Chapter 68 – I will always be yours

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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“This young lady is my fan. My ge’s relatives came over to visit, so I took her to the city wall to explore on a bicycle. I need to go back now, but I can’t toss her away. This young lady is here to travel; I can’t let her waste her time on me.”

“She’s your fan. I think she should be quite willing to spend her time with you.”

“She is willing but I’m not. Hurry up, don’t drop the chain during the critical period. Why did I ask you and not the others? It’s because I trust you.”

Li Yuanqing had no choice but to send a message to Lu Yunfei: You play first, I’m going offline.

Lu Yunfei was puzzled: ? ? ? ? Why? ? ?

Li Yuanqing sent a sighing expression: Gotta help our Young Master solve a problem.

Lu Yunfei: What worries and difficulties does he have?

Li Yuanqing: Xuezhang’s reserve girlfriend ah~

Lu Yunfei: …

Lu Yunfei: Explain it clearer.

Wen Mingyi saw that Li Yuanqing had stopped speaking, and urged, “Did you hear me? You have to be here within 20 minutes.”

“I heard. Twenty minutes won’t work. I’ll have to fight for half an hour to reach there instead.”

“All right. By the way, I told the young lady that you are a professional tour guide. Make sure to act properly when you arrive.”

Li Yuanqing thought he was too great. “Me? A professional tour guide? I can even be a professional director! You really dare to lie?!”

“Well, it’s just talking about this place, are you not familiar? Even professional tour guides are not as familiar as you.”

Li Yuanqing couldn’t say anything else. He could only accept this unreliable persona, change his clothes and go out.

Very quickly, Lu Yunfei heard the outline of the matter from Li Yuanqing. He just felt that he couldn’t understand where this direction was heading. However, he didn’t seem to understand it very much, so Lu Yunfei voluntarily gave up. He planned to wait for Li Yuanqing to come back to ask about the recent progress, and then report to his Teacher XiaoBian1Little Bian, his boyfriend. on the side, who would draw the key points and sort out the central ideas.

Li Yuanqing arrived very quickly. Wen Mingyi was helping Song Shuhan take pictures when he arrived. When Wen Mingyi beckoned him over, Li Yuanqing almost didn’t recognise him, with Wen Mingyi dressed to the brim.

Good fellow, were all the stars so cautious about going out now?! Last time Wen Mingyi had dinner with them, he had never seen him wear this package here.

Song Shuhan also followed Wen Mingyi’s gaze, and saw that the male who came was very tall, wearing a black mid-length coat, looking very tall and straight. His appearance was exceedingly handsome, with sharp sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes, the slightly raised corners of his eyes revealing a hint of cynicism and carelessness.

Such a look did not seem to be that professional and reliable, Song Shuhan complained in her heart. However, she quickly reviewed herself and told herself she couldn’t judge people by appearance. Wen Mingyi would not lie to her. If he said the other was reliable, then it must be true!

Wen Mingyi looked at Li Yuanqing and gave a slight gesture to Song Shuhan beside him. In fact, Li Yuanqing had already noticed her.

He couldn’t help but notice Song Shuhan secretly staring at him since he’d approached. Li Yuanqing looked back, Song Shuhan immediately lowered her head before their eyes met, as if she didn’t see that, as if she didn’t do anything just now.

Seeing this, Li Yuanqing simply stared at her intently. Song Shuhan didn’t speak or look up, waiting for him to look away, but Li Yuanqing didn’t.

Song Shuhan waited for a while, and saw that his eyes were still on her, so she raised her head and greeted Li Yuanqing. “Hello.”

Li Yuanqing looked at her being helpless, embarrassed, and yet acting calm. He almost wanted to laugh out loud.

He thought Song Shuhan was quite interesting. She looked innocent and had a pure personality. She was really… a young lady.

“This is Song Shuhan, the daughter of my godmother’s friend.” Wen Mingyi pointed at Song Shuhan and then at Li Yuanqing. “This is Li Yuanqing, my best brother.”

“I’m going to work on other things first, so Li Yuanqing, I’ll leave Song Shuhan to you. You can see what she wants to play and eat. Take her to stroll around while there is still time. Before 9 o’clock in the evening, have her delivered to my house on time.”

Li Yuanqing gave an OK gesture. “I know.”

“Han Han, if you have any requests or thoughts, please tell him directly, no need to be shy.”

