Chapter 46 – The final exam. The Internet’s smoke is happening at any moment

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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A few days later, Wensu took Wenbo to the Si company to apologize to Si Junduo. He accepted their gifts but in the end said, “cooperation depends on fate. If there’s an opportunity, we can naturally cooperate. But if not, then there’s no other way.”

Wenbo was dissatisfied with his words. Just as he prepared to open his mouth to refute, he got scolded by his elder brother. Wensu got Wenbo to apologize again and further proposed a resolution. However, Si Junduo felt it was unnecessary. “Let’s do it this way first. I have something to do. You should head back first.”

Wensu, along with Wenbo, exited the Si company with a heavy heart.

After mid-December, Wen Mingyi was finally done with his scenes. When the director had first started filming, he was afraid because Wen Minyi was still young and couldn’t wait to enter the entertainment industry, even causing a ruckus during filming. But after a few months of filming, the director was surprised to find that he was actually the one who stood steady.

Even with the backing of a big tree, Wen Mingyi hadn’t shown any trace of arrogance. He shot on time, followed the arrangement of the crew, and did not cause trouble for others if they did not provoke him first. If the others provoked him… the director thought for a while. True… it seemed like no one would dream of provoking him.

Therefore, at the opening banquet, the director drank two more glasses, patted him on the shoulder, praised him and said, “Xiao Wen, continue to work hard.”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “I will.”

He took a group photo with the big boss, and specially took a photo with the cats and dogs of the crew, and posted it on Weibo: It’s done. Thanks everyone~

Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie retweeted his Weibo on the spot, and they did not hesitate to praise him.

Shang Chengze and Dai Jiayin were not willing to be left in the dust1Ie, don’t want to be the slowest. and also forwarded his Weibo quickly.

The official blog of ‘Pet Romance’ also posted a nine image collage2Looks like this:, wishing him a smooth journey.

Fans who didn’t know the truth were surprised by the group: The crew seems to rather like this didi. Is didi being pampered by the crew?

Other fans also chimed in, “Definitely. Our didi is so cute, who wouldn’t like him? Must be the rest liking him very much.”

But like it or not, Wen Mingyi was ready to leave the crew and head out.

Cheng Lu helped him pack his things, and asked him, “You have previously mentioned that your school will have exams around the beginning of January, right?”

“Yes.” Wen Mingyi said, “After the final exams, I’ll be busy with other things.”

“Are you free on the 10th of January?” Cheng Lu asked him, “I’ve previously applied for an audition for you, and I just received the news that you are going to audition on the 10th.”

“What drama?” Wen Mingyi asked her as he paused.

Cheng Lu, “Public Service Advertisement.”

Wen Mingyi, “Huh?”

Cheng Lu sat next to him and explained to him patiently, “Don’t look down on this. This public service advertisement is to respond to the call of the country and build a harmonious society, so they found a director to shoot. The director is Yu Xuanwen. Do you know who the director often works with?”

Wen Mingyi knew this answer. “Kang Jie.”

“Yes, it’s him. He’s the lead actor in this commercial. The crew is now recruiting another lead actor who will be partnering with him.”

This was very surprising. Yu Xuanwen was a well-known director in the film industry, and Kang Jie had just become Film Emperor two years ago. Being able to work with these two people would definitely help his career.

“Okay, I understand. When the time comes, Cheng-jie, please remind me to go to the audition.”


Wen Mingyi and Cheng Lu quickly packed their things, and Si Junduo also came. Wen Mingyi naturally got into Si Junduo’s car and waved to Cheng Lu. “See you later.”

“Alright,” Cheng Lu said.

Wen Mingyi’s filming was over so Si Junduo moved out of the hotel. The two of them returned to their house and turned on the lights in the living room. The moment the lights flashed brightly, Si Junduo paused. He unconsciously turned his head to face the person beside him, stretching out his hands to rub Wen Mingyi’s head, softly whispering, “Welcome back.”

Wen Mingyi was taken aback. Then he grinned.

Si Junduo also smiled. This was something he had been wanting to say for a long time. When Wen Mingyi had come here for the first time after entering university, he had stood inside the room, leaning and looking at the youth standing outside. That time, he had already wanted to tell Wen Mingyi, “Welcome back.”

