Chapter 62.1 – Wen Mingyi approached him and gave him a loud kiss

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Ji Siyao smiled. “In two days, a friend’s daughter will be heading to our side to play. When that happens, let your gege accompany her. Han Han has a good appearance and personality. When one comes and two goes, with these two people having interest in each other, that means that your gege actually likes girls. If not, then it means that he really only likes boys. Then, I will discuss this with your Godfather.”

However, Wen Mingyi looked at Ji Siyao, who had planned everything. Didn’t Si Junduo refuse? At that time, he was afraid that it was not his gege who would be with this Miss Han Han, but Secretary Lin Mulin.

“Does Han Han like my brother?” Wen Mingyi asked curiously.

“The two of them haven’t seen each other yet. Of course they won’t like each other but when they meet, they might.” Ji Siyao blinked at Wen Mingyi. “After all, your gege’s status isn’t bad.”

Wen Mingyi nodded. This was a fact. Good appearance? His gege had it. Good figure? Yes. Money? Of course. He had all the boxes ticked. This Miss Han Han, no matter what aspect she valued, his gege was more than qualified. Truly…

Wen Mingyi frowned, suddenly worrying. 

On New Year’s Eve, the two families spent the New Year together at the Si’s family house. Zhao Wangyu was still working as a producer for a movie in country M, so he was chatting with everyone through video. This could be regarded as having a reunion dinner together.

Wen Mingyi left the table before nine o’clock, saying that he was tired and was going to sleep.

Wen Wei was surprised. “Are you going to bed at nine every day now? That’s early. I remember when you were in elementary school, when I told you to go to bed at nine, you always didn’t want to.”

Wen Mingyi calmly said, “I’m now older and can’t stay up all night. My body can’t keep up.”

The others in the room: …

Si Junduo calmly stood up, ready to go back to the room with him. “I’ll also head back. There’s an emergency to deal with.”

“Alright,” Father Si said.

Wen Mingyi glanced at Si Junduo, and went back to the room with him.

This was the first time the two celebrated the New Year together after they had reconciled. During this period a year ago, they’d been sitting on opposite sides of the table, eating and not talking. This year, they stayed in a house together, enjoying a New Year that belonged to only the two of them.

Wen Mingyi still didn’t want to sleep, so after becoming a cat, he meowed to express that he wanted to watch a movie. Since Si Junduo always obeyed him, he chose a romantic comedy and watched it with him.

At the end, Wen Mingyi, driven by his biological clock, fell asleep in his arms before finishing the movie. Si Junduo looked at the little orange cat in his arms, kissed him, and whispered, “Happy New Year.”

He smiled and kissed the little orange cat in front of him once more.

When Wen Mingyi got up the next morning, he was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a red envelope next to his pillow. He opened it and it was a credit card.

“You’re giving it to me?” Wen Mingyi asked while sitting on the bed with cat ears.

After finishing washing up, Si Junduo went out of the bathroom and nodded. “For this year’s New Year’s Eve. The password is your birthday.”

“Thank you ge~” Wen Mingyi put away the card excitedly.

Si Junduo walked over, squeezed his cat ears, and urged him, “Go wash up. It’s almost time to eat.”

Wen Mingyi happily got out of bed and ran into the bathroom.

But two seconds after he entered, he ran out again. Si Junduo was wondering what was wrong with him. He saw Wen Mingyi approaching him and give him a loud kiss on his cheek.

Si Junduo was stunned.

Wen Mingyi smiled and calmly wished back, “Happy New Year!”

Si Junduo hadn’t yet recovered his senses. He looked at him in a daze, and asked, “Why’d you suddenly kiss me?”

“In return for your red envelope,” Wen Mingyi said. “When I was young, every time you gave me red envelopes, my mother got me to kiss you to express my gratitude. Although I have grown up, the red envelopes you gave have also grown bigger. So you can still get a gift in return.”

Upon hearing this, Si Junduo only wished to give him a red envelope every day! One upon entering university! One upon starting a TV series! One during the final exams! One after shooting a commercial! One red envelope every day he got up from bed!

But these were only his thoughts. Once Wen Mingyi kissed him, Wen Mingyi ran into the bathroom to wash up.

Si Junduo sat on the bed, unconsciously replaying the previous scene in his mind.

On the first day of the new year, after wishing a happy new year to Wen Mingyi, Cheng Lu politely reminded him that since he still needed to shoot a magazine in a few days, he must not eat till he was fat during the celebration.1Truthfully, it’s really too easy to gain extra pounds. Like how Thanksgiving is for others, CNY is a sinful affair:

Wen Mingyi’s heart was weary. “I know. I also don’t have an easily fat physique. When the time comes, you pick me up.”


After hanging up the phone, Wen Mingyi shook his head helplessly, and took another sip of milk tea. Sure enough, hot milk tea was more suitable for cold weather~

But speaking of which, Wen Mingyi thought, the topic of Miss Han Han should be coming soon.

Sure enough, that night, Ji Siyao talked about it when everyone was eating together. “In two days, I have a friend’s daughter coming to play with us. She’ll stay here for a few days. Later, Xiao Wei, you and I will clean up the guest room. Jun Jun, don’t forget to pick her up when she comes. I’ll go with you!”

Wen Wei smiled when she heard these words, glancing at Si Junduo meaningfully. She thought of something and said to Ji Siyao, “Then Ming Ming and I will go back home two days later, won’t disturb you all.”

“No need,” Ji Siyao said. “You and Ming Ming can just stay here.  There are so many people. Besides, Jun Jun is too boring. With Ming Ming here, he can make things a little more lively. When he chats with Han Han, just remember to praise your gege.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Si Junduo was helpless. “That’s not necessary.”

Ji Siyao didn’t care about him. After dinner, she went to clean up the guest room with Wen Wei.

“Where do you want Han Han to sleep?” Ji Siyao asked Wen Wei. “Is it okay to live next door to Jun Jun?”

Wen Mingyi heard these words as soon as he went upstairs. He looked at his mother and godmother, and felt that his godmother had become a Si Miao CP fan2Si Junduo x Han Han. Even staying next door. Why not just let her sleep immediately in my ge’s room!

However, Wen Wei thought this suggestion was rather good. “Sounds good. This way, Han Han can ask Jun Jun for help. This can promote their emotional development.”

Wen Mingyi: …

You really deserve to be my godmother’s best friend! ! ! Stanning a CP with my godmother!

Wen Mingyi couldn’t help it, and reminded them, “Or just forget it.”

Ji Siyao and Wen Wei turned their heads at the same time. Seeing him beckoning to pass, they asked, “Why?”

Wen Mingyi was speechless. “Ms. Han Han still has nothing to do with my ge. By arranging her next door to my ge, he will definitely not be happy. Then he’ll act in a way that defeats your purpose in arranging this.”

“In any case,” Wen Mingyi continued, “The things between men and women are very sensitive. The two of them have no feelings at all right now. With both of you like this, it won’t be too good for the lady.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Siyao felt that what he said was correct. “Then where do you think Han Han is suitable to stay?”

This was really difficult for Wen Mingyi. He scratched his neck. “I don’t know either. It’s not as if I understand these matters.”

“Then she can stay next door to me,” Wen Wei suggested. “So that she can come to me if she has something to do. If there’s anything inconvenient to tell you, she can also tell me.”

“Alright,” Ji Siyao agreed.

As the two agreed, they went upstairs again to prepare a guest room for Han Han.



  • 1
    Truthfully, it’s really too easy to gain extra pounds. Like how Thanksgiving is for others, CNY is a sinful affair:
  • 2
    Si Junduo x Han Han

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