Chapter 36 – Ge Ge frowned and realized things were not that simple

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“Not a problem. You can bring your own outfits since you’re willing to spend money. As long as the image is suitable with that of Le Chi’s, Wen Mingyi can wear them.”

“Alright. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. You can buy them anytime. Show them to me and I’ll see if they fit the image in the drama.”


Cheng Lu finished speaking and hung up. She entered the clothing room and spoke to Wen Mingyi of the current situation in a hushed voice.

“Wear that attire first for today. I’ll go and buy some clothes for you.”

Wen Mingyi hadn’t thought that his clothes would be reduced for that sort of reason. He was left a little speechless. He had originally thought it was because of a major issue. “Rather than you heading out to buy clothes for me,” he continued, “I’ll just bring my own clothes over.”

“Better not.” Cheng Lu reminded him, “Anything can happen during filming. If you wear your own clothes, after you finish filming, those clothes might even end up in tatters. It’s not worth it.”

“It’s okay. Either way, I have a lot of clothes. If they’re spoiled, then so be it. Cheng-jie, your monthly salary is only that much. If you buy all the clothes for me, then what about yours?” Wen Mingyi smiled at her. “Men take one month to buy clothes. But females have to treat themselves better.”

This child wasn’t much old yet, but his tongue was rather sweet, thought Cheng Lu when she heard this.

“I am your agent. Of course I have to consider your development first. Everything about you is important.”

“How can buying clothes for me be important? If clothes are the most important thing, then I’ll go back and look through the hotel’s closet later to see which clothes can be worn. If they can be, I’ll ask my ge to bring them over in the afternoon. Alright, this is how it’ll be settled.”

Wen Mingyi did what he said, and went straight to the hotel booked for the crew. He opened his closet, asked Cheng Lu to take pictures and send them to Sun Chuan, so as to ask him which were passable.

Sun Chuan pointed out a few items. Wen Mingyi understood the style he was going for and then sent a WeChat message to Si Junduo, asking him to bring him some sets of clothes from his closet.

“Doesn’t your crew provide the clothing? You still need to use your personal clothes?”

“They provide. But I’m just the third male lead. The male lead is afraid that I’ll overpower him, so he took away all the good-looking clothes, leaving me with very ordinary-looking ones. I’m filming as though I’m doing volunteer work! He’s doing this for the sake of being more popular, so that his image can come out better. And I’d end up getting scolded by the book fans. All my hard work would go down the drain. So Cheng-jie wanted to buy me some clothes to look better on camera, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I have too many clothes anyways, losing a few sets won’t bother me.”

Sii Junduo frowned upon hearing this. “Your crew sure seems very ‘peaceful’ ah…”

“It’s fine. Where there are people, there are bound to be allies and enemies scheming against each other. I’ll be fine, I can handle it.”

“I see,” Si Junduo remarked, “I’ll bring your clothes over at night.”

“En,” Wen Mingyi responded.

Si Junduo hung up and called Mu Ziang. “Are you free this afternoon?”

“Why?” Mu Ziang lazily said. “Miss me?”

“Inviting you for dinner.”

“Really? Inviting me for dinner? Are you so kind? Or is there a happy event, is it because you’re seeing someone? Si Junduo, do you even know what the word love is?”

Si Junduo felt that his imagination was truly overactive. “I’ll pick you up at 6pm.”

“Just the two of us?”

“And Ming Ming.”

“Why with him?” Mu Ziang questioned. “Why are you bringing him along? If he comes, I can’t talk more with you.”

“You don’t need to talk to me. You only need to accompany me to appear somewhere and converse with him.”

Mu Ziang, “Huh?”

“It’s settled. I’ll pick you up at 6pm.”

“Hey, hey, what’s the deal? I haven’t agreed yet. Are you aware that I command a high fee for my appearance?”


Mu Ziang: …What’s with your tone? How perfunctory!

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up,” Si Junduo said.

Mu Ziang grunted angrily, “Come earlier. Call me before you arrive!”

“Okay.” Si Junduo hung up the phone.

On the other hand, Wen Mingyi went to the set in his personal clothing.

When Xu Jingjie looked at the clothes on Wen Mingyi’s body, his cold eyes took a double take, checking with his agent and assistant to make sure they were Le Chi’s clothes.

“These clothes haven’t been used before?” He quizzed.

“I own these clothes,” Wen Mingyi said.

“Can one wear personal clothes when filming?” Xu Jingjie looked at the director.

