Chapter 38 – What’s mine is yours, and yours is still yours.

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Notes: The author writes the name for Mu Ziang慕子昂 as Mu Ang慕昂 . However, I’ve amended all Mu Ang in the next few chapters to Mu Ziang as the name was started with Mu Ziang. (Don’t bash me hahaha)


“That’s not what I mean,” Wen Mingyi explained, “I just feel that I can’t always be under your care. It’s fine when I was young and ignorant. But now that I’m an adult, I shouldn’t let it continue.”

Si Junduo could not understand what his little head was thinking. “Ming Ming, between you and I, there’s no such thing as ‘taking advantage’. If I die today, all the inheritance under my name will be given to you. Do you understand?”

Wen Mingyi: ? ? ? ? ! ! ! !

‘I don’t understand!’ Wen Mingyi shouted in his heart. ‘Why do you have to be concerned about these things at a young age! Take back your inheritance! What am I supposed to do with your legacy!’

Si Junduo noted his shock and said patiently, “Which is why, I don’t wish and don’t want to have things be so clear between us. Yes, you’ve already grown up, you’ve become an adult, you can be independent, but this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to rely on me, not letting me continue to be responsible for your affairs. Since childhood, your affairs have always been my responsibility. You are part of my responsibility. I can’t ignore you, and I can’t let you fuss with external things like money.”

Wen Mingyi kept silent.

He eyed Si Junduo for a while as his head shook.

He understood that during this period of their relationship, Si Junduo had become accustomed to standing in both the protector’s and giver’s position, used to treating him well, willing to be good to him. This was not only about caring for his emotional needs but also his material needs. Hence, Si Junduo disliked using his money to create a divide between the two’s relationship.

Almost as if the moment Wen Mingyi used his own money, the distance between them would grow.

For Si Junduo, everything he had belonged to Wen Mingyi. He had prepared for his everything to be passed onto Wen Mingyi at any time if required. He didn’t want to argue over this because in his heart, those already belonged to Wen Mingyi.

So Wen Mingyi could say that he was the little prince of the Si family. Because the Si family belonged to Si Junduo, and what was Si Junduo’s, would also belong to him.

This was truly a prime example of ‘What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is yours’.

Wen Mingyi was at a loss. He knew from an early age that Si Junduo treated him well. He died once and saw the plot’s development in the original book, firmly believing Si Junduo was the only one who treated him the best in this world. But now, he felt the care that Si Junduo treated him with was even better than he initially thought.

Not asking for reciprocation, regardless of the outcome, just being unreserved, with his gentle but firm actions. Wen Mingyi suddenly felt upset. Si Junduo cared for him like this, but he had been at blows with him for the past three years. Three years, totalling up to more than a thousand days. How did Si Junduo reach this state? How could he, even after a thousand nights still be unreserved and undeniably continue treating him so well? Didn’t he find it to be unfair to himself?

Si Junduo looked at him being silent, not speaking as his head was lowered. Si Junduo could not see the look in his eyes, and assumed he might have been angered, so he coaxed, “Ming Ming.”

Wen Mingyi suppressed the sourness in his heart. He raised his head and smiled at Si Junduo. “I’m fine.”

Si Junduo was a little worried about him. “Are you still reluctant?”

Wen Mingyi shook his head. “No,” he denied, “I was just thinking about what you said, not unwilling.”

He gazed at the person in front of him, and reached out his arms for a hug as he leaned on his shoulder.

Si Junduo’s arms lifted and he hugged him back, having a sense of feeling the other’s emotions didn’t seem right. “What’s wrong? You can tell me what’s the matter.”

“Nothing.” Wen Mingyi lowered his voice. “I just think it’s hard for you, ge ge.

Ming Ming had no blood ties with him. Ming Ming was just a neighbor’s child. His parents didn’t treat him as well. Only Si Junduo had always placed him in his heart.

“I’ll listen to you,” Wen Mingyi promised. “You can make the decisions, I have no other opinions.”

“Really?” Si Junduo questioned.

Wen Mingyi nodded, still in his embrace. “Really.”

If this was what Si Junduo wanted, then he was willing to heed to Si Junduo’s wish. In their relationship, it had always been Si Junduo giving in. Truthfully, his ability was too limited. Perhaps this was the best thing he could do, allowing Si Junduo to do as he wanted.

He hugged Si Junduo tightly, then let go of him. “Well, we should go out now. Mu-ge still has to advise me regarding the scenes,” Wen Mingyi said.

