Chapter 44 – The only important thing, the only irreplaceable thing, was Wen Mingyi

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“So you do know I’m busy.” Si Junduo gave him a smile. “Since you’re aware, why are you still giving me trouble?”

‌After saying this, the smile on his face disappeared, replaced by the indifference in his eyes.

Wenbo and Jiang Zimo stared blankly back.

“What did you say?” Wenbo was confused.

Jiang Zimo quickly added, “Junduo, are you mistaken? Why would Wenbo give you trouble?”

“Yeah.” Wenbo was dissatisfied. “Did someone tell you something to incite a feud between us?”

Si Junduo scoffed, as his gaze turned icy. “You’ve already forgotten what you’ve recently done? Or did you think that whatever you did wouldn’t be found out?”

Stunned, Wenbo suddenly thought of Xu Jingjie and Wen Mingyi.

Si Junduo sighed. “It’s really been too long since we have met. Too long until you’ve nearly forgotten what I care about and what I don’t care about.” Until here, Si Junduo lifted his eyes to stare at Wenbo. “Do you still remember whom I care about?”

Wenbo fell silent.

Jiang Zimo saw this and hurriedly tried to pacify him, “Junduo, no matter what Wenbo has done, it must have been accidental. We are all friends. If there’s anything, let’s not hold grudges. I’ll apologise to you, will that be fine?”

Si Junduo turned his head. “You seem to have forgotten that we’re already not friends. I’ve told you already to not come closer any more.”

Jiang Zimo felt embarrassed. Wenbo stated aloud, slightly upset after seeing this, “Si Junduo, what’s wrong with you? You’re already an adult, why are you still planning this childish game. Xiao Jiang1Little Jiang, affectionate nickname has already forgiven you, but you’re still saying these things.”

“I’m only stating the truth.”

“That’s enough!” Wenbo fumed. “You know Xiao Jiang doesn’t like you to use such words, and yet you still do!”

Si Junduo laughed coldly. “Then, you are also aware that I don’t like others bullying Wen Mingyi. Why would you find someone to make trouble for him!”

These words forced words back into Wenbo’s throat.

Jiang Zimo quickly went to Wenbo’s rescue. “Wasn’t intentional, truly. Junduo, don’t be mad.”

“He’s not intentional. Then you’re intentional?” Si Junduo questioned. “Purposely letting Wenbo see how pitiful you are, then having those grievances gathered towards Wen Mingyi so as to avenge you?”

Jiang Zimo couldn’t believe it. “Why are you like this?”

“Then tell me, if this has nothing to do with you, why would Wenbo make trouble for Wen Mingyi for no reason at all? If it was not for you, what other reason would there be?”

“Why must it be related to me or Wenbo if someone finds trouble with Wen Mingyi?” Jiang Zimo argued against him. “Can’t it be that Wen Mingyi offended the other person, and that person detests him? What kind of personality he has, everyone knows. With that sort of personality, offending others would be a common occurrence, right!”

“Yeah.” Wenbo finally stopped being silent. “Did Wen Mingyi tell you I found someone to make him embarrassed? You know, he has always disliked Xiao Mo. Maybe this is just to provoke you and Xiao Mo, and our relationship, deliberately framing us.”

“That’s right. Junduo, you’re doing well, you are also familiar with Wenbo, you’re friends. Why would Wenbo do things behind your back to create trouble for your little brother?”

“At this point in time, you’re still aware he’s my little brother.” Si Junduo looked at the two in front of him. “Do you or do you not understand? Lying, framing, provoking; these you can do but Wen Mingyi can’t.”

“How do you know he can’t do it?” Wenbo hit the snake and poked at Si Junduo’s weak point. “Perhaps he couldn’t do it three years ago but it’s been three years already. In these past three years he had not been listening to you at all. How sure are you that in these three years he hasn’t done these? Those in puberty, this adolescent child, is there anything he can’t do?!”