“Can.” Cheng Lu quickly added, “We asked Teacher Sun. This morning, the styling for Le Chi was adjusted, and many pieces were missing. For the sake of Le Chi’s image, we decided to spend money to replace the clothes. Teacher Sun has agreed; these clothes have been shown to Teacher Sun.”

The director took another look at Wen Mingyi. He wore a very simple, same as yesterday, white shirt and jeans, but the design was very exquisite. Some of the details were done just right, and the beautiful understated attire suited Wen Mingyi’s figure.

“Accepted,” The director agreed. “As long as it doesn’t conflict with the image in the story, the actor can bring his own concept over.”

Xu Jingjie chuckled lightly when he heard these words. “It seems that Xiao Wen is better than I thought, directly pumping capital into the shoot.”

Initially, Wen Mingyi had no thoughts about it. He had little contact with Xu Jingjie, so he had nothing to like or dislike, until Xu Jingjie uttered those words. And now, Xu Jingjie said such a ‘likeable’ sentence.

Having a ‘if one attacks him, he’ll retaliate back’ kind of personality, the moment a person did that, he wouldn’t endure. So Wen Mingyi smiled, remarking with a light tone, “There is no other way. The clothes were suddenly reduced by one-third. How can I let Le Chi have a young master’s personality, but wear the same clothes every day? It won’t fit his personality, correct, Xu-ge?”

Xu Jingjie nodded. “Yes. I just hope your salary is enough for you to buy clothes.”

“Thank you, Xu-ge, for your concern.”

After he finished speaking, he took a seat in his resting area.

Shang Chengze watched the two of them fighting secretly, finding it very amusing. He’d previously thought Xu Jingjie didn’t hate Wen Mingyi, so he accepted his own provocation. It seemed that it was only like that because Xu Jingjie hadn’t revealed his fangs at that time. Due to Yan Feifei’s popularity and position, he had to be careful. As long as he was willing, he could suppress Wen Mingyi both in and out of the shoot. Would Yan Feifei really flame him for this Wen Mingyi?

It’s just too interesting, Shang Chengze cried out in his heart. Tear it more! Pierce it more!

When Yan Feifei was on the set, the atmosphere between the three male characters was very delicate. Before she even had the time to ask Wen Mingyi about what had happened, she was called by the director to start the shoot. With him was Xu Jingjie.

Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie first filmed a scene with pets, and then continued to shoot two scenes without them.

The staff surrounded Yan Feifei and Xu Jingjie. Upon the release, the three small animals ran towards Wen Mingyi. The orange cat meowed at him with his head up, asking him for a snack after breakfast.

Wen Mingyi had asked Cheng Lu to buy cat food, dog food, canned cat food, cat snacks and the likes yesterday. When the orange cat wanted to eat it, he took some out and fed it a little, but only a ‘little’.

“A little is enough. You already ate a lot.”

The orange cat wasn’t satisfied. When Wen Mingyi was feeding the Ragdoll cat, it leaned over to grab the snack, but Wen Mingyi shooed it away.

After feeding two cats, he then took out dog food and fed the corgi. Then he rubbed them one by one, telling them not to run around but to stay here. The little animals were obedient, lying at his feet as they basked in the sun. The orange cat even stretched out its paws to let him carry it. Wen Mingyi could only follow, taking it into his arms and putting the Ragdoll cat into Cheng Lu’s arms.

When Xu Jingjie and Yan Feifei returned to the rest area after filming, those three animals were all with Wen Mingyi.

Shang Chengze fanned the flames. “Xiao Wen is really popular with pets. Just seeing them on his side, one would think he’s the male lead.”

When Xu Jingjie heard his words, he just gave a cursory glance, thinking he was really annoying.

Wen Mingyi played with the cat while leveraging on those words. “Shang-ge, what are you joking about? Everyone knows that Xu-ge is the male lead of our drama. Even if one doesn’t know, by looking at the three of us, they can definitely tell that Xu-ge is the male lead. Shang-ge, based on what are you saying this, is it difficult for you to tell?”

Shang Chengze: …

Shang Chengze hurriedly remedied it. “Of course I can tell. Rather, what are you doing holding onto Xu-ge‘s pet all the time.”

“I asked him to take care of it,” Yan Feifei interrupted. “He took care of the three little guys for me yesterday, so I asked him to continue taking care of them while I was filming. Is there any problem?”

