistance, the crab then lifted the marlin high with the larger pincer and threw the fish forward with all of its might.


Oops… aimed it too far. The injured marlin flew over the shoal rock and landed in the water on the other side.


Xia Yi shot up, and he almost fell back down when black spots danced in his vision once more. Nervously, he glanced around. Is the sea monster coming?

The area where he now stood was quite far from the shore, meaning that Xia Yi couldn’t see much, however he could confirm that there were indeed shadows brewing underwater. Though he wasn’t sure if they belonged to the strange fish or if they were there from the beginning, Xia Yi was now alarmed by the slightest of things. He could tell that the splash just now didn’t originate from the direction he’d come from, but rather it was on the opposite side.

Is this island completely surrounded by the sea monster?

Sounds plausible… A strange fish that long could probably encircle the entire island if it wanted to.

In order to escape, I’d probably have to wait for it to fall asleep before trying to figure out where its head is. But the problem is how shallow these waters are to such a gigantic monster; it can probably detect the slightest splash. If only I knew how sensitive the rest of this strange fish’s body is…

While pondering this, Xia Yi was distracted by the faint smell of blood that wafted over with the wind.

Is the sea monster eating fish?

Is that the reason for the lack of life around these parts? And the reason why I only discovered sardines was because they were poisonous? I should pray that there are still fish swimming in the water, or else I’ll definitely disturb the monster with splashes later on.

Say, the merman’s speed must be quite fast.

Xia Yi stared at Siren, his face betraying an indescribable emotion. If it weren’t for me, the merman could’ve definitely escaped on its own.

Hmm, then we shouldn’t go into the water together. I’ll just wait until sunset and then we can part ways. Surely all creatures know how to escape from danger.

Xia Yi clutched his stomach and was convinced that a lack of proper food had caused his current vertigo.

Even though the two didn’t understand each other linguistically, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what Xia Yi was feeling from that gesture alone. The merman flicked its tail, unaccustomed to the absence of the familiar waves. It couldn’t move as freely as it liked; this was becoming increasingly annoying as they were depending on a giant crab who had absolutely no sense of aim!

Siren glared at the marlin struggling in vain, and the blank-faced crab and oarfish.

Around the planet, there existed animals that only ate dead cracasses while others insisted on having fresh morsels— some even consumed only what they’d hunted themselves. As a matter of fact, merfolk were creatures of that sort. Though they’d weaponised their song and were addicted to humanity’s negative emotions, that didn’t entail them starving when they, more often than not, couldn’t find a suitable human prey.

It was the same as humans requiring various vitamins to survive, but rarely would anyone feed off of supplements alone.

Siren always said to the monsters that it was going to “eat one of them”, yet even if the merman were to follow through with that threat, none of the sea monsters would truly be afraid. In comparison, merfolk ate very little and only sampled the best parts of a live beast. After taking a few bites out of areas like the back, fins, or tentacles, Siren would— very wastefully— toss the rest away. Any sea monster following Siren was lucky because all it had to do was open its mouth and wait. Given its appetite, Siren would be stuffed with even the slightest portion of meat from the monsters.

As for why the sea monsters mimicked Siren’s words… well… they were sea monsters. They didn’t know of any other ways to threaten each other. =___=

Anyhow, the dying fish was basically done for.

The oarfish helped itself with its mouth while the crab ripped at the marlin with its pincers; the two continued their argument as they ate.

“Toss more accurately next time!”

“You throw it then!”

“I don’t have hands!!”

“Hmph, if it weren’t for these shallow waters and the fact that only the two of us can move freely here…”

“Hold up, are you sure you mean you? Who took three days to crawl that amount of distance?”

“Ceto!! I’m going to eat you!”

Its fury caused the crab’s infrasonic waves to lower a few more hertz, rendering Xia Yi to fall back onto the ground, clear discomfort visible on his face.

A certain merman immediately grew agitated. “Shut up! No sound shall be made! I will devour all of you if you do not throw a marlin up this instant!”

Despite his state, Xia Yi widened his eyes. An intense voice echoed in his head, its meaning very clear aside from a few words that he couldn’t grasp— throw? Throw what? Xia Yi’s heart was racing from shock. Who spoke just now?

…Considering what was on the merfolk’s menu, it was clear that Siren’s infrasonic waves were the closest range to that of what Xia Yi could receive and understand.


A huge, jaw-less marlin flew onto the shore and thrashed violently against the rocks. Due to its incredible muscle strength, the fish managed to bounce quite high into the air.

Siren reached out, only to realise that it had no way to get close to the marlin.

This was quite a new and vexing discovery. The merman had never experienced such a situation where the food right in front of it was unable to be consumed.

Siren’s movements gained Xia Yi’s attention.

Does it want to get close to that fish?

Such a large fish obviously wouldn’t randomly jump onto land, lest it had a death wish.

Don’t tell me…?

Was it the merman who just talked? Then who was it speaking to? Who threw that giant fish up?

The colour quickly drained from Xia Yi’s face.

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