Chapter 41 – Don’t you think you actually like him?

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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“Then I’ll get real.”


Mu Ziang took a deep breath. “You like men, right?”

“You obviously are aware yet you still ask?” Si Junduo coldly responded.

“Then haven’t you considered, Wen Mingyi is also a male. Don’t you think you might actually like him?”

Si Junduo thought he had something serious to say. Instead, he just put forth this question. Si Junduo faced Mu Ziang. “Of course I like him. I’m his brother. How can I not like him?”

“Are you really this dense or just acting clueless? I’m not asking if it’s the childhood friend kind of ‘like’. I’m talking about the ‘like’ between lovers. You like men. Wen Mingyi is a man, so do you like him?”

“How did you arrive at this conclusion?” Si Junduo raised his eyebrows. “Can you not tell the difference between correlation and causation? I like men. You are a man. Are you going to deduce that I like you, too?”

Mu Ziang: …

Mu Ziang didn’t want to talk to this piece of dense wood! That was not what he meant! This was exactly akin to holding a drill to help him make a hole, but unfortunately this stone head not only didn’t understand but this guy even insisted that it was his drill that had a problem!

Mu Ziang wasn’t going to care about him anymore! This rotten wood can’t be carved. This muck wall can’t be plastered! Chaos could even bore through the seven orifices, but not this Si Junduo. His head was too tough, not able to be carved through. Goodbye then!

Mu Ziang leaned against the back of the chair, fuming. “Drive. Laozi doesn’t wish to squabble with you anymore!”

Si Junduo saw his ruffled fur and started the car’s engine. Of course he knew what Mu Ziang was pointing at. But even if he knew, what could he do?

Wen Mingyi was different from him. Wen Mingyi liked females, he didn’t do same-sex relationships. He did not like the same sex. Towards males, he had not one ounce of interest.

So whether he liked Wen Mingyi or not, that was not important. Because no matter what, no matter what kind of ‘like’ he had for Wen Mingyi, he could only stand in the position of a ‘brother’ to accompany him, to take care of him.

This was the most secure and the most suitable position for him at the moment.

Mu Ziang raised his head, as his eyes gazed at the cool and expressionless Si Junduo reflected in the mirror. “You actually do know what I meant, right?” He continued, “You’re not a fool. My words were very clearly said. Can you still say you don’t understand?”

Si Junduo sighed. “I can get into a relationship with anyone except Wen Mingyi.”

“Why?” Mu Ziang could not understand.

“Because I don’t want to be with him,” Si Junduo explained. “He’s different from me. He likes females and I hope he can find someone, marry her, have children and live a prosperous and peaceful life. That’s enough for me.”

Mu Ziang’s eyebrows furrowed. “Then you do not like him?”

“My like for him is only similar to an older brother with his little brother.”

“No, it’s not.” Mu Ziang felt this was too difficult for him. “Both of you have feelings that are obviously not brotherly. You two are a reflection of society’s brotherhood!”

“You’re thinking too much.”

“You’re the one thinking too little.”

“Perhaps.” Si Junduo was too lazy to argue. “But it’s obvious I don’t want to consider this stuff right now. Let’s end this topic. You’re not to mention this to Ming Ming, understand?”

The speaker had already stated his intentions. Mu Ziang could only surrender. “Alright, understood.”

Si Junduo sent Mu Ziang home and then turned his car back towards his company.

Mu Ziang saw his car leaving, then lowered his head to give Zhuo Ran a Weibo message: Seems like my good brother is so stubborn that he has rejected the meal sent to his mouth. Already placing the food in front of his lips, but he’s still stubbornly saying not eating, not eating, he’s not hungry!

“We’ll wait and see! Even if he doesn’t eat today, there’ll be a day when it becomes too fragrant. At that time, he’ll eat it faster than anyone!”

“Ai, I’m afraid by the time he smells the fragrance, the food will be gone. Then he’ll be heartbroken!”

Zhuo Ran saw his Weibo message, and felt he had worried too much.

Two flowers bloomed, one on each table.

Wen Mingyi bid farewell to Si Junduo and went to the dressing room to put on makeup. After finishing, he went into the dressing room with Cheng Lu and the assistant to choose clothes, only to find that Xu Jingjie was there.

Seeing him come in, Xu Jingjie said, “I want to talk to you, just the two of us.”

Wen Mingyi noticed that the costume designer who was in charge of helping them choose the clothes was not here today. Before he entered, only Xu Jingjie was in this room.

It was obvious Xu Jingjie was waiting for him.

He turned his head and told Cheng Lu and the rest, “You all go first.”

Cheng Lu was slightly worried and she looked at them with hesitation. Looking at Xu Jingjie, she asked, “What can’t we hear?”

Xu Jingjie kept silent.

Wen Mingyi turned and pressed on Cheng Lu’s shoulder, pushing her in front. “Nothing will happen, Cheng-jie. Don’t worry.”

Cheng Lu was rather worried that he would be alone with Xu Jingjie. When Wen Mingyi pushed the door, she quietly turned on her phone’s voice recorder and stuffed it into Wen Mingyi’s trouser pocket through the cover of the door. “Call me if there’s trouble. I’ll be outside.”

Wen Mingyi noticed the small movements. He became alert. He nodded, said “don’t worry”, before closing the door.

In the huge clothing room, only he and Xu Jingjie remained.

Wen Mingyi walked forward, leaning against the hanger, and spoke unhurriedly, “Now you can talk.”

Xu Jingjie hadn’t slept well last night. The sudden appearance of Mu Ziang and Wen Mingyi’s brother completely disrupted his plan, making him very nervous. After thinking about it all night, he decided to talk to Wen Mingyi.

“When you first joined the group, I didn’t make things tough for you.” Xu Jingjie went straight to the point.

