Chapter 45 – An intimacy that can’t be given up

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Xu Jingjie had thought he would receive Wenbo’s call soon, but he did not. He waited for several days until he was uneasy, so he went looking for Wen Mingyi.

Wen Mingyi was puzzled as for why he showed up. After listening to what the other said, he smiled, “He’s badly burnt now, he has no time to look for you.”

Upon hearing that, Xu Jingjie understood that it must have been Wen Mingyi’s brother acting behind the scenes.

It seemed that he guessed right. Surname Si. He really did have the ability to burn Wenbo. Wen Mingyi must be somehow related with the Si family. No wonder Wen Mingyi had such a personality; with such a backing, he really didn’t need to be afraid of anything.

“I understand. Thank you…”

Wen Mingyi waved at him. “Goodbye, Xu-ge.”

Jiang Zimo was fired and he needed to find an internship again to complete his internship report. Wenbo proposed to let him enter Wen Feng and Jiang Zimo agreed. This was the best choice for him now.

It was just that Wen Feng wasn’t peaceful at the moment. When Si Junduo had been discussing cooperation with Wenbo, Si Junduo was cautious. He had prepared two sets of agreement, one with Wen Feng and the other with Ling He.

At this final stage, he trampled on Wen Feng and chose Ling He. This had no effect on the Si family. Ling He was very happy to work with him, even obtaining better conditions than before.

Meanwhile, Wen Feng was different. Wen Feng did not expect Si Junduo to do such a thing and was caught off guard. This was Wen Feng’s key project in the second half of the year. The company’s energy had been concentrated on this project. Now that the project suddenly fell through, Wenbo’s father and brother were completely confused.

“How the hell did this happen? Aren’t you both friends? How can he do this!” Father Wen exclaimed.

Wenbo did not expect that a simple ‘lesson’ of Xu Jingjie to Wen Mingyi would cause Si Junduo to directly retaliate against the company’s affairs. To simply change this cooperation project, does he not care about his company’s deficits?

“If he doesn’t wish to cooperate with us, it’s fine. But he’s actually cooperating with Ling He? Isn’t he kicking Wen Feng’s face?” Father Wen slammed the table in anger.

Wenbo’s brother, Wensu, still couldn’t figure it out. “Si Junduo isn’t an unreasonable person. He is a reputable person, it does not make sense for him to be reneging the cooperation just before the signing of the contract.This project has been discussed back and forth for so long and everything is almost settled. To stop at this time, it’s not his style. Is there something between you that made him cancel the cooperation with our company?”

Wenbo dared not admit it. He asked Wensu back, “Don’t you think that Si Junduo abandoned this because of private affairs?”

“Doesn’t seem like it. But other than that, I can’t think of any other reason. I inquired with his assistant but his assistant said that he doesn’t know anything. He just followed the boss’ orders. I asked Si Junduo but he told me to ask you! You tell me. Why, why did he cancel the cooperation at this time, why did he tell me to ask you? Xiao Bo, you tell me why?”

Wenbo looked at his father and brother. His mouth opened slightly, but he could not say anything.

In the end, Father Wen knew his son. When he saw him like this, he knew Wenbo had a guilty conscience. “I say, it must have something to do with you! Otherwise, it would have been fine with Si Junduo, he wouldn’t have suddenly backed out! You must have done something to provoke him, that’s why he stopped cooperating with Wen Feng! Tell me, what mess did you create!”

“I didn’t mean it,” Wenbo said helplessly. “How could I know he wouldn’t draw a line between work and private matters? It’s nothing much but he actually made such a fuss.”

“So it’s really because of you?” Wensu was shocked. “Can’t you use your brain and think about your family? In the past two years, Ling He’s development has robbed us of many customers. Don’t you know that cooperating with the Si family will have a great influence on our future development?

This project was first given to you because you and Si Junduo knew each other, thinking that you could talk to each other well. But now, you actually messed it up. Xiao Bo, can’t you let the family worry less!”

“I didn’t mean it. I just wanted to teach Wen Mingyi a lesson. I didn’t expect that Si Junduo would care so much.”

“What is the use of what you just said! Now that the Si family and Ling He are cooperating, all the market prospects that we thought have become ours, are for another company to penetrate. Whether intentional or not, what use is there left?”

Father Wen no longer wanted to continue with his unfilial son. “Xiao Su, look after him these few days; don’t let him go out. After a few days, prepare a gift and bring him to see Si Junduo. Have Xiao Bo apologise to Si Junduo and tell him that though we are not cooperating this time, cooperation later will be good too. I understand what Si Qi meant today. From now on, Si Junduo will most likely be the head of the Si family. The Si family has a broad pulse and strong financial resources. If we have the opportunity, it’ll be best for us to continue cooperating with the Si family.”


“I’m going back first. Pay close attention to Xiao Bo these days. Don’t let him be so foolish!”

“Alright, Dad.”

Wenbo waited until his father had left, and finally heaved a sigh of relief. Wensu saw him upset and drove him away. As a result, after Wenbo headed out, Wensu received a call from his secretary, saying that the general manager wanted to see him.

“Let her come in.”

“What?” Wensu asked while looking at the general manager in front of him.

“It’s nothing much. It’s just regarding the second young master, so I wanted to report it to you 1 Respectfully said..”

“Say it.”

“The second young master gave me a resume today and told me to help someone named Jiang Zimo arrange an internship.”

