Chapter 7 – Wen Mingyi: You are such a flirt~

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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“I…will listen to you.” Wen Mingyi agreed with a well-behaved face.

Si JunDuo’ eyebrows jumped in surprise. The last time he had heard Wen Mingyi say this, was it three or four years ago? Si JunDuo couldn’t believe he would hear Wen Mingyi say this again in his lifetime. He wondered if this was because Wen Mingyi had just turned into a dog.

He nodded in relief. “If you can always be so well-behaved, it would be great.”

“Then I’ll always be good. Henceforth, don’t pay attention to Jiang Zimo, okay?”

Si JunDuo: …

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi huffed. “You make me so mad at you! You don’t deserve a well-mannered me. You only deserve a grumpy me!” Wen Mingyi lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to snort again.

Si JunDuo was helpless. He really couldn’t understand why Wen Mingyi hated Jiang Zimo so much. The two of them didn’t seem to have any interactions, how could there be such a big enmity?

He stood up and walked to Wen Mingyi’s bedroom. Hearing the sound of water, he realized that Wen Mingyi was taking a shower.

He sat on the bed and waited for a while. Si JunDuo heard Wen Mingyi’s cell phone ring, and he pressed the button to turn on the screen. Someone named Yang-jie1Actual meaning of “Jie” is sister, but here, it is to call a slightly older female politely — like Ms Yang had sent him a WeChat: Come to the company to sign today. Hurry up.

Si JunDuo looked at this WeChat and frowned.

In the past three months since the end of the college entrance examination, Wen Mingyi did nothing else but take part in the talent show. Si JunDuo had asked him why he wanted to participate in the audition in the entertainment industry. What about university?

He had tried to persuade Wen Mingyi. If he really wanted to explore the entertainment industry, he could wait until after graduating from university.

But at that time, Wen Mingyi was still in the rebellious phase. Whenever he saw Si JunDuo, he would dismiss him coldly. “It’s none of your business. Scram.”

Their last talk about this had naturally ended with a quarrel. Si JunDuo was full of anger but had steeled his heart for Wen Mingyi who had wanted to enter the entertainment circle. Unexpectedly, Wen Mingyi who relied on his excellent appearance and brilliant stage performance had won first place in the entry talent show.

The screen of the mobile phone gradually dimmed. Sister Yang continuously sent WeChat messages to Wen Mingyi. The notification bell kept on ringing, but Si JunDuo disregarded it. He had later speculated why Wen Mingyi had wanted to enter the entertainment industry. It was just that he didn’t have a chance to have a good talk with Wen Mingyi about it yet.

Si JunDuo planned to talk to him soon. As he was thinking about it, he saw Wen Mingyi come out of the shower. Wen Mingyi ignored Si JunDuo icily when he saw him, the unconcealed dissatisfaction overflowing from his eyes.

Si JunDuo beckoned him to come over.

Wen Mingyi stated while drying his hair, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Come here,” Si JunDuo spoke.

Wen Mingyi walked over and sat down beside him.

Si JunDuo looked at his angry appearance. Unwilling to destroy this atmosphere of harmony of these past two days, he took the towel in his hand and asked softly as he wiped Wen Mingyi ‘s hair, “Why do you hate Jiang Zimo so much? At least give me a proper reason to ignore him.”

“Are you so stupid?” Wen Mingyi turned to look at him, suspecting if he was ignorant of Jiang Zimo’s halo. “Can’t you see that Jiang Zimo has feelings for you?”

“You hate him just because he has a good impression of me?”

“Of course not!” Wen Mingyi felt that he was not only stupid but also blind. “Don’t you know he and Wenbo have an ambiguous relationship?

Wenbo likes him, but he treats Wenbo as a spare tire. Now that he has to grasp with both hands, it must be quite hard. The best choice is to hook you. But if it does not succeed, there is still a spare tire called Wenbo for him as a backup, do you understand?”

“You’re thinking too much,” Si JunDuo calmly remarked while holding the towel. “I know that he and Wenbo are friends. He told me before that they knew each other when they were in high school. Wenbo is older than him so it’s expected that Wenbo will take care of him.

This is normal, just like how I am older than you, and how I take care of you.”

“How can it be the same,” Wen Mingyi couldn’t wait to shake his ge’s head to check if his brain was flooded. ”How can Wenbo and Jiang Zimo be the same as us? Wenbo likes Jiang Zimo. Do you like me then?

You don’t! Do I hook up with others? No! My good brother, please wake up!”

Si JunDuo laughed at those words, and looked at Wen Mingyi with patience.

“What are you laughing at!” Wen Mingyi was about to explode. What’s so funny about it?

“You listen to me. Hurry up and break relations with him. Don’t talk to him anymore. He is really not a good person. You have to believe me,” Wen Mingyi said. A thought flashed in his mind, he could inform Si JunDuo about this book, and confess that he was reborn.

If Si JunDuo knew that Jiang Zimo would kill him, then he definitely would not have contact with Jiang Zimo ever again!

He shouldn’t be saying this kind of thing which was contrary to all scientific common sense. It would be very difficult for others to believe this, but now he had already changed into a cat and a dog once.

Compared to this, rebirth was not so unbelievable!

Wen Mingyi made up his mind almost instantly. “Ge, I have to tell you something, I promise it is true, you have to believe me, and you can’t tell others.”

“Tell me, then,” Si JunDuo said warmly.

Wen Mingyi opened his mouth. “……..” Fuck! His voice was not coming out.

Why can’t he say it!

He opened his mouth several times anxiously, but no sound came out. Wen Mingyi was frustrated. He happened to see his mobile phone. He quickly picked it up, unlocked it and started typing. Yet those words he wanted to say, he could not type out at all.

Fuck. What is happening!

The strangest thing was that Si JunDuo, who witnessed all of this said nothing, as if he had not seen his anxiety and helplessness.

This was not scientific at all!

Wen Mingyi frowned. He put down the phone and blinked a few times. Time seemed to restart after a pause, and Si JunDuo even asked him. “What do you want to say?”

What I want to say can’t be said.

This mouth was useless!

Wen Mingyi was desperate. Sure enough, the secret could not be revealed. It was okay to change from cat to dog, but his rebirth cannot be mentioned.

Ge, have you watched ‘The Temptation of Going Home’ ?“ Wen Mingyi said in despair.

Si JunDuo was puzzled. “What is that?”

“That is … you’re such a flirt~!”2From the show, ” 你好骚啊~”. Like a very act cute kind of manner Wen Mingyi imitated that coquettish expression and said.

Si JunDuo: …

Si JunDuo: “I see you’re asking for a beating.”

“I am not talking about you, I am talking about this classic line.” Wen Mingyi hurriedly explained to him.

Si JunDuo curled his lips.

Wen Mingyi: “I really didn’t mean it was you! I just wanted to give you a vivid analogy, do you understand?”

  • 1
    Actual meaning of “Jie” is sister, but here, it is to call a slightly older female politely — like Ms Yang
  • 2
    From the show, ” 你好骚啊~”. Like a very act cute kind of manner

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