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Chapter 64 – Bian Jinyuan summarises in a sentence; Si Junduo probes. 

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
62 Chapters

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Lu Yunfei was puzzled. “I can’t see anything.”

“It seems that one really can’t see it.” Bian Jinyuan looked at his boyfriend and felt that his Fei Fei was really insensitive to emotional issues.

Lu Yunfei frowned. “What should be I seeing? Don’t keep me in suspense. Say it.”

Bian Jinyuan thought for a while and said calmly, “Xuezhang likes males and Wen Mingyi is also a male. In fact, if Wen Mingyi wants to, the two of them can become a pair, so he doesn’t have to worry about what ifs. Also,” He looked at Lu Yunfei, softening his statement, “I think Wen Mingyi will be willing.”

Lu Yunfei was shocked. “Impossible. Ming Ming likes females. He doesn’t like males.”

Bian Jinyuan smiled and embraced him. “You also didn’t think you liked boys before.”

“I really didn’t like boys before!” Lu Yunfei finished speaking, and instantly felt a headache. “Oh my god, it’s not possible. There are only three of us in a group. If this young master also likes males, then Li Yuanqing will become the sole shining spot of us!”

Bian Jinyuan felt that he paid attention to the wrong thing. “Your focus is actually on Li Yuanqing?”

“Of course not, I just think…” Lu Yunfei frowned, unable to finish speaking his words.

Bian Jinyuan sighed. “I know what you worry about, so I didn’t say it at the time.”

“Then do you think Xuezhang likes Ming Ming?” Lu Yunfei felt that he couldn’t figure it out. “I used to think he just regarded Ming Ming as his younger brother. Now that it’s like this, do you think he really only treats Ming Ming as his younger brother?”

“I don’t know.” Bian Jinyuan said frankly, “I got to know Wen Mingyi because of you. My relationship with him is not as close as that between you and him, and I have only met Si Junduo-xuezhang only a few times. So I don’t know, and I don’t want to pretend to speculate on other people’s feelings. However, Wen Mingyi should be very important to him.”

“The ‘like’ between those of the same sex is a very simple yet not simple thing.” Bian Jinyuan whispered, “The more one likes, the more hesitant and uncertain you will be. Because you are afraid of finally saying it, and not only not getting the result you want, but also the disgust and alienation of the other party.”

“I don’t know what kind of attitude Si Junduo-xuezhang has towards Wen Mingyi, but Wen Mingyi’s feelings towards Si Junduo-xuezhang is not usual. This is not a problem of his, but because their relationship is too different from ordinary brothers. No matter how precious one’s younger brother is, the elder brother never allows his younger brother to touch the fruit knife, nor will he allow his younger brother to spend his own money.”

“But this is how they get along. One goes forward, the other takes a step back. Si Junduo-xuezhang didn’t feel that he interfered too much, and Wen Mingyi didn’t feel that he interfered with his freedom. The two of them get along with each other, just like how normal brotherly friends do. I can’t define the feelings that arise from this relationship, but I think it’s not difficult for Wen Mingyi to like if the other party is Si Junduo-xuezhang.

“So you think this young master likes Xuezhang without knowing it?”

Bian Jinyuan nodded. “A little.”

Lu Yunfei only felt that life was too difficult! He used to think he himself was straight! In the end, he met Bian Jinyuan. He didn’t resist, becoming bent. Now his good friend can’t hold back and became a curved mosquito coil, just like him. How terrible! A group of three people – two bent. Was there a curse that caused bentness in their small group?

Bian Jinyuan looked at him bearing a look of nothing to live for. Bian Jinyuan comforted him. “But, we still don’t know what Si Junduo-xuezhang thinks, so you don’t have to worry. I think Wen Mingyi probably didn’t realize his own feelings have grown so much. Hence, if Si Junduo-xuezhang doesn’t like him, or likes him but doesn’t plan to tell him, then Wen Mingyi won’t realize it. There won’t be any loss.”

Lu Yunfei nodded. “When I see Si Junduo-xuezhang next time, I must take a good look at what their relationship is, whether Xuezhang likes Wen Mingyi or not.”

Bian Jinyuan looked down at him. In his heart, he uttered, with your insensitivity to feelings, unless Si Junduo-xuezhang confessed on the spot, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be able to see anything.

