Chapter 67 – Si Junduo actually rejected him! Was he blind?!

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Wen Mingyi heard the faint sound of footsteps going up the stairs. When he looked back, he realised that it was Si Junduo.

He handed the remote control to Song Shuhan and told her, “You look at this first, I’ll go upstairs.”

Song Shuhan nodded. “Okay.”

Wen Mingyi stood up and walked quickly, soon catching up with Si Junduo at the last few steps. He patted Si Junduo on the shoulder, dissatisfied. “Why didn’t you call me when you were going back to your room?”

Si Junduo had since calmed down and returned to his usual indifference. Therefore, he simply said, “So that you can get along with Han Han for a while more.”

Wen Mingyi thought he was still blaming him for just agreeing to take Song Shuhan out to play. He explained, “Are you still angry? Don’t be angry. Aren’t we all not going in the end?”

“Do you want to take her out?” Si Junduo asked him.

Wen Mingyi was stunned before he truthfully answered, “It doesn’t matter. It just so happened that Godmother said that and she’s here for traveling. Besides, she is also my fan. Of course, it’s to have fun.”

“Then you take her out to play tomorrow,” Si Junduo calmly said. “It just so happens that there will be relatives at home tomorrow. You have never liked this kind of gathering, and you don’t like dealing with them. You can go out and play with Song Shuhan.”

“Your relatives are coming tomorrow?” Wen Mingyi asked in surprise. “Really?”

Si Junduo nodded. This was what Ji Siyao had told him before he’d gone to pick Wen Mingyi up last night.

“Then I won’t come to your house tomorrow,” Wen Mingyi said. No way, he was really not very good at dealing with the relatives of the Si family. Besides, when other relatives gathered together, he as an outsider could not join in at all. “After they leave, I will come find you.”

“Alright,” Si Junduo agreed.

Wen Mingyi looked at him, thinking that he was a little strange, but he couldn’t tell what was the issue, so he didn’t speak any more.

The next morning, Wen Mingyi changed his style and hair a bit, and then went out wearing glasses, a hat and a mask. Song Shuhan walked up to him, surprised. “I can’t even recognise you anymore.”

Wen Mingyi smiled, and the voice coming out of the mask was a little muffled. “Just to make me unrecognisable.”

“That’s true.” She’d changed into a white coat today with a furry collar, making her face look rather petite and youthful.

Wen Mingyi took the car from the garage and brought her to a breakfast store for a meal.

“My godmother would have never brought you to a place like this ba,” Wen Mingyi said.

Song Shuhan nodded. She looked at the signs in front of her that showed its age. Then she looked at the queue to buy breakfast, and volunteered herself. “I’ll go buy breakfast for the two of us.”

“Let me.” Wen Mingyi unfastened his seat belt.

Song Shuhan quickly held him down. “No, there are too many people here. If you queue and someone stares at you randomly, what should I do if they recognise you? It’s safer for me to go.”

Wen Mingyi didn’t pay much attention to this kind of thing, so he let her go.

Song Shuhan lined up for a while before she obtained breakfast and brought it into the car.

“Try it,” Wen Mingyi said.

She opened the lid and took a sip, feeling that the taste was not bad. “Rather delicious.”

“This is one of our special delicacies here. You can eat it first, as much as you can, and we will visit the city wall after we finish eating.”

Song Shuhan nodded and slowly ate bite by bite.

Si Junduo looked out the window, thinking that Wen Mingyi and Song Shuhan should have been at the foot of the city wall. He didn’t know what they were doing right now. They should be okay, right? After all, Wen Mingyi had always been very playful.

He thought about the scene of two people cycling together and a surge of unhappiness welled up. But he knew that this was something he had to accept; one day, this same thing would happen.

There would come a day when Wen Mingyi would be with another person. Instead of being complacent and being unwilling to accept, it was better to adapt slowly. This way, he wouldn’t do anything irrational when the time arised.

Si Junduo slowly withdrew his gaze. He looked at the group photo of the two people on the bedside table not far away, and silently looked away.

When Wen Mingyi and Song Shuhan arrived at the wall, there were not many people around. This was the most preserved part of the city wall so far. It ran through the east, west, south and north in every direction, and it would take several hours to complete it. Therefore, many people chose bicycles to travel.

Song Shuhan was not in a hurry to ride a bicycle, and first took a few selfies on the city wall.

Wen Mingyi asked, “Do you want to take a photo with me?”

“Can I?” Song Shuhan asked in surprise.

“Of course you can.”

After which Song Shuhan leaned in and took a group photo with Wen Mingyi, who was heavily covered.

Wen Mingyi looked at it and felt that the person in the lens no longer looked like him. “How about I take off the mask and take a picture with you.”

“Then let’s wait another day.” Song Shuhan was far more aware about the potential crisis. “Wait until we are not outside.”


Ah ah ah, Song Shuhan couldn’t help screaming in her heart. Gege is too kind! Too sweet! ! She liked him so much! ! !

She jumped on the spot twice in excitement, and saw Wen Mingyi unconsciously showing a puzzled expression because of her action. A little embarrassed, she went, “I’m just happy~ Let’s go ride a bicycle now ba.”

Wen Mingyi agreed, and the two rented bicycles together and started riding around the city wall.