Song Shuhan nodded.

Wen Mingyi finished explaining, so he stopped staying any more and turned and went down the city wall.

Li Yuanqing looked at Song Shuhan. Song Shuhan looked at Li Yuanqing. They both didn’t say anything.

After being silent for a while, Li Yuanqing spoke first. He glanced at Song Shuhan’s pink Fat Ding’s purse worn diagonally across her body, and said warmly, “Fat Ding is very cute.”

Song Shuhan also thought that Fat Ding was very cute, so she smiled and squeezed her bag. “Very cute indeed.”

“Then what else do you like besides Fat Ding?”

“What do you like?” Song Shuhan asked him back.

“Garlic Bastard,” Li Yuanqing said.

Song Shuhan instantly smiled. “I like the bald abbot.”

Li Yuanqing also smiled. Though he did not speak, his eyes were gentle.

The sky was blue, and this Spring Festival was actually not too cold.

When Wen Mingyi returned to Family Si’s house, the visiting relatives had already left. He opened the door and went directly to Si Junduo’s bedroom. Si Junduo was not there. Wen Mingyi thought for a while, and ran to the study.

Si Junduo was sitting behind the desk reading a book, and seeing him opening the door, Si Junduo closed the book and put it aside. He asked, “Why are you back?”

Wen Mingyi squinted his eyes and stared at him carefully for a long time.

Si Junduo was puzzled. “What are you looking at?”

“Seeing if your soul has transmigrated.”

Si Junduo: …

Wen Mingyi walked over, stood by his desk, and asked him, “What animal did I hate the most when I was a kid?”

Si Junduo replied helplessly, “The bee, because you were stung by one.” After he finished speaking, he added deliberately, “Stung, then cried.”

Wen Mingyi: …There was no need to add this sentence!

“Genuine indeed. So what’s wrong with you today?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re still pretending?” Wen Mingyi walked to him, pulled a chair and sat down. “Don’t you think you’re being weird today?”

“Am I?”

“You’re not?” Wen Mingyi looked at him. “You’ve been a bit strange since last night.”

He took out his phone and asked, “Why haven’t you sent me a single message after so long.”

“I was greeting guests.”

“Then you didn’t want to come over and play at the wall even when I invited you.”

Si Junduo calmly responded, “I grew up here. Even if I haven’t visited the city wall three or five times, I have also visited once or twice. I am too lazy to go.”

Wen Mingyi couldn’t believe it. “Is the focus on the city wall????? It’s me!! You don’t want to go to the city wall just to see me? Are you sure you really didn’t transmigrate?!”

Si Junduo smiled. He looked at Wen Mingyi and did not continue to let him dominate the topic of conversation. Instead, he took back the initiative and asked, “Should you not be playing with Han Han along the city wall right now? Why did you return?”

“You were acting strange today, so I wanted to come back and see if you had transmigrated.”

“What if I had?”

“Then I’d get you to hand over my true ge back!”

Si Junduo showed a slight smile in his eyes, and then asked, “Has Han Han come back too?”

“She didn’t,” Wen Mingyi answered frankly. “I gave her to Li Yuanqing.”

“Li Yuanqing?”

“Yes, I was not at ease, so I wanted to come back early. But I was too embarrassed to ask her to suspend her travel itinerary for me, so I let Li Yuanqing accompany her.”

Si Junduo was silent for a while before he said softly, “Then you really failed my mother’s painstaking efforts.”

Wen Mingyi: ? ? ?

Si Junduo looked up at him. “My mother thinks that Han Han is very good. Her family background, appearance and personality are all good, so she wanted to introduce her to me at first. But since I like men, my mother planned to introduce Han Han to you.”

Wen Mingyi: ! ! !

“She asked you to take Han Han out to play, because she wanted to match the two of you. It’s a pity that you handed her over to Li Yuanqing. With all due respect, Li Yuanqing is much smarter than you in terms of feelings.”

Wen Mingyi: ? ? ?

“But it doesn’t matter,” Si Junduo said. “You are her idol, you have inherent advantages, as long as you want, you can still beat Li Yuanqing.”

“Why do I have to win against Li Yuanqing?” Wen Mingyi was puzzled. “I don’t like Han Han. If she likes Li Yuanqing, I have no objection. I think it’s pretty good, and Li Yuanqing’s traits are pretty good.”