Wen Mingyi nodded. “Correct.”

“You and I have had no enmity in the past. Recently, your popularity has also not been as good as mine. To me, it’s actually unnecessary to suppress you.”

“So what do you want?” Wen Mingyi asked him. “You drove the others away apart from me only to say this?”

Xu Jingjie lowered his eyes, as if he was contemplating and hesitating over his words. After a while, he raised his eyes with some helplessness and frankly stated the main point. “Did you offend Wenbo?”

Wen Mingyi was surprised.

This was beyond his expectation. He thought Xu Jingjie would say stuff like, he didn’t mean it, he was wrong, and there would be no next time. Wen Mingyi had imagined many scenarios, but he didn’t expect Xu Jingjie would mention Wenbo himself.

The entertainment circle was a place where fame and fortune were pursued. It was common to make use of the situation here to please the influential and attack the powerless. Hence, Wen Mingyi always thought that Xu Jingjie was making things difficult because of his inexperience, easy to be trampled on. However, it seemed that wasn’t the case.

Xu Jingjie saw Wen Mingyi’s expression and knew he guessed right.

“I, I have no grudges against you from the past and no hatred in the future. I have no need to make things difficult for you. But if someone wants to use me to embarrass you, it’s a different matter.”

“You know Wenbo?”

“Met at a party. We drank a few drinks together, and exchanged contact information.”

“So when he knew I’d be on the same crew as you, he found you and asked you to teach me a lesson.”

Xu Jingjie nodded.

Wen Mingyi stood up straight. “If you are willing to do it for him, it proves that you either want his favour, or are afraid of him. In that case, you shouldn’t be selling him out.”

Xu Jingjie laughed at himself. “I did want his favour, and I can’t afford to offend him. But I can’t offend you either, can I?”

He said to Wen Mingyi, “I didn’t know that you knew Mu Ziang. If I had been aware then I wouldn’t have agreed to do it in the first place. At the session yesterday, Mu Ziang was pulled along because your brother worried about you. This proves that Mu Ziang has such a good relationship with your brother. This should also be the reason why you can sign with Zhaoyang. That brother of yours is not simple. Mu Ziang is not a fuel-efficient lamp either. I don’t need to offend two people who I can’t afford to for the sake of Wenbo. It’s not worthwhile.”

“So you chose to divulge your agreement with Wenbo.”

“To understand everything, one must know the mastermind. Originally this was not related to me at all. I do not wish to enter the muddy water between you two. With this truth, let us settle the things between us. I won’t make things tough for you anymore. In the same way, I don’t wish for Mu Ziang or your brother to get back on me either.”

Xu Jingjie directly stated in a steady tone, “As for Wenbo, you are a smart person. I believe you wouldn’t rat me out to him, right?”

Wen Mingyi stared at the person in front of him for a long time before finally showing a smile. “Of course.”

He was not the only smart person. Xu Jingjie was too. It could be said that Xu Jingjie was a very sophisticated egoist.

At the very beginning, when he first joined the crew, Xu Jingjie did not place Wen Mingyi in his eyes, and naturally did not cause trouble for him. Later, Wenbo gave him incentives and cannonballs to get him to teach Wen Mingyi a lesson. Xu Jingjie had weighed the pros and cons and chose to help Wenbo.

And now, he also weighed the pros and cons, and chose to turn to Wen Mingyi’s side.

As for why he would rat out Wenbo, it was actually very simple, Wen Mingyi thought. There were only these points.

One, Xu Jingjie was afraid that he would take revenge and retaliate later. Xu Jingjie didn’t want to bear this revenge that wasn’t even his own, so he confessed the true mastermind. He was simply just a knife to kill, not the real killer.

Secondly, he agreed to Wenbo. But now, Mu Ziang and Si Junduo became obstacles he needed to overcome. He could not offend Wenbo, afraid that Wenbo would blame him, and that Wenbo would pass on his dissatisfaction to him. So he chose to confess this out loud, to borrow power to fight against power, so that Wenbo would not have time to take care of him.

Furthermore, if Xu Jingjie did not tell Wenbo that he was going to stop pressuring Wen Mingyi, then Xu Jingjie could wait until Wen Mingyi himself had countered Wenbo. Then Xu Jingjie would take the chance to inform the latter that he himself had also learnt his lesson, and so couldn’t help but stop. This way, Wenbo would only think that Wen Mingyi was too ruthless and would no longer embarrass Xu Jingjie. And Xu Jingjie would be able to exit with the smallest loss.

This was the best choice to ensure maximum benefits. Among them, he only needed to guarantee one variable. That was, to ensure he would not tell Wenbo that it was Xu Jingjie who took the initiative to sell him out.

Or Xu Jingjie had already thought up another set of words to fool Wenbo before Xu Jingjie saw Wen Mingyi. So even if he told Wenbo, he had other countermeasures.

Wen Mingyi felt that Xu Jingjie was much smarter than Shang Chengze. No wonder he was now a popular actor, and Shang Chengze was only a second-tier. No, Wen Mingyi did not intend to betray Xu Jingjie. There were no gains for him in that. Better to keep him as a spy who Wenbo knew, in case of emergency.

“Of course, I won’t tell him,” Wen Mingyi said. “I’m not stupid. What good is it for me to sell you at this time? In any case, the things you did yesterday weren’t something I even noticed.”


The author has something to say:
There is no blood relationship between Gong and Shou. The elder ge ge and younger di di only appear because Gong is older than Shou.

Mu Ziang: I can’t carve anymore. The head is too tough. I QUIT!
Ge Ge: Heh
Ang Si(Author’s name): Don’t panic. If this chisel doesn’t work, let’s change to another chisel! It can always be solved!

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