Chapter 42 – The weather is cold; let the Wen’s family go bankrupt bah

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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He looked at Xu Jingjie and said politely, “Since you sold me some information, I’ll give you another back. You are right, my brother does have some status, and he doesn’t like what you did yesterday, thus, he wanted to teach you a lesson. Now that we are even, you should just focus on playing your main lead well. As long as you don’t bring trouble to me, I won’t bother you.”

Xu Jingjie breathed a sigh of relief. The turbulent waves raging in his heart finally calmed down.

He pointed to the hanger beside him. “These were the clothes assigned for Le Chi originally, and now I’m returning them to you. You and I no longer owe each other.”

“Good.” Wen Mingyi nodded.

“I’ll leave then.” Xu Jingjie glanced at him one last time, and walked past him.

The conversation went far more smoothly than he had expected, and Wen Mingyi was more mature than what he’d assumed. From beginning to end, he had a calm and smiling expression, but Xu Jingjie realized that he was not as simple as he appeared on the surface, not ignorant of world affairs.

He took the initiative to tell Wen Mingyi about Wenbo, handing one of his own handles to the younger man. Of course, he had already figured out the way to deal with Wenbo, but the fact that the handle was held by someone else still disturbed him.

When Xu Jingjie walked to the door, he looked back at Wen Mingyi. “Do you need my help?”

Wen Mingyi shook his head. “Not now.”

“But that also means there might be opportunities in the future.”

“Not necessarily~” Wen Mingyi replied. “In general, I like to solve my own affairs.”

“If you need my help, you can send me a WeChat. You should have my WeChat, right?”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “Thank you. Don’t worry, I am not a person who bears grudges. If I held grudges, how could Shang Chengze still stay in this crew?”

Xu Jingjie heard his words and thought about Shang Chengze’s hidden provocation. He felt that Wen Mingyi’s temper seemed to be really good.

“Thank you.” After he finished speaking, he opened the door and exited.

Cheng Lu and Wen Mingyi’s assistant, Xiao Zhou, saw Xu Jingjie walking away and they rushed in quickly, asking Wen Mingyi, “What did he say to you? Are you okay?”

“It’s nothing,” Wen Mingyi said.

He took out Cheng Lu’s phone, pressed ‘stop’, then sent this audio to his WeChat. Then he deleted the recording on Cheng Lu’s phone and the audio file sent on WeChat.

“Returning it to you.” Wen Mingyi handed the phone back.

Cheng Lu assumed that what he and Xu Jingjie talked about should have been a private matter, so he didn’t want to let her know. She didn’t ask too much. Instead, she went to the hanger and picked up a set of clothes. “Wear this today,” Cheng Lu said, “I just asked the costume designer.”

“Okay.” Wen Mingyi took the clothes from her hand and also told her the result of the conversation between himself and Xu Jingjie in passing.

“Xu Jingjie won’t trouble me anymore,” he declared. “The clothes he took yesterday have all been returned.”

Cheng Lu followed his gaze. They really were Wen Mingyi’s clothes which had disappeared previously.

“So, he came to reconcile?”

“You could say that.”

“That’s good,” Cheng Lu said. This was not a coincidence. She had already guessed that after Mu Ziang and Boss Si’s visit at the session yesterday, many people would look at Wen Mingyi differently. This circle was indeed this snobbish.

Cheng Lu looked at the young man in front of her — at the youthful spirit between his eyebrows. Her heart was a bit sour. The people she managed were not many and Wen Mingyi was the youngest under her charge, but his mentality was the best. He always had a vigorous and energetic look, full of confidence even when encountering such things. Although he occasionally acted a little childish and had a straightforward personality, he was rather likable because of this.

Cheng Lu sometimes feared that she would not be able to lead him well, afraid that he would be bullied, that he would not be able to reach a higher position because she wasn’t a good enough manager. Though this circle looked glamorous, the insides were a jumble of both good and bad people. She was afraid that Wen Mingyi, who entered this circle as a teenager, would come out of it jaded and cynical.

“This is the first crew we have experienced together; in the future, we will also experience working with other crews. I will work hard to turn myself into a better agent and you into a better actor.” Cheng Lu looked at him. “Go for it!”

Wen Mingyi smiled. “Alright.”

“And me too.” Xiao Zhou raised his hand in agreement.

Wen Mingyi grinned. “En”.

He picked up his clothes and went to the changing room to change into his attire for today. This was good, Wen Mingyi thought. Although he was alright, and so was Cheng Lu, they all had their own shortcomings. But he did like this kind of atmosphere, being like this was nice.