Si Junduo rubbed his head, smiling. “Okay.”

Mu Ziang saw the door open, and immediately wrote a sentence to Zhuo Ran: Talk to you later.

And placed his phone away.

“Talk’s over?” He looked at Si Junduo.

Si Junduo let out an ‘en’. “Aren’t you going to teach Ming Ming how to act out that scene? You can start.”

“Then I have to go in and teach Ming Ming.” Mu Ziang pointed to the bedroom behind. “After all, imparting martial arts is a private matter.”

Si Junduo snorted coldly. “Either you teach in front of me, or you go out.”

“Ming Ming, look at your ge.” Mu Ziang pointed at Si Junduo, dissatisfied.

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi turned his head to look at Si Junduo,

“You’re thinking too much,” Si Junduo calmly retorted. “It’s not a shameful thing for you to do it in front of me. Unless,” he looked at Mu Ziang, squinting, “you’re planning to do something shameless?”

“I never lie!” Mu Ziang swore to the sky. “Out of the two of us, only you like men, not me. With Xiao Ming Ming, the idea of two single men1Raws was 孤男寡男 single man, single man, but it’s a play on words as the original one is 孤男寡女 single man and single woman, an idea that they should not be together in an enclosed environment doing unspeakable things can only come from you and not me!”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi held his forehead and persuaded, “Let’s just have the session here. It’s a good place, this space is big enough.”

Si Junduo: “I agree. Two to one. Minority obeys the majority.”

Mu Ziang: …

Mu Ziang regretted it. He should have called Zhuo Ran over. Then it would be a two-to-two tie! Unlike now, where it was clearly unfair for two versus one.

Yet no matter how unfair it was, Mu Ziang could only stand up and start teaching Wen Mingyi.

He took the script and read the scene between Wen Mingyi and Xu Jingjie. It wasn’t very difficult. The reason why Wen Mingyi didn’t retaliate was because this was his first time filming, having little experience, and coming from a non-acting major, he hadn’t fallen into the rhythm of acting yet.

“Come, I’ll be Cui Yingbo. You’ll still be Le Chi. Let’s try one round.”

“Okay.” Wen Mingyi put down the script and stood next to Mu Ziang. At this time, the atmosphere surrounding Mu Ziang totally changed.

It hadn’t been a long time since Mu Ziang debuted, only about four years. In these four years, he had won the TV series Golden Rattle Award for Best Male Supporting Actor and Best Male Actor. After moving to the movie circle, he won the Golden Guild’s Best Male Supporting Actor award.

It was said that if he won another trophy in the movie circle’s male category, he would have both the television and movie circle in the palm of his hands.

This kind of achievement was enough to show his outstanding talent in acting, and was at least much higher compared to Xu Jingjie.

He walked through the scene with Wen Mingyi. Wen Mingyi felt very comfortable. This feeling was something that even Yan Feifei didn’t have. He quickly reacted. Because Mu Ziang’s acting skills were better than Yan Feifei, when they acted the scene pitting one against the other, he could easily transition over to Wen Mingyi.

Mu Ziang handled it both ingeniously and naturally, allowing Wen Mingyi to continue smoothly.

The moment the scene ended, Wen Mingyi felt super comfortable, even wanting Mu Ziang to act as Cui Yingbo. But Mu Ziang declined, continuing to take Wen Mingyi through the scene a second time.

This time, Mu Ziang did not act alongside Wen Mingyi, only focusing on his own acting skills throughout the whole process. Wen Mingyi felt his obvious struggles, finding it hard to catch the scene.

“This situation is the same as what you had facing Xu Jingjie. He didn’t take care of you, and you just started acting, so you won’t be able to keep up with his emotions.”

“Then what should I do?” Wen Mingyi asked.

“Now, you’re Cui Yingbo, and I’ll be Le Chi,” Mu Ziang said.

Wen Mingyi nodded. His memory was good. At the start when he was memorizing lines, he had also memorized all the lines of the other counterparts. Hence, there was no need to hold the script. He could directly submerge into the character’s emotions and start acting.

Although Mu Ziang didn’t memorise Le Chi’s lines, they had gone through the scene twice; he remembered the gist of it. Though the lines he uttered may not be accurate, his emotions were accurately felt.

Wen Mingyi measured him, and soon discovered that Mu Ziang’s handling of emotions was different from his.

Mu Ziang told Si Junduo to record this practice, and at the end, they faced the mobile phone’s screen. Wen Mingyi analyzed the video shot by shot.