The four directions of the city wall had slightly different architectural styles. Song Shuhan sometimes paused to take another look, sometimes asking Wen Mingyi where that was, what was its usage etc etc. Wen Mingyi patiently explained each of her questions. Given that he grew up in this city, he knew most of the area. On the occasional one or two places he didn’t know, the two would smile and say that when they headed down, they could take a further look.

After most of the day passed, Wen Mingyi realised something and took out his mobile phone. He looked at it, and found that Si Junduo hadn’t sent him a WeChat message.

This was weird. Wen Mingyi frowned. Since their reconciliation, Si Junduo had basically sent WeChat messages to him unstoppably, even making a few calls from time to time. To not contact him for a long time was weird.

He sent a Wechat message to Si Junduo: Your relatives came?

After a while, Si Junduo replied to him: Came.

Wen Mingyi: How long are they staying? When are they leaving?

Si Junduo: Leaving in a while.

Wen Mingyi wondered: Not eating dinner?

Si Junduo replied: There are other things, so I won’t join dinner tonight.

Wen Mingyi nodded. So it seems to be the case.

“Then do you want to come to the city wall to play with us?” He typed.

Looking at this WeChat message, Si Junduo didn’t know how to reply.

He hesitated for a while, and finally replied: Forget it ba. You both play by yourselves.

He had finally decided to give Wen Mingyi the freedom of this day, to allow him to step out of his field of vision, and to allow him and the other girl to cultivate goodwill. He shouldn’t suddenly appear in front of Wen Mingyi at this time.

Because he couldn’t see them, his heart felt stuffy the moment he thought about Wen Mingyi and Song Shuhan laughing and giggling together, having a happy conversation. But precisely because he could not see them, he also could not do anything.

And if he really arrived at the city wall and watched the intimate behavior between them with his own eyes, who knew what he would do?

He didn’t care about Song Shuhan, but he didn’t want Wen Mingyi to be embarrassed.

After replying, he put his phone aside.

Wen Mingyi looked at the three words “Forget it ba” on his WeChat and couldn’t believe it.

Si Junduo would actually reject him! Was he blind? ! Even if he was blind, Si Junduo shouldn’t refuse him! ! !

This was too weird! Si Junduo must have had a problem!

Wen Mingyi lost the mood to cycle about in an instant. He just wanted to go back to confront Si Junduo. What do you mean forget it ba? Forget it ba?! This can’t be his brother! A fake! Someone transmigrated into him!

“What’s wrong?” Song Shuhan asked him. “Did something happen?”

Wen Mingyi looked at her. He mused and vaguely explained, “My ge has something up, I have to go back.”

“Then I’ll go back with you.”

“No need.” Wen Mingyi smiled. “You finally managed to come here, how can you waste your time on such miscellaneous things. Of course, it is most important to have fun when you travel. It’s still early, I’ll go back first, As for you…”

Wen Mingyi’s chin bobbed. “Let me find a temporary tour guide for you. Gentle, mature, reliable, knows everything, able to bring you through the streets, protect you safely, and even tell you about the history here.”

Song Shuhan was stunned for a moment, and waved her hand. “No need, I can just go about by myself. You don’t need to find a tour guide for me.”

“That won’t work.” Wen Mingyi made up his mind. “You are a girl, and you are not familiar with this place. Furthermore, you look petite and thin. If there is no one to accompany you and something happens to you, it would be too late to regret.”

Song Shuhan thought it shouldn’t be like so. “I think the law and order here is pretty good though. There’s no need.”

“Listen to me.” Wen Mingyi educated her. “You won’t listen to what I say?”

Song Shuhan: …

Song Shuhan had no choice but to compromise. Who let the other party be her male god? Whatever the male god said was right.

“Okay,” Song Shuhan replied. However, she continued, “Is this temporary tour guide a male or a female? I want a female.”

“Then that’s a bit difficult.” Wen Mingyi frowned. “I don’t seem to have any good relations with females. But don’t worry, this tour guide is a professional, and he has taken an internship on touring too. He would treat you as an ordinary tourist, and will never think of you in another manner. If he says or does something you don’t like, you can secretly send a WeChat message to tell me. I will come to you immediately and help you teach him a lesson.”

“I didn’t mean that.” Song Shuhan was afraid that he would misunderstand her. “Of course I can rest assured that the person you recommend will be good. I just don’t know how to get along with guys, so I’m afraid we’d both be too embarrassed. But it’s alright, I will listen to you. Let him come then.”

“帮我个忙,你现在来城墙一趟,我看看,我们这是在南门这边,你从南门上来。”“Then you wait a minute,” Wen Mingyi finished speaking, and walked a few steps not far away to call Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing was playing a game with Lu Yunfei. Hearing his mobile phone ringing, he glanced at the caller ID, answered it, and asked Wen Mingyi, “What’s wrong?”

“Do me a favor, you come to the city wall now. Let me see… We are here at the south gate. Come to the south gate.”

“Why? I’m playing games. Fuck! Who beat me?! Even doing a sneak attack!”

Wen Mingyi was helpless. “You can play this game every day. Change it to another. I’m busy here.”

“What are you busy with?”

“My ge is being weird today. I have to go back and see what happened to him. But I can’t walk away now. Didn’t I tell you before? My ge went to pick up a girl that day.”

“Yeah,” Li Yuanqing replied.



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