When he thought of this, he truly felt it was birds of a feather flocking together. Lu Yunfei and Wen Mingyi were usually smart, and their grades were also great. Only in terms of feelings, they don’t seem to be very sensitive.

Compared with them, although Li Yuanqing’s grades were not so good, in terms of feelings, he was much more sensitive.

In this regard, Li Yuanqing was indeed the shining head of the three.

Shining head Li Yuanqing was sitting in Si Junduo’s car at the moment. He looked at Si Junduo who was sitting in the driver’s seat and Wen Mingyi who was sitting in the passenger seat. He wondered why the two of them didn’t talk.

Wen Mingyi actually wanted to ask Si Junduo how he was getting along with Han Han today, but considering that Li Yuanqing was present, he was afraid that Si Junduo would not like to say this in front of outsiders, so he swallowed the words.

As for Si Junduo, he looked at Wen Mingyi who hadn’t spoken after answering his questions in the car, and wondered if he was unhappy.

Li Yuanqing saw that there was no one talking in the car, and the atmosphere was really strange, so he livened the atmosphere by asking, “Is Xuezhang busy lately?”

“Not very busy.” Si Junduo said, “During the New Year, things are lesser.”

“That’s good. Speaking of which, is Xuezhang still single?”

Si Junduo didn’t expect Li Yuanqing to ask this. He felt it was a little strange. Just as he was about to answer, he heard Wen Mingyi say, “Why do you have so many questions? Are you still single then?”

I just asked two questions, okay! More than three is then called many!

Li Yuanqing helplessly replied, “Don’t you know if I’m single or not?”

“Then don’t you know if my ge is single or not?”

“I’m not asking casually.”

Li Yuanqing was almost going to be aggravated by Wen Mingyi. Little simple minded fellow! Who am I doing this for? Laozi’s doing this all for you! I want to see if your ge likes you!

“Still single,” Si Junduo replied.

Li Yuanqing hurriedly asked the question he had prepared for a long time, “Then, Xuezhang, which type do you like?”

Wen Mingyi didn’t expect that he would ask this. His ears pricked unconsciously, wanting to hear his ge’s criteria for partner selection.

Si Junduo did not reply back, asking, “You still care about this?”

“Yup, curious. Xuezhang, you are so excellent, we as juniors will inevitably be curious.”

Wen Mingyi also took the opportunity to knock on the side and said, “Right. Ge, what type do you like? Do you have a standard?”

Si Junduo did not answer, “You ask me, what about yourself? What type do you like, do you have a standard?”

Now that the ball was unexpectedly kicked to Wen Mingyi, he thought about it for a while before replying, “I didn’t think about it specifically, but it should be leaning towards cuteness. With my personality, I don’t like them being too quiet. “

Si Junduo who didn’t think he was cute at all: …

Li Yuanqing sat in the back seat, silently observing the two people in front.

Si Junduo still did not answer Wen Mingyi’s question.

When Wen Mingyi saw Li Yuanqing there, he was too embarrassed to ask him, so he planned to ask Si Junduo after Li Yuanqing left.

Seeing that they stopped talking, Li Yuanqing only felt that it was really too difficult for him. It was enough to save the show once. Should he save it twice? He thought for a while, and finally decided to remain silent. Forget it. Anyway, Wen Mingyi was not enlightened yet. Since he was not enlightened, there was no need to rush.

Even Si Junduo was not in a hurry. Why should he be?

Si Junduo drove for half an hour, and Li Yuanqing arrived home. He got out of the car, waved to Wen Mingyi, and walked back home slowly.

Wen Mingyi asked Si Junduo again when Li Yuanqing left. “What type do you like? Li Yuanqing can’t know. But can’t I know either?”

“You want to know?” Si Junduo glanced at him.

“Of course.” Wen Mingyi responded, “You already know what type I like. There is no reason not to let me know what type you like. It’s not fair.”

Si Junduo thought for a while, and said softly, “Okay.”

“I like my partner to be smart, to have a more interesting personality, to act coquettish, and be sensible.”

“That’s all?” Wen Mingyi was shocked. “It’s so simple, and you haven’t met one so far? Do you have any hidden criteria?”