“Don’t you like her?” Si Junduo looked at Wen Mingyi, his eyes deep. “Don’t you like cute girls? Isn’t she cute? If you don’t like her, then who do you like?”

“I don’t like anyone,” Wen Mingyi said helplessly. “Why do I have to like someone? Han Han is my fan. If I fall in love with her, it would be unfair to other fans, so I definitely can’t like her.”

He sighed and laid down on the table. “Godmother just thinks too much, and so do you… even helping Godmother.”

“I’m not helping her, I just…” Si Junduo was silent for a moment, and for a second he didn’t know what to say.

Wen Mingyi looked back at him. “Just what?”

Si Junduo looked at him quietly. After a long time, he said, “I just want to know in advance what will happen if you fall in love.”

“Why do you want to know this?”

Si Junduo did not answer his question, but continued his words in a calm tone, “When you moved out from home in your first year of high school, I went to find you, and you didn’t want to come back. I was angry and pent up, helpless and frustrated. And in the end, I could only follow your ideas. But no matter what, I have always left your bedroom untouched.”

“In the beginning, I would often go to your bedroom, wanting you to come back. Later, I dared not go to your bedroom. I locked your bedroom. Every time I passed by, I told myself not to go in. Because when you are by my side, memories are very sweet things, but when you leave, memories become a knife. The more memories I have, the more it reminds me of the cruel reality.”

Wen Mingyi was taken aback for a moment.

Si Junduo continued, “But then, I opened your room again. The day it was opened, the room was full of dust, as if no one had ever lived there. As if the people and things that I remembered were all fake. I looked at your room and stood in it for a long time. Then, I fetched water, took a towel and a mop, and started cleaning again little by little.”

“According to your growth and your current preferences, I rearranged the room, bought your posters, and bought all the musical instruments you used in the game. That room, as you grew older, got a new look, as if you have always lived there, always decorating it according to your own habits.”

Wen Mingyi looked at him, feeling inexplicably uncomfortable. He reached out and grabbed Si Junduo’s arm. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I shouldn’t have quarreled with you for so long, I…”

Si Junduo shook his head and interrupted him. He looked at the young man in front of him, and said gently and calmly, “Ming Ming, me telling you this is not to make you feel sorry for me, nor to pick on what happened in the past. I just want to tell you that I have been watching you from the day you were born. I watched you grow up, watched you step into campus, watched you have your own friends and career, even because your parents were not at home all the year round, leaving me to be responsible for many of your things. I have spent too much time and energy on you. You are like a part of my body, and I can’t help but have my eyes gazing at you.”

“But, you will leave one day and fall in love. You’ll leave here, leave me. I have experienced your leaving once, and I know how it feels, so I want to prepare in advance before you leave next time. So that when the time comes and you move out from here again, I will not be unable to control my emotions like before.”

Si Junduo sighed, and reached out to touch Wen Mingyi’s cheek. “My Ming Ming, one day, you will fully grow up, get married, and no longer need me. At that time, you will no longer be Ming Ming any more. I have to give myself time and space so that I can adapt to your absence, do you understand?”

Wen Mingyi’s tears instantly fell down. He unconsciously held the hand of Si Junduo and rubbed his palm. “No. No matter how old I grow, I will still need you. I will always belong to you.”

He looked at Si Junduo, tears blurred his vision. He unconsciously took a step forward, left the chair, squatted in front of Si Junduo, hugged his knees with his hands. He lifted his head. “I’m not in a rush to fall in love, nor to start a family. I can stay with you until you don’t need me, so you don’t need to adapt. I swear, I will never take the initiative to leave you a second time, as long as you need me, I can always live here and stay with you.”



The author has something to say:

Gong and Shou are not related by blood, neighbor gege, neighbor didi, called gege or didi because of courtesy~

Although our Ming Ming is not enlightened, our Ming Ming is too sweet!

Ming Ming: Craniotomy is unnecessary!

Han Han’s cp is Li Yuanqing. This author originally wanted to spoil it when she appeared, but considering that some little angels don’t like spoilers, this author didn’t say it.

So you all don’t have to worry about her~~

Today, I would like to thank how the little angel threw a deep water torpedo at first sight. I seem to have not received deep water for a long time, so I am super happy! ! !

Momoda, love you, kiss mua! (*)

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