Chapter 39 – Don’t you think you two are quite suitable?

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Notes: The author writes the name for Mu Ziang慕子昂 as Mu Ang慕昂 . However, I’ve amended all Mu Ang in the next few chapters to Mu Ziang as the name was started with Mu Ziang.


Not long after Wen Mingyi sat on the chair, he heard the director calling his and Xu Jingjie’s name.

The makeup artist retouched their makeup and they walked to the camera again.

It was still the same scene. Only this time, Xu Jingjie obviously controlled himself and properly acted the scene with him. Wen Mingyi kept his intentions hidden, saying his lines from the script while he quietly followed Mu Ziang’s teachings and guided Xu Jingjie out.

Sure enough, when the filming of this scene was about to end, the director shouted ‘Cut’! He stared at Xu Jingjie and reminded loudly, “You’re out of camera. Jingjie, please pay attention to the camera’s position. This kind of small problem is fine for Xiao Wen who just started out, but you already are a seasoned actor, you shouldn’t be making this mistake. Pay attention. Again.”

Xu Jingjie was stupefied. He looked at Wen Mingyi in disbelief.

Wen Mingyi looked back with those innocent and pure eyes of his, his words filled with friendliness. “Then let’s do it again.”

Xu Jingjie subconsciously clenched his fist. He was different from Wen Mingyi. This was not his first shoot. There was no reason for him to make this kind of low-level mistake. Therefore, it hadn’t been an accident just now. It must be Wen Mingyi’s doing. It was him who intentionally guided him out of the camera. How could Wen Mingyi understand this? He was just a newcomer. How could he manage to guide another to a wrong position? He must have received someone’s instructions…

Mu Ziang. Xu Jingjie realized almost instantly. Wen Mingyi couldn’t do it, but Mu Ziang could. Mu Ziang figured out how he moved between filming, so he taught Wen Mingyi how to guide him, causing him to make this kind of low-level mistake.

So Mu Ziang really cared about the scene where he’d deliberately embarrassed Wen Mingyi? That meant Mu Ziang and Wen Mingyi should be more than just brothers1Like senior/junior relationship from the same company. Was it related to Wen Mingyi’s brother? Xu Jingjie pondered, Mu Ziang mentioned that the reason he came to visit was because Wen Mingyi’s brother was worried about him.

So, who was his brother?

No matter. Whoever it was, Xu Jingjie didn’t intend to continue to incite trouble with Wen Mingyi. No more provoking Mu Ziang. He couldn’t afford it. Mu Ziang’s status was up there and Zhaoyang protected him so much. Fighting with Mu Ziang would undoubtedly be like hitting the rock with pebbles. In the end, only he would suffer.

Xu Jingjie calmed himself and continued filming with Wen Mingyi again.

Shang Chengze and Dai Jiayin noted how Wen Mingyi left for more than an hour and upon his return, pushed Xu Jingjie into the ditch. They were stunned. Shang Chengze wasn’t stupid; he remembered clearly that when Wen Mingyi had left, Mu Ziang had declared he would teach Wen Mingyi. Whatever Wen Mingyi was doing now must be because Mu Ziang had taught him.

Mu Ziang personally taught Wen Mingyi how to avenge himself, patiently imparting knowledge. At the very least, it showed that Mu Ziang couldn’t stand someone bullying Wen Mingyi.

Shang Chengze thought of this, and was once again thankful that he hadn’t done anything over the top. Otherwise, the person standing in that awkward position today would not be Xu Jingjie but him.

Wen Mingyi and Xu Jingjie finished filming. His scenes for today were done, so Mu Ziang greeted the director, saying that it was getting late and they would head out for a meal first.

The director was a very generous person. Before leaving, he asked Wen Mingyi to ask Mu Ziang if he would like to play a cameo role.

Mu Ziang was naturally unwilling. “I’m rather tired. There’s still some activities in the next two days. I finally managed to have a day off, but your brother pulled me to visit you. Next time ba.”

“Then you’re going back to rest now?” Si Junduo probed.

Mu Ziang couldn’t believe it. “I’ve done so much for you, and you don’t even invite me for a meal. You tell me to come out, saying that you’re inviting me to dinner. But now that you’ve squeezed out my worth, you ask me to return. Si Junduo, you have no heart, simply treating me as a tool!”