Si Junduo heard these words, took out the photos in his bag and threw them on the table. “You really think that there is no evidence for me to tell you this?”

Jiang Zimo and Wenbo saw the photos on the table. Each one was of Wenbo and Xu Jingjie. The two were chatting and laughing together, there were even some photos of them drinking together. It seemed that the two of them had a very good relationship.

Wenbo immediately shifted the blame. “Knowing this person doesn’t mean anything.”

“Whether it can be explained, you know in your heart. What you have done, you also know in your heart. You can help Jiang Zimo, fine. But you shouldn’t find Wen Mingyi, you should have come directly to me. In the end, Wen Mingyi is my younger brother. Whatever he does, only I can settle. But behind my back, you find another to teach him a lesson. This is the end of our friendship. You and Jiang Zimo, in the future, I shall have nothing to do with either of you.”

”Junduo, you…” Jiang Zimo tried to advise but was interrupted by Si Junduo.

“You should be getting a call soon. Your internship has ended. You will not be allowed to take a single step into the Si company.”

Jiang Zimo was stunned. “You can’t do this.”

He continued firmly, “You can’t use personal reasons to affect our work affairs. Work is work, private is private. You can’t erase the line in between.”
Si Junduo felt it was hilarious. “Have you forgotten how you came into the Si company as an intern? If it wasn’t because we didn’t separate between work and private affairs, how could you qualify for the company when you have long missed the intern recruitment?”

“Then you can’t just drive us away using one sentence.”

“Why not?” Si Junduo asked back. “If you want a clear distinction between public and private affairs, then I will show you. Barring personal relations, as the boss, I have the right to expel any employee, least of all an intern.”

Jiang Zimo was stunned.

Wenbo saw that expression of shock and sorrow and couldn’t help but speak up for his beloved, “It was done by me, nothing to do with Xiao Mo. If you want to retaliate, take it against me, don’t fire Xiao Mo.”

“Relax. I won’t forget about you,” Si Junduo replied. “No need to rush.”

Wenbo froze. “What are you planning to do?”

Si Junduo held his bag and stood up. “Nothing much, only giving you face. Since you don’t want me to give you face, then there’s no need for me to continue withholding it, right?”

Wenbo instantly recalled the cooperation project he had discussed with Si Junduo. “What have you done? Si Junduo, you aren’t planning to do something about the company’s projects, right?”

Si Junduo gave him a short glance before walking out. Wenbo chased after him, and just as he grabbed him, Wenbo’s arm was twisted and pressed onto a sofa. “Of course I won’t make jokes about the company’s projects, don’t worry.”

Even though he said that, Wenbo still felt flustered.

Jiang Zimo didn’t think they would come to this stage. He walked over to plead for himself and Wenbo. “No matter what Wenbo did, nothing happened to Wen Mingyi anyway, right? Then why do you retaliate in this way against us? Wenbo knows he’s in the wrong and won’t do it anymore. For the sake of our friendship, can you forgive us this time?”

Si Junduo ignored them. He released Wenbo and headed out to leave.

Jiang Zimo blocked his path and persuaded, “Junduo, you have always been gentle. Towards Wen Mingyi who did so many excessive things to you, you don’t bother about it. This time, can you do the same and forgive us?

“Yes.” Wenbo also urged. “Finding someone to admonish Wen Mingyi, is not only for Xiao Mo, but also for you. After so many years, he had tossed you aside without any understanding of your intentions. This is to help you, to let him know that in this society, there are many people who are unpleasant to the eye. Only you will treat him well.”
Si Junduo looked back and asked, “Do you even believe these words?”

Pushing Jiang Zimo away, he walked out. Jiang Zimo reached out his hand, but failed to grasp him.

“Junduo…” Jiang Zimo called out pitifully.

Si Junduo ignored him, opened the door and walked out.

He had never been such a gentle person. He was indifferent about many things, to many people. Whether he liked or disliked them, he would keep them, in case he needed them in the future. After all, a qualified businessman never shunned having wide connections.