Of course, if there wasn’t Wenbo, that would be even better.

During the lunch break, Wen Mingyi turned on his mobile phone and listened to the recording of himself and Xu Jingjie. The sound quality was clear and the recording was complete. He planned to send this recording to Si Junduo at night. However, though he would send it to Si Junduo, Wen Mingyi did not intend to distribute this recording, or use it as evidence against Wenbo.

The recording was only taken to ensure his safety. It was recorded in passing. If it could be used to let Si Junduo understand that Wenbo was not a good person, its value could be fully realized. Though for him, it was unnecessary and not needed, but if he sent it to others, it might expose Xu Jingjie, which was not what he wanted.

He had promised Xu Jingjie that he would not let Wenbo know. Hence, no matter what, he would keep his word.

Wen Mingyi considered this, and his mood turned gloomy.

In his previous life, Wenbo had tried to kill Si Junduo but to no avail. The latter had lived on.1Raws is a bit confusing. Anyone has tips, let me know! 上一世,闻博杀‌‌司均铎,‌己却没有‌,还活‌‌来. In this life, he absolutely would not allow such a thing to happen. He was very familiar with Si Junduo. If Si Junduo knew that Wenbo was targeting his little brother, then no matter if it was Wenbo or Jiang Zimo, they would be completely cut off from his and Si Junduo’s world.

Si Junduo would not leave this kind of danger by his side. Wen Mingyi was certain that this was the reason he had blackened in the previous life. In that case, in this life, he would also not forgive Wenbo using hidden means to conduct evil actions.

Wen Mingyi’s lips curled. The plastic friendship between Si Junduo and Wenbo must be completely terminated tonight. Once the plastic friendship between Si Junduo and Wenbo ended, then Jiang Zimo, Wenbo’s best friend, would definitely be implicated.

If a natural disaster happened to someone, one could be forgiven. But if it was of one’s own making, one deserved the punishment.

He hadn’t had time to deal with Wenbo before, but Wenbo had actually managed to send himself to his front door. Wen Mingyi felt that he was in a better mood again. He wanted to applaud Wenbo who had been hiding behind Xu Jingjie. Good job! Nicely done!

When Si Junduo came by in the afternoon, Wen Mingyi was still filming. This time, however, it was with Yan Feifei. With his back facing the camera, Wen Mingyi saw him and gave a quick smile. Si Junduo smiled back at him, and quietly stood to the side.

Cheng Lu pointed towards Wen Mingyi’s chair and motioned. “Boss Si, please sit down. Ming Ming will take a while to finish filming.”

Si Junduo understood. When he was about to sit down, he saw a man coming and talking to the deputy director. The man had a pair of gold glasses and wore a suit. While talking with the deputy director, he looked at some of the set-up on the scene, seemingly talking about things regarding the movie.

Si Junduo looked at his face and asked Cheng Lu, “Is that the producer of this drama?”

Cheng Lu nodded. “Yes.”

After that, she saw Si Junduo walking towards him.

Zhao Hanyang and the deputy director were talking about the set details when he sensed someone walking to his side. When he turned his head, he saw a young man with a slender figure, a handsome face, and a youthful aura.

The other party looked back, his expression calm while his delicate brows and eyes strategized and analysed the situation. ”Nice to meet you2Formally used.. I’m Wen Mingyi’s brother.”

Saying this, a name card was brought out from the man’s pocket.

Zhao Hanyang3Name: 赵汉阳 took it. The next second, he froze.

Si Junduo still had that unchanging calm expression. “I would like to discuss with you4Formally used. regarding this drama’s investment opportunities.”

Zhao Hanyang looked at him in surprise, then took another look at Wen Mingyi. He gave an excited wave of his hand. “Come this way. Let’s talk somewhere else more private.”


The deputy director watched as the producer of his show simply followed another person and left. He vomited in his heart: I haven’t finished talking yet! In the first place, your remarks aren’t really that important.

Thinking this, he turned his head to look at Wen Mingyi, who was still shooting with Yan Feifei. He couldn’t tell that this newcomer, which Zhaoyang had added in the last-minute, was actually not an ordinary cat or puppy, but a little leopard! Too surprising!

When Si Junduo and Zhao Hanyang talked, they did not shy away from others. Hence, many people on the set saw that Wen Mingyi’s brother, who had suddenly appeared, was talking with the producer who then grinned widely and invited the other party to chat in another place. Immediately, everyone looked at Wen Mingyi in a different light.

First was Mu Ziang. Now it was the producer. What was the background of this young master? Bringing his own brother out as a backer. This shouldn’t be for filming but to experience life bah!