Only, at that time he had not uttered it in time, and Wen Mingyi had no patience to listen.

Fortunately, now he could finally say it.

Wen Mingyi took a shower before transforming, and after transforming, he tapped on his cat keyboard to inform Si Junduo that he would be going to school tomorrow.

“Not resting?”

“Nah,” Wen Mingyi typed out. “It’s almost time for the final exams, I’ll go back to review.”

Si Junduo always respected his opinions, so he unwillingly agreed. Only, he put forth a condition. “Same as before, don’t live in school. I will be picking you up daily.”

“OK.” Wen Mingyi’s kitty paw tapped the two buttons. Moving the cursor to cut to Zhang Heng’s WeChat page, he began to ask Zhang Heng what class would be on tomorrow and the books he needed.

Zhang Heng, whose body was as shrivelled as a corpse thanks to the final exam, was surprised by the message. He kindly advised, “Why are you coming to class? The final exam is coming soon. Are you planning to take the exams?”

Wen Mingyi: Planning to. If I don’t take the exam, it’ll count as failing the subject. With so many missing subjects, I don’t want to repeat the grade.

Zhang Heng thought he was right. “Then you come to school tomorrow, I will help you get the books. When you come, I will show you the main points.”

Wen Mingyi: Alright.

Zhang Heng: But since you haven’t attended the classes for so long, I am really worried about whether you will pass the final exam.

Wen Mingyi was very calm. He already had the idea of ​​participating in the auditions after the college entrance examination, so when he could choose a major, he chose the pure liberal arts major of journalism. There were both calculations and essays, both memorizing and writing. These were purely testing memory and writing ability.

Wen Mingyi felt that he could achieve it. Even if he was not in school regularly, as long as he could remember, he still wouldn’t fail his subjects. So he confidently told Zhang Heng: Don’t worry, without a doubt!

When the girls in the journalism class heard that Wen Mingyi was coming to class tomorrow, none of them skipped class or asked for leave. Every one of them went to the classroom early the next day and waited for his arrival.

Paired with a mask and a hat, Wen Mingyi added on a pair of black-framed glasses. He mixed with other students who wore masks and hats in the winter, looking rather inconspicuous. He entered the room and walked over to sit next to Zhang Heng, slowly taking off his glasses and mask. In the next second, girls swarmed over.

It was now the familiar ‘quick question and slow answer’ time.

“Wen Mingyi, have you finished filming?”


“Then you’re coming back to school this time to take the final exam?”


“Any other work arrangements?”

“This can’t be said.”

“Then, will you still come to school afterwards?”

“It’s a holiday after the exam. Of course I won’t come to school during the holiday,” Wen Mingyi replied.

“Is it hard to film the drama this time round?” someone worriedly asked.

“It’s okay. The crew is pretty good.”

“So Yan Feifei and the others are the same as on TV?”

“Even better than that~”

Slowly, many boys also gathered around. Males in their eighteen, nineteen were in their curious and exuberant states. Even if it weren’t from their own melon fields, they wanted to eat two bites.3Ie. wanted to listen to gossip of another. In any case, this gossip was interesting.

Soon, people from outside the class also came over, took a few photos and posted them to the forum — “Wen Mingyi returns to class at X University”.

Original Poster: Back to school today. Wen Mingyi is back for class again! Didi is so handsome!

Wen Mingyi’s fans and passersby quickly clicked into the post and wrote with emotion, “Didi is so cute in private. He looks so handsome in his outfit.”

“Ahhhh, why didn’t I have such a celebrity didi when I entered, ying ying ying.”

Didi is in such a good state of mind in private. That’s youth, after all.”

“I can I can I can. This kind of school grass from the next class, I really truly can.”

Seeing this, the original poster replied, “It is indeed the school grass of the class next door, hahahaha.”

“Did the original poster talk to didi? What is didi’s character in private?”

“I have something to say. I am in another class, but I feel like his temper is rather good. Surrounded by so many people, but didi didn’t get angry, and talked to them.”