But similarly, these wide contacts were not irreplaceable. Even if one was given up, there would be another alternative. Just like abandoning Wen Feng2Remember this is the Wen family company, there was still Ling He3Another company competing with the Wen family to replace them. These were not important.‌‌

The only important thing, the only irreplaceable thing, was Wen Mingyi.

So Wen Mingyi can make mistakes, he can be willful. He can even play wantonly in the world of love, because he will always forgive him, and will never find fault with Wen Mingyi. But that was only to Wen Mingyi.

Si Junduo got into the car and drove back to his company.

Wenbo watched Si Junduo leave. Just when he was about to call his brother, he received a call from him. “What is going on with Si Junduo? The contract is about to be signed. At this time, he reneged, saying he would not cooperate. Did he go crazy?”

Wenbo’s heart dropped. It really happened.

“You have been in charge of this project since the beginning. Xiao Bo, you have to contact him immediately. You must get him to cooperate, understand?”

Wenbo’s throat was a bit dry. “Not sure if he’ll agree.”

“How can you not know? You two are friends. He doesn’t even want to give you this face?”

“Brother, you can ask our father to call Uncle Si. Even if he doesn’t listen to my words, he should listen to Uncle Si’s.”

“Why won’t he listen to you? What happened between the two of you?”

“Just leave this matter alone. I’ll hang up.”

Wenbo angrily hung up the phone and dialed Si Junduo’s phone number. Only, a clear female voice said into his ear, “Sorry, the number you are dialing is currently on another call…”

Wenbo looked at the phone. He used Jiang Zimo’s phone and dialed it. The same voice, saying the same thing.

“He might be on another call,” Jiang Zimo offered.

However, Wenbo felt that it was not that simple. He walked out of the private room, asked the waiter to borrow his mobile phone, and made a call. After a while, he heard a familiar voice. “Hello.”

Wenbo’s guess immediately proved correct. “You blacklisted me and Xiao Mo!”

“Oh,” Si Junduo said indifferently.

“Si Junduo, the matter between us is a personal grievance. I was wrong in this matter. I apologize. But you can’t simply back out of this cooperation project. Everything is already negotiated, only missing the signing of the business contract. If you renege at this time, aren’t you playing us?”

“As I said, it’s more appropriate to choose Ling He for this project. If you truly wanted this, why would you spin trouble at home? I give you face, but you don’t reciprocate. Who is to blame?”

“Si Junduo, are you crazy? Wen Mingyi’s surname is Wen, not Si. Just for this matter you renege on the project, to fall out with our family. Do you think it’s cost effective?”

Si Junduo hung up the phone directly, too lazy to answer.

There was nothing uneconomical. Upon losing this project, Wenbo and the others in the Wen family would not be better off. This point was already very cost-effective, let alone the rise of Ling He. Wen Feng would be affected, which was even more worthwhile.

Wenbo hung up, and soon received a call from his elder brother. “Dad and I have both called, but Si Qi, that old fox, said that the domestic affairs are fully under Si Junduo’s charge. He won’t interfere.”

Wenbo gritted his teeth, feeling resentful yet regretful.

He unconsciously clenched his fists as his nails dug into his palms.


The author has something to say:
This chapter didn’t have Ming Ming appear, no need to call Ge, so I don’t need to remark on Shou and Gong having no blood relationship~~ Someone asked me why I said that in every chapter. I said it before, because Jinjiang wants to listen, so I have to satisfy them~

The weather turns cooler step by step, so Wen family’s bankruptcy is coming step by step~
Ming Ming: Hai. Say, why do you bother?
Jiang Zimo: I’m not resigned to it!
Ming Ming: Then you can only be unreconciled~
Jiang Zimo: [vomiting blood.JPG]

  • 1
    Little Jiang, affectionate nickname
  • 2
    Remember this is the Wen family company
  • 3
    Another company competing with the Wen family

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