She looked at Shang Chengze. “If you are willing, you can pass your siamese cat for him to take care of. I think he’ll agree, Xiao Wen is quite warm-hearted.”

Wen Mingyi pretended to be shy. “Yan-jie is being too kind. If Shang-ge is willing, I will indeed help you take care of your siamese cat. After all, I’m very happy to be able to help my seniors and crew members.”

Shang Chengze: …

Xu Jingjie: …

What a face. He has never seen such a brazen person!

The crew members responsible for taking care of the pets thanked him. “Thank you, Xiao Wen, I’m too busy sometimes to take care of them, I have to trouble you.”

“No probs.” Wen Mingyi smiled.

Yan Feifei: …Her shidi can really climb up with just a ladder, and is climbing rather happily!

Wen Mingyi got through the morning without any mishap and had lunch with Yan Feifei. In the afternoon, he had an action scene with Xu Jingjie, and it was his first time. Wen Mingyi was worried that Xu Jingjie would find him unpleasant to the eye and embarrass him during the filming, so during the noon meal break, he went to Yan Feifei to discuss.

“Not a problem,” Yan Feifei told him, “You are in a good state, not bad at all.”

Wen Mingyi‌ relaxed.

But he relaxed too early. Yan Feifei’s okay wasn’t Xu Jingjie’s okay. Xu Jingjie obviously intended to teach him a lesson, so he focused all his acting skills in one scene, putting pressure on Wen Mingyi, inducing Wen Mingyi to make a mistake.

When the director’s card snapped ‘NG’ three times, Wen Mingyi saw the triumph in Xu Jingjie’s eyes and that slightly ridiculing smirk.

“Xiao Wen’s condition doesn’t seem too well. Director, why don’t you1Formal you shoot other people’s scenes first, and when Xiao Wen is in good shape, I will act with him again.”

“No need,” Wen Mingyi refused, but he then heard an “Okay” from behind him.

Wen Mingyi turned his head. There stood a familiar person in the distance. The person was tall and straight, his outstanding features complementing the caring smile on his face. He looked really good. It was Mu Ziang.

Xu Jingjie’s gaze was fixed on the person next to him. It was someone he hadn’t seen much before. However, Xu Jingjie still remembered his face. He had just seen it in a photograph. The moment he saw that handsome face and finely crafted features, he froze. ——That was Wen Mingyi’s rumored neighbor who he grew up with, his brother.2No blood relation to each other.

It was just that at that time, he didn’t realise that unlike the photograph, the tenderness and smile in those eyes could turn so serious and oppressive.

To be able to appear with Mu Ziang and possess the same temperament, his personal identity mustn’t be simple.

Xu Jingjie realised that Wenbo might have led him into a death pit.


The author has something to say:

It’s okay to wear your own clothes in the film. There are news and bulletins for this. I’m afraid that some little angels may not think it is, so let me talk about it.

Then there was someone in the comment area yesterday who didn’t understand why Wenbo would make people bully Ming Ming. Doesn’t he know who his brother is? How can he attack his friend’s brother? And why did Xu Jingjie dare to bully Ming Ming? Didn’t he check Ming Ming’s identity?

This is actually very simple:
Because Wenbo didn’t care about Ming Ming and didn’t take Ge ge and Ming Ming’s relationship seriously. So when Ming Ming had died, he also felt that “Wen Mingyi lost only his life, but Xiao Mo lost his love.”

He only cares about Jiang Zimo.

Ge ge’s photo was uploaded on the Internet, but the name was not written, so he only knew the face, not the name. And when he had a party with Zhuo Ran, he wrote that Ge ge does things low-key, so few people knew him and didn’t know his true identity.

The upper-level people are easier to check than the lower-level people, but the next-level people are more difficult to check up. In addition, Xu Jingjie’s assistant’s ability is average, and this has been foreshadowed before. During the start-up ceremony, Shang Chengze used Zeng Feng as an appropriate guise, and this assistant didn’t recognize the mystery in his words at first.

So the assistant did not find out. Moreover, Xu Jingjie is in a state where he cannot do anything about it. If he doesn’t agree, he will offend Wenbo, and he can’t afford that, so he can only agree.

These articles are all written, the little angels reading the article and paying attention to the details, sees the person’s settings clearly, different people have different thoughts and ways of doing things, don’t take your own to substitute them~ Your three views are correct, theirs are not [Covers face].

  • 1
    Formal you
  • 2
    No blood relation to each other.

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