Chapter 37 – “Not for him. For you.”

Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog [Entertainment Circle]
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Wen Mingyi didn’t expect that Si Junduo would come to visit, let alone bring Mu Ziang along. “Why are you here?”

Mu Ziang pointed to Si Junduo next to him. “Your ge is worried about you, so he pulled me along to take a look together.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Xu Jingjie. “Unexpectedly, I really did see something.”

Xu Jingjie was immediately embarrassed when he saw this, and tried to explain uncomfortably, “Wen1Short for Wen Mingyi just started shooting, so some emotions are not in place. No one can control this kind of thing.”

Mu Ziang tilted his head. “You are right.”

He beckoned to Wen Mingyi. “Come on. Let the director film other people’s scenes first. I’ll teach you how to act in this scene.”

Hearing this, Wen Mingyi turned and looked at the director.

The director obviously had a good impression of Mu Ziang. “Go, Ziang has good acting skills. Him guiding you will be more effective than you figuring it out by yourself.”

“I will come back later.”


Wen Mingyi thanked the director and followed Mu Ziang out of the set, and towards the hotel.

The staff and the actors on the set never expected that Mu Ziang would come to visit the set and even help Wen Mingyi with his scenes. They couldn’t help whispering, curious about the relationship between Wen Mingyi and Mu Ziang. With this ge ge, it looked like Mu Ziang and him had a close relationship.

At this time, Shang Chengze was very thankful that he hadn’t done anything to Wen Mingyi due to Yan Feifei’s existence impeding him before. Wen Mingyi was nothing to be afraid of, but if you added Mu Ziang, it would be troublesome. When Shang Chengze thought of this, he couldn’t help but feel jealous. No wonder Wen Mingyi didn’t pay attention to himself. It turned out that there was this backing behind him. Too lucky!

Unlike his rejoicing mood, Xu Jingjie’s agent became worried. What happened today, he saw and remembered. He also knew that Xu Jingjie was targeting Wen Mingyi. The entertainment industry had always been a place where emphasis was placed on popularity. Xu Jingjie was more popular than Wen Mingyi, so when he did this, he had learnt to open one eye and close the other, thinking if Xu Jingjie was happy, then all would be fine. How could he expect that behind Wen Mingyi stood a big Buddha.

With this thunderous realisation, he was unsure if Mu Ziang would make a commotion.

Mu Ziang certainly wouldn’t care about it, but he might for Wen Mingyi.

“Is that the actor who robbed you of your clothes?” Si Junduo enquired on the way back to the hotel.

Wen Mingyi nodded. “It was good a few days ago, but I don’t know what happened today. Suddenly turning mad, stealing my clothes and not filming well.”

“En,” Si Junduo understood. “I got it.”

Wen Mingyi turned to look at him. “What are you going to do?”


Wen Mingyi was filled with suspicion. “You think I believe that?”

“Believe it.” Si Junduo glanced at him. “You have no other choice but to believe.”

“Hai2A sigh,” Mu Ziang cut in. “What else can he do? He can only reciprocate back. Xu Jingjie snatched your clothes, so he’ll get Xu Jingjie to obediently return them back. If Xu Jingjie makes things tough for you during filming, he will make things tough for Xu Jingjie.”

“How can he make things difficult for Xu Jingjie?” Wen Mingyi was puzzled. “He’s not an actor.”

“He is not an actor but he can be an investor.” Mu Ziang put his hands in his pockets and looked at Wen Mingyi. “How rich is your ge, to take out millions of dollars to invest. It’s not something to look down on.”

Wen Mingyi: …

Wen Mingyi turned his head towards Si Junduo. “It can’t be. This isn’t necessary.”

He pointed to Mu Ziang next to him. “You’re already here with Mu-ge. Who doesn’t know him? Xu Jingjie is probably worried now, he’ll definitely not dare to make any more moves anymore. There’s no need to invest capital because of him.”

“Not for him.” Si Junduo tapped his head. “For you.”

“It’s not possible for me to see you on set every day, and Ziang also can’t visit your session every day. There’ll always be some people who are short-sighted, eyeing you since you’re young and a newcomer. Think about it, today it may be an actor, tomorrow it may be a crew member. You are here to film, not to fight monsters to ascend. You shouldn’t be dealing with this.”

Si Junduo pushed open the hotel’s door. “Besides, Zhuo Ran and I analyzed that this TV series should explode barring any incidents. Investing now is to secure a piece of the pie. Since it will not only make you safer amidst the crew, but also earn some money, why not?”

A well organised, convincing argument.

What else could Wen Mingyi say? Wen Mingyi’s head tilted up as his eyes landed on Si Junduo; compared to his parents who were at god-knows-where doing unknown things, Si Junduo felt more like his true guardian, overseeing his growth, solving problems for him since his childhood.

Honestly, he himself was enough to handle some issues, for example, Xu Jingjie. There was no need for Si Junduo to take action. However, Si Junduo seemed to have become accustomed to always standing in front of him, acting as a protector.

Wen Mingyi tugged at his clothes, and said, “If you’re going to use money, then use mine instead. In any case, that money is also not being spent.”

“Do I need your money?” Si Junduo asked.

“It’s not about this, but the spending of money.” Wen Mingyi walked with them into the elevator, clearly stating out, “I’m an adult now. I can take responsibility for my own affairs. I can’t always be depending on you to solve my problems. So use my money ba.”

Si Junduo was taken aback.

Wen Mingyi held his gaze steadily and firmly.

Mu Ziang looked at the two brothers in front of him, his eyes held a profound gaze towards the two as they talked.