You clearly were the one saying you wanted to go back and rest. Didn’t you complain loudly that you were tired?!

Si Junduo had no choice but to utter an indifferent ‘oh’.

Mu Ziang: …

Mu Ziang snorted, opened the Dianping site2 and began to search where to eat nearby. He wanted to eat the nearest, most expensive food! A meal where the person’s family would become bankrupt!

After eating together, Si Junduo and Wen Mingyi were about to head back to the hotel, before offering Mu Ziang a ride together.

Mu Ziang straightforwardly said, “You brought me here but you won’t bring me back?”

“Then sleep in this hotel tonight. I’ll take you back tomorrow morning.”

“Alright,” Mu Ziang reluctantly agreed.

Mu Ziang hadn’t brought pajamas nor underwear, and he was also afraid he would be recognized if he went to the mall. Instead, Si Junduo went to buy a set for him. Passing by the men’s clothing department, Si Junduo saw a good-looking jacket. He tried it on his upper body and asked the retail staff to pick up a size suitable for Wen Mingyi. After which, he also paid for two thin sweaters of Wen Mingyi’s size.

“Temperature’s dropping lower. Don’t always wear a shirt, put on a sweater.” He handed the clothes to Wen Mingyi.

Wen Mingyi looked at the shirt under Si Junduo’s trench coat. He asked back, “Are you qualified to tell that to me? Look at what you’re wearing.”

Si Junduo was rock steady. “Are you the same as me? I work in the office. Do you work in the office?”

Wen Mingyi, under the blue sky during filming, enduring the cold breeze: …

“So don’t learn everything from me. I can, but it doesn’t mean you can.”

Wen Mingyi: “…Oh.”

Mu Ziang knocked on the car window to remind the two people. “I’m leaving. It’s too much seeing you being so sweet to each other. I asked you to buy pajamas for me, and you bought clothes for Ming Ming instead. If I get you to book a hotel for me, I think you’ll buy Ming Ming a studio apartment instead.”

“He doesn’t need that. My house is his house. He lives with me.”

Mu Ziang smirked upon hearing these words, his eyes hinting something. “Then what happens when you get married? Ming Ming still stays with you?”

Si Junduo was taken aback. It was incredibly obvious that he hadn’t thought about this problem.

However, Wen Mingyi had. “Of course it won’t work. Once he gets married, I’ll move out. I have a house right next to my ge’s house. I’ll simply go back to my own house.”

Si Junduo unconsciously frowned, thinking about the period when Wen Mingyi had moved out of his home.

“Just live well. No need to think about this for now.”

Wen Mingyi’s heart rebutted that sentence. Sooner or later, there would be such a day. He could only hope that at that time, Si Junduo’s boyfriend would be better, unlike Jiang Mo’s black lotus heart.

Thinking of this, Wen Mingyi raised his head and looked in the rearview mirror, meeting Mu Ziang’s eyes. Mu Ziang was inexplicably excited, and in the next second, he saw Wen Mingyi lower his head, and his WeChat notification pinged.

Mu Ziang took his phone and saw Wen Mingyi’s message: Speaking of which, Mu-ge, you have a good relationship with my ge, right?

So-so. Mu Ziang looked up in the rearview mirror, but couldn’t see Wen Mingyi’s expression clearly, so he added: Normal.

Wen Mingyi: Then Mu-ge, what do you think of my ge?

Mu Ziang: … He’s okay. Why are you asking this?

Wen Mingyi: Mu-ge, you know that my ge likes men, right?

Mu Ziang: En.

Wen Mingyi: Then don’t you think that you two are quite suitable?

Mu Ziang almost dropped his phone. Shocked, he looked up at the rearview mirror. Wen Mingyi raised his head at the same time, smiled back in the rearview mirror, and turned to look at Mu Ziang.

Mu Ziang: …

Mu Ziang pitied Si Junduo — he was really too miserable. His childhood di di didn’t know his inner thoughts, even introducing him to others! This was really a little cabbage on the yellow ground.3这‌真是小白菜啊,地里黄啊: It’s a Hebei folk song. Come here for the chinese songs: Si Junduo, having nobody to love. Too miserable. What a miserable man.

With those thoughts in mind, he turned his sympathetic gaze to Si Junduo.

Si Junduo: ….

Si Junduo stepped harshly on the brakes. It was the red light. He turned to look at Wen Mingyi and Mu Ziang.