“Ahhhhh, I just ate lemons.4Feeling envious, feeling sour….kinda like eating vinegar. I also want to talk to didi.”

The original poster was preparing to reply, when she saw someone saying in the post, “At this point, shouldn’t everyone be taking the final exam? Is Wen Mingyi planning to take the final exam?”

“Impossible. He has been soaking in the crew for more than half the semester. Planning to take the final exam, is he trying to get zero?”

“Shouldn’t be zero. At least tens or so.”

The original poster was a little angry and replied, “Don’t simply guess, okay? Whether Wen Mingyi takes the final exam is up to him. Everyone please be pleasant. Don’t say such discordant words.”

She wrote this, deleting all of the replies from these people.

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However, were black fans so easy to fight against? Seeing her delete the replies, the black fans become more active. “The original poster is Wen Mingyi’s fan, even deleting replies. Why don’t you allow others to tell the truth?”

“I think the original poster is afraid that Wen Mingyi will be shamed by failing the exam.”

“Hahahaha, who said that Wen Mingyi is going to take the final exam? He may not take part at all. He didn’t attend classes at all. Why would he participate? To self shame himself?”

“X University can be regarded as a well-established prestigious school. To have such a student, if he doesn’t want to go to the university and wants to be a star, then why did he apply for X University in the first place? Might as well apply for a film school, and let his space out to another.”

“Is the poster upstairs applying for X University entrance examination? Don’t blame another for your own score not being as good as others. If you have time to be a keyboard warrior on the Internet, why not study more and strive for the next chance, rather than getting others to hand it to you.”

The whole post instantly smelled of gunpowder smoke. Seeing this, the original poster simply deleted the post, hoping to stop the noise. However, the black fan directly set up another new tall building5Ie. A new post and wrote ‘F*** Wen Mingyi’.

When fans saw this, they unceremoniously fought with this black fan. Would Wen Mingyi participate in the final exam of University X? How many points could he get? These questions frantically flooded that post.

In the end, there were some who even openly betted that Wen Mingyi would definitely not take the final exam. “He’s not a fool. This semester he only took a few classes, it’s a big pressure. So he will definitely not participate. At that time, don’t ask. Ask and he’ll say he has activities. Ask and he’ll say he’s busy with filming. I have already understood the routines of these celebrities ah.”

“Yes, rather than getting a zero, it’s better not to participate. Wen Mingyi is so astute, he certainly wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.”

“I don’t know why, although Wen Mingyi is not old, I think he is very slippery like an old fox, not like a youth at all.”

“If not cunning, how could he enter the entertainment industry so early? X University is also an old famous school and he’s not attending it. Really blinded by greed.”

“So he definitely won’t take the exam, otherwise he will be fully exposed. How will he sell being a tyrant in the future?”

“He still wants to sell the image of a tyrant? Stop it. It’s only been a few days since he started and he wants to be domineering? Be plain, bah!”

“Upstairs, are you wanting his life? The person has already entered the entertainment industry, why would he still want to study? Don’t want to take the final exam, hahaha.”

Original Poster: “Hahahaha, if he takes the exam, I will live broadcast eating shit! I dare. Does Wen Mingyi dare?”

Wen Mingyi sighed helplessly as the other party vowed and the people in the post utmostly agreed. He logged in to his Weibo account and posted: January is near, is the pace of the final exam still far? [Go for it]

The public original poster: …

Wen Mingyi took Zhang Heng’s cellphone and used Zhang Heng’s number to reply to the host. Original Poster, eating shit? When will it be broadcast live? Wen Mingyi’s Weibo obviously says he’s taking the final exam. He dared. Do you? You are not greasy at all, so fresh and unpretentious. When eating shit, you definitely will be good. When are you streaming it?

Wen Mingyi: The host and eating shit are so suitable~

Zhang Heng: …

Zhang Heng looked at the person next to him. This was the Wen Mingyi he was familiar with!


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    Ie, don’t want to be the slowest.
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    Looks like this:
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    Ie. wanted to listen to gossip of another
  • 4
    Feeling envious, feeling sour….kinda like eating vinegar.
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    Ie. A new post

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