Wen Mingyi had always been smart. Coupled with his strong imitating ability, after Mu Ziang’s analysis, he almost remembered it and practiced with Mu Ziang once more.

Nearing the third round, Mu Ziang announced, “The teaching is over. If he acts normally with you, you can follow what we did in the first round. If he wants to solo his own acting skills and suppress you, then you can use the latter style.”

Speaking up to here, he suddenly grinned. “Let me teach you a trick.”

“What’s it?” Wen Mingyi was curious.

“Isn’t acting all about finding the camera to make sure one is within the lens? During your scenes with Xu Jingjie, it’s obvious he wants you out of the camera but you’re not affected by him, so there’s no effect. Let me teach you how to get him to be the one out of the camera. Guess you can now take your revenge, reduce the chances of him bullying you.”

“But you both had shown up at the set. He shouldn’t be like that anymore.”

“Hence, a little trick. Even if he doesn’t do that anymore, you can still take him out.”

Wen Mingyi’s interest was piqued in an instant.

He also had a sense of pride, okay. Ever since he was a child, teachers had always praised him in front of the crowd. Never had there been a time when the teachers scolded him. Xu Jingjie had caused him to be ‘stuck’ several times, causing him to be scolded in front of other people. He had been rather embarrassed at that time, wanting to brutally beat Xu Jingjie’s dog of a head.

Now that he could embarrass Xu Jingjie without violence but with skill, it couldn’t be better.

“How to go about this?”

Seeing that he wanted to learn, Mu Ziang began to teach him enthusiastically. Si Junduo watched them play happily, feeling that Mu Ziang shouldn’t be his friend, but Wen Mingyi’s instead. These two were obviously of the same psychological age!

Until Wen Mingyi’s return back to the set, other than Yan Feifei, it was obvious that everyone’s gaze on him had changed. Well, she was the only person present who knew him and Mu Ziang were acquainted.

Dai Jiayin and Shang Chengze were the ones currently filming. Wen Mingyi was not in a hurry. Cheng Lu moved two chairs to let Si Junduo and Mu Ziang sit. Mu Ziang sat down unceremoniously.

Wen Mingyi sat next to him, continuing to absorb further knowledge about filming.

Si Junduo noticed that Wen Mingyi’s body was almost plastered onto Mu Ziang, he couldn’t help but stretch his hand and push Wen Mingyi down. “Sit properly.”

Wen Mingyi sat upright.

Mu Ziang looked at him, dissatisfied. “Are you the Dean teacher?!”

“Then you should sit properly too, rather than slouching over like this.”

Mu Ziang: …

Mu Ziang gave a snort. “Your image is gone. Fend for yourself ba, even the Buddha can’t save you!”

Why don’t you hold onto this crush until your death, Mr Dean!

Si Junduo gave an indifferent, “Oh.”

It could be said to be perfunctory.

Mu Ziang looked at his stony face and said coldly, “You’ll never know what you have lost. You’ll regret it.”

Si Junduo did not care. “Oh.”

Curious, Wen Mingyi asked, “What would he regret?”

Mu Ziang looked at the curiosity within his eyes, feeling as though he was looking at a puppy with shiny bright eyes. He raised his hand to touch his head, but had his paw mercilessly beaten down by Si Junduo.

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on my di di.”

Mu Ziang: …

Mu Ziang closed his hand and bitterly thought, then I hope you treat him as your di di for your entire life. Wishing the both of you to achieve your wishes, staying brothers forever!


The author has something to say:
Gong and Shou2The ML and MC *cough* have no blood relationship. They will occasionally call out gege or didi due to their ages – one older, one younger.

Mu Ziang: Your boyfriend is gone. Your didi will live forever. Wishing you all the best, be brothers with Ming Ming foreverrrrrrr!

Ge Ge: Even Buddha can’t save you anymore. Where’s my sword?


【Small theater】

Mu Ziang looks at human Ming Ming: Cute, like a puppy. Want to hug.
Mu Ziang looks at cat Ming Ming: Cute little kitty. Want to hug.
Mu Ziang looks at dog Ming Ming: Hahaha, Erha (short for husky). Come shake paw.
Mu Ziang looks at cat-eared Ming Ming. Si Junduo: You think too much. He won’t be able to see, he can’t see this heh.
Ming Ming: [Innocent Shaking Ears.gif]

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    Raws was 孤男寡男 single man, single man, but it’s a play on words as the original one is 孤男寡女 single man and single woman, an idea that they should not be together in an enclosed environment
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    The ML and MC *cough*

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