He’d wanted to say something a long time ago. There were two people in this car, one his brother, and one his friend. Shouldn’t he be the hub between them, the bridge between them?

Instead, behind his back, the two were having ‘ding ding ding’ WeChat alerts. Was there anything he could not know? Even messaging via WeChat!

“Give me your phone.” Si Junduo stretched out his hand towards Wen Mingyi.

Wen Mingyi paused. The next second, his phone was inwith Si Junduo’s hand.

Wen Mingyi leaned forward to snatch it, but was pushed back by the other. “Sit down properly.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi turned his head to look at Mu Ziang, miserable and sad. But Mu Ziang was calm and steady. “No worry. He can read it if he wants to.”

Si Junduo: …Why did these words feel like a twist when he listened? When did he ever need Mu Ziang’s approval to see Wen Mingyi’s phone!

He read the conversation between Mu Ziang and Wen Mingyi, feeling even more helpless; even his heart was tired.

Wen Mingyi saw that he had read it and asked straightforwardly. “Ge, do you have any thoughts after reading it? I’m right, correct?”

Si Junduo: ….

Si Junduo felt that this di di was too idle. He did not go to school anymore, did not have enough homework to do.

Mu Ziang looked at Si Junduo with a helpless expression, and even his spleen was stuck.4脾‌都发不出来‌样‌. Like a slang that he couldn’t even do anything. Fengshui5Also known as Chinese geomancy indeed took turns. Even Si Junduo could even have such a day! What a wonderful painting this was! He wanted to take a picture and show it to Zhuo Ran!

Just as Mu Ziang raised his phone, Si Junduo turned his head and glared at him. “You don’t want your phone anymore?”

Mu Ziang had to put down his phone, saying to Wen Mingyi, “See? Your ge doesn’t like me.”

Wen Mingyi persuaded him, “My ge has a hard mouth but a soft heart. You have to look past the outer core to see the inner essence, don’t be frightened by his vicious appearance.”

“I think your ge treats you very well. His mouth is not hard, his heart is also soft with you,” Mu Ziang retorted.

Wen Mingyi righteously argued, “That’s different. He has looked after me since young, I’m different from others.”

Mu Ziang: …It’s helpless. Both of them are oblivious. This pair is helpless.

Mu Ziang sighed and leaned on the seat of the car, pitying the couple in the car. Seeing with his own eyes, it was really too much for himself, this Mu Ao Tian6慕傲天: Mu Ao Tian, where Mu is from Mu Ziang’s name. Ao Tian one of those characters who are very strong when they first appear on the scene, do things without reason, and can easily kill powerful enemies without using their heads.. He could no longer take it! These two blind teammates…

Si Junduo returned the phone to Wen Mingyi. He taught Wen Mingyi, “We are friends. There won’t be any developments with him.”

Mu Ziang nodded in agreement. “Yes. I like females.”

Wen Mingyi didn’t insist upon hearing this, but he pointed to Mu Ziang. “Then ge, the next time you’re searching for a boyfriend, you can look for someone like Mu-ge.”

Si Junduo didn’t understand. “You like someone like him? What’s so good about him?”

Mu Ziang: ???

Mu Ziang sat up straight. He glared at Si Junduo, pointing to himself he asked, “What’s not good about me? Everything about me is good, okay! Want me to show you what my fans list as my strengths? Not even 20 pages are enough! So young and you’re already blind. Fortunately, Xiao7Little Ming Ming’s eyes are sharp!”


The author has something to say:
Gong shou have no blood relationship. Sometimes he is called Ge because Gong is older than Shou. They’re childhood friends.

Mu Ziang: Si Junduo, you have no heart. You only treat me like a tool!
Ge Ge: Of course I have no heart. My heart is with Ming Ming.
Mu Ziang: …

  • 1
    Like senior/junior relationship
  • 2
  • 3
    这‌真是小白菜啊,地里黄啊: It’s a Hebei folk song. Come here for the chinese songs:
  • 4
    脾‌都发不出来‌样‌. Like a slang that he couldn’t even do anything.
  • 5
    Also known as Chinese geomancy
  • 6
    慕傲天: Mu Ao Tian, where Mu is from Mu Ziang’s name. Ao Tian one of those characters who are very strong when they first appear on the scene, do things without reason, and can easily kill powerful enemies without using their heads.
  • 7

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