“Jiang Zimo,” Wensu quietly repeated. “Where is his resume, let me see.”

The manager handed it over. “It says that he had been an intern at the Si’s for a while. I just called and verified it. The Si’s side said that there is indeed this, but…”

“But what?” Wensu asked.

“The evaluation is not very good.” Truthfully, she said, “It was said that the performance was not good, so the internship period ended early, and he was also fired. It happened the day before yesterday.”

“The day before yesterday…” Wensu frowned. Looking at the photo on the resume, he always felt that this person was very familiar. Wensu thought about it, and then remembered that he had heard this name from Wenbo. Wenbo seemed to have known this person very early on, but since Wenbo rarely mentioned it at home, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Jiang Zimo left the Si Company the day before, and Wen Feng also fell through the cooperation with the Si Company the day before. Such a coincidence. Was this related to Jiang Zimo? If so, what role does he play in this one?

“You look at the arrangement, but help me take note of him. Pay attention to the relationship between him and Xiao Bo.”


“‌You may leave.”


Wensu put down the resume and rubbed his furrowed eyebrows helplessly.

Wen Mingyi looked at the cat keyboard in front of his paws, and stretching out a paw he pressed a key down. The computer display immediately showed a “w”, Wen Mingyi tapped the ‘Shift’ and ‘Ctrl’ keys with his two paws and the Sougou search engine site jumped out.2Like Google.

He could now rest assured. His two paws quickly tapped on the keyboard.

Si Junduo sat behind him, watching him constantly waving two kitty paws and tapping words, he just thought he was quite cute. He reached out and touched Wen Mingyi’s cat head. Wen Mingyi immediately rubbed against his palm obediently, and typed: Love you oh!~ Gege is the best~

Si Junduo: …

Si Junduo couldn’t help but chuckle lightly, his brows and eyes were gentle and tender.

Wen Mingyi played with the keyboard for a while until it was time for him to go to bed. He pushed the keyboard aside and looked at Si Junduo. “Meow Meow Meow.” —Time to sleep.

Si Junduo could not understand his meowing, but he also knew it was time for him to rest.

Only, he looked at the little orange cat in front of him, hesitation in his heart.

Wen Mingyi approached him and stretched out his paws for him to hug. Si Junduo could only carry the cat up in his arms and walk towards the bedroom.

Wen Mingyi naturally jumped onto the bed, onto his usual spot. Si Junduo looked at him and wanted to tell him that he had asked the front desk for an extra quilt, but he couldn’t speak.

Wen Mingyi was so well behaved now. Whatever he said, Wen Mingyi would listen. If he asked him to use a different quilt, Wen Mingyi would probably think it to be fine. It was all just about sleeping.

However, though this didn’t bother Wen Mingyi, it was very different to himself.

The time between them was long. It was not three hours, not three days, not three months, but three years. It was for more than 1,000 days and nights that Wen Mingyi declined his care, avoided meeting him, and refused to talk to him.

He walked in the long river of time, walking fast, so fast that Si Junduo could hardly catch up with him. But he also walked slowly, so slowly that after each day, Si Junduo would not say whether the next day he would be willing to look back at him.

He retained Wen Mingyi’s bedroom as it was, kept all of the items inside his bedroom, but he just couldn’t retain him who had once stayed in that room. At some point in time, Si Junduo liked to stay in Wen Mingyi’s bedroom, looking at the things inside, and reminiscing about the time Wen Mingyi was there. But later, he stopped entering the bedroom. The time he waited stretched on and on. Stretching until the sweetness it was in the past turned into a rusty knife, cutting into his heart, a blunt knife that made his chest tighten with pain.

Sometimes he couldn’t even tell which was more painful, the slow slicing of the meat, or the words uttered by Wen Mingyi. At that time, Si Junduo had felt that they might never be able to go back. Between the two of them, the best communication possible could only be him looking out for Wen Mingyi from afar, not letting Wen Mingyi notice him.

As long as Wen Mingyi was safe and healthy, he wouldn’t care about anything else.

Nevertheless, Wen Mingyi still came back. After three years of rebellion, when Si Junduo almost gave up hope, he returned. Although they didn’t get along well the day he just came back, Wen Mingyi being cold to him, when not mocking, was sarcastic.

But since he suddenly became a cat that night, when Wen Minyi was at a loss for what to do, he started to rely on Si Junduo, getting close to him again.

This was a rare luxury for Si Junduo. After going through three years like that, Si Junduo finally saw the Wen Mingyi that he yearned for, being so obedient in front of him. He cherished every moment in his heart, cherished every day he got along with Wen Mingyi. Cherishing every time Wen Mingyi relied on him. He simply could not bear to push Wen Mingyi away, wanting Wen Mingyi to be well by his side.

Waking up every morning to see him, falling asleep every night to see him in front of him.

He wanted to hold Wen Mingyi, to feel that he was by his side. He didn’t want to go anywhere, he just wanted to be able to reach Wen Mingyi.

In the end, he still failed to bring forth the other quilt, nor did he say anything about sleeping on a separate bed.

Si Junduo had really lost him for a long time. Too long until he just wanted them to be closer. Too long until he didn’t want any separation between them.

He was used to seeing Wen Mingyi wake up in his arms every morning, watching him acting spoiled and coquettish to him when he was groggy from sleep.

Tasting this kind of intimacy, he found it hard to give up.


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Gong and Shou have no blood relationship. Neighbor Gege, neighbor Didi. Calling brother because of politeness~

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