Wen Mingyi was in regret. “If I knew that, I would have my rebellious period two years later. I think Lu Yunfei satisfies your conditions. He has a good link with your family and has a good relationship with me. If you two really became a pair, then it would be easy for us three to get along with! It’s all my fault!”

Wen Mingyi slapped his thigh. “I was too rebellious at the time and didn’t introduce you two earlier. Otherwise, how would there be a Bian Jinyuan now.”

Si Junduo: …

Though Wen Mingyi regretted it, the boat had sailed. Bian Jinyuan had already set his sights on Lu Yunfei and would never let go. After all, he could not separate these mandarin ducks, and force Lu Yunfei to his ge’s arms. Oh, what a pity.

Si Junduo looked at his face full of regrets. With a tired heart, he said, “I have no feelings for Lu Yunfei.”

“I’ll just know you have some hidden conditions.” Wen Mingyi looked at him. “Yunfei is a very good partner to fall in love with, okay, and yet you haven’t have any feelings at all.”

“Then what would you have feelings for?”

Si Junduo looked at the red light in front of him. He stopped the car and was silent for a while, before saying, “I’ll tell you in the future.”

Wen Mingyi couldn’t do anything else but to nod and change the subject. “Did you have a good time with Miss Han Han?”

Si Junduo turned to look at him. “You seem to care a lot about this.”

“Of course. Can’t I care?”

“You can.” Si Junduo smiled and asked him again, “Do you think we had a good time?”

“That, I don’t know.”

“You can guess.”

Wen Mingyi looked at the smile on his face and guessed, “Happy?”

Si Junduo thought for a while and replied, “It’s still alright.”

Wen Mingyi: ! ! !

Fuck! This is too much of a scumbag! ! ! Before picking up the person, he was deadly reluctant. But after receiving her, it became ‘It’s! Still! Alright!’ Doesn’t that mean it could further develop? Don’t you like males? Why are females fine too!

“So, this reserve girlfriend can consider becoming actual?”

“Reserve girlfriend?”

“That’s what Li Yuanqing says. Miss Han Han’s situation is called a reserve girlfriend.”

“He knows a lot.”

Wen Mingyi snorted. “Did he break through your mind with just a phrase?”

Wen Mingyi huffed again. “So are you still going to accompany Miss Han Han tomorrow?”

When the red light was over, Si Junduo stepped on the accelerator and drove forward, without answering his question.

Silence meant acceptance! Wen Mingyi ground his teeth in dissatisfaction, feeling inexplicably irritable. Didn’t he say “I refuse” before? “I don’t agree” before? Now, now it’s the other way now!

The unyielding iron needle Si Junduo! The I-don’t-want-to-pick-her-up Si Junduo!

Si Junduo smiled silently as he watched Wen Mingy’s bulging cheeks.

He raised his hand and touched Wen Mingyi’s head. Wen Mingyi avoided him. “Don’t touch me.”

“Teasing you.” Si Junduo stopped touching his head when he saw that he was afraid that he would really annoy Wen Mingyi. He seriously confessed, “I won’t accompany her tomorrow. It’s not as if you’re unaware I don’t wish to meet with her.”

Wen Mingyi felt a little satisfied after hearing this, but deliberately said, “Wasn’t it fun to play with her?”

“Then if you won’t accompany Miss Han Han tomorrow, what will you do?”

Si Junduo lowered his eyes and looked at him. “What do you say I should do?”

“How would I know,” Wen Mingyi whispered.

Si Junduo sighed, and said helplessly, “Of course it is to accompany my lovely didi.”

Wen Mingyi’s mood Unconsciously improved. The corners of his mouth were quietly curved.

Si Junduo looked at him and laughed, and asked him, “Can I?”

“You can.” Wen Mingyi lowered his head, unable to suppress the curvature of the corners of his mouth. “I will be free tomorrow anyway.”

It just so happens that he could stay at home with Si Junduo.

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Gong and Shou has no blood relations. Neighbour gege, neigbour didi. Saying gege and didi because of politeness~

Bian Jinyuan and Lu Yunfei’s story is in 穿进校草的天猫精灵后 (

Back to high school. And the time when Ming Ming was in high school~


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