With a ‘ding’ sound, the elevator reached the intended floor, and the doors opened.

Mu Ziang walked out. Just as Wen Mingyi was about to walk out, Si Junduo grabbed his arm. Wen Mingyi was puzzled. Si Junduo wanted to say something, but swallowed it back. “Let’s go.”

Confused, Wen Mingyi led Si Junduo to his suite.

He took two glasses of water for Si Junduo and Mu Ziang. Si Junduo took the glass but didn’t drink, simply placing it on the coffee table.

“Need to say a few words to Ming Ming. You sit here for a while,” he told Mu Ziang.

“Go on,” Mu Ziang agreed.

Si Junduo pulled Wen Mingyi to the suite’s bedroom.

Mu Ziang watched Si Junduo close the door, then took out his phone, and quickly sent a WeChat to Zhuo Ran.

Mu Ziang: Fuck! I think I discovered a secret!

Mu Ziang: Si Junduo hid it too deep! I knew there was some reason why he was so good to Wen Mingyi. They’ve been quarreling for a year, and yet Si Junduo never abandoned him! Turns out it’s not just because of the power of a younger brother!

Mu Ziang: My god! Ming Ming hasn’t realised. I’m destroyed. This is a crush!3Bubbles: AHHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH YEAH

Zhuo Ran: ?

Mu Ziang: You didn’t realise? These two are not normal ah! You think they’re simply close childhood friends. But they’re actually gay!

Zhuo Ran: ?

Mu Ziang: The atmosphere between these two is wrong. I suspect Si Junduo has a crush on Wen Mingyi and doesn’t even know it himself! And Wen Mingyi just treats him as a good Chinese brother who he grew up with!

Zhuo Ran: Oh.

Mu Ziang: Oh? ? ? ? ? Such an explosive thing, you reply with just an ‘oh’? Do you think this answer is appropriate? !

Zhuo Ran readily accepted his teachings: Oh oh oh! I see! Understood!

Mu Ziang: …

Zhuo Ran: [Oh oh oh.jpg]

Zhuo Ran: [So that’s how it is.jpg]

Zhuo Ran: [It turned out to be like this.jpg]

Mu Ziang was satisfied: Isn’t this news explosive? !

Zhuo Ran: En. Amazing!

Mu Ziang: These two are talking behind my back. Alas, I really want to hear what they’re talking about.

Zhuo Ran: Wait for them to finish talking.

Mu Ziang: Can only be so. I’m sure Si Junduo hasn’t noticed his own thoughts. Hehehe. He can only rely on me to help him see clearly! Heh, the only one who can see past the truth is this man with smarts above ordinary mortals, with a striking appearance compared to Pan An4A very very verrrrrrry handsome man in ancient times. Click here for more: — Detective Mu Ziang!

Zhuo Ran: [Applause.jpg]

Mu Ziang: When that happens, let’s invite them for dinner. Hehehe.

Zhuo Ran: Alright.

Zhuo Ran: [Alright.jpg]

Mu Ziang stared at the door not far away, wishing he had a thousand eyes and ears. What on earth were they talking about? Let him listen too!

And under Mu Ziang’s very curious gaze, inside the room, Wen Mingyi was currently sitting on the bed, focusing on the person in front of him, perplexed. “What happened? Suddenly pulling me in to speak. Acting so mysterious!”

Si Junduo regarded him, then sat on the bed too. Words froze at his lips and he was unsure of how to start.

Wen Mingyi approached him. “What do you want to say?”

Si Junduo coughed. Wen Mingyi craned his neck to look at him from below.

Si Junduo unconsciously moved back slightly, ordering, “Sit properly.”

Wen Mingyi straightened up, raised his head, and looked again curiously.

“Ming Ming,” Si Junduo called out.

Wen Mingyi responded clearly, “Here.”

“I know that you are now grown up and an adult — being eighteen, nineteen years old, wanting to be independent. However, I feel that there is no need to have a clear divide between us. Do you understand?”

Wen Mingyi was a little confused. Why did he suddenly say this? He shook his head, indicating his uncertainty.

Si Junduo gently explained, “It’s like… when a child grows up, he will leave home, leave his parents. But for the parents, he will always be a child, and his parents will always worry about him. Similarly, no matter how old you grow, this brother here is always going to be your brother, worrying for you, wanting to clear away your troubles for you. This is normal. You don’t need to be burdened, and you don’t need to draw a clear line.”

Wen Mingyi now understood.

“You don’t want to use my money.”

Si Junduo nodded. “It’s not necessary.” He continued, “We’ll do it as it is. You don’t need to be responsible for this, and I don’t want you to be responsible for it.”

“But,” Wen Mingyi could understand his thoughts, but he also had his own way of thinking. “I’ve grown up now. Previously, I didn’t know anything, just spending your money, using your things with you and not saying anything. But now that I’m already this old, it’s not appropriate to spend your money.”

“What’s inappropriate?” Si Junduo didn’t think there was anything inappropriate. “Is it necessary to make such a clear distinction between you and I‌? ‌I am willing to let you use it. What’s not appropriate?”

“But I’m not your real brother, after all,” Wen Mingyi said helplessly. “Blood brothers settle the accounts. Don’t mention us, not being real brothers, not even cousins.”

“So now you want to have such a clear distinction, as if we didn’t know each other at all in the previous eighteen years?”


The author has something to say:
Ge Ge: I feel like I’m not needed anymore.
Ming Ming: Not like that, let me explain!

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    Short for Wen Mingyi
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    A sigh
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    A very very verrrrrrry handsome man in ancient times. Click here for more:

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