No one understood nor could they comprehend this. They could only forewarn themselves not to provoke Wen Mingyi, and not make this little young master angry.

Wen Mingyi finished his scenes. Si Junduo, too, ended his talk with Zhao Hanyang. Towards this cooperation, Zhao Hanyang was extremely satisfied. Seeing Wen Mingyi off the set, he invited both of them for an evening meal.

Si Junduo was not interested. “No, Ming Ming still has some online classes to attend. His scenes should be done by now. I’ll be bringing him back.”

Zhao Hanyang listened and didn’t insist. Grinning, he said, “That’s true, that’s true. Ming Ming is still in school, studies cannot be missed. Ming Ming has such good discipline. It’s no wonder that the filming’s going so fast. Director Wang told me yesterday that he hadn’t seen such a good seed in the circle for several years.”

The good seed, Wen Minyi: …

Director Wang who was randomly cued: …

Si Junduo was unaffected. “Will trouble the director to teach more.”

“Boss Si, rest assured. It’ll be done.” Zhao Hanyang smiled.

“Then let’s go.”

“Alright, please walk slowly. When there’s time, let’s have a meal together.”


Continuing from Si Junduo’s words, Wen Mingyi politely said goodbye to the director and left.

The people on set were left gawking at each other. Watching the nose, watching the heart, silent on the surface but the heart mixed with emotion. Indeed a young master!

Shang Chengze was really confused now. What exactly was Wen Mingyi’s status? Why was the producer so polite to him? Boss Si? His brother was a president? Fuck! The president’s little brother? ? ? ! ! Then why would he be filming ah! Pretending to be like an ordinary person. Wasn’t this fishing?5Slang for a joke regarding the Senkaku island. Island information here:

The fat head fish Shang Chengze was depressed. He wouldn’t be on the young master’s blacklist, right?

On the other hand, Xu Jingjie was calm. He had guessed right. Wen Mingyi’s brother was indeed not simple, he wouldn’t ignore his little brother. If he hadn’t taken the initiative to find Wen Mingyi this morning, then he would have been the next person in trouble. Fortunately, he had successfully resolved this matter. Now, he just had to see who was more powerful, Wen Mingyi or Wenbo!

Wen Mingyi bid Cheng Lu farewell at the hotel entrance and entered Si Junduo’s car.

“You’re investing?” he asked while putting on the seat belt.

“En. Good to promote the company’s products too.”

Wen Mingyi nodded. “I guess the other crew members would also be aware then.”

“Isn’t this good?” Si Junduo questioned him.

Wen Mingyi felt that this was different from what he had initially thought. At the same time, he also understood that it was impossible to expect Si Junduo to not intervene in his affairs and let him go alone. Even if Si Junduo made such a promise to his face, he would still definitely investigate to the point of knowing what he ate on crew for lunch, and continue to do so in the shadows.

Ai, Wen Mingyi sighed in his heart. He felt that his brother was too doting, but what could he do? If he said that he wanted to use his own money, then Si Junduo would feel that he had failed, which was not what he wanted. If he said, “Let go, let go. One must learn to grow up,” to Si Junduo, he would definitely be depressed; his whole person would close up.

‌Wen Mingyi could only bear this heavy doting. But wasn’t this good too? If Si Junduo was happy, that was good too.

After having dinner together, the two returned to the hotel room.

Si Junduo was preparing to work on the computer when Wen Mingyi stopped him. “I need to tell you one thing.”


“Did you know why Xu Jingjie, the actor who robbed me of my clothes yesterday and made it difficult for me during filming, has done all these actions?”

Si Junduo felt that these words were unusual.


“Because of Wenbo.” Wen Mingyi looked into his eyes and seriously explained word by word, “Because Wenbo wanted to teach me a lesson, so he used Xu Jingjie’s hand to let him give me some difficulties while we filmed.”

Si Junduo’s eyes darkened.


The author has something to say:
There is no blood relationship between Gong and Shou, and occasionally calling out or having words like older brother (gege) or little brother (didi) appearing because Gong is older than Shou. They are originally childhood friends.

Ge Ge: The weather is cold. Let the Wen’s6Talking about WENbo family go bankrupt bah
Ming Ming: Cool!

  • 1
    Raws is a bit confusing. Anyone has tips, let me know! 上一世,闻博杀‌‌司均铎,‌己却没有‌,还活‌‌来.
  • 2
    Formally used.
  • 3
    Name: 赵汉阳
  • 4
    Formally used.
  • 5
    Slang for a joke regarding the Senkaku island. Island information here:
  • 6
    Talking about WENbo

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